Three Friends

Three Friends

The room is lit with candles, there are lots of candles burning the sweet smell of lavender swirls through the air. Softly playing orchestra music feels the air. You are wearing a black bustier with garter holding up your silk stockings. You are on the floor sitting on soft velvet pillows. Your legs slightly open exposing the soft hair of your crotch. Your hands slowly caressing your breasts gently while you smile up at the couch. On the coach are two men, both darkly tanned one with a full beard, Mark the other cleanly shaved, Joe. Both watching you intently, hands rubbing there naked thighs in anticipation. Yes they are completely naked in front of you, as you tease yourself and them, moving your hands across your body and between your thighs slowly exposing your glistening patch.

You gently spread the lips of your pussy to show them more as they begin to slowly play with there still soft pricks. As their cocks begin to swell you slowly and gently finger yourself lubricating you. Your fingers begin to penetrate deeper into your pussy, gently moaning. Your friends’ cocks have swelled and thickened with the excitement of your masturbation combined with theirs. You look at Mark and coax him over towards you with your finger.

He moves from the coach and comes towards you on his knees. You spread your legs open as he draws close to you, reaching around his head you pull him down onto you. His beard brushes against your clit as his tongue spreads the wet and waiting lips of your pussy. As run your hand through his hair, smiling up at Joe who has quickened his pace of his own strokes. You shake your head no at Joe and he comes over to you gently kissing your lips and neck as his hands cup your breasts and begins to suck on them. With this special attention you quickly begin to climax, moaning louder as the ecstasy explodes, while Marks tongue laps up your climaxing cunt juices. Mark moves up from between your legs and starts to kiss you, you can smell the aroma of your pussy on his beard. This brings you more excitement as you whisper in his ear to stand up next to you. Standing up puts his very large cock directly in front of your face, you pull down on his balls and tease his cock. Licking at the head of his cock, Joe moves himself into position to enter you. He spreads your legs wide moving his prick to slowly penetrating you. His strokes are smooth and slow as his fingers spread your lips to rub your clit.

As you suck the balls of Mark you can only swallow about half the length of his enormous cock. While Joe’s strokes increase in depth and speed, your pussy throbbing as your second orgasm begins to develop. Having two cocks in you brings an multiorgasmic climax. You nearly scream but with Mark’s manhood in your mouth it is only a muffled moan. You look up from his cock and beg him to fuck you. Joe pulls his pulsing throbbing manhood from your dripping cunt. You turn over and lift yourself up on your knees.

Mark moves around to behind you, as Joe caresses your ass and spreads it open to allow Mark to enter you from behind. Joe then moves towards your face and lays down so that his throbbing manhood stands up straight in your face. Mark’s cock penetrates you deeper with ever stroke. His strokes soon forcing you down on Joe’s cock, because of Mark’s thrusts into your wet pussy, you are nearly deep throating Joe. Since he is not as large as Mark you can easily handle it, his cock throbbing his own orgasm building. Mark’s thrusts moving quicker also, because of the thickness of his cock, you can practically feel the throbbing of his cock in your pussy. Mark plunges deeper, faster and harder moaning with pleasure. Joe begins to shoot his hot load into your mouth, as you can feel the pulsing shoots of hot cum feeling your pussy from Marks cock. Two men exploding hot semen into you brings you to a final and climatic finally.
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