Maspolomas Dunes

This is a true story which happened to my wife and I about 8 years ago. We were early 40's at time and managed to persuade my wifes parents to look after the k**s for 10 days whilst we went on a cheap last minute package holiday to Gran Canaria. We stayed in Puerto del Carmen at a self catering villa and it was the 1st holiday on our own for 13 years since our k**s were born. 1st night was conventional, drinks, meal, disco amd bed. Second night we met a german couple Rudi and Dani, in a bar and they were fun and generous. We ended up at their flat with a bottle of gin and brandy and only just made it back to our apartment. Next day we met them in the supermarket and chatted. They said they were going to Maspolomas Dunes for the day. We stayed at the complex pool. That evening we met them again in a restaurant and we chatted about their day on the dunes and it was then they told us it has a nudist colony where just about anything goes if you are discreet. Flirty chat followed as they described some of the nudists they had seen. We had an early night and then decided the next day to take a walk along the dunes as we were told they were spectacular and beautiful. They were right but also they were filled with nude people once you passed the sign to the nudist area. We did not strip off but were in the minority. That evening we met Rudi and Dani and ended up in their jacuzzi after dinner and drinks with our wives topless which wasnt anything new as both went topless around the pool. Both had their panties on which got wet but what the hell nobody knew when going back to our apartment. Next morning we met them in the nearby cafe for breakfast and we all agreed to have a day on the dunes together. We set out our towels and for the 1st hour or so just lazed around. There were a few really lovely young girls walk by naked which I got told off for watching but nothing much else. Our wives were topless as usual. My wife Tracy then asked if someone could put suncream on her back and Dani volunteered. 1st she lay on her belly and then rolled over and Dani rubbed oil all over boobs. I noticed my wife was in a world of her own and chilling out as Dani covered her. About an hour later Dani and my wife go off in to the sea and my wife takes a blow up lilo with her. Rudi and I lay on our towels watching. After 10mins Dani emerges from the sea with both their bikini bottoms in her hand and puts them on the beach. She is totally naked and looks very sexy, lovely 34c boobs, slender 5ft 6 frame tight bum and unshaven pussy. Pretty well tanned all over from the previous days bathing. She goes back in the sea and her and Tracy amuse themselves playing with the lilo. After about 15mins they seem to get tired and lay across it together and appear to be chatting very close to each other. They bob around in the water straddling the lilo for ages, maybe 30 mins. I notice Rudi is rubbing himself in his trucks watching a couple of young naked teenage girls playing badminton nearby. Just before Tracy and Dani finally emerge from the sea they have quick kiss. Nothing overly sexual, more than a kiss but not a snog. Quite a high charged atmostsphere. When the girls get back Dani suggests we dry them, me her and Rudi Tracy. We oblige and i love drying Dani especially her boobs and belly, so sexy I have a hard on. Rudi already had a hard on from his rubbing but I saw it did not reduce as he dried Tracy with the towel. Shortly after we all went back to the hotel and when we got to our room I ribbed Tracy about what was going on in the sea. She confided that Dani said she was quite open and said she had bi tendancies and that her and Rudi had had a no mf sex 3 sum once. I asked her if she was repulsed or attracted by the openess and confessional nature of Dani and did not get an answer. That night after a meal and plenty of drink we ended up in their jacuzzi once again and it wasnt long before the girls were topless again. Sitting in the jacuzzi it wasnt long before Dani got close to Tracy once again. We were laughing and giggly then when all of a sudden the girls stopped, it went quiet, and they were looking into each others eyes. It was obvious Dani had her hand between Tracy's legs. As her legs parted she put her head back and shut her eyes. Dani's hand was inside her panties. I was quite startled and Rudi shouted out 'you ok with this?' i nodded, he shouted 'go for it dani' and slid his trunks off. He moved in behind Dani as she snogged Tracy and I shouted 'you ok Tracy?' she nodded. I watched as she fingered Tracy and he put his cock between her legs, maybe fucking her. Then Rudi shouted 'you all in? we not done this before but if you will then lets go' I nodded and shouted 'Tracy ok?' and she nodded. With that he got out of the jacuzzi and walked arounf to her head and eased her up onto the edge. Dani told me to get behind her so i did. She took my cock in her hand and stroked slowly while Rudi put his cock in my wives mouth. I nearly burst. I sat there with my cock being stroked, my wifes pussy beig finger fucked in her red panties by Dani and her with another mans cock in her mouth and she was moaning. After a while Dani rotated a bit and pulled my cock to bewtween her legs. Then she asked 'can he go in me as i want it tracy', my wife nodded and said yes as precum was evident on her lips and Dani instructed me to push. I went deep and she moaned. Tracy then said 'fuck her' I turned her to the doggy position and she took her hand out of my wifes panties, kneeled up out of the water, arched her back and i slowly fucked her. My wife had her head turned the other way still sucking his cock and then she put her own hand inside her panties and rubbed herself. Rudi saw this and put a strong arm around hers and lifted her up out of the jacuzzi and onto the tiles. She looked horrified and glanced to me and i nodded at which point Rudi rippped her panties off and parted her legs. She looked the other way as he pushed his cock against her and inside. She moaned. So there we were fucking each others wives and smiling at each other. The girls were moaning and it was not long before we both came inside them. One of the sexiest things to ever happen to me. Obviously neither of the girls had come and Dani took Tracy's hand and they went to the bedroom which was open to the balcony. Rudi and I sat in the jacuzzi resting but it was obvious from the sounds what was going on on the bed, a 69. They made each other cum and then came and joined us in the jacuzzi. We cuddled as husband and wife and vowed what had happened was our secret until now. 2 days later Rudi and Dani flew home and we all agreed not to stay in touch given we loved our partners and there was nothing to be gained from a long term arangement. Nothing like that has happened since sadly.
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2 years ago
Puerto del Carmen on Gran Canaria???????
3 years ago
Nothing hotter than to watch your wife being fucked while you are buried in his wife. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
nice1 love gran canaria-im irish