Evening of Touch

This is what happened after the story I wrote “Showing Off”

It was exciting that she came back the next evening, clearly dressed more comfortable for play, with a wrap around skirt, she brought some mood lighting, candles for us to burn and see each other by the light and enjoy the aroma.

We did share some more conversation for a period of time, much about our adventures, desires and of course last evenings show for her.

As we talked about moving to playing together I moved next to her on the couch, as I touched her breasts, and she spread open her legs, pulling her panties to expose her very lovely wet pussy....
Which I reached to brush my fingers across, as she reached to feel my own hardening cock in my pants, as I assisted her in making it available for her.
Exposing my hard cock to her and playing with her pussy and her exposing her breasts for me to fondle and lick and suck on them

After foundling each other and exploring our bodies with touch, we got completely undressed, moving to play on the bed....

I laid down as she laid on top of me rubbing her body and pussy against my leg and against my cock not letting it go inside her but along her nice big pussy lips.

As I reached around and rubbed her firm round ass, and caressed it spreading her ass and pussy open with my fingers, encouraged by her request to swat it i spanked her ass for her.... she grinding and moaning against me letting me know how she enjoyed it...

As we continued to play and touched and turned around on the bed, I told her I wanted to see her masturbate, she got her egg and told me to lay on my back. She laid herself on her back against me with my cock squeezed against her ass...she turned on her egg and worked her pussy lips entrance and clit with the egg, as she pushed against me. My hands rubbing, caressing and twisting her nipples and breasts, moving my hand down to feel her wet pulsing clit and pussy. Using both my hands to spread her lips and pussy open as she worked the egg against herself, grinding against my throbbing and straining cock....

After having felt this intense feeling of her pressing against my cock, and almost as if she could feel that I wanted to release my load, she would move against me causing just enough pain to my cock that I would not cum... ohhh so intense...

After enjoying this pleasure I rolled her off me and sat on her at the waist so I could play with her pussy and she had a view of my cock on her chest, moving back and forth on her, playing with her breasts, and teasing her nipples, squeezing them between my fingers and twisting them to give some pain to her.

She took to stroking my throbbing cock as we enjoyed playing with each and other.... feeling the pleasure....

No longer wanting to wait to cum, and knowing she wanted to have cum on her as she said she loved it on her. I helped adjust her hand around my cock for maximum pleasure for myself. I was able to get stroked as well as rock my hips and slide my cock against her hands, as I continued to play with her breasts and nipples and pussy.

As my cock began throbbing more in her hands and I enjoyed watching it slide in and out of her hands as my hips slide back and forth pumping her. I could feel the explosion building in my balls as she caressed and squeezed my balls as I moaned. Watching her face getting excited creating my moaning as I began to feel the cum traveling from my balls.

Watching as my hot stream of cum exploded on to her chest as she enjoyed watching as I was pumping my white hot load on to her. Pumping ever last drop out on to her chest, my hands moving to massage my cum on to her chest. As she smiled and told me how much she enjoyed cum.
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3 years ago
Excellent story!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
I loved this story!!