On the way home from work

I had had a bad day in the office, only a month since I’d qualified. A client had been really awkward and had given me major grief, because it took us longer than usual to complete his audit, in our defence when my team of juniors had arrived, his accounts were in a mess, and a lot of his documents were missing. He ended up complaining to my manager, who spent an hour lecturing me on how to deal with clients.
I should have stayed in bed, the night before I had a massive argument with my boyfriend, we were out for a drink and I caught him eyeing up a leggy blonde sitting at the bar, by this morning we were still not talking.
In school I was a bit of a nerd, the girls in my year had voted me as “most likely to become an accountant”. I often wondered did they have esp. or something. I am shorter than average height my black hair has always been cut short, I don’t have huge breasts, my legs aren’t too bad, but wouldn’t win any awards. And I suppose I have always been a bit straight laced, I definitely was never the class party a****l.
I left work, checking my phone, not even a text from my boyfriend. He would be going training this evening, so wouldn’t be home till late. As I walked out of the building I wondered why I put up with him. We’d been dating since we were both in first year in college, and had moved in together a year later. We both trained as accountants, and although he won’t admit it, we both lost our virginity together.
I walked out onto the street, the rush hour traffic was at a standstill, and thinking I couldn’t face a twenty minute bus trip, no seat and probably squeezed in a corner beside some sweaty financial expert, telling his pal on his mobile about the millions he could have made that day so everyone on the bus could hear, I made a decision, treat yourself and get a taxi home.
I tried to flag a cab, most of them were either full or just seemed to ignore me, eventually one stopped and I climbed into the back seat. I fixed the skirt of my navy two piece suit, crossed my legs in a lady like fashion and I told the driver where I was off to as he peered at me in his mirror, and we set off.
The driver spoke, “did you have a bad day, you look a bit stressed”. I always wondered how taxi drivers seem to know when you’ve had a bad day.
“Oh, just a mixture of work and boyfriend trouble”
“Cheer up love” he continued, “I’m sure the work problem will sort itself out soon, and an attractive girl like you could always find another boyfriend if you wanted”
For the first time that day, here was someone not giving me hassle. We started to chat as we worked our way through the traffic. “If I wasn’t married, or could get rid of the wife, I’d be first on the queue for you” he said.
He was probably twice my age, I’d guess his mid-forties, had a nice way about him and from the back seat he looked quiet handsome, in a fatherly sort of way. As the conversation continued I began to relax, he was fairly funny, and had deep blue eyes.
Why couldn’t my boyfriend be a gentleman like him, why did he treat me like dirt? This was a real man, strong, polite, funny and mature. As we chatted I could feel myself dreaming of a man like this, and as I relaxed I realised he hardly took his eyes off his mirror.
It took a while to notice what he was looking at, my skirt had risen more than half way up my thighs, and my stocking tops were peeking out under the hem. The way I was sitting in the car, he could probably see the catch and ribbon from my suspender belt and the little pink bow.
“I know this may be slightly inappropriate” he said, “but you have a great pair of legs” he said, “and if you don’t mind me saying, I find stockings a huge turn on, not enough girls wear them anymore. When I leave you off, I’ll probably have to go home to my wife, she won’t know what hit her” he laughed, but I didn’t feel his comments were sleazy, he sounded honest. For some strange reason I didn’t cover my legs, which would be my normal reaction, I did the opposite, by slightly lifting my knee I could feel my skirt rising even higher on my thigh.
“In your job, you must see loads of girls legs, I hope it doesn’t keep you from working” he just grunted in response. “I’m only half your age, you shouldn’t be saying things like that to a young girl like me” I laughed. I could feel stirrings between my legs. This man or maybe just the situation was turning me on. I felt my legs part slightly wider, as he adjusted his mirror. I’m sure he could probably see right up my skirt. We were getting close to my apartment, and a dampness was building in my groin.
My hand was resting on my thigh, and I moved it towards the crotch of my panties. The silk feel of my stockings and the cool soft feel of my skin tingled to my own touch. My little finger touched the crotch of my baby pink satin panties, the dampness leaking from within. He said nothing but continued to stare in the mirror. I tugged my skirt up slightly higher, giving my hand easier access. I pushed the material of my panties aside, as my fingers crept inside the satin.
I felt the car stopping, his eyes never leaving the mirror. My fingers found their target, the soft damp skin of my pussy lips parted to my touch. I parted my legs wider, one leg on the back seat, the other on the floor. My finger running up and down my pussy, spreading my juices. I could feel my clitoris harden, as my finger brushed the hood covering it. I twisted my hand, so my thumb was in a position to caress my clit while my other fingers dipped in to my pussy. I could feel his stare as I pushed my fingers in as deep as they would go, my juices soaking my hand. My orgasm building deep in the pit of my stomach, my muscles contracting as it gripped my body. I gasped loudly as my breath returned, still shaking from my orgasm, the driver still watching me in his mirror.
We were outside my apartment block, my hand still in my panties, two fingers still deep in my pussy, the back of my skirt damp from my juices, my panties pulled aside revealing my neatly trimmed pubic hair. I was still so turned on, I looked at the driver, “my boyfriend isn’t home and I don’t think I’ve had enough, can you come in and help”
He didn’t need to be asked twice. He got out of the car and opened my door, took my hand to help me off the back seat. I offered him my finger, he slid his mouth around it, tasting my juices. Holding his hand I lead him to the lift, as the lift doors closed behind us his strong grip on my head guided my mouth to his, our tongues met, and his kiss was hard and passionate. I opened my apartment door, as I closed the door behind me, I felt his hand release the zipper on my skirt, it fell to the floor. He had one hand on my back pulling me strongly into him as we kissed, with his other hand he pulled my panties down, his hand caressing my ass as the satin joined my skirt in a pile on the floor. I felt his finger slide along the crack of my ass, sliding forward till it found the moistness of my pussy, his finger slid in.
I pulled my suit jacket off and unbuttoned my shirt, he unclipped my bra. He was able to lift my small frame in his strong arms, his finger still in my pussy. He lifted me so my breasts were at the right height for him to suck my hard nipples. I was pressed between the wall and his mouth. He pushed a door open and carried me into the kitchen. Gently he sat me on the counter top, he pulled my legs up and opened them wide. His mouth closed on my pussy as he sucked my juices from within. His tongue parting my labia and darting in and out of my wanton pussy.
I could feel an orgasm build, but I knew I didn’t want to cum, I wanted to fuck him, I needed to fuck him. I pushed his head away and climbed off the kitchen counter. Unzipping his jeans his hard cock sprang from its stranglehold. I closed my mouth over the tip of his manhood, my tongue circling the glans and hood of his cock. Gripping his balls, I fed his length as deep down my throat as I could. My tongue feeling every ridge of his vein strained cock. I gagged slightly as his cock touched the back of my throat, my saliva lubricating him even more.
His hands gripped me under my arms, he pulled me up on to the counter top again. He placed one of my legs on his shoulder, the other he held wide open. He guided his hard cock to my open pussy. My love hole opening as this hot intrusion pressed against it. My pussy sucked him in, my pelvic muscles gripping his manhood hard, yet the natural lubricants inside me allowed him to slide easily in and out. He pulled his cock out, the tip of his cock head just holding my pussy lips apart, my pussy burning with desire, as he pushed himself deep into me. He continued to pull his cock to the edge of my pussy, and then pushing himself deep inside me, each time it felt like his cock was about to slip from my pussy, I wanted to shove myself deep on to him.
I gripped my arms around his neck, and pulled my body to him. As I relaxed my arms my weight dropped my on to the hot cock deep inside me, the only support for my frame. He gripped my ass cheeks as I began to bounce myself on his cock. I felt his finger touch the entrance to my ass, an intrusion I hadn’t experienced before. My orgasm crashed through my body, my legs stiffened, my head fell backwards, as he took my weight and bounced my small body on his hard cock. as my orgasm began to subside I noticed his breathing quicken, he pushed me back on to the kitchen counter, his cock slid from my pussy. The purple stiff rod, glistened with my cum juices as he gripped the shaft. A couple of tugs and he groaned, a wad of his creamy cum shot from the purple head in his fist, a string of cum lay from my breast to my belly button. A second wad of cum shot in the air, landing on my pubic mound, sitting proud on my fluffy pubic hair, a third wad landed on my stockinged thigh.
As he stood in front of me, his erection subsiding. I slid from the counter wrapping his deflating cock in my mouth, cleaning the mixture of our juices from his manhood, tasting the sweet mix of my lubricant and the saltiness of his cum, till every inch of him was clean.
He got dressed, kissed me deeply again and left, neither of us ever asking the other’s name.

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3 days ago
can I be your personal chauffeur? for free!
18 days ago
sweet story, sweet need
8 months ago
Great Storey, I hope you paid the taxi fare and also give him a tip.