First time masturbating with another man

I wrote this up a few years ago, and many men and women have told me that they like this story. So I figured I would post it here and see what sort of response I get.

So I started getting curious about getting with another guy about 8 years or so ago. I had been doing some erotic story writing and cruising chat rooms to meet ladies to send them to. Hoping I might hear back from them on their own masturbation stories from reading them.

I had been approached by some guys to cyber together but always said no thanks. Well as it went I talked with a guy for a while and he said his fantasy was to have a guy do him. I figured it would test my creative writing talent to cyber him as a guy giving head.

Well I must have been pretty good and it was a turn on to think I got him off.

Well as one thing lead to another I would cyber both ladies and guys off online. Was a real cyber slut, so to speak? I got really hot and hard from doing it and would always have myself a good stroke session after I got a couple people off. I started wondering if I would like to stroke another guy off and started checking it out. I was pretty cautious about the whole real meet and chickened out just before ever doing it.

On a business trip to CO, I meet a guy on-line in a club and we got to talking, he was in-experienced too, only once before. We seemed to both be interested in trying it and so we agreed to have him stop by for a morning J.O. session maybe even stroke each other too, wait and see.

Will he got there and we both nervous and stuff but we were ready. So off with the clothes and we sat on the bed next to each other and started stroking ourselves. Both of us looking at our cocks, as they were getting hard and we were looking at each other's. I made the first move and asked if I could help him out. He said go for it, and I did, I got hold of his cock and started stroking him. I could tell he liked it getting harder and excited, squeezing his cock in my hand. I could feel mine getting harder from it too and he started on my mine too.

We both stroked each other for a while and soon had cum shooting from our cocks.
I was pretty hot from it and it felt good to get off.

So these was what my first time with a guy was like and have had some other experiences since but that is my first time story.
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2 months ago
I was much younger when I had my first time with a guy. he was a older man and was visiting him for the weekend
11 months ago
Nice story! Nothing like that first gay experience. I knew I was gay when I was just 8 years old and I would stay the night at my friends and we slept in the same bed. I still recall how good his cock felt in my hand and soon to follow my mouth and ass. I spent many and many nights with him. No doubt about it, he made me love being gay!
3 years ago
want to cum and play with mine?
3 years ago
uh m m m ....I was with a friend who had a stiffy and we both enjoyed getting off ,looking for another friend like yours...good story.
3 years ago
Alas the first time!! Still waiting! thanks for the story!
4 years ago
Yeh the first time is alway unuausal be the best thanks