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You turn a page of the paper, take a sip of champagne,
a delightfully decadent pleasure early on a Monday
morning. Another sip, governments doing this,
terrorists doing that. You glance at your watch;
almost time, you think and the excitement you've been
feeling since you entered the lounge, since you woke
up, since before you went to bed even, grows a little
stronger. Another sip, another article which you're
not really reading. Then finally it's time. You
finish your glass and stand up, hoping that the other
well heeled travellers don't notice how anxious you
are, how aroused you feel. No-one notices, too busy
engrossed in their own papers, laptops and mobile
phones; you're almost disappointed, as though it would
add to your pleasure if at least someone suspected
what you were about to do.

You make your way through the lounge, weaving round
misplaced chairs and outstretched feet to the little
alcove at the end, which leads through to the
restrooms. It's quieter around this area, fewer
people and nobody follows you into the ladies. Third
cubicle along, you remember and almost run towards it,
suddenly hesitating when you get there and then
lightly brushing the bottom of the door with your
foot, a seemingly trivial knock that hardly makes a
sound but is enough to let me know that you're there.

I unlock the door and pull it towards me; you hurry in
quickly, turning around only to bolt the lock,
encasing us both inside, practically sealed in this
small room save for an inch between the floor and the
bottom of the door. You reach up and throw your arms
around my neck, drawing me into a kiss, meshing your
mouth against mine passionately, swirling your tongue
inside, tugging on my lips with yours. Your hand
reaches down; I'm hard already. This for me, you ask,
unbuttoning the top of my trousers and pulling my
flies down without waiting for an answer. You slide
your hand inside my underwear and I feel your fingers
wrap around my cock as you continue to kiss me.

You break away from me and look down, using your other
hand now to lower my boxer shorts so you can release
my prick. You're staring at it, your tongue lightly
gliding along your top lip. You look up at me, a
dirty smile on your mouth and in your eyes. You lean
forward, flicking out your tongue to taste my pre-cum.
You flick the head again with your tongue, before
taking it all in your mouth, sucking on my cock,
moving your lips back and forth like you're fucking it
with your mouth. It's exquisite, an amazing
sensation. I feel like I want to cum inside your
mouth, make you taste me. Your desire is infectious,
it makes me want you even more, makes me want to use
you in every way imaginable, to fuck you everywhere,
make you my personal slut.

You suck me a second or two longer, before slowly
drawing your mouth away, leaving a thin line of saliva
and pre-cum from your lips to my cock as your head
gradually moves back. You stand up, facing me. Sit,
you command and I fall back on the covered toilet, my
cock jutting out obscenely towards you, a constant
invitation to fuck me. You stand before me, my eyes
level with your waist. Show me, I whisper, my turn to
give the orders. You keep your eyes fixed on mine as
you slowly begin to pull your navy skirt up towards
your waist. It gradually uncovers your knees, inches
up your thighs, getting closer and closer to what you
know I'm desperate to see. You stop for a second,
close, teasing me, before you can't take it any longer
yourself and pull your skirt high enough for me to see
your beautiful pussy, knickers never an option this

I can see your arousal, how puffy the lips look, how
wet you are. It turns me on another notch again,
seemingly impossible, it's all I can do not to throw
you against the door and fuck you whether you want me
to or not. I lean forward as you did to me, my face
inches from your cunt. You can feel the heat of my
breath. I lean in even closer and slide my tongue
into you, tasting you, trying to fuck it into your wet
hole before drawing it back to your clit. My tongue
dances around your button, flicking it, circling it,
trying to give you as much pleasure as you have given

You pull my head back and the push my shoulders away
from you. I look up at you, disappointed. It's good,
you say, but I want something else. And you push me
back further and begin to straddle me, your skirt
still bunched up round your waist. Once your pussy is
over my cock you begin to lower yourself, stopping
only when you feel the head brush against your
wetness. You hover there, gently brushing the top of
my cock with your cunt, teasing me, knowing how much I
want to thrust up inside you. Finally, gradually, you
lower your hot, tight, wet pussy down the shaft of my
cock until our pubis grind together. You hold me like
that for a second, pulling my head into your chest
against your still clothed breasts. It's a sort of
wonderful fulfillment, but we both want more.

Slowly you begin to rock your pussy up and down my
cock. My hands are on your bum, grasping you,
squeezing your arse. My mouth meshes against one of
your breasts, tries to suck at the nipple underneath
two layers of material. You're so wet and hot. The
more turned on you are the more it turns me on. I can
feel how much you want to fuck me, how much you want
to cum. Your movements become more frantic, your cunt
sucking on my cock more furiously. I can feel your
orgasm building, feel the little pulses as you're
getting close to cumming. But you slow down again and
lean in towards me, whispering in my ear, what would
turn you on more now. I look into your eyes for a
second, thinking there's nothing that could add to
this, nothing that could add to how good this feels.

Then than wanton perverted dirty part of my mind takes
over and I smile. What, you ask. Another woman, I
respond, behind us, sucking me, licking you. Tell me
more, you whisper as you begin to fuck me again. A
personal slave, I say, sucking on my balls and licking
your arsehole as we fuck, my fingers crawling between
your buttocks as I tell you this. I wet a finger in
your pussy and move it back to circle round your
arsehole. Who, you ask. I don't care, as long as her
tongue in your arsehole makes you cum, and I combine
telling you this with slowly pushing my finger into
you, feeling the tight muscle yield.

You'e fucking me harder now and I can tell you're
thinking about what I've suggested as my cock slides
in and out of your cunt and my finger continues to
probe your arse. We're building a rhythm and I can
feel on my cock and my finger that you're about to
cum. The thought of you cumming with me penetrating
you twice like this only turns me on more and I can
feel my own orgasm approaching even as yours begins to
swell inside you. Cum with me, you beg as you get
closer and closer. Where, I ask. Inside me, you
moan, I want to feel your cum dribbling out of my cunt
all day. And just that one word uttered from your
mouth is enough to push me over, to make me shoot my
hot cum deep inside you. You feel the swell of my
prick, feel the cum blasting into you and you squeeze
hard around me, enjoying your own release, your own

We sit there in silence for a while, my cock gradually
softening inside you as I slowly pull my finger out of
your tight arsehole. We're both panting slightly,
still trying not to create too much noise. There's an
announcement on the tanoy, the flight to Zurich is
boarding. You look into my eyes a second. That's me,
you say and slowly pull yourself off me and adjust
your clothes back to normal. We don't say another
word to each other. You unlock the door and peer out
nervously, checking that no-one else is in the
restroom. You turn and give me one more passionate
kiss on the lips, before slipping out and leaving for
your flight.

Nothing's been arranged, I have no way of contacting
you, I don't even know your name, or you mine; but I
know our liaison will continue.
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