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loosing my virginity

I was a young lad of s*******n when I had my very first sexual intercourse. I suppose this is pretty old by to day’s standards where twelve year olds are having babies. I was a young apprentice and there was a married woman at our works who used to tease me about sex. She had a young lad of seven and she asked if I would take him to the swimming baths and teach him to swim. Her Husband was away working for eighteen months on a contract. This was in the days when not everyone had television and my reward was to be allowed round to her house after swimming to watch television.
The woman was a friend of my parents who agreed to the deal as we didn’t have a television. He woman had a younger s****r who was divorced and was living with her until the settlement was over. The two women would have been thirty two and thirty respectively. The two of them liked a drink in the evening.
It was a winter’s night and there was some major sporting program on and I had been given special permission to stay round at her house until the program was over. As usual after her son was in bed the two women got out the drink and had one or two. We watched the program in front of a nice open fire and I was lying on the floor. As the elder woman leant forward to hand her s****r a glass of drink I just happened to look up and notice that she had no knickers on. Well I had glimpsed young girl’s pussy my age before at sports and at the pool. This was something totally different. There was lots of hair and it looked wet and juicy. I had never seen anything like it before. I looked a way quickly but could not help having a sly peek every time she leaned forward. I of course was getting quite an erection by this time and the bulge in my trousers had not escaped the woman’s attention. The program ended and the women started teasing me about girl friends and pulled my leg about having sex. They asked if I had ever had a drink. I replied boldly that I had been to the pub and had d***k beer before. They offered me a glass of gin and orange which was what they were drinking. It tasted quite pleasant and gave me a warm glow. The talk got sexier as the women started to get a little tipsy.
Suddenly the older woman leaned right forward and gave my swollen trousers a little rub and brining it to the attention of her s****r. I was embarrassed and started to draw away. She laughed and asked if I had seen a woman’s vagina before. I said I had seen some of the girls my age at school but only at a distance. Pulling her skirt right up she asked me what I thought of her pussy. I stared in wonder as I was confronted with my first female pussy. It looked all wet and shiny in the glow of the fire light. I noticed there was a trickle of wet just at the edge of the lips. I asked what that was and the woman laughed saying it was love juice. Taking her fingers she pulled the lips of her pussy apart and the pink wet inside came into full view. Her s****r leaned towards her and stated to play with her. Using her fingers she started to insert two into the pussy. Taking then out she licked her fingers and then put them back. She kept doing this and I could hear the squelching as she moved her fingers in and out. The older woman started to moan and asked her s****r to go faster. Smiling at me she asked if I would like a shot. I nodded enthusiastically and she took my fingers put them in her mouth and then got me to push then into her s****r pussy. It felt amazing wet and warm soft and juicy.
At this point the two started to giggle and asked if I would show them my cock. Blushing I said I didn’t know about that. The two then got hold of me and started to undo my trousers pulling them and my pants down to reveal my small cock. I had a semi hard on and at the end of my foreskin there was a large drip of precum. The younger s****r dared the older one to pull my foreskin back. This she did revealing my purple head all wet and gleaming in the fire light. They helped me off with my top and quickly took their own cloths off.
All naked they started to play with my cock and asked if I would like to taste their pussies. I had never done that before so they licked each other to show me it was ok. The younger one told me to play with her clit which was by now very aroused and looked like a miniature cock. I played with it using my tongue and sucked on it like a baby feeding. The taste was a mixture of salty and sweet, a taste that over the years of adulthood I have come to be very fond of indeed.
By now I was very hard and the younger s****r asked if I would like to put my cock into her older s****r’s pussy. I nodded eagerly being speechless by now. Pulling my foreskin back again she guided my cock into her s****r. Her s****r moaned as I slid right in and thrust herself forward. I could feel my balls against her bum and the heat of her pussy on my cock was just too much. I exploded with cum shooting the lot into her. When I pulled out of her pussy my cum started to run out of her. At this point her young s****r moved me aside and started to lick my cum up.
This was my first experience of many nights to come when the two women taught me all I ever would need to know about satisfying women sexually.
Posted by trickydicky111 4 years ago
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1 year ago
You are a master of erotica, really enjoyed it.
2 years ago
What an education - wonderful story.
3 years ago
You are a lucky bastard indeed!
4 years ago
Very interesting!!