Sex on the Beach with a Little Brown Fuck Machine

I know of a beach that seems quite secluded and is only 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. On one particularly hot day, I was lying out at the beach alone, enjoying the sun and enjoying the group of asian girls that set up about 10 feet away from me. There were three of them, and they looked to be Filipina. They were reading their US Weeklys and People Magazines, face down on their towels chatting about celebrity bullshit and giggling like schoolgirls. What I was more interested in was the way they were laying there. I'm guessing they weren't fond of tan lines because they each had their bikini tops off with their boobs pressed against their towels, and their bikini bottoms were situated up their cracks that it exposed much of their beautiful brown ass cheeks. I could not take my eyes of their sexy asses and luckily I was able to hide my stalking eyes behind my sunglasses.

They were each hot in their own special way. They all looked to be about the same age as me. One was about 5'5, nice shiny long black hair, very slim body and a very tight looking ass. She had a gorgeous face. She had a tattoo of a dragon on her upper back and a tramp stamp. Her look reminded me of one of my bitchy ex girlfriends. Another of the girls looked to be mixed with white because she had a much lighter complexion. She was bigger than the other two. She was probably about 5'7 and had huge boobs and a big ass and a bit of a belly. I fantasized about titty fucking her and watching her jiggle. The third girl was the one that really got my attention. She was no more than 4'11, She had dark skin, long highlighted hair that almost went down to her butt crack. She had a beautiful face with the prettiest brown eyes. For being 4'11, she had the curviest body. She had beautiful wide hips and the biggest round brown ass I have ever seen. Her butt was so big and round, her bikini bottoms seemed to disappear in her crack.

Naturally I fantasized about having a threesome with them right then and there. But I decided to focus more on the short curvy girl. I've never been with a girl like that before and I figured she would be the most fun to mess around with. After downing a couple of beers from my cooler I worked up the courage to say something. "Hey ladies." Not too smooth I guess. It dawned on me that I should offer them a drink. They were a bit hesitant, but ultimately agreed. I passed beers around and I introduced myself. They introduced themselves. The girl I was checking out was named Karen. We talked about the amazing weather, what we did for a living, and summer movies. Time flew by and after a few hours I had realized that we have downed almost all the beers and were all a bit d***k. I figured I better start making my move on Karen, if I ever really wanted to have a chance with her. I sat next to her close enough that our legs were touching. She had short legs but beautiful smooth big thighs. I saw that she had a sea turtle tattoo on her calf. We chatted about what we liked to do for fun and our love lives. I found out that she was also single. I started to run my hand up and down her smooth legs, inching it closer and closer toward her inner thigh. She flinched and pushed my hand away. We proceeded to finish up the beer. By this time we were quite d***k. I started to nibble on her neck and earlobes. I could tell she was enjoying it because she let out a deep moan. I moved my hand up her inner thigh again.

It was at this moment that I realized her friends had packed up and left. I guess we were really d***k and were oblivious to everything around us. Maybe we made them uncomfortable or they wanted to leave us alone. I proceeded to move my hand up her inner thigh and started rubbing her pussy from on top of her bikini bottoms. She squirm and and started to breathe deeply. We started deeply kissing each other. Her thick soft Filipina lips felt so good...I had never felt anything like that before. I slid my hand under her bikini bottoms and started to lightly finger her pussy. I could tell that she was completely smooth down there and already soaking wet. She rub my rock hard cock from on top of my shorts. I knew we were going to take this to this next step. I wanted to fill her big soft lips wrapped around my throbbing white cock. I looked around and saw some people about 20 yards from us. I started to look around for a more secluded place.

To my surprise, I found a private little beach that is only accessible if you climb over a pile boulders and around the sea cliff. Its only accessible during low tide...and it was. We ran over there with our towel in hand. I set the towel down and started to fondle her tits. They were small but perky. I pulled her bikini top down, exposing her tits and her erect brown nipples. I sucked on her nipples as she unzipped my shorts and pulled my already hard 7 inch cock out. She kneeled down and wrapped those thick lips around my cock. It was pure ecstasy. Back and forth she went between sucking my cock and balls. I almost wanted to cum right then and there, shooting a hot load down her throat. But I desperately wanted to see that beautiful brown ass. So I told her to get on all fours. She obeyed and stuck her ass in the air. I pulled her bikini bottoms down to her ankles and saw her amazing perfectly round butt cheeks book-ending her tight asshole. I spread her asscheecks and exposing her asshole even more. Her asshole was particularly darker than any I have ever seen. Her smooth pussy lips were also exposed and they we glistening from how wet it was.

I dove down to her pussy and lightly licked between her pussy lips. She squirmed and moaned as I went deeper into her pussy sucking her clit. Her pussy juice was flowing and tasted so sweet. I ran my tongue up to and dark brown asshole. I spread her big butt cheeks apart and gently tickled her rim then deeper and harder tongue strokes until I was tongue fucking her asshole. This really seemed to drive her wild. She let out an "OH MY GOD!" and backed her ass harder into my face. Her feminine smell that wafted from her ass was hot and intoxicating.

I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to feel that tight asian pussy wrapped around my cock. I slapped her ass with my cock and rubbed it against her asshole then her pussy, getting the tip wet with her sweet pussy juice. I pushed her head down into the towel and grabbed her arms, holding them behind her back and, with her big round ass in the air, I slide my cock into her tight pussy. The tightness almost made me explode right away. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. Starting slowly then working my way into and deep hard fucking, At this point she was screaming and creaming all over my cock. That dark asshole was so irresistible, I had to play with it. I spit on her asscrack and started to rub the spit around around asshole until I had my index finger inside while I was pounding her doggystyle.

At the corner of my eye, I saw a head poke up over one of the boulders in the distance. It startled me at first. Who does this guy think he is? Then I saw another head. It was two teenage boys...probably 18 or 19 years old. God knows how long they'd been watching us fuck? "I think we got some company" I whispered to her while I still pounding her fine ass. "WHAT?!?!" she said. "There are a couple of teenage boys watching us." "Oh.........I don't care, don't stop fucking me" she said. It kind of turned me on that she didn't care. I fucked her even hard slamming into her beautiful brown ass, watching it jiggle. We were putting on a good show for those teenagers. I couldn't take it any more. I needed to cum. I pulled out and a stream of hot white cum splattered all over her ass. It was the most beautiful sight I have have seen. My hot cum drip down her beautiful tan ass cheeks, down her ass crack, over her dirty dark brown asshole and down to her pussy. I helped her clean up and we went our separate ways. I never saw her again.

I will never forget that sexy little brown fuck machine. She had a body like no other and I will always remember the feel, sight, taste and smell of her beautiful brown ass.

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11 months ago
I've noticed that ALOT of "shemale" stories on here aren't about intersexed peeps. Now we know why thanks! I agree with my Friend Jay, nice story though....
11 months ago
Thanks. Yeah I know it's not a shemale story. I tagged it as hardcore and voyeur but for some reason, when it posted, it was tagged as shemale. Not sure how to fix it. Oh well
11 months ago
great story but not a shemale story