First Time Submission

I would pick you up, you’re dressed just as I have told you... black skirt, button down blouse.... when you get to the car I can see that you have no bra as instructed... When you sit in the passenger seat I tell you that I need to check to insure that you have followed all my instructions... I tell you to spread your legs and I reach my hand under your skirt. Finding your smooth skin I touch to your trimmed pussy, just feeling the hair on your sweet pussy, I rub my finger between your pussy lips, and feel the heat and wetness.... I smile at you and tell you that you have done well and your reward will be given.

As I promised I have already been to the adult store, and I unwrap your gift. It is a vibrating egg, I let you hold it in your hand and turn it on for you. The vibration sends a shiver into your body. I take it back and turn it off, I take the egg and go between your legs and gently slide the egg into your now wet cunt. Once I get it firmly inside you I turn it on, and hand you the remote and tell you that you will need to leave it on and keep it in until I tell you that you can remove it.

I begin to drive away and you are squirming in the seat of my car. I pull up to our first stop the adult store... where you ask if you can take it out before going in. I tell you there is no way, you will go shopping with it in or there will be major punishment. You whine that you are so close to cumming that you don't know if you can go in. I tell that you will be allowed to get yourself off then before going in the store if you pull your skirt up, and expose your bare cunt to me as you get yourself off. You look around nervous and see that where we have parked if anyone walks in the store and walks by the car you will be seen... You hesitate for awhile until I open the door to get out... when you agree " okay okay let me do it, please... So you pull your skirt up and expose that pretty pussy of yours, and madly work your clit with your finger.... your cumming in only a few moments no longer carrying who sees you....

When your climax's subsides you compose yourself and look at me and say okay I am ready, as you pull your skirt down to get out of the car.

We walk into the store, the gal at the counter smiles at you as I say HI! She has seen me there...

I take you by the hand to the adult toy section. We start at the very beginning, I explain what each one is what it is used for. I know where I am going and I watch your expressions, especially when we get to the monster toys I can see that you doubt that you could possibly take any of those let alone any woman that can. There are people in the store with us but they are caught up in there own exploration and a couple seeing another couple is nothing.

I explain that I am going to make a couple selections for you to try out, but that my first selection and idea is not negotiable. Then I will allow you to say NO, just three times so be very careful on what you say no to in case there is something you are more afraid of. I take you by the hand, and walk back to where the butt plugs are... I select one it is a medium size tapered well and looks to be soft as well which is good for a first time.... I open the package and allow you to touch it. I take my arm and wrap it around you and pull you close to me, I whisper in your ear, you will want to try and be very quite when I put this in you... just relax I will lube it up well before I insert it. If you relax it will go in fine and you will be able to keep it in. Now just bend over and I will discretely insert this in your ass. You cooperate and I can feel the heat from you as I sit down on the little stool there I pull your skirt up to expose your soft ass... The butt plug comes with some lube which I apply to the plug as well as rub it against your ass fingering your puckered ass... As I stick my finger in I feel the vibrating egg in your pussy... your ass gets very tight, I stand up and whisper back in your ear! You need to relax.... just relax, my finger is still in your ass.. and you just get tighter...

I tell you that I can help but you should really try and relax and don't make too much noise when you cum. I slide my finger in and out just barely going in your ass, one finger moves up to rub against your clit... you don't know it but your ass is totally exposed, you’re bent over as I can see that the other couple has started to wander around to where we are. I am sure they know now that something is up and your moans as I rub your clit and finger your ass gently has them very interested. They discreetly came around behind us so that you don't see, I look back over my shoulder and see that they are watching and I smile... they are excited and I feel your body relax, my finger goes in your ass easily now as you climax again... I move back to behind you ... I whisper again to you hold still your ready... I move to the back of your ass and the butt plug slides easily in your ass. I move out of the way so the couple can see one more shoot of your ass. Then I stand in front of you and left you by the shoulders and look in your eyes... Are you okay now? I ask.. you smile yes... I can tell you are very excited.

I see the one I know you will say no to... it is the anal section, this is one that is shaped much like the one now safely hidden in your ass.... I move you along it is just a couple steps, my arm is around your waist as I know the dual sensations of the constant vibrating egg in your pussy, which in order to keep it inside your dripping pussy has you flexing those muscles, but now with the anal plug your first steps are gingerly taken. I also want to make sure that you do not turn around to see the couple very much interested in watching what we do. I suggest the one that I know you will say no to... it is very large diameter... calling it huge would be an understatement. You’re shocked and your eyes plead no...You can not speak, I look at you and say okay two more left that you can deny.

We walk down the aisle further where there is a great collection of vibrators, as we look at the wall of selection, I touch a few and look at them again. I can tell that you are excited as these are just about normal cock size, when I select one that is nicely shaped just like a cock about 7 inches long but not as thick as some of the ones that I have already examined. I feel your body shake with the answer yes. I hand it to you in it package, and smile yes this will do nicely. You take it from me grateful that it is not huge. We move down around to a section of several choices of long double headed dildos these are as much as 24 inches long with the ends shaped like the head of a cock, coming in many colors and thickness. I admire one that is black and at least 6 inches across... I hear your gasp and smile to myself it worked perfectly... I smile up at you and say okay you have used two one more left and make the selection of the one I already knew I wanted. This is more the size of a large cock about 2.5 inches across.

You start to say something as I hand it to you, stammering almost... I move to hold you against me... and whisper in your ear... "Yes what is it?" You whimper and moan slightly and say "I am cumming again" I reply "okay just let it go this one will be a small one we are almost done. I hold your hands and watch as you reach just a small climax...your legs visible weaker as you achieve climax, looking over your shoulder I can see that the couple is watching you two. She is rubbing her mans cock through his pants, he is noticeable harder now, a very nice bulge pushing against his jeans.. She looks away and smiles at me.

I move you down the aisle and tell you that I think we are about done for today's shopping trip... Here is a nice selection of larger dildos from monster size to just large... I tell you that you will want to be very careful here as you can see these can be very much an experience, I admire several of the monster ones... 3 ft long and tapered from 3 inches at the tip to more then 10 inches wide at the base... I am enjoying this as I can see you are biting your lip and hoping not to whimper and give away your last no. When I decide to select one that as best in this section would be considered medium, it is about 2 feet long and has a very nice taper to it that goes out to a base of about 6 inches... I smile and look at you... your not sure but you node okay... your too scared to say no with so many that are so much larger.

I say great this is a nice selection of starter toys for you.... we head to the counter to pay for our purchases, you holding your vibrator, double headed dong and the monster cock one. I am holding the empty butt plug case... you put yours on the counter and she starts to ring you up. She is watching you as clearly your state of arousal has gotten her attention. As she rings them up, and takes the last one and puts it in a bag, I hand her the empty case. I watch as you blush visible when she looks and says this is empty? I smile and say yes, but we do have the contents and are happy with it. Thanks for asking.

I turn and see the couple is right behind us watching us hoping to see more....

I ask the counter lady for piece of paper and pen... I scratch a quick note you can not see what I write and ask the clerk to give it to them.

I take you by the hand and walk out of the store, your bag is in your other hand, and I open the door for you and let you sit down in the car. I bend over and gently kiss you on the check, I reach for the handle to let the seat down, and as you lay back I slide my hand between your legs and pull your skirt up again exposing your pussy to me... I admire the look of your dripping pussy and work your clit for a little bit until I can feel and see your body getting close... I pull the egg out of your pussy and slide first one then two fingers in your pussy... you are dripping wet as I slide my fingers in and out of you... I watch as you close your eyes as ecstasy begins to over come you.... I drive further up your pussy finding your g-spot and rubbing it against my fingers... you shudder and shake as your furious climax takes over...

From where I am kneeling next to the car, I see the couple coming out the door and see my car and clearly they are holding the note in their hand when they spot us... I continue to drive my fingers in your pussy, and rubbing them against your g-spot. You are no longer in control of your climaxes, as wave over wave cums and goes as I manipulate your pussy... this allows the couple to walk by, not to close but clearly getting a good idea of what we are doing... as they just get close enough I remove my fingers from your pussy, my hand goes to your mouth and slides in your mouth my pussy dripping fingers for you to lick off.

I allow you to compose yourself a little and help you pull the seat back upright. I go around the back of the car, see the couple in their car and give them a little wave. I get in the other side and start the car... I tell you that you have been good so far but you’re about to be pushed further... I ask if you’re ready? Yes Sir whatever you want of me I will do.

I can see that your training has gone well and we head over to the Sands Hotel from there. I already have gotten the room and know where I am going when we get there. I park in the parking lot. We get out and head to the elevator and up to our room. When I open the door I hold it open for you and tell you to go ahead and go to the bed. I tell you to get prepared just bend over the bed and pull your skirt up and I will take it from there for you. I gently shut the door and proceed to get my bag I have brought as well. I walk around the hall to the bed and I see your lovely bare ass staring at me...

I walk over and gently rub your ass with my bare hand and then I pull back and give you a nice stiff spanking... oh the sound is excellent... you feel my hand rub your ass again and then smack again. Then as I rub it and pull back but hold it for a moment longer... you flinch expecting the next hit and that is just not acceptable... So I go to my bag and get out some of what I have brought. I get out my wrist and ankle cuffs with attachments to tie you done. I apply the wrist straps and pull you down tying you against the bed. I take your ankles and do the same, leaving your ass exposed to me. I begin swatting you again and hear your moans your ass is starting to show nice round pink against your skin.

When I hear the sound in the hallway of another couple, I work on hitting your ass just a few more times to hide the sound of them entering and closing and locking the door. For your spot you can not see them but I give them the sign to be quite and come in. I stop for a minute and pull two chairs for them to sit in and position them for a great view of your exposed ass. I pull your ass apart exposing your butt plug still inserted and your still glistening and glimmering pussy.

I take your bag of toys and turn on the radio as well and make sure that I make a lot noise with the paper, since your position does not allow you to see behind you there is no way for you to know that the couple from the store is there. I lean towards them so that you can not hear me either. I tell them to be as quite as possible while I get started working on you some more. But to relax and enjoy the show, this is her first time I tell them.

I come back around in front of you with all the toys unwrapped now so you can see them and wonder what you are going to feel, I set them on the bed next to you out of your view so you won’t know which one that I pick up. I select the smallest to start with and walk around behind you turning on the vibrator then sliding it in you pussy working it slowly in an out just hearing your moans, your pussy opens up but I am in the way of our voyeurs view. So I climb up on the bed and knees around your body, here I can pull apart your ass and really expose the view to this couple. I push the vibrator deep inside you taking long thrusts in and out of your wet and exposed cunt. Using my hand to spank your ass some more getting both cheeks nice and red. I look up to see the two of them very aroused by this action as she is rubbing his cock and he is rubbing the inside of her thighs... clearly aroused by our playing. I hear your moans growing and start really working the vibrator in and out of your pussy harder and deeper. Your hips now rocking towards my thrusts pushing yourself to another climax, as I feel your body start to shake I pull on the base of the butt plug slipping it out of you sending you over the edge of euphoria.... as the vibrator thrusts deep in you and then your ass is free from the butt plug. I work it and work it in and out until your final convulsions subside....

I climb down over the top of your head and stand in front of you. I undo my belt and drop my pants pulling my underwear with them, exposing my hard cock directly in your face. With my hand I gather up your hair and get it at the base of your head. Giving me control of when and how your head will move. I pull your head back and move the tip of my hard cock to your lips.... sliding in and exposing you to my cock. I ask you do you want something to drink now? As I push my cock to the back of your mouth.... your unable to answer as my cock is now feeling your mouth. I use my hips to slide in and out of your mouth, as I hold your head up by the back of your hair... your tongue working the base of my cock and lips smoothly running along the surface, as I push you open and try and catch your breath on each thrust as I push to the back of your throat I hear you gag but you eagerly take it.... your hunger to make me happy now... you want to taste my cream and make me happy by drinking my sweet nectar. I love the feeling of forcing my cock in your mouth and just using your mouth... My balls ache and shrink and I look up to find that the couple has joined in the pleasure of watching she has his exposed cock in her hand giving him a hand job, while she has pulled up her dress and pushed her panties aside for his fingers inside her pussy... . I feel the beginning of my climax and push it deep into the back of your throat the first spurts of cum to the back of your throat and then pull back so you can taste and feel the hot jism shooting in your mouth... as I say "yes taste all of me and don't spill a drop...."

I enjoy the sensation of your sucking and licking me as I start to go soft in your mouth.... you’re gulping sounds trying to be sure that you don't miss any of my cream. I pull out of your mouth, holding your head up a little higher now so I can have you lick my cock clean and pull up to have you lick on my balls..

I release your head and get down on my knees and ask if you are ready for more? Yes whatever you want is your reply... I ask one more time to you anything I want? Yes please... is your final reply that is all I need to know to proceed...

I move to the back of you again and select the double headed dildo sliding it first into your pussy lubricating that end with your own juices. Feeling it working back and forth in you, I slide it out and take the end that is now lubricated and work it into your exposed ass... sliding it in and out now giving your ass some great attention... I work it back and forth and then bend it over so I can slide the other end into your pussy... giving you full double penetration. I push it deeper in both your ass and pussy just barely enough room left for my hand to hold the U shape that was made... I look behind me and see the couple very much excited I motion for her to come take over for me... she quickly comes up to give you and me a hand. I let her come up and take over and she is very excited working it, he is now jacking off himself and I ease back and suggest he hold off a little he is going to get a turn to help me out. Your moans and the music drowning out the conversation we are having, he tells me that she has always wanted another woman and I can see that she is really getting into it. She reaches under you and starts using one hand to rub against your clit... which sends you off and now you are pushing and screaming fuck me, fuck me yes fuck me.... as you thrust into ecstasy I know I have you just where I wanted to... I go to my bag and get out the blind fold as I want to keep the suspense of what is going on here with you. I watch as you continue to convulse and as you start to subside I gently touch the arm of her to stop she understands and leaves the dildo ends still in you and steps back. I move to the front of you again and now take the blind fold and cover your eyes. I release the straps on your arms, and then to your legs and have you roll over. I remove your skirt and undo your blouse now so you are completely exposed for me and our voyeur friends. Your breasts have had no attention, I finishing tying you back up now face up spread eagle with your head on the edge of the bed not hanging over but with a tug you can be...

I mount you after removing the rest of my clothes and sit down on your stomach massaging your breasts, my cock pressed against you getting hard again. I turn around to see that our couple is removing their clothes as well... she has sat back down and has spread her legs open, he has moved to between her legs and is now licking her glistening wet pussy. I hear her soft moans and decide I better keep working you and getting you moaning working your breasts in my hands, I put my mouth to your nipples and suck them deep in my mouth. Your nipples growing hard and reaching into my mouth I suck and nibble them creating pleasure and pain together... I suck hard on them until I hear you groan and then move to the other....

I turn around and select the very big toy and slide it in your pussy... it takes a little work to begin to open you up, but as you relax more then it goes in a little further each time. Now this monster dildo will take some time to get in but also some f***e so each time I push harder and harder, she is watching now as he licks madly at her clit... I can see that she is about to explode on his face as she grasps the back of his head and pulls it to her pussy her hips pumping into him and she moans as quietly as she can but never taking an eye of me working this monster in your cunt... I watch your pussy taking more and more, your legs trying to open more and more to take it all. I watch as she climaxes as you do, you do not hear her moans over your own. I dismount from you again and while I leave the monster cock in your pussy just pushed in. I whisper next to your ear... don't push it out... I go to the cock and give a nice hard thrust against you and your cunt opens to receive it more. As I ease away it stays put....

I look behind me and see that they are just about recovered when I wave them over first her on the bed next to you. I point to your breasts which she takes the hint and begins sucking on them.... your moans of delight tell me that it is much different then the way I did it. I motion him to get a hold of the monster dildo and start moving it in and out. I can see that he is extremely aroused and clearly his cock is larger then mine which will be perfect for our next actions. I watch as they work you over your climaxes building and hear you say... OH MY GOD HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT? Well I am not as I am just watching and as your body convulses again to another climax... I tap them each on the shoulder and motion them away.

I watch as you are spent and let them pull the toy out of your pussy... they admire each other kiss each other. I decide to give her the double headed dildo and point to your crotch... she looks at me and agrees and she moves to between your legs, pushing it in you and fucking you..... I look at her excitement and watch as she is enjoying your pussy... I move over to your head and pull your shoulders and your head goes over the edge of the bed... I take and straddle myself over your head, having you lick my balls and move so that you suck on them... my hands not touching you yet so you don't know how I am doing this. When I push my cock into your throat again pumping I wave to him to come over. He is there in a shot and I pull away and step to the side... he follows my lead and starts rubbing his balls in your face and I can see in your facial expressions you’re amazed, as his balls are smooth and shaved. You work it and keep licking him, when he puts his cock to your lips and slides in your mouth... his hands naturally go to your breasts... As he pulls out... I hear you gasp "Oh my god who is here" I bend down and whisper in your ear.. “Not to worry, they have been here a long time and are enjoying you just relax.. Well you don't relax and that excites them both...

She opens her own pussy and slides the other end that she has been holding and works you like she is wearing a strap on and fucking you madly... no pretenses they both begin to moan and talk to each other.. Her saying to him "Does she suck it good?” Yes is his reply, and him with is she a good fuck. They meet over the top of you kissing while working themselves on to you... as his cock is so much larger your moans and gagging are not clear but... I know your shocked... when she says oh bitch you are a good fuck... and she works it in and out as he is moaning... she says yes dear cum in this sluts mouth feel her with your cum... As he starts to shoot, he gives a couple pumps and then pulls out to shoot some of his cum on your chest... As his cum hits you, I see the uncontrolled spasms of your climax as she fucks you harder and deeper... She leans up and licks your chest tasting her mans cum off you. As he dismounts your face, she pulls the toy from her own pussy and bends the other end back in to your ass.

She cums to you at the head of the bed, and licks his cum off your tits, and then kisses you and spits the cum that she saved into your mouth... then she stands up and straddles your face... pushing her own dripping cunt on to you... as she f***es you to lick it and moaning as you lap at her pussy and clit. She works her hips around getting all the pleasure she can from you... your hunger being feed by her aggressive and f***eful face sitting.. I can see her start to build, hearing her man say" She has a hot mouth doesn't she?" her reply oh yes this bitch is a good slut..... She pushes her whole body on you as she climaxes. I am not sure if your convulsions are related to her suffocating your face with her pussy or your own climax.

I wait for the conclusion and then as she dismounts your face, she kneels to kiss your lips tenderly and then I move to your hips and pull your head back up on the bed, I pull out the toy she had stuffed in your pussy and ass... I let you relax now as I watch them kiss and hug each other and then dress and leave with out another word... except thanks so much... here is our number if you want to share her again....
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