The Worm Game

The following is a true account of an experience I had in my teens with my best friend, Bob. We were two straight guys who, like so many other straight guys in their youth, did some sexual exploration with one another. This story involves sex between males, nudity, mutual touching and masturbation. Anyone offended by these things our about a description of sexual intimacy between two teenagers, should skip this story.

The Worm Game

My best friend, Bob and I "played" sexually for one long and delightful summer. We were 16 and straight but very horny guys and not "getting" anything from the girls we dated. Early that summer, I had confided to him about my masturbating and and my concern about whether it was "sick" or something and Bob was happy to explain it all to me - the 'birds and the bees' as they say. As shocking as it was to me at the time I never doubted what Bob told me. I trusted him completely.

It wasn't long after that conversation that we started our strip poker games and licking and sucking and touching one another. But that is another story, which I will tell another time called Strip Poker Summer.

We would play poker sometimes so late into the evening - 1 or 2 in the morning - that Bob would simply stay overnight at my house. Even though he lived only a block away, it was sometimes easier for him just to bunk with me then to go home.

We would sl**p together in my bedroom ... I had a double bed of course. We would both wear only our white jockey shorts to bed. It was not considered at all odd, even by my parents and Bob's, that two teenage boys would sl**p in the same bed. Most of our friends would 'sl**pover' at times at other guys' homes and sl**p in the same bed together.

We would sometimes lie in bed and talk a while before we went to sl**p ... talk about girls, about school, about mutual friends etc. We were very good friends and shared a lot with each other. An awful lot as time went by.

Let me explain also that we were two fairly good-looking teens. Bob, as I noted, played football and, while muscular, looked more like he was on the swimming rather than the football team. He had a nice tan by this stage of the summer having spent many days playing ball outside and at the pool. He had short dark hair - almost a crew cut but with a little row of tufted hair at the front that girls considered very 'cute.' He was about 5'11" and maybe 160 pounds.

I was 6'1" and skinng - about 130 lbs. I had longish, lighter brown hair and was very pale - I didn't play ball outdoors, wasn't a swimmer and didn't tan very well. I was the shy, introverted type more comfortable with a book in my hands than a football.

To me, it makes this account all the more arousing to me when I think of how youthful and inexperienced we were and how new all of this was at the time. Each thing we did sexually, each step we took, was a 'first' for us and that made it all the more exciting and, well, naughty.

One morning when Bob had stayed overnight, we were both in my double bed clothed only in our white jockey briefs. I awakened and was surprised to find Bob's fingers running ever so lightly over my shoulder. It was about 7 a.m. - very early - too early to get up and I lay there curious as to what Bob was doing.

I was lying on my side, my back facing Bob and he was lightly touching my naked skin with his soft hand ... I wondered what he was up to but didn't say anything ... I turned over so I was lying on my back - pretending that I was asl**p and didn't realize that he was touching me - and his hand moved to my chest and the other hand took the covers down from both of us. He also was lying on his side, very close to me, and I knew he was wearing only underwear.

He brought his head close to my ear and whispered:

"Want to play 'The worm game'?"

Gosh I thought, what the heck was that? I thought a few seconds about it ... thought about last evening when we had been totally naked together and had gotten to the point where we had licked one anothers' cock - it was a dreamy game that we played.

Whatever Bob had in mind I was sure it was going to be fun.

"Sure," I whispered and felt my cock growing as his soft hand ran across my chest every so softley.

"Now, where is it?" Bob whispered as his hand moved about my chest, "Where IS that little worm?"

As he moved his hand in circles around my nipples ... lightly touching them - they stiffened and got hard.

"These are too small to be worms," Bob whispered taking his fingers and putting pressure on one nipple then taking the nipple between his fingers and pinching it lightly. God that felt good. I could feel that pleasant sensation right down into my groin.

My eyes were closed at this point ... it felt so wonderful I just didn't even think about what was happening - that this was a boy - my friend - touching my near naked body. I just went with the flow.

My cock was now really tight against my underwear and starting to press beneath the elastic at the top of my underpants. I was a 'dripper' and knew that precum was forming on the tip of my dick as it got hard.

Bob's fingers went to my other nipple, "Nope," he whispered, "That's not it either."

And, again, he took his fingers and brought the nipple tightly between them. This time there was a little pain mixed with the pleasure of his touch.

"Mmmmmm, it is like a worm, but not quite," Bob said softly.

His hand drifted down now to my tight flat stomach ... his fingers touching my skin soooo lightly, caressing the light fuzz of hair that surrounded my belly button ...

"What's this?" Bob whispered, and his finger slipped into my belly button.

"A worm hole?" and his fingers lightly circled my belly button - my stomach muscles tightened and relaxed at his touch ... and I shuddered internally ... my muscles actually shivered and contracted and a surge of pleasure shot through my tummy and down through my genitals.

I was sure at this point there was some thick moisture at the top of my cock that was so long and hard now that it was peaking out of the top of my underpants.

"Might be a worm hole . . . can't be sure. Nothing inside . . ." Bob whispered and his fingers continued around my belly button going in larger and larger circles until he was going from one side of my tummy to the other. The sensation of his light hands on my smooth skin was just maddeningly sexy.

Then, the circle moved downward ... his hand now headed for my underwear and I braced as I anticipated his fingers touching my cock ... oh god at this point I was ready to explode I was so aroused ... but instead, his fingers lightly caressed the edges of my underpants, teasing me, lightly running just under the tight band at the waist and then along the sides as the pants covered my legs. His fingers outlined my underwear and suddenly, oh god, just brushed my thick stiff cock ... he touched the head of my cock sticking out of my underwear and I could feel that he took away some precum on his fingers.

"Wonder where that worm has gotten to?" Bob whispered again.

Now his hand was below my crotch caressing my leg and moving back and forth along the inside of my thigh. Jesus, it felt so good. His light fingers moved up and down on my thigh coming up just to the underside of my balls - I could just feel his fingers lightly against my balls through my cotton pants and then, moving slowly down again along my thigh. My muscles quivered with pleasure and my cock swelled some more.

It was the lightness of his touch and the very slow movement of his fingers that was so terribly exciting. And the anticipation . . . the not knowing where they would wind up next.

I was now aching for Bob to touch my cock directly yet he continued feeling my bare skin along my thighs with his fingers.

He teased me by every once in while letting his forearm brush against my underwear, against my hard cock. Each time he touched my cock I involuntarily contracted my cock forcing more precum out of the tip.

God it felt so incredibly good ...

His hand moved smoothly along the inside of one thigh and then he brought his fingernails against the inside of the other and I thought I would cum instantly at the excitement of that more direct touch. He was almost jerking me off by running his hand and fingers along my thigh and ever so lightly touching my cock with his arm resting on it.

"We've just GOT to find that worm ..." Bob whispered, "I cannot imagine where it can be? I'm sure it is lonely."

His hand moved up then away from my thighs to where he was running his fingers again along the outline of my underpants. Now my cock head was almost throbbing as it was stuck under the elastic of my pants and I could feel that the cotton cloth there was really damp.

God, I thought, when he touches there he is going to feel how wet it is! And I was embarrassed to be so aroused ... so easily aroused by this guy, my best friend.

His fingers did go to the top of my underwear and he could not have avoided noticing the dampness there again, but he made no mention of it but I could imagine what he was thinking as he had seen my cock that moist at the tip before.

"Could this be the worm?" Bob asked and his fingers ran down the center of my cock as he brushed it through my cotton undies.

Jesus! That was an amazing feeling! Up and down ever so lightly his fingers ran.

"I think we found the worm!" Bob whispered with excitement, "It is really one fine, fat little worm!" He said feigning excitement as he continued to run his fingers up and down my cock through the cotton pants, pressing harder and harder until he was no longer lightly touching the pants but was moving the skin of my cock up and down through the soft cotton. Jesus, I thought I was feeling the familiar feeling deep in my groin.

And then it happened. Much to my shame, I came in convulsing jerks, sperm shooting out through the top of my underpants. God, the feeling was just wonderful! But, at the same time I was embarrassed that he was able to make me cum so easily and quickly ... Sad as well that the game would be over once he realized that I had ejaculated.

Well, the game didn't end.

Even though I had quite obviously cum, Bob didn't stop.

"I think this worm needs a lot of attention," he whispered, as he kept rubbing my cock up and down through the material.

To this day I do not know how he knew that he could make erect again so quickly, but honestly, in a matter of minutes after I came the first time, he kept my cock erect.

He moved his hand away then and ran it from my chest to my thigh ever so softly touching my smooth skin ... there was no doubt about it, I was very aroused again ... I was not as passionate emotionally, but I was definitely fully erect.

He moved his hand to my pants again.

"What's this?" he whispered, "The worm seems to have spit up!"

God, how humiliating his acknowledging that I had cum so easily I thought to myself.

"Let's see if Tim's worm has a temperature," Bob whispered and took his fingers and ran them along the edge of the top of my underpants, pressing against the top until his fingers slipped under the edge ... moving back and forth lightly touching now the tip of my soaking wet cock.

"Here's that angry little worm," Bob whispered and put his hand now into my underpants letting his fingers run the length of my shaft, directly touching the soft skin.

"Oh my, he is very warm. He is on fire in fact."

God you have never felt so heavenly as having someone elses' bare fingertips and hand touch the soft sensitive skin on your hard cock ... the feeling is so memorable that I can actually recall it as I am writing this ...

"Oh my," Bob whispered, "The worm is sweating so much." and his fingers were now covered with my sperm and transferring that sperm onto my cock ...


"Let's see if we can give this worm a nice massage so it feels better." Bob said and with that his hand wrapped around my stiff cock and he began jerking me off proper ...

He pulled down my underpants - a process with which I helped, arching my back and pulling my pants down past my bottom.

He moved down the bed with his body so that his head was at eye level with my genitals. It appeared he wanted to watch the transaction.

Slowly and sensually ... my warm sperm making my rod so slippery and the feeling so wonderful ... Bob jerked me off ... It took a little while since I had just cum, but in a matter of a moments - less than a half-hour - I was thrashing my cock against his hand and, although it wasn't much, I again ejaculated sperm - this time onto my bare stomach.

God, what an amazing amazing feeling ... having someone else jerk you off.

In a moment or two he stopping the movement of his hand and we just laid there ... me breathing hard, him with his head near level with my spent cock.

I could feel my cock going soft and shrinking in his hand ...

"I think that worm liked that very much," Bob whispered finally, "Now it is your turn to find Bob's worm, isn't it?"

And with that Bob let go of my cock and moved back and lay on his back.

I knew exactly what to do of course ... simply repeat everything that Bob had just done.

I pulled up my underpants and lay on my side facing Bob.

Softly I touched his chest ... "Want to play find the worm?" I whispered into his ear.

Repeating almost every move Bob had made on my body - pinching his nipples, caressing his stomach, legs and thighs, running my fingertips over and up and down his hard swollen cock through his cotton underwear - I played the game as best I could and he seemed to respond exactly as I had except that he did not cum prematurely as I had at the first touch of his fingers.

After about 20 minutes I was at the point where my hand was about to enter his underpants.

"Oh my," I said, "Bob's worm seems really hot." and my fingertips lightly touched his cock head ... there was plenty of precum and I could feel how warm his sperm was. I reached slowly into his tight underpants with my hand, my fingers lightly touching his member and then, grasping full onto it with my hand.

He shuddered with pleasure. He was lying back, eyes closed, mouth open, in full ecstasy and awaiting the next move.

Slowly and carefully I pulled his underpants down ... his cock was very hard and red and thick. I ministered to it lying on my side with him on his back, my head close to his genitals.

He had much more pubic hair then I did ... his hair was very dark too while mine was almost blond so his look more pronounced. If one looked not too carefully at my crotch one might almost assume I was nearly hairless. But there was no mistaking Bob's pubic hair: it was thick and bushy and long.

As I gently pulled his cock skin up and down, I could hear his breathing become short and fast and hard. There was some precum dripping from the end of his cock head ... he was stiff as a rock ... Each time I pulled his cock up and down his balls would move up and down as well . . . It was very interesting getting this close up view of the action.

Precum was dripping now from his peehole. The tip of his cock was dark red and the veins along his shaft were thick and swollen. His body quivered as I continued my hand movements, up and down, up and down. With my thumb, I rubbed his precum into that nook just under the tip of his cock. I know myself how hot that feels and Bob's thrusting and moaning told me that it affected him in the same way.

I could smell the muskiness of his pubic hair and cock and damn if I wasn't getting aroused again myself! But I was sure by this time, I was pretty much out of 'bullets.'

It wasn't long before he started rocking his body and moaning softly: "Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, make that worm spit up," He said softly.

His torso started to rock and his butt moved up and down as if he were fucking my hand which grabbed him tighter and moved up and down his cock in long slow motions ... soon he was bucking hard against me, his hand moved on top of mine and f***ed me harder against him - up and down, up and down, until a bolt of white sperm shot from his fat flat cock head and landed in the middle of his chest - his entire body jerked hard as he shot load after load of jism onto his bare skin.

After he was done, again, we just lay there, my hand on his cock, just moving gently against it, squeezing a drop or two more from his peehole. I just lay staring at his red member looking at the thick white sperm and watched as one thin stream rolled down his side onto the sheets.

God, what a moment.

We didn't say anything. Bob pulled his pants up and we just lay there ... not speaking. In a few minutes we both drifted off back to sl**p and woke up about two hours later.

Neither of us mentioned the "worm game" ever again.

We continued to play strip poker in the evenings and did some other stuff, but we never played the worm game again even though he slept over quite often. I cannot explain why we didn't play like that again. Maybe it felt too "gay." Maybe we got so much pleasure from our strip poker games that we didn't seek out any other alternative again.

I think it was just one horny morning with two guys in the right mood and that was that. Who knows? All I know is that I am happy it happened my only regret is that we didn't do it again and again. Or that we didn’t progress to oral play. If I could only turn back the clock . . .

Please let me know if you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is true and one of several wonderful sexual memories of my youth spent with someone I was intimate with.
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1 year ago
Yes, I've been relishing these memories for quite some time now and it is really cool for me to share the details. I've found that most guys - many won't admit it though - had intimate experiences with friends starting in middle school and through high school. It was all private and hidden, but like me, many like the idea of telling people about it and them getting as aroused as me by it!
1 year ago
Enjoying your stories. They take me back to my early teens. Great work.
1 year ago
Thanks! It would be fun to find your worm! I might kiss it too :-)
1 year ago
Love to play the worm game with you!!