A happy experience

It had been a very hot morning, I’d spent in the front garden doing the normal clean up chores and cutting the grass, when I’d finished I went up to our bedroom to shower and change my clothes. As I was drying myself I noticed our 18 year old daughter lying on a sun lounger in the back yard. Cassie is fairly attractive, not too skinny with long blonde hair, like her mothers. She was wearing a tight pair of denim cut off shorts and a bikini top. Beside her was her best friend, Cassie and Jennie had been friends for as long as anyone can remember, they had gone through school together and were now both about to head for the same university. Jennie was lying on the grass, beside Cassie’s sun lounger, she has short dark hair, is a good bit slimmer than Cassie, she has long well shaped legs and from my view point, ample breasts.
As I watched the 2 girls from the first floor window, they had no idea I was there. Both were lying facing away from the house, chatting. I stood there for a few minutes, naked except for the towel d****d over my shoulder. I watched as Jennie started to rub sun lotion in to her already tanned skin. She started on her shoulders and slowly massaged the oil in to herself, as she rubbed it in to her cleavage her breasts were glistening in the sun. I could feel a stirring in my cock as it jerked. Her hands moved down to her flat stomach which was soon being coated in the oil. I could feel my own hand touching my cock. As I stood there watching my erection was growing. Jennies hand got to the lower part of her stomach, towards her abdomen. She slipped her fingers under the elastic of her bikini to massage the oil in to her skin. As her hands met at the front of her bikini I could just see a slight wisp of pubic hair.
My hand was stroking my cock with increasing speed. The vision I was watching had me so turned on I wasn’t conscious of anything else around me. I could feel an orgasm building in my stomach. Precum was glistening on the tip of my cock. My testicles started to tighten. I was only seconds form spraying my cum over my own hand.
A voice behind me said “hi”. It was my wife Sarah. She had been out shopping, and I hadn’t heard her coming back into the house. I said “hi”, releasing the grip I had on my cock. As Sarah came around the bed she noticed my rock hard erection. She deeply kissed my mouth, her tongue darting in and out between my lips, playing with my own tongue. Sarah put her shopping bags down, drooped on to her knees and turned my waist towards her. Her lips parted and my cock pushed in to her mouth. Using her tongue and lips she quickly had the head of my cock dripping with her saliva.
“What has you like this” she asked, as she let by hard cock slip from her mouth, I could only respond with “the shower”. My erection disappeared between her teeth again, she slid her mouth up and down my shaft, and every so often her teeth would gently scratch my glans. I could feel my cum building up inside me again. I told Sarah I was about to cum and she pulled my cock from her mouth. Sarah never let me cum in her mouth. She gripped the shaft of my cock between her fingers, and with just enough f***e under the head of my cock, she stroked me to my orgasm.
Several wads of cum shot out from the burning tip of my cock. Some landed on Sarah’s T shirt, some on her hand and the rest hit the bedroom floor. My wife stood up and kissed me deeply and suggested I should have another shower.
About 2 weeks later we had been invited for dinner with our friends. They were taking us to a new and very trendy restaurant in town. This meant dressing up and of course new clothes for Sarah. As we were leaving the house, Cassie told us she was staying in, but that her friend might be dropping over. Sarah gave her the usual warning about boys, and although we knew Cassie was on the contraceptive pill Sarah gave her a warning about getting pregnant. As usual this made Cassie turn bright red with embarrassment.
Sarah always looks well when she gets dressed up, she was wearing a figure hugging black dress that came to just above her knees. Her 40 year old body is still in good shape and her 34C breasts haven’t began to droop. Her cleavage always looks amazing when she wears low cut tops, and the dress she wore this evening was no exception. Under her dress she wore a lace black bra, and nylons. I spent the night hoping she was wearing stockings, although I do like full pantyhose at times.
We had a good night out and got home around 11. We quietly let ourselves in to the house, thinking Cassie would be asl**p. The light in the TV room was on so we looked around the door. On one of the 2 sofas were Cassie and Jennie. Cassie was in her pyjamas curled up on one end of the sofa, while Jennie was sitting at the far end of the sofa, Indian style. She had her bare feet soul to soul and her knees were nearly flat on the chair. Jennie was wearing a grey hoody and a pair of white leggings.
Sarah sat down on the other sofa as I went to get us all a drink. I opened a bottle of wine and poured 4 glasses. As I sat down I realised the 2 girls were watching one of those teen comedies, any excuse and some poor girls breasts were flying in front of the camera. We watched the film for a while and quietly finished our drinks. I kept glancing over at Jennie, the memory of seeing her sun bathing in her bikini wouldn’t leave my mind. I could feel a slight stirring in my pants.
Every so often the light of the television turned the dark room as bright as day light. The white material of Jennies leggings stretched over her tanned skin became all but invisible. Through the material I could see a clear outline of a very small pair of panties. With a slight hint of what looked like a small damp patch at her crotch. I convinced myself I was imagining this and was doing everything to stop my cock getting erect.
After what felt like ages, Sarah suggested we should go to bed and leave the girls to finish the movie. We said our good nights and went up the stairs.
Sarah entered the bedroom in front of me, and without stopping reached behind her and freed the zip on her dress. It fell to the floor revealing a basque top, lace stockings and black sheer nylon panties. Sarah has a great ass, and I could see her from my favourite view, and as sexy as she ever was.
I closed the bedroom door behind me as Sarah kicked off her shoes. She lay onto the bed and beckoned me to come over. “I’ve been so fucking horny all evening, I wore this underwear especially for you, I know it’s your favourite style, I want you to make me cum”
Sarah turned around pulling her knees into her chest and offering her ass to me. I dropped my head and deeply breathed in her scent. Gently holding hers hips I was able to flick my tongue over her already damp pussy. The crotch of her panties was so sheer, I could feel and taste every fold of her pussy. I licked and sucked her through the nylon material and within minutes, Sarah was starting to cum.
“Oh fuck yeah I’m cumming, keep licking me you horny bastard”. Her juices gushed from her pussy, covering my face with her sweet sticky juices.
Sarah collapsed on the bed for a couple of minutes, and slowly got her breath back after her orgasm. I started to take my shirt and shoes off. Sarah reached over, took my zipper between her 2 fingers and pulled the zip down. She reached in to my pants and released my hard cock from my boxers.
Her mouth closed over my hot shaft as she opened the button of my trousers and allowed them fall to the floor. Within minutes my cock was glistening with a mixture of her saliva and its own precum. Sarah pulled her body to the edge of the bed and tugged my cock towards her love hole.
Sarah pulled her panties aside and nudged the tip of my cock against her outer pussy lips. She lifted her legs on to my shoulders and parted her own pussy lips. Her pink pussy was already dripping with her juices. She pushed against my erection and watched it slide in. I could feel her hot pussy gripping my cock, the warmth of her juices coating my already hot shaft.
Slowly my cock slid in all the way. Her pelvic muscles gripping and releasing me. I could feel Sarah beginning to tense up. Normally she doesn’t get 2 orgasms in such a short time, but I could sense her building to her second of the night.
Sarah’s voice was starting to rise again, “fuck me – fuck me hard”. I was trying to hold back my own orgasm until she was ready to cum again. I closed my eyes, the gorgeous sight of my wife in front of me was not going to help me delay cumming.
In the darkness of my vision, pictures flashed in front of me. Jennie sun bathing, the glimpse of Jennie’s pubic bush, Jennie’s leggings, and the damp patch between her legs. I could feel a strong gush of cum racing towards the tip of my cock. I was fucking my wife like a wild man. My thoughts were all on Jennie.
“Oh fuck – I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum inside you” as my jerking cock started shooting it’s load, Sarah was screaming,” I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. “OOOOHHHHHHHHHH” “oh fuck – yeah”. At the top of her voice.
I collapsed on the bed beside her, my cock still hard. The smell of sex wafting through the room. My wife lying beside me, her stockinged leg d****d over mine. Her sheer panties clinging to her soaking cunt.
I could feel a gentle movement beside me as Sarah’s hand was gently snaking under the elastic of her panties. Her finger was slowly rubbing her clitoris. I could hear her breathing getting heavy again as I lay there quietly, so as not to disturb her. Her third orgasm of the night was building. Slight moans were escaping from her lips. She was beginning to pant. I could feel her body stiffen beside me. Her toes began to curl, her legs were lifting form the bed. Her hand was pinching her stiff nipple. She was biting her lip. As her orgasm took control of her, I could feel the tremors flooding through her body. I felt like we were one person, and that I was experiencing her unknown inner feelings.
I could feel my own body starting to shut down. sl**p was starting to take over. My body was starting to relax, I could feel myself sinking into the mattress. Yet somewhere I could hear voices. I could hear Cassie. Her voice was getting closer, she must have been coming up the stairs to go to bed. In the distance, somewhere at the far end of the house, I heard another voice, “Goodnight Cassie”, it was Jennie. As the front door closed I fell into a deep sl**p.
I woke the following morning, my senses began to stir, and slowly my eyes started to let in the day light. I was still lying on top of the bed, where I had collapsed last night. I could feel my cock stiff, but that was normal, I probably just needed to go to the toilet. Next I felt a damp warmth pushing against me. As my eyes opened, a stiff erect nipple was only millimetres from my mouth, nylon clad legs were gripping my own.
My cock slid in to Sarah’s soaking pussy. I opened my mouth and took the nipple between my lips, sucking it in till I could gently bite it with my teeth. Sarah said “good morning” as a moan escaped from her lips. Her vagina muscles were clenching my cock. She was in command, squeezing me, releasing me, masturbating my cock with her pussy muscles. She kept this up for several minutes, not moving her hips once. I could feel my cock swelling in side her. But she seemed to have full control. I could feel her bringing me close to cumming, then releasing me. Letting me relax, and starting the process again.
She pulled her nipple from my mouth, and pushed her other breast in, in its place. I was sucking and biting as she was quietly moaning.
Sarah dropped her head to my ear. “I’ve never cum like that before” she whispered,” you were awesome, you were pounding me like an a****l”. “I have never seen you so turned on honey, I have never felt you so hard. I think our daughter’s friend has had some effect on you”. Her pussy muscles were gripping me tighter. Her hips slid up the length of my shaft. As they slid back down she released her grip on me. “I saw you looking at the little wet patch in her leggings, I could see you getting erect. It was such a turn on for me, I just had to fuck you, I just had to feel you deep inside me. You were looking at her sunbathing the other week too weren’t you”. Her muscles tightened again, her hips raised off the bed. Sarah was gripping my cock just below its bulbous head. She was in full control.
I whispered to her, one word “fantasy”. The pace of her gripping increased, I could feel the swelling of my orgasm, but wasn’t sure if she would let me cum. Sarah swapped her breasts again as I continued gently sucking and nibbling on her.
Her panting became more pronounced, she was starting her climax. As the orgasm took over her body, her legs were shaking, her moans were getting more audible. She drove her hips down on my cock, her ass slapping off my legs, she lost control of her pussy muscles, the release of my cock allowed my own orgasm to take over, and within seconds I was pumping my cum deep inside her.
We lay there for a couple of minutes as my cock started to deflate. As it popped out of Sarah a gush of cum juices flowed on to my legs and on to the bed.
A voice outside the door called “morning mum, morning dad, do you want some breakfast, you’re probably hungry after the exercise you got last night. It was Cassie. Both Sarah and me sniggered as we realised she and most likely her friend had heard us clearly the night before. We showered, dressed and joined our daughter for breakfast, a little embarrassed, but thankfully she didn’t mention our escapades again.
2 weeks later, Cassie was spending Saturday with a friend of hers who lived in a town about an hour’s drive away, so she announced she wouldn’t be home that night. Sarah and I had spent many happy hours in bed over the past fortnight, recounting the night we had and my fantasy, Jennie. With Cassie away for the night we planned an evening of “fantasy sex” Sarah was going to dress the way Jennie did, she was going to buy underwear like we had imagined Jennie would wear. She would get a bikini like Jennie’s, and white leggings.
When Cassie had left the house, we agreed to get everything ready, I would do the grocery shopping and organise the dinner, Sarah would go and buy the clothes we had agreed, so we could have as long a night of fun as possible.
I did the shopping as instructed, as I was going up and down the aisles, Sarah kept messaging me, things like, I’ve got the bikini, I’ve found a white thong but I don’t think it will cover much, I’ve found a pair of leggings – they are so tight you can nearly see through them. Each message was turning me on even more. It took a lot of concentration to get everything I needed.
I got home just before Sarah and put the dinner in the oven on a very slow heat. Sarah arrived in, and we kissed passionately at the door. We were like teenagers with our first boyfriend or girlfriend. I asked Sarah to show me what she had bought, but was being very secretive. She decided to go up and get ready first. I could hear her showering while I watched television. When she reappeared, she looked so hot. She had leggings on that were so tight, I could see every inch of her through them, they were like a second skin. The material stretched tight over her ass, and created the most amazing camel toe ever. I just wanted to touch her, to feel her through the sheer material. She wore a hoody on top. She had got a size too small, so the material was straining against her breasts. Her hard nipples were trying to push through. She bent over to pick up a bag she had left on the floor. Her ass strained against the material of the leggings, I was given a full view of a tiny white thong, something she never wore. Through the material from her angle I could see her pussy lips clearly straining against her tiny panties. She gave me the bag and told me to wear the clothes in it.
I showered, making sure I was as clean as possible, I had to stop myself stroking my cock, the thoughts of my wife, dressed the way she was, was a real turn on. I went back to our room to get dressed. In the bag was a pair of lycra cycling shorts, a tight T shirt, and nothing else. As I pulled the shorts up I realised everything I possessed would be visible through the skin tight material. This I found to be a turn on, and I guessed it was a fantasy Sarah had never told me about. I pulled the T shirt on and looked at myself in the mirror. My semi hard cock was pushing against the material, the head, although fully encased in the lycra was prominent.
As I went down stairs I could hear Sarah’s voice, but couldn’t make out who she was talking to. In the kitchen I found my wife talking to Jennie. Apparently Jennie had called over when I was in the shower. Jennie hadn’t realised Cassie was away, but Sarah had invited her in for a drink.
I tried to hide myself behind the kitchen counter, the sight of Jennie in our kitchen was making my cock react. But Sarah decided we should take our drinks in to the TV room and have a chat. Sarah got some nibbles for us all, bending over in full view of our young visitor, reaching in to a press above Jennie’s head, with her pussy just inches away from the young girl. I could feel my cock get real stiff, it was aching to escape from the lycra shorts. Sarah had everything ready so the 3 of us carried plates and drinks in to the TV room. Sarah put her drink and plate on a table, and took Jennie’s from her so she could sit on the couch. I was left standing in the middle of the room, fully erect in lycra cycling shorts, trying to cover myself with a glass and a bottle of wine.
Sarah sat on the sofa beside Jennie, pulling her legs in, the way Jennie had been sitting the night she had been watching the movie. Sarah’s legs were spread wide, her leggings were so sheer, I could see a damp patch growing at her crotch. I managed to sit down opposite the 2 girls, without making my erection too obvious. We chatted for an hour or so and drank the bottle of wine. As the afternoon went on Jennie was starting to relax more, and Sarah, her damp patch getting bigger, was getting personal with her, asking about boyfriends, etc. as Jennie became more relaxed and the wine took a bit of its effect, she pulled her knees up to her stomach, and without realising it was giving me an occasional glimpse of her ass and a pair of pink lace panties.
The girls decided they wanted to watch a programme on the TV and I was sent to get another bottle of wine. I felt I needed to sneak up stairs and do something about my cock. As I was trying to make my way to the stairs, Sarah called out for me to hurry with the wine, our visitor’s glass was empty. I had no choice but to go straight back in, and right in front of the 2 of them refill their glasses, all the time wondering if Jennie would notice my hard on.
The programme only lasted 30 minutes, and when it was over Sarah announced we should go out to the garden and get some sun. She talked Jennie into joining us, and leaving me with Jennie, went to get her a bikini. Sarah came back after a couple of minutes, wearing a bikini vary similar to the one I had watched Jennie wearing, although it was at least a size or two too small for Sarah. Her breasts strained against the material, her hard nipples were clearly visible and her areola were not fully covered by the top, the bottoms also left nothing to the imagination, Sarah had the thin material pushing in between her pussy lips, with her damp patch fully visible to not only me but also Jennie. Jennie looked Sarah up and down and said “nice bikini I have one of those too”
As Jennie left the room Sarah fell to her knees in front of me, and released my cock from the shorts. Her mouth closed over my rod, which felt like it was going to burst. Her tongue started playing with my glans, while her hands had a soft but strong grip on my balls. I was ready to explode, she was squeezing my balls, my cum was racing to daylight, when we heard Jennie’s voice. “Are you in the TV room or have you gone outside yet”. Sarah had to stuff my cock away, I was nearly in pain as my orgasm subsided. Just in time as Jennie’s head appeared around the door.
Sarah had given Jennie one of Cassie’s old bikinis, knowing that although Jennie was a bit smaller than our daughter, it still would probably not fit her. Jennie stood in front of us, wearing the bikini top, her young breasts were barely covered by the bikini top, and a pair of pink lace panties. Jennie said the bikini didn’t fit, however because our garden was secluded, if we didn’t mind, she could just wear her panties, and that the top would cover enough.
Sarah organised the 2 sun loungers we own, guiding Jennie to one and sitting on the other herself, I refilled the glasses and found I was sitting directly in front of the 2 of them. Neither of them were lying down, in fact I was at the perfect angle to just stare at their 2 mounds, Sarah’s straining to escape a bikini and Jennies covered by pink lace. From my view point I could see small whisps of light pubic hair on either side of Jennie’s panties. As we chatted, Sarah kept sliding her fingers into her bikini bottoms, to fix herself, however I could see, every time she did this she gave her clitoris a little rub. Her damp patch was getting bigger each time.
After a while Sarah pointed out that her bikini was a little small, and she hoped it was covering her “modesty”. She turned to Jennie laughing and said, “He can probably see my pussy through these”. Jennie responded by saying “if that’s the case he can surely see through my panties”. Whether on purpose or not, she slipped her 2 thumbs in to the elastic and snapped them out, drawing attention to herself. I said nothing, but Sarah leaned over and took the waistband of Jennie’s panties between her thumb and finger and softly stroked the material, allowing her middle finger to drop gently against the pink lace, just above Jennie’s pussy. “Those are lovely panties, but I’m sure my husband wouldn’t notice them”. I was noticing them, I was noticing a little dark patch suddenly appeared just below where Sarah’s finger had been.
Sarah jumped up and decided we should eat, she invited Jennie to stay and join us. Sarah sent me in to set the table while they would clean up the garden. As I stood, I spotted Jennie staring straight at my erection. Sarah giggled and said “Maybe he was looking at us, that’s some bulge in his shorts”.
Jennie’s face turned red but she f***ed a giggle.
When the 2 girls came in to the kitchen, I was putting the food on the table. Sarah told Jennie she could get changed before we ate, but she didn’t have to, although if Jennie didn’t mind Sarah said she just wanted to “sort out that bulge in his shorts before we had the food”.
Jennie decided not to get dressed, but did comment that she would be happy to wait for us. She said she realised there were times when couples needed to do what couples needed to do and she wouldn’t be embarrassed.
Sarah asked me to refill Jennie’s glass, while she stirred the food. As I topped up the glass this time there was no point in trying to hide my erect cock. I turned from the table and was met by Sarah, she lowered her hand into my shorts, saying she didn’t think this would take long. Then in front of our young dinner guest she released my cock from my shorts and clamped her mouth around it. Within about a minute I was shooting my load down my wife’s throat, Jennie never took her eyes off the 2 of us. My hot cum hit the back of Sarah’s throat, she was gulping every bit down, still sucking for all she was worth, her tongue was visibly darting up and down and around my cock. 7 or 8 wads of cum filled Sarah’s mouth, but not a drop escaped her lips. She let my cock slip from her mouth, gulped the last of my cum down, stood up and French kissed me letting me taste her mouth and my cum that had been inside it.
As she moved away from me my cock was still fully erect, I felt like it was ready for action again, Sarah wasn’t able to pull my shorts back over my cock so she left the head sticking out over the top of my waist band.
Sarah turned to Jennie to apologise, “Maybe we should have done that upstairs, however I don’t think he would have lasted long enough to get upstairs” Jennie, although a little bit flushed said she had actually enjoyed the show.
As Sarah served the food, Jennie went on to tell us that both her and Cassie could hear everything we did and said, the night they were watching the movie. She told us that she was so turned on, she walked home with her hand in her panties, hoping not to be seen by anybody. As Sarah finished dishing up the food, Jennie got up from her seat, walked over to my wife, took Sarah’s head in her hands and pressed her lips against my wife’s. Jennie’s tongue darted in to Sarah’s mouth as they kissed passionately. As they broke away, Jennie said “Thank you for making me cum that night, and I think I came in my pants watching your little show”.
As Jennie stepped away from Sarah, she pulled the front of her pants outward so we could all see the soaking patch of her cum juice. We also noticed the small pool on her chair. Sarah sat down on the chair Jennie had been on and grinded herself in to the wet patch, cleaning up Jennie’s spill. “After dinner we could give you another show, or if you like we could let you join in “Sarah said. Jennie just nodded.
We cleaned up after dinner and the three of us made our way upstairs. We went into our bedroom and Sarah suggested we all shower. Jennie went first, reappearing in the bedroom with a small towel wrapped around her, Sarah sent me in second. Just I was getting under the stream of water, my wife climbed into the shower. Sarah covered my whole body in soap, then her own, she washed her hair, and rinsed herself off. She then turned back to me and started rinsing me down. As the soap left my body she spent a few minutes massaging my cock. By the time she turned the water off my cock felt like bursting again.
Sarah picked up the two towels on the bathroom rail, wrapped her hair in one and tied the other around her waist. Gently taking hold of my cock she led me back to our bedroom.
Jennie was sitting against the pillows with the towel still wrapped around her. Sarah asked if I could borrow the towel, as we had run out. Jennie slowly climbed off the bed, and dropped the towel. She stood naked in front of the 2 of us for the first time. Her slender body, perfect cup shaped breasts, her tight stomach, long slender yet shapely legs, a small bush of pubic hair covering her young mound. Her skinned tanned perfectly, slight white marks, from wearing very skimpy bikinis while sunbathing. Both Sarah and I gasped at her beauty.
Sarah asked Jennie to dry me down, she wanted to watch us. The young girl started at my shoulders, patting the soft towel against me. She spent a few minutes rubbing both the towel and her hands across my chest, moved the towel behind me to dry my back. As she brought the towel down to dry my ass, I could feel her body brushing against my cock, it u*********sly jerked against her, but she didn’t move. She slowly dropped to her knees in front of me, her face passing so close to my cock, I could feel her warm breath against the glans.
Jennie brought the towel down to my feet, and started working her way back up. As she concentrated on drying me, her gorgeous young face was just millimetres from my cock, occasionally when she dipped her head, her hair brushed my cock. She dried my legs working up to my thighs, her hand getting even closer to where I wanted it. She dried my inner thighs, sliding the towel between my ass cheeks.
Jennie looked up to Sarah, as if to ask permission, Sarah smiled and nodded. Jennie gently d****d the towel over my outstanding cock. She allowed the soft material sit on me for a few seconds, the slowly and gently pulled the towel away.
As the towel hit the floor, her soft tongue slipped from her lips and gently licked at my red hot cock. I thought I was going to explode. She started at the base and slowly worked her tongue to the tip. She gently pressed her tongue against the opening at the top of my cock, giving me a strange feeling. She then slid her tongue back down the length of my cock, to my ball sack. She sucked one ball then the other, and then her tongue snaked in under my sac. She stopped just on the edge of my ass hole.
Jennie stood up, turned to Sarah, saying it was her turn to be dried. I lay on the bed as Jennie started the same process on my wife. She spent several minutes on Sarah’s hair, drying it, she brushed it and made sure my wife was looking her sexiest. She gently towelled Sarah’s skin, starting on her shoulders, gently patting her breasts and working down towards Sarah’s waist. Sarah still had the other towel wrapped around her waist when the young girl dropped to the floor on her knees, pulling the towel away at the same time. She dried Sarah’s feet and starting the slow process of working her way back up Sarah’s legs. As she had done with me, she caressed Sarah’s inner thigh with the towel, reaching beneath my wife, she slid the towel between Sarah’s ass cheeks, and the Jennie slid the towel forward, gently rubbing it against Sarah’s pussy. Sarah gently moaned. Jennie looked up at me, I nodded in permission, and the young girl’s tongue darted towards Sarah. She hit her target first time. As Jennie’s tongue landed directly on Sarah’s clit. Sarah’s legs trembled as an orgasm shook her body. Sarah gripped my shoulder as our young visitors tongue played with her clit and darted in and out between her labia. Sarah’s juices covered Jennie’s pretty little face, as she came again and again, using my shoulder and I’m sure Jennies head to support her as her legs seemed to give way.
Sarah fell on to the bed in sexual exhaustion. I lifted Jennie to her feet and gently started kissing her, tasting my wife’s juices on her face and in her mouth. Jennie positioned herself in such a way that my hard cock was horizontal between her legs. I could feel her juices leaking on to me. As we kissed, Jennie was rubbing her pussy lips along the length of my cock, her lips were parting and her juices were getting stronger in their flow. Sarah said “I Think our guest wants to be fucked” as I lifted her on to the bed. Sarah propped a couple of pillows beneath Jennie’s head, and beckoned me to climb between her legs.
I gently parted the young girl’s legs, lifting them slightly at the knee. I moved my mouth towards her sweet young cunt. Inhaling her sweet aromas. Using 2 fingers I slowly parted her pussy lips opening her pussy so both me and Sarah could what was in store. I pulled the little covering from her clit, which stood proud and erect. Sarah gasped as I brought my tongue to taste the young girls juices for the first time. I gently flicked her clit, then slid my tongue down, just pressing against her parted lips, I got to the lower end of her pussy and let my tongue gently touch her rosebud ass hole. She gasped and jerked. Sarah asked her did she want me to stop, but she replied with a moan and a quiet “no”. I let my tongue rest on her rosebud for a few more seconds, then gently prodded the opening. Jennie squirmed. I worked back up to her pussy, on reaching her cunt opening I allowed my tongue push right in to her. Jennie came. She was so aroused her juices squirted out on my tongue.
I pulled myself up along Jennie’s young body, Sarah had my rock hard cock in her hand, and began to gently nudge my cock into Jennie’s wet cunt. Jennie’s legs seemed to clench, I stopped, and Sarah stopped.
Jennie told us she had never had a man inside her, she had given and received a lot of oral sex but had never gone all the way, so would I go easy on her. She was happy that this was going to be her first time. She was happy to give me her virginity. Sarah got another few pillows and placed them beneath Jennie’s ass. This meant it would be easier for her to take my cock, not that its huge, just that it was going to be her first time. Sarah rubbed Jennie’s clit and worked first one then two fingers inside her. When Sarah felt the young girl was ready, she guided my cock towards her sweet opening. Very slowly and gently my wife and I guided the tip to the virgin opening. Her legs parted, her pussy was soaking and wide open, ready to welcome its first cock. The tip of my cock disappeared between her labia, she gasped. I rested my cock just in the opening. Sarah was using her finger in circling motions on Jennie’s clit. Jennie parted her legs another bit, which pushed her cunt forward on to my hard cock. I let her slide on to me as she felt she was able so as not to f***e her. Soon the head of my cock was fully in, with the shaft following. I was fully inside Jennie. Her pussy felt really tight, and I could feel her inner muscles contracting to get used to her first cock.
Jennie’s muscles soon relaxed over my cock, her eyes were closed tight, a small smile on her face, a slight moan from her lips. I knew she was ready. I kissed Sarah, and began to pull my cock back out towards the opening. As the tip was about to pop out I pushed it back in. out then in, very slowly. Jennie was nearly growling under her breath, a deep moan. I slid my cock in and out a couple of times as my wife was playing with the young girl’s clit. Sarah leaned in on the young girl’s chest and took her hard nipple between her teeth, gently chewing the young breast. I felt Jennie’s inner muscles contracting against my cock. Jennie was screaming “I’m cummmmming I’m cummmming”. Her orgasm took full control of her body as she bucked about the bed, she had no control over herself. I managed to keep my cock inside her and as her orgasm subdued I started to fuck her. Slowly and gently at first, then building up my rhythm. I got faster and faster as I neared my own orgasm. I could feel my cock pumping inside this young girl. As I came Sarah was cumming too. Her mouth on the young girls breast, one hand playing with Jennie’s clit, and her other hand rubbing her own clit. As my love juice pumped inside Jennie, she started another orgasm, uncontrollably gripping my cock and creaming it of every juice in my body.
The three of us collapsed in a heap.
Sarah was the first to stir, after a couple of minutes. She leaned over Jennie, and took my now spent cock in her mouth, she licked and cleaned every inch, smacking her lips and obviously enjoying the salty taste of both mine and Jennie’ love juice. Next Sarah moved between Jennie’s legs, she started licking and gently kissing Jennie’s thighs, cleaning up all the love juice. Sarah slowly moved up towards Jennie’s stomach and abdomen, kissing and licking her soft skin. Jennie’s head moved towards Jennie’s love hole. I know Sarah has never been anywhere near another woman, so it was a huge turn on to see here part Jennie’s lips and taste Jennie’s pussy. Soon she had her tongue all the way inside Jennie, licking sucking and slurping the mixture of love juices. When Sarah was finished cleaning Jennie, she raised her head towards me and kissed me. Her tongue darted into my mouth. A salty glob of semen and cunt juice hit my tongue. Although I got a surprise I swallowed the present my wife had just given me. Sarah said “The two of you taste delicious”
Jennie was getting aroused again. Her hand was now rubbing her own clit and her fingers kept darting inside her pussy, first one the two, she eventually managed to get three finger tips inside her hot cunt. Sarah reckoned it would be a while before I would be ready to perform again, so she pulled Jennie across so the 2 girls were able to lick each other’s pussy. Jennie climbed on top of Sarah, and they performed the most exciting 69 I have ever seen. From my position I could see Jennie’s tongue darting in and out of Sarah’s pussy, while her fingertip was rimming Sarah’s ass hole. By the noises coming from somewhere deep inside Jennie I figured Sarah was doing something similar. I leaned over to get a better view. Sarah had her whole finger inside Jennie’s butt hole. Jennie was wriggling on her finger. Her cunt juices were flowing over my wife’s face, as she began another orgasm. Sarah couldn’t hold back and was cumming too.
The three of less lay silently on the bed for several minutes, the girls eventually got their breath back. I was just admiring the 2 gorgeous naked bodies lying beside me. We started talking, about nothing in particular, most of the conversation was about sex, love and fantasies. As we talked Jennie had her hand resting on my soft cock, occasionally, she aimlessly stroked me, as if she was just twiddling a pen in school.
After a while I noticed my cock was getting erect again. I wasn’t the only one to notice. Jennie leaned over me, wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and started tonguing the head. She was very slow and sensual. The heat of her mouth, her saliva and the softness of her tongue, were doing amazing things to me. I could feel the head of my cock expanding in her mouth. It felt like it was getting bigger than it had ever been before. Her saliva was dripping down my shaft, the veins on my shaft were clearly visible.
Jennie got up off me and began tonguing Sarah, her clit her pussy lips and eventually, Jennies tongue disappeared inside Sarah’s pussy. Sarah was in heaven. Little moans were escaping from her, as Jennies tongue worked its magic inside her. Jennie said “Now it’s time for you to fuck your husband. I want to watch two people so in love fucking each other”.
Sarah straddled me, Jennie’s head was resting on my chest, Sarah’s soaking pussy lips enclosed themselves around my stiff cock. She slid herself slowly down until I was fully inside her. My cock felt huge and my wife’s pussy felt real hot as it encased me. Sarah gently rocked back and forward. I could feel every inch of her pussy rubbing against my shaft. I reached out and took one of Sarah’s nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Sarah was moaning as I pinched her hard nipple. I could feel pussy juices dripping on to my legs.
Sarah raised herself up along my shaft, as she reached the tip, she slid back down. She rose up again, I could just see the top folds of her pussy appearing over Jennie’s head, as she watched my wife start to fuck me. Sarah, one hand holding herself in position on my chest, brought her other hand up to her own breast and started pinching and pulling the breast she could reach.
Sarah’s back was arched, she says she feels me better that way. She was starting to ride my cock harder and faster. Her breath was shortening, even panting. I could see my wife was coming close to another orgasm. The juices dripping from her pussy as she rose up on my cock were flowing like a tap.
She was cumming. She was screaming, “Oh fuck, fuck yes, fuck, fuck fuck, I’m cumming.” With that there was a huge gush of juices as her whole body tensed.
Sarah climbed off my cock, she knelt on the bed on all fours, her ass in the air. “Fuck me like a dog”. I kneeled behind Sarah, her pussy was gaping open, bright red and dripping with juices. I guided my cock in to her. Easily sliding fully in. My balls were resting against her thigh. Jennie lay on the pillow next to Sarah, knees parted and her hand rubbing her own clit. I started fucking Sarah, building up my pace, harder and faster than I have ever fucked her before. Sarah’s hand was a blur rubbing her own clit, as was Jennie’s. I started to cum. I could feel my balls tighten as they pumped my load to the opening at the top of my cock. Both Jennie and Sarah’s orgasms began at the same time. I was pumping as fast as I could. Sarah was screaming. My sperm was shooting up through my wife.
Eventually the pumping in my cock stopped, both Sarah and Jennie’s orgasms had reached their peak and were subsiding, I collapsed on the bed. The three of us had cum together.
We lay on the bed for a while, nobody could move, nobody spoke. Pools of cum stained the white sheets. My cock was raw from hours of fucking, and looking at the 2 pussies on the bed, I’d say the 2 girls felt raw as well.
After a while, I decided it was time to get up and have a shower, the girls thought some food and a drink would be appropriate, so as I went to the bathroom they went to the kitchen. I stood in the shower for several minutes, allowing the flow of cold water cool me down, I washed the cum and sweat mix from my body and returned to the bedroom just as the girls were returning with a tray of food and a couple of beers. The three of us ate, sitting on the bed naked, viewing the dark night sky outside the window, nobody had any idea of what time it was.
After eating and a drink or two, Sarah asked me did I think I would be able to manage getting an erection again, “I’m sure our dinner guest would like to get fucked again”. I said I’d try my best. The two of them started working on my soft cock. They took turns with tongues mouths and the occasional pinch of teeth. It took a while, but eventually my cock started to respond, slowly stiffening.
When the girls decided I was hard enough, Sarah helped Jennie straddle me, then lay down beside me to watch and to play with her own pussy.
Jennie eased herself on to my erection, slowly feeling every inch as it disappeared inside her. I watched as my cock disappeared in to her hot open young pussy. I was fully inside her, I could feel her inner muscles clenching my rod. Feeling the hardness between her legs. Jennie started riding my cock, arching herself back, just as Sarah had done. Soon she was bouncing up and down on me like a woman possessed. She had grabbed both her nipples and was twisting them and pinching them. I could tell she wouldn’t last long till her orgasm. Just as I thought she was about to cum. Panting she stopped, pulled off me and said “I want you to fuck me from behind”
I stood behind her. Her young pert ass stuck out to greet me, her open pussy waiting for my cock, her little rosebud ass hole, just above her pussy. As I guided my cock to her pussy, I let the tip gently rub off her rosebud. She groaned, I saw her ass hole react slightly, as if it was opening to accept a cock.
My cock slid into her pussy with ease. As I had done with Sarah, I began fucking her as hard and with as much energy as I could. Hard and fast, slapping her tight round ass cheeks, my balls bouncing off her thighs. Jennie came quiet quickly, but I didn’t stop. I kept fucking. Jennie came a second time and then a third time. I was asked her should I withdraw my cock to give her a rest, her answer was something I always dreamt I would hear, “will you stick your cock in my ass, will you fuck my ass, when Sarah stuck her finger in there it was so hot, I want to feel a cock in my ass, I want to feel your cum in my ass”.
Sarah smiled and told me to do anything our guest wanted me to do. I let my cock fall from her pussy, and guided it towards the small rosebud. I was soaking wet with Jennie’s love juices and used the tip of my cock to start lubricating her. I had never fucked an ass before, so I pressed the head of my cock slowly and gently against her opening. Her rosebud seemed to be opening to meet my cock, as I nudged against her it slowly opened. The lubrication helped as the tip started to prod the opening, slowly her ass seemed to gobble up my cock, sucking it in. Jennie gasped a couple of times, her ass was getting used to this new hardness inside her. Jennie had to reposition herself, and arch her back to allow me in fully. I was all the way in.
As her rectum seemed to be accepting of my cock, I gently pulled backwards, just far enough so the tip of my cock was starting to appear from her ass. She groaned, and I gently pushed forward again, as I was fully in the second time, and began to pull back Jennie started to cum. I had to hold her legs up as she nearly collapsed with her orgasm. As she was cumming, I started to fuck her ass harder. I probably only managed half a dozen strokes in her ass, when I felt my own orgasm build up. Soon my cock was throbbing uncontrollably, as it pumped a sticky load of sperm into Jennie’s hot ass.
I collapsed on the bed in exhaustion, the two girls were satisfied. Sarah had cum again watching me fuck Jennie’s ass, and Jennie came one last time as my cock was freed from her brown hole. Within minutes I was asl**p.
I woke the following morning, not sure what time it was, the sun was high through the window. I was completely naked lying on top of the bed clothes. Was last night a dream? It must have been, things like that would never happen to me. I got out of bed and headed to the shower.
When I got back to my room, Sarah was waiting for me, “you woke up? I’ll organise some breakfast. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? Stay here when the food is organised I will bring it up.”
I dried myself, and lay back on the bed. Remembering yesterday. The memories were arousing me again, and I could feel a stiffness growing in my cock.
I heard someone coming up the stairs with a tray, Sarah I presumed with my breakfast. However it wasn’t Sarah, Jennie had the tray, she had her pink lace panties on, but nothing else. She put the tray down beside the bed, smiled and kissed me full on the mouth, “Good morning lover, here’s your breakfast, thanks for yesterday”
The young girl sat on the bed beside me, we chatted as I ate. When I had finished Jennie cleared the tray and sat back beside me. She kissed my lips, my neck, chest and stomach. She got to my cock and slipped it between her lips, sucking me to attention. When she had me fully erect, she began to speak. “I was talking to my friend on the phone this morning and told her what you did for me. I want to ask you would you be able to fuck her too, to take her virginity too. Sarah agreed you could if you want” I could only nod, my wife and this beautiful young woman, already had another young girl lined up for me to fuck.
Sarah called from downstairs, “Did he agree”, with a positive response from Jennie, she called back “you get things ready up there, I’m just ready down here”
Jennie straddled my head, getting herself into a 69 position, her knees tight against the side of my head, muffling some of the sounds in the room. Her pussy covered my mouth, happily I began tonguing her, her pert ass rested on my nose, her sweet smell drifting around me. Her ass partially covering my vision. I could feel Jennie leaning forward and taking my cock in her mouth. She soon had a full erection in her throat, licking and sucking.
I heard muffled voices enter the room, I could just make out Sarah’s voice, “Is he ready, I have his present here and she’s definitely ready for him”.
I felt two people climb on to the bed. Most of my senses were still impaired by the way Jennie was sitting on me. She let my cock slip from her mouth and sat upright. I couldn’t see what was happening on the bed, there was a sexy ass covering most of my face. My hearing was still being blocked by Jennie. When my cock was free I made out a gasp, but didn’t recognise the muffled voice, it wasn’t Sarah, but who could it be.
There was plenty of movement on the bed and I felt a pair of legs straddle me. Sarah’s voice said “take your time, be slow and get used to it, there is no rush” she must have been talking to Jennie’s friend.
I could feel hot damp skin resting on the top of my cock, the skin began to part as a slight bit of pressure was put on me by this unknown person. I could feel pussy lips gently part as my tip was being guided inside. Her pussy was soaking, she was dripping on me. The tip of my cock was pressed inside, followed by the head.
Jennie was wriggling on my face, I guessed she was fingering herself, an occasional drip of pussy juice landed on my mouth.
The girl on my cock sank a bit more, the head of my cock entered her, as it popped in I heard a gasp. I could hear Sarah’s voice coming from close by, “Your cock is inside her, the first cock in her virgin pussy, this is such a turn on”.
It was a turn on for Sarah, god was it a turn on for me. A hot young Jennie was controlling most of my senses with her tight little ass. An unknown virgin was sitting on my cock, allowing it to slide slowly inside her. I could feel her adjusting around my hard on, Jennie was giving her muffled instructions, telling her to relax her muscles and to allow herself feel the hardness and heat of my cock.
Whoever I was inside was now a lot more comfortable, as she managed to take my full length. I could feel her starting to move up and down, her wet juices lubricating every inch of my cock. Her pussy felt real tight, gripping my cock. I could feel her inner walls rubbing along my shaft.
I wasn’t sure how long I could last, this was such a turn on, I felt Jennie move. She had taken her weight off me, her knees had risen and I could now hear the room more clearly. Jennie seemed to be kissing the person riding my cock. I could hear moans and groans coming from the other side of Jennie. I still had no idea what the girl sitting on my cock looked like, never mind knowing even her name. Sarah, was close by me on the pillows and I could now clearly hear her talking to the girl on my cock. “That’s it, up and down like that, faster, arch your back and feel him inside you”.
Whoever was on top of me started to cum, her groans got louder, a low scream started somewhere inside her. I couldn’t hold back. I felt my cock begin to twitch inside the girl. My own love juice was racing to its goal. The girl was screaming as she bounced hard on my cock, I grunted and my load began shooting inside her. My cum seemed to really bring her over the top as it sprayed inside her, her legs clamped me, her scream got louder, her love juices I could feel spraying on to my legs. 2 pail arms appeared around Jennie’s neck as she collapsed on top of both of us.
She sat there for a few minutes, my cock slowly deflating. Jennie was holding her up, as her orgasm subsided. Slowly she let my cock fall from her pussy, a gush of our mixed cum juices followed. Jennie moved back to my face, again blocking my vision as the other girl climbed off me.
As Jennies pert ass rose from my face I could feel the other girl kissing my chest, she was nibbling at my nipples. As Jennie slowly moved away a mass of blonde hair came in to sight covering the face on my chest.
She moved up my body her face came into view, Cassie kissed my lips and said “thanks Dad”. Sarah was right behind her with the biggest possible grin on her face. Cassie’s tongue darted in and out of my mouth as I could feel both Sarah and Jennie gently kissing the top of my head.
The two girls took Cassie and gently and laid her out on the pillows, they took it in turns licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips. Sarah went first, letting Jennie take over. When Sarah went down on our daughter for the second time, Jennie parted Cassie’s pussy lips showing her bright pink pussy to Sarah. Sarah proceeded to insert her tongue deep into her daughter, she was greedily sucking Cassie’s pussy juices and my cum. Cleaning her daughter out.
It was soon Jennies turn, as she was tonguing Cassie, Sarah came up to me and French kissed me deeply, allowing me to taste our daughter and my cum inside her. As our kiss ended Jennie was just bringing Cassie to another orgasm, as she tossed and turned on the bed beside us.
I was already getting hard again, Sarah took the opportunity and slid herself on top of my hardening cock. She used her internal muscles to fuck me, no movement, just gripping and letting go. This brought my wife to climax at least twice. I was nearly ready to cum when Sarah got on all fours in front of me. She pulled her ass cheeks apart and prodded at her ass hole with a finger. The finger slid in, disappearing in her rosebud. She removed her finger, rubbed it in her pussy juices and put it back in. she soon had her ass dripping with her love juice. Sarah then asked me to fuck her in the ass, and let our daughter see how dirty we could be.
I pressed my cock against her brown opening, and was surprised at how easily her bud opened. Her hole was well lubricated with her own love juice. My cock slid in and soon I was fucking my wife’s ass for the first time.
I only lasted a couple of minutes before I came, but as I was shooting sperm in to my wife, she was squirming in front of me having her own orgasm. As my cock popped out, 2 young friends were there to meet it and the juices that came with it and greedily cleaned both my cock and Sarah’s ass hole.
We eventually got up late that evening, we got some food and Jennie had to go home, but each of us did get another chance to fuck as much as we wanted. I came inside Cassie again, Jennie twice more, the girls all brought each other to orgasm at least once each, and finally as the two younger girls played with their pussies and cheered us on, I fucked Sarah again. Cassie slept in our bed that night, and she has invited Jennie to come and stay with her in a couple of week while we will be away. Both me and Sarah, would love to see what happens between the two of them that weekend, but Cassie has promised she will tell us every detail.

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1 year ago
Hot thanks for a hot story!
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wow, that was an amazingly hot story. I was stroking away at my cock the whole time, feeling my balls slap against me...damn that was HOT!
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damn it is so hot, loved experience it for myself!
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What an amazing story, thank you
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Wow, awesome story, I loved it so much. Jay xx
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Wow,,so hot,,very sexy ,,and very juicy....thanks
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That was absolutely stunning, must have been such a wonderful experience. Such a hot story, it's got me so hard, very well written. I hope you let us in on what happens when Cassie tells you the details. ;) Thanks for posting,
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This was the best I have read thanks for posting it for us
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Loved the story, well written and very sexy.... personally I would have brought it to a close at "Thanks dad" nd leave the reader to their own conclusions!