The Cucumber

I come over to visit you while your husband is gone, I enjoy seeing how nervous you act when I get there, your always a little extra nervous since you know that I could ask you to do things you’ve never done before. That you are so willing to submit to me and my wishes, I ask if you did what I told you too with the cucumber, you say you bought it but couldn’t use it you were too shy and afraid. I tell you to show it to me, you pull it out of the drawer you hid it in and show me, it is a nice long one skinny enough to use on your tight pussy.

I tell you to undress, which you do, you try to leave your body suit on but I tell you to remove it, as I take my shirt off, you come to me to help undo my pants. I let you help but as you try to touch my cock I tell you know you have to earn that. I make you lay on the bed and tell you to play with yourself, I let you see me naked, I watch as you rub your tits, and slide your hand to your pussy and start playing with your pussy. You watch my naked body, I tell you to make yourself cum. You enjoy watching me as you play with your pussy, telling me you want me. My cock starts to get hard watching you as you start to squirm under your own hands, you soon explode because your so hot knowing this turns me on.

I tell you to get on your hands and knees in front of me, you eagerly do this, I move my self so my cock is right in your face. I take your head in my hands, telling you that you what your going to have happen. I tell you that I am going to fuck your face, I will pump my cock in and out of your mouth until you make me cum. I pull my hard cock up and tell you to lick my balls, take your tongue and lick the underneath of cock. As your tongue, slides up my cock to my head, I move my hands to your head again, pulling my cock into your mouth. I pull on your head and pump my cock in and out of your mouth. I am really enjoying pumping your mouth, fucking your face sliding the length of my cock deep into your mouth, gagging you some and then sliding it out to let your lips suck on my head. I tell you to suck me harder, which you do. Soon I am pumping hard and fast into your sucking mouth. I feel my balls tighten I slide my cock out of your mouth so that you have my head completely covered, sucking it hard. I hold your head with one hand and taking the other I stroke my cock into your mouth. My hand moving faster and faster, knowing I will shoot my hot creamy load into your mouth soon. I hold your head against my cock, and pumping it hard with the other. My load explodes into your waiting mouth, you suck, every drop out, licking me clean.

I then tell you to lay down again, and I spread your legs, and take the cucumber sliding it slowly into your wet pussy. I soon am fucking your pussy deep and hard with the cucumber, playing with your clit and watching you shake and quiver cumming underneath me. I sure enjoy making you cum over and over. Sliding it in long hard deep strokes in and out of your cunt. You cum and cum as I fuck you telling you how I like making you cum, telling you over and over again to cum. This makes my cock hard again, it is throbbing as I fuck you and make you cum and cum.

I then sit across you, my weight pinning you to the bed, I slide my left hand back to the cucumber stuffed deep in your pussy and with my right hand I stroke my cock long and hard. Telling you to get ready to be covered in my cum. I pump you deep and hard, while stroking my cock, harder and faster. Soon my balls tighten and I am ready to shoot and tell you I am going to cum all over you. My cock unleashes a hot stream of cum, landing on your face, and your mouth and some on your chest. Your tongue and mouth trying to taste it as I feel you squirming and exploding underneath me, cumming from my pumping of your pussy with the cucumber. My cock sends a couple more streams of my hot sticky cum to your face, enjoying seeing your face layered with my white cum. I enjoy as you lick the cum from your lips and slide my cock to your mouth and let you clean it off, then letting your hands and arms free watching as you do your best to clean your face and eat every drop of my cum..
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4 years ago
I would go to the grocery store for you! :D
4 years ago
I love cucumbers!