First ever time with a couple last night; REAL STO

Last night was amazing. I've never done anything with a couple previously. We met earlier in evening and had a few drinks. Gave them time alone to think it over, and gave them my # and hotel room info. Around 9:30 they showed up, nervous, prob. not as nervous as me thought. He was 43, white, about 6' and 250# (big dude), and was was 38, white, blonde (long), about 5'6'', and about 175# (bigger gal), decent tits. When they came I invited them in, which they did, and we stood and chatted and got comfy with each other. We all wanted to go with the flow, and he said his wish was to sit and watch a hung guy take control of his wife. Her fantasy was also to be taken by a hung younger guy and she wanted to tell her husband how much better another guy felt than he. He also wanted to be able to squeeze the base of my cock while I fucked her pussy missionary style with her legs in the air and lick my nuts from behind.

Once we got settled We poured some chardonnay. There's a simple room setup in the hotel here, with a chair and bed. He sat on the chair while she sat on the edge of the bed near him. They asked me to start on her slowly. I came behind her (we're all clothed) and just started running my hands through her hair and massaging her shoulders while he rubbed her knees. Her eyes were closed and her head was rocking back and forth. I could tell they were both a bit uneasy as was I, but there's a first time for everything. She made me feel a lot better when she reached around to grab my legs while I massaged her shoulders. I started blowing and kissing on her ears/neck, which she gasped. He was smiling at her and began rubbing his cock through his jeans. As I kept doing this, he stood up and started to undress, which was my cue to start undressing her (she had a flower-type blouse on,, silky, and black tight pants).

I reached under the back of her shirt and began rubbing her back, working my way around her front to her bra. Her husband then began to unbutton her top, standing in front of her, while she took his pants and briefs down around his ankles. His cock was hard but really small (I could tell he was insecure), about 4-5'' in length and no girth. Big balls though. I took her shirt off and unsnapped her bra. This set her off and she reached for my cock, which was starting to get semi-hard. Her tits were okay, not the best I've ever seen, but good size. Her body frame was larger which wasn't my preference but no complaints I suppose. I asked her to stand with me and took her pants off to reveal a black thong. She took my jeans off and began stroking me through my boxers. Her hubby was stroking and was very hairy. I took my boxers off and she got to see all 8'' of me. She made light of the situation by saying she wasn't sure if she could take it as she wasn't used to anything bigger than her husband as they didn't mess with other people before either. I told her that it would be okay, that I've never had any complaints with the women I'd been with previously.

She kept looking up at her husband, and he said, "Well, I know you want to, go ahead, I don't mind." She smiled, and as I was standing, she took a pillow and put it on the floor and kneeled on it, then began sucking the head of my cock. She gave an amazing BJ!!! She took it slow, wet and deep as he stroked. He asked if he could feel my balls as she sucked, and I allowed him. After this he her to suck us both, so we both stood on each side of her while she sucked like a champ on us both for a few minutes. By this time I was ready to fuck, but asked her to stand up. I slid my hand to her crotch which was dripping wet, slid her thong to the side, and began rubbing her clit. As she quivered, literally, she laid down on the bed and grabbed my head and put it to her crotch, which was a bit hairy but trimmed neatly. Eating pussy is my favorite thing to do, so I ate her out while she sucked her hubby for about 10 minutes, occasionally probing her cunt with my thumb.

After this she wanted fucked. I only play safe, so put on a condom and asked her husband if he was sure it was okay. He said, "Don't ask me, ask her." She was biting her lip and thrusting up and down, and guided my cock to her clit and rubbed herself with the head before sliding it in. She was looser than I like (I'm used to skinny gals) but still nicely hot and juicy. She was moaning as I slowly went further and further in with each progressive thrust, and she began thrusting with me. While she was on her back her hubby came up to her mouth and she sucked him. She wanted it doggy style after this so I gave it to her hard while she sucked her husband off completely into her mouth. She spit it out all over his cock, LOL. I was so turned on by his cumming that I told her I was about to blow. Her husband wanted to grab the base of my cock while I fucked her yet, so I pulled out for a few moments to gain some stamina before cumming. Then I reinserted and let him come behind me to grab my cock as I thrusted into her. As I was ready to cum I moaned, and he pulled it out and made her bend over as he ripped off my condom, again giving me a quick break. He stroked me for a good 20-30 seconds and slapped my cock against her spread fat ass cheeks and made me slide it in and out of her ass crack. I couldn't hold any more and told them I was blowing. She turned around as he stroked me off into her mouth as I held the back of her head. She swallowed all of my load and let me tell you, it was huge! I could feel it pulsating in and out. I haven't cummed that hard since I was fucking my 17 yo girlfriend (the photos of which I still have!) years ago.

After we got off, it was pretty straight forward. They cleaned up, shook hands and said goodbye. This AM they texted me and said they had a present for me. I met them at my car outside the hotel, and in the black bag was a brand new vibrating Fleshlight. I google searched this one and it's top of the line, and they paid at least $85 for it. They said last night was really special for both of them, as it was for me. They didn't return tonight, but let me tell you, the fleshlight is AMAZING!!! This is the first time I've ever used one. [user][/user]
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2 years ago
Great story...
2 years ago
Lucky chap. Sounds like a hot 3some