MIXED SIGNALS? s****r-in-law curiosity

The following is a repost of a curious encounter I had with my s****r-in-law over a year and a half ago. I am posting it here again b/c there are new developments and I wanted to give you some background info.

My wife's s****r, Michelle (see my first post about her), came down earlier in the week to stay with us for a few days. I am happy to report that yet another voyeuristic occasion happened just yesterday and I am still hard thinking about it but I need to get some input from fellow readers on what I should do. Here goes. My wife was working yesterday and I was home with her s****r. We went out together last night to pick up a few things my wife needed us to get for the house. We had a quick dinner while we were out. Once we got back last night I came upstairs to change my clothes and Michelle went into the guest bathroom to get a shower. I am able to get a small glimpse underneath the door due to the shiny tile surface we have, though everything is inverted. Once again, though, she did not disappoint. She got out of the shower and then and there I saw those gorgeous supple breasts again. I k** you not, her nipples are bigger than 50-cent pieces and are dark brown. Seriously, I've never seen such a perfect pair on anybody! They do not sag at all, and the nipples stand up so perfectly. I couldn't take any more of it, plus she was coming towards the door, so I quickly scurried back across the hallway and into my room. But something was strange this time. Michelle opened the bathroom door and walked across the hallway stark naked, with nothing but a towel around her head. Nothing covering her body at all!! She walked right across the hall and did not look back to see if I was in my room before coming out into the hallway. Did she walk past my door naked on purpose? Did she do it uninentionally, assuming I was not upstairs? Should I act on this or wait?? I definitely won't be telling Sandra about this one. Seriously, I need help. I'd give anything to see more and possibly act on it, but not sure if I should wait for another signal or not. Something's telling me though that signals such as a beautiful naked woman walking right past of my bedroom door don't come along every day. What do you think??

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3 years ago
smash homie but then again i never been in that situation so im just speaking from my sack
3 years ago
i say she did it on purpose.. the rest is for you to decide
3 years ago
Don't rush it. Do like ol boy said and let her know you saw her naked and tell her she might be in some trouble next time...LOL
3 years ago
Jump on it, dude! Just make some small talk with innuendos... or even mention that you thought you saw her walk by naked and that you would like to see more ;)
3 years ago
she might just be prick teasing
3 years ago
see if she gives any more signals if so you might be in luck just dont get caught
3 years ago
i for sure would be haveing fun with her,she wants it,go for it ...she knows all abt you from her sis..
3 years ago
I would say she wants a good fucking go for it
3 years ago
she wants to fuck you! SHE Probably heard sex stories from your wife. Girls always talk about guy's dick and how they are in bed. maybe your sister in law doesn't have a good boyfriend.maybe her boyfriend has a small cock. if you fuck her, just be careful. she probably won't say anything to the wife.