A new Apartment – Part 2

I had moved into an apartment with 2 girls, one Amy a very slim petite boyish looking, but very attractive looking lesbian and the other Debs, about 5’6”, fairly plain and a little over weight. On my first weekend in the apartment I ended up having sex with Debs while Amy masturbated watching us.
Our Sunday fun left an air of relaxation around the apartment, none of us had reason to be coy or be embarrassed about anything. Where appropriate we would walk around naked, the bathroom door was rarely locked, although we all made sure we knocked before barging in. the girls lounged around the apartment in their bras and panties, I often just wore boxers or shorts, our conversations often contained graphic descriptions of our sex lives, our fantasies our likes and dislikes.
My girlfriend was due to stay over all the following weekend, so the 2 girls promised they’d stay fully dressed so she wouldn’t expect anything had happened. To give us a bit of privacy, both Amy and Debs arranged nights out on the Friday, Debs was going to go out to dinner with a friend and Amy announced she was going to some gay bar, as there was a tall blonde she knew was going to be there, and she was feeling lucky.
My girlfriend arrived as Amy was leaving, Debs had gone to meet her friend straight from work. I must say Amy was looking hot, she was wearing a pair of hot pants, that were so figure hugging you could clearly see her camel toe, she had black pantyhose covering her legs and a white shirt, unbuttoned to show a bit of her lace pink bra. The one thing I learned about Amy was, she always wore something pink, as boyish as her slim body looked, she only seemed to own pink underwear. Amy opened the door to my girlfriend as she was leaving, the 2 exchanged pleasantries, including a girls kiss on the cheek. When my girlfriend came into me in the kitchen she commented on how attractive Amy was, I laughed and said she probably fancies you too. Myself and my girlfriend had some take-away food and a couple of bottles of wine and were in bed before anyone else came home.
We all ended up having breakfast together the following morning and it was decided that my girlfriend would cook us all some dinner as a way of saying thank you, for allowing me to stay in the apartment. While my girlfriend went to shower, the rest of ended up talking about the night before. As usual it started with one of the girls asking me if I’d fucked my girlfriend or did I have to pull myself off instead. The two of them did this regularly, I think to embarrass me, which never really worked. Debs said she had a lovely meal and ended up getting totally wasted in some rubbish night club, and Amy said her blonde she was chasing never showed up, but she did end up going home with a heavy red haired girl. As we chatted my girlfriend came back into the kitchen, wrapped in a towel, her hair dripping wet, asking if she could borrow a hair dryer as she had forgotten her’s. While Debs went to get her one Amy and me stayed at the table, when the other two had left the room Amy looked me in the eye, she parted her legs and pushed her hand inside her jeans, “God Mike your girlfriend is hot, I wish I could have a go of her”. I laughed, “I don’t think my girlfriend has any lesbian tendencies although she did say she thought you looked hot last night” I said, “however if you do I hope I can watch”
Debs came back into the kitchen, showing no surprise to see Amy with her hand down her jeans obviously rubbing her pussy. Debs looked at me “what’s got into her, she only rubbed one off before we got up, she seems to think I don’t hear her, but she’s only a few feet away in the next bed”. Amy answered for me, “It’s his girlfriend, I think she’s so hot I’d love to get a chance to lick her out”. With that my girlfriend returned, fully dressed and raring to go shopping.
That evening we all sat around the table for dinner. The three girls had got dressed up in dresses and I was wearing clean jeans and a white shirt. We had decided that dinner should be fairly formal as my girlfriend had gone to so much trouble to cook it. Debs wore a long black dress which showed off her ample cleavage, my girlfriend wore a mid-thigh length white skirt and top to match while Amy wore a very tight, very short red dress, which she had to pull down every time she stood up. Occasionally when my girlfriend was taking things out of the oven I would get a glimpse of stocking tops, which she knew always turned me on.
After a couple of bottles of wine and some excellent food, the conversation had got a bit loose, and as my girlfriend had just suggested it was time to go to bed, I think the conversation and the wine had made her a bit horny, Amy turned to her and said “I hope you enjoy yourself, I’m left here with a straight girl and after watching you in your sexy stockings I’ve been turned on for hours, if he doesn’t satisfy you just knock on my door”. We all laughed, but as I left the kitchen I did notice Debs winking to Amy and then whispering something in her ear.
Amy’s comments had obviously had an effect on my girlfriend, she couldn’t wait to get at my cock as soon as we got to the bedroom. She tore my jeans open, threw me on the bed, straddled me pulling her panties aside, and rode my cock like a jackhammer till we both came.
As we both lay in bed we could clearly hear what was going on in the next room, somebody was masturbating quite loudly. Through the thin walls we could hear the sound of fingers rubbing a wet pussy, the owner of which was purring loudly, leading to fairly audible moans as she came. My girlfriend just lay quietly on the pillow listening, the sounds and I’d guess the comments Amy had made earlier had her really turned on. I think she was gently flicking her clitoris, although trying not to let me feel any movement under the sheets.
A while after the noises next door died down, my girlfriend climbed out of the bed to head to the toilet. Her naked body looked great in the dimmed lights of the bed room. She couldn’t find her dressing gown so decided to make a dart to the bathroom, as we both thought everyone else was now asl**p.
As she opened the bedroom door she stopped dead in her tracks, “Hi”, it was Amy’s voice. “it sounds like you enjoyed that”. My girlfriend stood as stiff as a statue. “I got so turned on listening you the two of you fucking I had to play with myself” Amy continued, “I don’t know how I didn’t wake Debs up, I think I get a bit loud when I’m cumming”. My girlfriend replied we hadn’t heard anything and Debs had had a good bit to drink so she probably didn’t hear anything. Amy’s head appeared around the doorway, she was wearing a dressing gown but had it fully open at the front. Her slim tanned body, her tiny breasts, her dark brown erect nipples and her fully shaved pussy all framed by the white towelling material of her robe. “You awake Mike?” she asked “Do you think you will be able to satisfy your girlfriend again, so quickly or would you like a hand. Now I have seen her body, I definitely think I’d like to have a go of her”. My girlfriend didn’t move or say anything.
“If you let her pee, I might get a chance, although I don’t think you have as much chance as me” I said laughing. Amy stood aside and let my girlfriend make her way to the toilet. When she came back into the room Amy was sitting on our bed, her robe d****d over her shoulders, her naked body fully visible as she chatted away to me. My girlfriend ran across the room and dived under the covers. Amy laughed, “I’ll leave you to it, I have a vibrator in my drawer, which I’m going to use, it’s not too noisy” with that she got up and left the room.
I felt my girlfriends hand on my cock. It had been standing fully erect, tenting the light sheet, “You fancy her don’t you?” “I’m definitely not her type, she is as gay as Christmas” I replied, “Although I think she might fancy you”
We lay in silence for a while, her left hand gently stroking my cock, and by the slight movement in the sheets, her right hand was stroking her own pussy. A gentle hum started in the bedroom next door. “I’ve never thought of being with a girl”. I didn’t say anything, I just let her continue. “But there is something about Amy, she is attractive, she’s really self-confident which makes her, I don’t know sort of…. “she thought for a while, the humming next door continued, “ermm sexy maybe”
“She has turned you on hasn’t she” I replied, “if you want to take her up on her offer I won’t stop you, in fact you have my full permission,”
“I wouldn’t do anything behind your back, it’s only a fantasy I suppose.”
“If you want to make your fantasy come true, you can, you have a chance” the humming still continued in the other room.
“The thought is really turning me on, would you ask her”
“When, tomorrow?
“Why not now, I know I’m really horny, and by the sound of the vibrator next door I’d guess she’s horny too”
“Debs is asl**p in the bed beside her”
“Will you go and ask her, she’s your flat mate” her hand was still stroking my cock. I got out of bed, my raging hard on standing a full six or seven inches horizontal from my body. I tiptoed into the girls room, Amy was lying on top of her bed with a pink vibrator parting her puffy pussy lips, “Amy” I whispered, “come here, my girlfriend wants you to come in. Amy pulled her toy from her pussy, got out of bed and followed me to my room.
My girlfriend had propped herself up on the pillows, the sheet was at the far end of the bed, her legs were spread wide, and her thumb was flicking over her clitoris while two of her fingers were inside her pussy. “I’ve never done this before, but I’m so horny, you turned me on Amy” “Do you want me to leave you two alone” I asked. “I’d like you to stay if Amy doesn’t mind” my girlfriend responded, “I really love him Amy. Do you mind if he stays, do you mind if he watches?” Amy shrugged and bent over to kiss my girlfriend on the mouth. I sat down on the edge of the bed as Amy climbed up beside my girlfriend. Their kisses were getting stronger as their tongues seemed to be fighting for mouth space. Amy’s hands were running all over my girlfriend’s body, she took a nipple and pinched it gently as my girlfriend moaned.
Amy released the kiss and bent her head to my girlfriend’s breasts taking a nipple in her mouth she sucked hard, making the nipple stand more erect than I’d ever seen. Her hands were now able to reach my girlfriends thighs, gently rubbing and caressing. Soon her fingers were caressing my girlfriend’s clitoris. My girlfriend’s orgasm was starting to build, her moans were getting louder and her body was tensing. Amy slid down the bed and replaced her hand with her mouth, as her tongue darted over my girlfriend’s clit, her orgasm took hold, Amy’s tongue prodded into her pussy as a flow of her cum juice poured from the pink love hole. Amy just lapped up every drop at the same time still tonguing the pussy. My girlfriend must have cum at least three times before Amy removed her tongue.
“Now it’s my turn” my girlfriend said, Amy was still gently kissing and nuzzling her inner thighs. My girlfriend pulled Amy up towards her, cupped her head and began to deeply kiss her, her hands explored Amy’s back legs and soon rested on the lesbians tight ass, tentatively she moved her hands down between Amy’s thighs, Amy shifted her body and offered her hard nipple and small breast to my girlfriends mouth, also allowing more room for my girlfriend to reach between her legs. She began sucking the nipple, at the same time her index finger was rubbing between Amy’s pussy lips, Amy moaned as her lips were parted. I could hear how wet Amy was as the finger pushed into her pussy, Amy’s groans were growing. Within a few minutes Amy’s legs spasmed as her orgasm flooded on to my girlfriend’s hand. My girlfriend allowed the orgasm to subside, then removing her finger, she put it in her mouth to taste Amy.
My girlfriend slid down the bed and positioned herself under Amy’s pussy, the small slim girl straddled her face and I could see her tongue flick from her mouth towards her first pink shaven pussy. She licked the labia, Amy dropped her body closer to the tongue trying to probe her. Her pussy lips parted and my girlfriends tongue disappeared inside. Amy quickly came again, but my girlfriend didn’t stop, a third and then fourth orgasm washed across Amy, till eventually she couldn’t take any more, and collapsed on the bed beside my girlfriend, with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on anyone’s face.
“Mike kiss me”, my girlfriend said, I moved towards her, she sat up to meet me. My cock was straining, bright purple in colour. As I kissed her I could taste Amy’s pussy juice in her mouth, her face was also soaked with pussy juices.
“Looking at his hard on” Amy mumbled “you’ll have to sort him out quickly”. The two girls laughed. My girlfriend pulled me flat on the bed and bent over my hard on, taking the tip in her mouth and sliding as much as she could down her throat. I felt her tongue flick my glans and my cock gave an involuntary throb. I wasn’t going to last long. On her up stroke, my girlfriend let me slip from her lips. “I know he’s not your type, but would you give him a little kiss, for me, so he’ll always remember tonight”. With that Amy slid over the bed, placed her lips on the tip of my cock and gently kissed the head, as she pulled away my cock began to throb, my girlfriend quickly fed the entire length down her throat as I came instantly. The first stream of cum shot down the back of her throat, she lifted her head and the second stream half hit her mouth and half her face, a third stream the landed on my stomach with a fourth landing on my legs.
My girlfriend’s mouth closed in on mine, her tongue darting towards my own, as she kissed me I could taste my cum, as we kissed she let a portion of the cum she had kept in her mouth slide down my throat, we kissed for several minutes, before my girlfriends mouth was replaced by Amy’s. Then the two girls kissed for a while before they both fell asl**p on my chest.

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