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Well I'm tall dark and handsome. I love sports and the outdoors,but most of all I love sex. I love to go down on a women and make her cum like no tomorrow. I also like a women that know how to talk dirty to me. If u like email me at Tristan3045@yahoo.com and we can start the fun!!!
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1 year ago
Hello darling :) I love that avatar. I've made some videos and I'm not sure if you've seen them yet. Please tell me what you think when you view them at your leisure. Who knows I just might get lucky enough to have you add me to your video or gallery favourites :) Kisses!
1 year ago
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1 year ago
Thanks for the invite, darlin'!!
1 year ago
Thanks for the add! Cum by and say hi sometime! *kisses*
1 year ago
thank you for the invite!
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite. xo
1 year ago
Hey baby
2 years ago
hey, i forgot to say thank you for tipping me the other night :) you made my night!
2 years ago
*** Wish List For Christams *** On my profile, merry christmas... kissesssss CHECK IT OUT PLS
2 years ago
Debbie looked at her mom and asked her to go out to the living room and sit on the couch with her. Debbie and her mom sat in the corners of the couch looking at each other. Debbie took in a deep breath and said "Billy has a small cock and I can barely feel him when his inside me. To make matters worse, he cums after a few minutes, leaving me all wet and horny."

"I see. That can be a big problem baby. Does he ever go down on you?"

"Sometimes he will, but he never stays there long enough to make me cum."

"I think that maybe we should have Billy and his mom over to discuss this more. Would you be willing do that baby?"

"Oh mommy, that would be wonderful."

"I'll give Pat a call right now and invite them over."

Debbie got up from the couch and picked up the phone. She dialed Pat's number. After a few rings, Pat answered the phone."


"Pat. It's me Susan."

"Hi Susan, what can I do for you/"

"Pat, I just had a frank talk with my daughter Debbie and there seems to be a problem with her and Billy."

"Oh my, what's the problem?
"It would be rather awkward to talk about this on the phone. Can you and Billy come over in about 30 minutes to discuss this?

"Yes Susan, we can be there in 30 minutes. See you then."

Susan walked over to Debbie and told her that Billy and his mom will be over in about a half hour. Debbie got off the couch and hugged her mom. "You're the best mommy a girl could ever have!"

Debbie and Susan waited in the living room. Thirty minutes went by quickly. The door bell rang and Susan went the front door and opened it. Pat stood at the door with Billy behind her.

"Pat, so glad you and Billy could come over on short notice. Please come inside and have a seat."

Pat and Billy sat in chairs near the couch. Susan sat down on the couch and looked at Pat.

"Pat, my daughter told me earlier that there is a problem with her and Billy."

Pat looked at Billy and asked "What's the problem boy?

Billy had a dazed look on his face and said "I dunno."

Susan spoke up. "Pat, Billy can not satisfy his soon to be wife sexually. His cock is too small, he cums too fast and won't go down on Debbie long enough to please her."

Pat looked at Billy. "Look boy. Debbie is a very nice young lady and if you really love her you better be willing to anything for her. Do you understand me?"

Billy looked at his mom. "What does that mean?"

Pat gave Billy a cold stare and said. "Boy. I'm tired of your being a wimp. Stand up and drop those pants and underwear. Show momma your cock, boy."

"No way am I showing my cock to everyone."

Pat got off the chair walked over to Billy and pulled him out of the chair.

"Drop those pants boy, or I get the strap out when we get home. Want momma to whip your sorry ass?"

"No ma'am." He replied and then stood up. He undid his pants and then pulled his underwear down.

"Take the shirt off Billy." Pat told him.

Billy was now standing in front of the women with his pants at his ankles and his cock showing.

Pat looked at him. "Does it get any bigger?"

Billy held his head down in shame. "Just a little bit." He replied.

Debbie looked at her mom. "See what I mean, Mommy?"

"Yes baby I do. He does have small cock. Looks more like a dick on a little boy than a cock."

All the women started laughing.

Susan looked at Pat and said. "There is one other issue to be resolved too."

"What is it?" Replied Pat.

"Billy needs to be taught to lick pussy like a man. Since he can't fuck my daughter with that dick of his, at least he should be able to eat her out and make her cum."

Pat looked at Billy. "Get those clothes off boy. Time for you to start learning how to eat pussy since you have a useless dick."

Susan suggested they all go to her bedroom. Billy walked naked behind the women. Susan told Debbie to get undressed and lay down on the bed. Debbie took off her pants and then her panties. Her belly hung about 6 inches covering her pussy. She removed her blouse and her large tits oozed from her bra. Once the bra was removed, her large tits hung down to her belly.

"You have a very pretty daughter Susan."

"Thanks Pat. She reminds me of my younger days."

Debbie sat at the foot of the bed. Pat walked over to Billy and pushed him down to his knees.

"Doesn't she have a nice body?

"Yes momma, she does."

"Show him your pussy." Susan said.

Debbie pulled back her tummy and spread her short fat legs. All that could be seen was a dark thick patch of her pubic hair.

Pat looked at Billy. "Look at that pretty pussy boy. Now get that tongue up there and start licking it. Don't be worried is she gets wet or pees on you. Girls do that from time to time and it means your doing a good job eating pussy."

Billy hesitated for a moment and then Pat grabbed him by the back of his head and pushed his face between her legs. "Eat that nice pussy you wimp! Fuck it with your tongue, since you can't do it with that little dick of yours."

Billy started to lick his pussy. Debbie reached down to pull his lips apart. Billy started to nibble on her clit and sticking his tongue inside her. All of this was making Pat hot. She removed her blouse, showing her large tits and then undid her skirt, letting it drop to the floor.

Pat was now wearing only her bra and panties. She pulled her panties down and let her big belly drop down. She undid her bra, letting her big fat tits hang down.

Susan looked at her and then undressed. Susan was now naked with her big belly hanging down and her fat tits hanging down and outwards.

Billy continued to eat Susan's pussy.

Pat sat down in a chair and spread her large legs. Debbie noticed that her cunt was shaved. Susan walked over in front of Pat and opened her legs and then pulled her belly up. Pat saw her large cunt lips hanging down and covered with dark pubic hair.

Pat reached up with her right hand and slid it between Susan's legs. She slowly dragged her fingers over her cunt. With her thumb and forefinger, she tugged down on her cunt lips. Susan closed her eyes as she let this women feel her up like a whore.

"Debbie, how's my boy doing eating that sweet young pussy?'

"Not very good I'm afraid."

"Maybe his momma should show him how." Added Pat.

"Would you do that for me? That would be so nice of you." Debbie replied with a grin.

Pat stopped fingering Susan and then stood up. She got behind Billy and pulled him up.

"Debbie get in the middle of the bed and spread for me. Time for me to show this wimp how to eat pussy."

Susan scooted back and opened her legs. Pat grabbed Billy by the head and pushed him on the bed. "Now get that face of your between her legs. Momma is going to show you how to suck pussy. If you fail me, I'm going get that strap out and beat your worthless ass. Hell, I might take you to the truck stop and turn you over to some real men. Bet they would love sticking their big fat cocks down your throat and up your ass."

Pat got on the bed and spread Debbie's pussy open.

"See that fat nob right there?

"Yes momma."

"That's her clit. Now suck and nibble on it like a tit. Don't bite it unless she tells you to."

Billy put his mouth over her clit and began to suck and nibble on it. Debbie's nipples began to harden. Debbie closed her eyes and started to pinch his fat nipples. Pulling and slightly twisting them, making them hard as rocks. Pat moved back a bit from between Debbie's legs and pushed Billy's head down.

"Eat her pussy boy. Suck her clitty and stick that tongue up her pussy. You better make her cum boy or there will be hell to pay for it." Pay yelled.

After about 10 minutes of Billy eating out Debbie, Debbie opened her eyes and looked at her mom and Pat saying, "I'm barely wet."

Pat grabbed Billy by the head and pulled him from between her legs. "You worthless, small dick boy! You got one last chance to make her cum using that mouth of yours or it's the strap for you boy. What kind of boy can't even do something so simple as to eat a nice young pussy?"

Pat looked at Debbie. "Maybe if you sat on his face, he can do a better job."

Susan replied. "That's a wonderful idea."

Susan walked over to Pat and whispered in her ear. "I have a nice strap in my closet if you want to show Debbie how to whip this wimp."

Pat gave her a wicked grin and nodded her head. Susan walked over to the closet, opened the door and removed the long wide strap that hung on a hook from the door. Billy saw the strap and started to shake. Susan handed the strap to Pat. Pat asked Debbie to get off the bed and to stand next to her.

Pat looked at Billy. "I think you need some motivation boy. I'm going to show your bride to be how to strap that worthless ass of yours, just like momma does. If you give me any trouble, you'll get it twice as bad and then it's the truck stop for you. Think mama can make some money whoring you out?

Pat grabbed Billy and told him to assume the position. Billy, shaking for what was about to happen, spread his legs and leaned over on the bed.

"Get that ass up for momma boy!" Pat yelled.

Pat looked at Debbie and showed her how to hold the strap properly. With Debbie standing to the left of Pat, she watched Pat swing and raise the strap before bringing it down on his ass.

The strap make a loud cracking noise as the leather his soft skin, Billy let out a yelp and a red mark about 2 inches wide appeared.

Debbie looked at Pat. "Wow that was pretty cool. Can I have a crack at it? No pun intended."

Pat and Susan giggled as Pat handed the strap to Debbie and stood on the other side of Billy. Before Debbie swung the strap, she looked at mom and asked. "Momma, where did this strap come from?"

Susan told her daughter that she used to use on her father when he did not make her cum. Debbie said. "I guess that explains why daddy left us years ago. Sorry ass wimp could not even keep momma happy or take his punishment like a wimp should."

"That's right baby. Last I heard about your daddy was sometime ago. Heard he got into money trouble with a lady and now she pimps him out to men. She is always present when he's sucking cock or taking it up the ass. I even heard he sucks out her pussy and ass after she's gotten a good fucking."

"See what happens to wimps who can't please their women Billy. You better figure out a way to please me or you just might wind up being my clean up boy and maybe I'll pimp out your ass for some money." Debbie said in a strong tone.

Debbie raised the strap and brought it down on Billy. She stood at little too close and the strap wrapped around his right side and the tip of the strap caught his balls."

"OH FUCK! You hit my balls." Billy yelled.

"Tough shit you wimp. Now shut up or I'll have you held down on your back and I'll strap that little dick of yours. Debbie barked.

Debbie gave Billy another five good solid licks with the strap. His ass was a deep red and each hit left a mark.

"How did I do Pat?'

"You did wonderful Debbie. After you two get married, I think we should take Billy with us to pick out a new strap you to use on him."

Debbie giggled. "I even got wet beating his ass. Get on the bed boy and put that face up. It's time for you to eat my cunt and make me cum. If you don't, I'll beat that little dick of yours."

Billy hobbled onto the bed and lay down. Debbie got up and sat on his face in one quick move. Starting eating my cunt you wimp. This time, she could feel his tongue better.

"Momma, I can feel him now. Look, his little dick is hard. I don't think he had permission to get hard momma. What should I do about it?"

"Let momma show you." Susan leaned over the bed and clenched her right hand making a fist. In one swift blow, she popped him right in the nuts.

Billy uttered out in pain, but his face was smothered by her fat pussy, legs and belly.

Debbie was now getting him to eat and suck her fat cunt the way it should be. She felt her cunt tingle and started to get wetter. She pulled her belly up so her momma and Pat could see well. Pat noticed the wetness of her thighs. "Ii think I'm gunna come momma." She left a bit and soon she squirted a large quantity of her cum all over him.

"Swallow it boy. Keep licking it up. Oh fuck, bit my fat clitty now. As soon as he did, she unloaded another batch of warm sticky cum. Good boy, I have more for you to suck and swallow."

"Who said you had permission to get a hard on?" Debbie asked and then brought a fist down upon his balls like her momma showed her. She lowered her cunt down to muffle the scream.

Pat looked at Susan and said. "Watching this is making me very wet. How about you?

Susan replied. "I'm soaked."

Pat sat down in a chair and asked Susan to stand in front of her.

"Open those legs and show me your nice fat wet cunt. Let me feel you up and make you cum." Pat told her.

"I've never had sex with women before." Susan said as she stood in front of her.

"You're missing a lot. Now spread for me and show my your pretty fat wet cunt."

Susan spread her legs and pulled up her belly.

Pat as she did before handled her cunt in a manly fashion as is being felt up. Pat teased her cunt, tugging on her lips and rubbing her thumb over her clit. Susan closed her eyes and began to take it in. Taking the palm of her hand she rubbed her cunt and slowly increasing the pressure. Susan was getting wetter by the moment. Pat then stuck two fingers deep inside her and felt her wetness.

"Open you eyes and watch me molest your body. Watch me make you feel dirty. Show me that you're a naughty girl who likes to be felt up by a woman."

Susan opened her eyes and watched Pat molest her cunt. Pat was able to get 4 fingers inside.

"Spread some more, I'm going fuck that cunt with my fist."

Susan could not resist the feeling of being so horny and dirty. Pat drew her right hand in to a small fist and slowly twisted it inside her cunt. After few moments, her hand was inside Susan's fat cunt.

"Oh Jesus," Moaned Susan. Debbie looked over. "Hey momma, you look hot. I bet having that fist you're your fat cunt feels good. Maybe after I have a baby, this wimp of mine can fist fuck me since his little dick doesn't do it."

"Oh Baby, this feels wonderful." She let go of her belly and reached down and pulled on Pat's nipples.

"Pat. Fuck my cunt. Make me feel dirty like a whore."

"Pull hard on my tits, while I give that fat cunt a good fuckin."

Pat started to jam her fist deeper inside and making slight twists as it went it and out. The harder she did it, the more Susan pulled on Pat's nipples. Pat spread her own legs and with her left hand started to finger and started to molest her own cunt.

Susan began to breathe heavier. The inside of her fat legs started to show how wet she was. "Fuck me Pat. Oh god! I'm cumming like never before."

Pat picked up the pace and it did not take long fore Susan to yell. "Oh FUCK! Ram my fat cunt with that fist. "

Susan without warning started to cum hard. Her sweet warm juices started to flow from her cunt. Pat watched it pour and squirt out from the small opening. Cum dripped and squirted everywhere. It did not take long before there was a dark wet spot on the carpet and the room smelled of pussy

"Good girl." Pat told her.

"Now show your daughter how you like having a women molest your cunt and how it feels."

Susan looked at Debbie. "Look at momma getting molested like a street whore. Your mommy's cunt is spewing her cum. Does my baby like watch him momma getting felt up?

"Fuck yeah momma. Wish I could get that done to me. I'm gunna fucking cum hard momma."

Debbie lifted up a bit and Susan watch her daughter's fat cunt squirt a large load of cum. Billy choked on the large load.

"Momma, I think I'm gonna piss."

"That's ok baby. Pat said it might happen. Don't worry about the bed."

Debbie reached down and pulled up her tummy. Pat and Susan watched as a dark yellow stream began to flow into Billy's mouth.

"Drink her piss boy." Yelled Pat.

"The little prick has another hard on mommy. I think he likes being used."

Debbie took her right hard and made another first and punched him in the balls again. Billy yelled at started to choke on his piss.

"Lick up my pissed soaked cunt wimp. Clean it really good and I might jerk off your little dick and let you cum."

Billy eagerly cleaned up the piss and cum from her thick bush and cunt. Debbie got off his face and then got off the bed. Billy's face was flushed and slimy.

"Get off the bed wimp. Stand over her and let you momma watch me jerk off your little dick."

Billy cowered off the bed and stood in front of Debbie.

"Pat. Watch how fast this boy spews his load."

Debbie spat in her right hand and grabbed his dick. She started to jerk him off.

"Look at your momma while I beat you off. Show your momma how you like me beating you off."

She could feel the tension and she took her other hand and opened it up.

Seconds later, Billy squirted his load into her hand. Debbie looked at the small load of cum.

"Pat look at this tiny load. What shall I do.?

"Make the wimp eat it tell and him to be fast about it."

"You heard your momma wimp. Clean that spooge up now or I'll whip your sorry ass again."

Billy cleaned up him cum fearing he would get another beating.

"Good boy. Get use to the taste of it. I'm gonna have to find a real cock to fuck and make babies with and your going to like it."

Susan looked at her daughter. "Maybe you should have him place an ad in those adult magazines for finding a hung man to fuck my baby and to make babies with?"

Pat added. "That's a wonderful idea. Have him show a picture of his dick and the ad could say. Hung male need to service and knock up wife of wimp husband. Husband will suck cock and take it up the ass when wife is on period
2 years ago
nice profile lovely cock
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Thanks for the invite... Keep your goatee, it's HOT... =)
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thanks for the invite hun and the compliment;)
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Hello there!!! Just stoppin’ by to give you some SEXY LOVIN’!!!Thanks for giving us many hours of pleasure & being our X Hamster friend. Enjoy & cum visit soon….Jay & Lorenda.
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Hope your decisions in life lead you on an exciting journey while you head off into the year 2012. Have a productive New Year! Your X Hamster friends Jay and my wife Lorenda. STAY HORNY!!!
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I looked at your profile
and let love greetings here!
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Hi Tristan, welcome to xhamster and thanks for the invite ;)
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