office romance part 2

When Jason arrived at work Jane was in the kitchen making coffee, he could see she was dressed in a short dress with straps over the shoulder. The dress flowed down and sat on Jane's behind highlighting it's shape and making Jason want to grab it. He cheekily asked if Jane was making him a cuppa. Jane replied, “And what do I get in return”.

Jason was quick to return the jibe, “Depends, if you're a good girl a lollipop, if you're a naughty girl a good spanking”. He couldn't believe he had said that, how corny he thought.

“That didn't really make my mind up, perhaps you may not get you're cuppa”, Jane quickly replied tongue in cheek. Before she could turn Jason had his hand on her behind and laughingly teased, “Nice arse, maybe it should be spanked, mmm, no panties so much easier to do that.”

Jane was only half listening, she had felt Jason's hand on her arse, it was gently squeezing her left cheek, it felt so good, why listen, she replied. “You still have my panties, until I come and get them” she paused, “You may be very lucky.”

Jason teased, “If I slide my hand under your dress will I be lucky or will it be you that is lucky?” Jane laughed. Jason responded by sliding his hand under the dress and caressed the nakedness of Jane's behind, using his hand to gently trace the shape of her cheeks and then using his index finger run his hand along between her cheeks towards her pussy only stopping to explore around her anus, this was disturbing but very erotic, wanting this gentle exploration to continue to its ultimate destination.

Jane widened her stance to allow Jason easier access between her legs, he explored, while his hand was gently resting on her behind his middle finger was hovering just below her pussy, close enough to feel the pubes and occasionally brush lightly over her moist lips, they were hanging there begging to be teased and as he touched them they separated, he could feel the wetness of her desires, her pussy was quivering. Jason wanted to crudely plunge his finger deep inside her, an element of surprise which would take her over the edge. Instead he whispered in her ear, “maybe you have earned the lollipop,” and withdrew his hand and walked away. Jane loved this teasing but still didn't know if she could handle being totally unfaithful by going all the way with Jason.

As she went back to her desk Jason was already sitting waiting for her. Jane placed the coffee's on the desk, sat down placed her hand in Jason's groin and teasingly said, “Is this the lollipop I'm going to get for being a good girl, hope it is an all day sucker?” Jane had turned the tables she felt Jason grow and from first feel he was bigger than her husband, this excited her. Jason was embarrassed at the forwardness of Jane. He removed her hand and sheepishly replied, “You may get to find out one day', how lame, surely he could have replied better. Seeing Jason embarrassed and choking on his words Jane decided it was her turn.

“Undo your fly, I want to feel his nakedness” she dared. Jason reluctantly did as he was dared, Jane did nto do what Jason thought instead she rapped her hands around him whispered how nice it would be to taste his desires and then proceeded to ever so lightly tease the end of his nob with her pointer finger. Jason couldn't handle it, he almost lost it. Jane sensed this and stopped, she withdrew her hand and whispered, “Next time I do that I want to take your desires into my mouth.” That was too much for Jason he had to get up and separate himself from Jane before he was embarrassed.

Jason pondered, three months ago Jane would not even have thought that never alone say it. She was coming out of her shell and exploring her sexuality, fantasies, and desires. Could he explore more with her. It was so wonderful, no pressure to go to bed but very erotic teasing, how far would the teasing go.

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