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A warm day in summer

The sun was out from early morning and really warm for the UK. It was just perfect for my favourite pastime nude sunbathing in the garden. I got the sun bed out and had the crossword to keep me company along with a nice glass of wine. After a little while I laid back and closed my eyes and let the warm sun soak into my body. I could feel my cock stirring with the warm rays of the sun and sighed with pleasure thinking what a wonderful life.
I was almost drifting off to sl**p when I heard the latch on the side gate click. Dam! I had forgotten to lock the gate before starting to sunbathe. I looked up to see the post woman smiling down at me as she informed me that she had a parcel which was too big to go through the letter box. Having rang the door bell a few times she said that she decided to see if the back door was open. As she laid the small parcel on the floor inside the back door she looked round at me saying what a lucky man I was being able to sunbathe in the nude and apologised for interrupting me. I asked her if she would like a glass of wine to which she replied saying yes and that it was a nice day for sipping wine in the sun. I got up to get her a glass from the kitchen and my semi hard on attracted her attention. As I passed she said that she liked the look of my cock. Smiling I went in and returned with a glass of wine from the fridge.
As I sat down she asked if I would mind if she took her clothes off and joined me. I said I had no problem with that and got up and locked the side gate and got the other sun bed for her. As I lay down she removed her clothes with remarkable speed and got on the sun bed beside me. I could smell her scent and my cock was by now getting harder which had not gone unnoticed by her. She reached over and gave me gentle rub saying how sexy it was lying here with me in the nude when she should be working. I responded by giving her nice pert breasts a little fondle. She sighed saying how nice it was to feel a gentle hand on her nipples. I could feel them getting firm with my light touch. I moved gently down her nice flat stomach and reached her pubic hair which felt slightly damp. Reaching further down I felt her love juice oozing out of her vagina. She opened her legs invitingly and I slipped a finger into her vagina and started to move it out and in slowly whilst rubbing her, by now, firm clit with my thumb. She moaned with ecstasy as she took hold of my very erect cock and started to masturbate me nice and slow as my precum began to dribble down the head onto the shaft glistening in the sun light. Whispering softly she asked me to take her sexually. I asked about precautions but she said she was on the pill. Rolling off the sun bed and getting over her she guided my cock into her hot wet vagina. As I moved gently inside her I could feel her pelvic muscles grip my shaft. I stared to fuck her hard and could hear the slurp of my balls hitting her ass as I thrust in and out. Moaning in my ear she whispered that she would love to do sixty nine with me. Changing position I let her take my cock into her mouth. I could taste her love juice as I tongued her firm clit. Suddenly as I fingered her G spot and licked her clit she started to squirt as she started to orgasm. It was too much I started to cum in her mouth. I expected her to gag at this point but she just sucked harder and swallowed my copious amounts of cum. I thought I would never stop ejaculating. We lay for a moment savouring each other and moaning together with pleasure.
Eventually we separated and she got up and put her clothes back on. Finishing her wine she gave me a gentle but passionate kiss picked her mail bad up and I let her out the side gate. I have never to this day had such a nice sunbathe
Posted by trickydicky111 4 years ago
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1 year ago
great story
3 years ago
Great story - any more like that?
3 years ago
You lucky bastard! My postman is 6 foot 4, male and has tattoo's everywhere! Wouldn't want him sucking my cock in the garden!! Ha ha!
4 years ago
I've jsu cum !
4 years ago
good story