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summer madness

My very best school boy friend was a great guy who was up for anything in the wanking showing cock’s sphere. We used to play with each others cocks every opportunity we got. Very often we stayed over at each others house and as we had to share a bed we had lots of fun in bed together. It was not uncommon for either of us to wake the other up through the night by playing with the others’ cock. This was in spite of having wanked each other off before going to sl**p.
Well one day after we had been mooching about the local park and were lying down enjoying the summer sun. There was an older girl appeared on the scene and sat down beside us and started to chat. You know that at that age girls were put up with rather than encouraged to join in what we considered male company lol.
We sort of muttered words of “We don’t mind” and “Ok if you must” as she sat down beside us on the grass.
As we lay there I could feel the sun on my trousers beginning to get my cock just a little excited and looking over at my pal I noticed the bulge in his trousers was getting more pronounced. Suddenly this girl who was older than us remember, probably by a good three years, said “I think you two are getting hardons”.
At this we sat up with embarrassment and tried to cover or erections with our hands. She laughed at our efforts of modesty and our red faces.
The girl was wearing an aertex blouse, what we would term today as a string vest type garment, without a bra. We could clearly see her small just formed and no more tits under the fabric. Her nipples were quite erect and pronounced. We had never seen anything like it before not even as we sneaked sly looks at the girls taking PE in the gym at school. That is another story I will tell you at another time.
The girl could clearly see the two of us staring but instead of being shy and embarrassed she smiled saying “would you like to touch”?
The pair of us spluttered and went very red. My pal who was a bit of an extrovert quickly recovered and said “I bet you wouldn’t really let us”!
With a big grin she said “well if I let you would you let me touch your willies”?
Now fully recovered from our embarrassment we nodded in agreement. I was a bit reticent as I was shyer than my pal. He reached out and felt her tits through the thin material and egged me on to do the same. In a fluster of embarrassed shyness I declined.
Now of course the girl wanted her end of the bargain and demanded that we get our cocks out. I declined making the excuse that I hadn’t touched her breasts. My pal on the other hand got his by now erect cock out of his trousers. You must remember this girl was three year our senior. She laughed saying what a small cock he had. Smiling she leaned forward and took my pals cock in her hand. She gave it a little wank type shake and got up saying it was time she went home for tea and flounced off.
My pal looked at me and said did I fancy wanking him off as he was hard. I agreed and we both wanked each other of to the biggest cum ever.
I still think of that day and wonder knowing what I know now that the outcome would have been a lot different.
Posted by trickydicky111 4 years ago
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1 year ago
Really horny tale got me good and hard
1 year ago
Just loved the story i am sure it really happened girls where just as curiouse about sex as we were. Very well done.
2 years ago
Very sexy and so exciting mmm
3 years ago
You should have shown her what you could do with it
3 years ago
Your stories a making me rock hard and wanking .. great stuff and just what i like xx
4 years ago
Fuck thats horny, just imagine the fun you could of had as a 3