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In our town back when I was a young teenager there was a man who used to frequent the Gent’s toilets. Today he would probably be considered a paedophile or at least a gay sex maniac. The Gent’s toilet was a dark lit building with very small windows up near the roof standing on the corner of a side street which was a cul-de-sac. There were individual old fashioned porcelain toilet stalls. The place used to have a very strong urine smell no matter when you went in there.
The man used to be standing facing into one of the stalls in the corner. When my pal and I or anyone went in he used to start humming a tune to himself. We used to go to the stall on each side of him and pretend to be having a pee. He would stop humming and say to us what the weather was like today. Remarking that we looked fit youngsters he would ask us to feel his arm muscles. Being aware of what would come next we would feel his arms. After working round his body he would end up asking us to feel his thigh then work down to his cock which at this stage was still inside his trousers. Through his trousers it felt very large. After the two of us had felt him he would ask if we wanted to see it. This of course was the ultimate idea and the whole reason for the routine. One of us would unbutton his trouser flies and this large semi hard cock would fall out in front of us. Now to us at that time it looked huge and it was probably about six inches but at that time it seemed enormous. He would then ask us to feel that muscle. Before going into the toilet we had drawn lots to see who would touch him first. On this occasion my pal had to do the honours and touch him. Normally at this point we would both run out the toilet and down the street. However on this occasion we had agreed prior to going in the toilet to stay a bit longer to see what would happen. After I had my turn at touching him he asked who would like to see it grow bigger. We both said we would like to see this. He then asked that we each take turns at rubbing his cock with our hands As we did this in turn his cock started to swell and grow until eventually it was very firm and very very big. It felt rigid and I could hardly get my hand round it as it was so thick. It was also all slimy with what I now realise was precum. Suddenly from nowhere without any warning huge amounts of cum started squirting out the end all over the toilet floor. At this point we both took to our heels and ran out of the toilet and down the street roaring with laughter.
Now later in life I realise that we probably escaped from being abused
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1 year ago
you can be so hot thanks
3 years ago
Today you would like some young lads to play with you?
4 years ago
For your information you were in fact abused...
4 years ago
nice story had something similar when i was 17