I knew my dad's friend had his eye on me for a long time. When he would visit dad I would hang out in my tight t-shirt with no bra showing off my size C full tits. He always stared at my nipples poking against my shirt. He was a handsome good looking man and I had a lot of hot dreams about him. I knew he would never touch me till I was of age and one day the opportunity came up. I had graduated from high school and was having a burger at the diner and he came in and sat with me staring again at my tits. When we were done eating he asked me if I wanted a ride home. I did. In the car he suggested we go for a ride if I didn't have to be right home. I was happy to go with him. His pick up had a bench seat so I sat close to him as he drove. A couple times his arm brushed against my tit as he shifted. I then told him I would take him to my secret place. Once we arrived there he asked why it was my secret place and I told him it was where I got fucked by my boyfriend back in high school. I then touched his leg and asked him if he wanted to kiss me. He pulled me to him and kissed me as a man would kiss a woman. I kissed him back and pressed tight to him as he ran his hands over my back.

As we kissed a long time I took his hand and placed it on my tit on the outside of my top. He grabbed a tit and began to massage it as he tongue kissed me harder. Then he slid his hand under my top and caressed my bare tits. As he ravaged my tits and nipples he kissed all over my face and my neck and my shoulders then lifted my top and began to lick and suck on my tits. It was not long before my top was off and he was kissing and sucking my tits and running his hand between my legs but on the outside of my jeans. It did not take him long to unzip my jeans and pull them down and now he was running his fingers over my pussy. He played with my clit then I felt a finger go into my hole and he fucked me hard and then used a second finger. Soon he pushed me on my back and was licking my cunt and tongue fucking me like he was starving for pussy. He put two fingers in my hole and sucked on my clit then he would put his tongue in my hole and tongue fuck me as I came hard and fast for him. I had oral sex many times but this man was amazing. It was a big difference from a boy to a man.

I covered his face with my cum as he kept licking and tonguing me. Then he lifted my hips and ran his tongue to my asshole. He spread my ass wide and licked me and fingered me then tongue fucked my ass. As his tongue took over my ass his two fingers fucked my cunt. I was in heaven as I had never had a tongue in my ass before and he was so good. Some how he got his pants pulled down and pulled me over his cock and sank it in my hole deep. He was big and hard and felt so good. He pulled my cunt up and down on his cock as he sucked on my nipples making me cum hard. As if that was not sexy enough he then ran a finger in my ass and finger fucked my as as he cock fucked my cunt. I was cumming hard when I felt a big gush of cum fill my cunt. Even after he filled me with cum he fucked me for another thirty minutes. My tits were covered with bruises where he had sucked them so hard. Even around my nipples were bruises.

Then he put me on my hands and knees and began to lick and kiss my ass cheeks. I could feel the bruises as he sucked all over my cheeks. Then he spread me wide and began to lick my asshole. I felt him suck on my ass and it felt amazing to me. He took a finger from both hands and spread my ass wide open and rammed his tongue in me. He gave me a deep tongue fuck and I loved it. Just when I thought it could not get better he shoved three fingers in my ass and fucked me hard as he sucked on my ass cheeks. He ass fucked me for a long time then he pulled me over on his lap and with my back to him he sat me on his cock and pushed it in my ass and now was cock fucking my asshole. His right hand gripped my tit as his left hand finger fucked my cunt. Cum was pouring out of me as he worked me over. He had three fingers in my cunt and his thumb rubbing my clit and I was cumming so fast I was out of control. He worked my ass and cunt and clit over for a good hour before he pumped his cum in my asshole. Then he used both hands to play with my tits and nipples. I loved fucking with a mature man.

At some time he pulled me off his lap and pushed my face to his cock and I knew to suck that big thick meat. This man was hung and so sexy. I first licked all over his cock smelling the mix of our sex. Then I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him hard. He grabbed my head and began bobbing it up and down on his cock and mouth fucked me hard and deep. His long member made me gag a couple times but I so wanted to suck that big rod. Sometimes he would push his cock in all the way and just hold it there while I sucked him hard then he would go back to fucking my mouth again. I sucked him a long time till he filled me with cum and I swallowed every bit and then licked the tip clean.

We stayed a while longer and he fucked me twice more and finger fucked my cunt and ass a couple times. It was dark on the ride home and neither of had our pants on. I sucked his cock as he finger fucked my cunt most of the way. We stopped just out of town and put our pants on and he sucked my tits more then. We made plans for the next day and he was taking me to a hotel with a big tub for two so we could bathe and fuck in it. For the next two years we fucked about three times a week. I knew then that I did not want a young cock any more. I like the way a man could fuck me hard. A man with a big thick hard cum shooting cock like he had.
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