Visit to Tahoe Tony

I wrote this story about a visit with a guy in Tahoe, Please be warned that this story is about a man sucking a man and if that is not your thing, please do not read this.

Pics have been added in my photos page.


I was able to get away on Tuesday evening, and Tony said I could call anytime before 11:00 PM to visit and make a quick stop and get my cock sucked. I called from the Carson Valley around 9:15 and he told me he was looking forward to my visit tonight. He expressed that he was happy if I just needed to drop my pants get my cock sucked, shot my load and head on out of there.

Since there wasn't much traffic to the lake I was at his place around 9:45 or so... We shook hands and I could tell by his smile he was really excited about getting to suck on my cock.

He asked if I was ready to have my cock sucked, and told him I was. I got undressed to my boxer briefs and sat in a chair as he turned on some porn on the TV to have in the background. His mouth went to work on my soft cock in my boxer briefs and soon it was obvious that I was aroused. He asked if I was comfortable having some pictures taken, he took a couple of me hard in my briefs then asked if I would take some of him working his mouth. I agreed and look forward to seeing them soon.

Well soon I pulled my briefs off so he could go to work on my cock and balls, we really enjoyed his tongue and mouth work. Tony was able to take my cock in his throat and had his lips all the way around it and touching to the base of my cock. I expect Tony can take a much larger and length of cock then mine.

He licked my balls and cocked, and sucked on me really well enjoying my cock as I enjoyed his mouth. I was really hard and excited when I told him I was really ready to shoot my load for him, he wanted to have it in his mouth so we could get a picture of my cock on his tongue with his mouth full of my cum. I took his head and worked it along my shaft really enjoying pumping his face as I was about to cum I let him know about it verbally as I pulled his mouth up my shaft to the head so he could really get the load in his mouth. As I pumped my cum into his mouth he opened up his mouth and think we have a pretty good picture to confirm that he got a load of my hot white cream.

After my first load he asked if I could get a second one... never sure but being tired I doubted that I would be able to. He worked on sucking, licking and stroking my limp spent cock for another 5 or 10 minutes maybe when my cock began to respond. As the bl**d flowed back to my cock I knew for sure we would both enjoy my second climax of the evening. Not too long after my cock got really hard again I could feel the pleasure building, I had him lick my shaft and balls and then let him do his magic of deepthroating my cock as I built to my second explosion.

So there is a brief or long account of my experience. If any of you would like to meet him as a group or one on one. Tony likes being a cock sucker... he is not interested in having his cock sucked he really just wants to service guys one on one or as he says his fantasy would be to service several guys together 2, 3, 4 of us one after another.

Anyway if this appeals to you let me know... if you just like the story let me know.... if you don't like the story let me know....

I just like to hear from you all.
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1 year ago
saw your photos of Tony and you. looked like he is good.
2 years ago
3 years ago
WOW! Love to join you some how! Damn you are one lucky dude!
4 years ago
Hey tripper87 that was great I would love to suck off 2,3,4 or more guys together too I could help him get more guys thanks