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I remember sl**ping with my older cousin when we used to go and stay for summer holidays. He had a bigger cock than me but I thought I would get bigger when I was older. The very first time we slept together I remember looking secretly at his cock and wondering what it would be like to touch him. I woke up through the night with a hard on and started to play with myself secretly so as not to wake him. As I was gently stroking myself he turned towards me and put his hand over mine and whispered “Let me do that”. I whispered a reply and put my hand away and turned to face him in the bed. I asked if it would be OK if I touched him and with a big grin he nodded his head. I reached out and felt his cock. It was as hard as a rock and all wet and slippy. At this time I had never managed to ejaculate. When wanking I used to get that funny feeling which ran through my whole body as I orgasmed but never any cum. We had turned down the bed covers and were laying along side each other stroking each other. As memory tends to exaggerate I guess he must have been about seven inches and about the same thickness as me. He too was uncut as they put it nowadays. I thought it was normal and that everyone had a foreskin. Not until I went to Grammar School and saw in the showers cocks with no foreskin. I didn’t think anything of it. Of course my initiation into Grammar School is another story for another day. As we lay there wanking each other gently he asked me to open my legs wider. I did this and he started to gently rub my anus. He licked his finger and stared to gently insert it up my bum. This had the strange effect of making me harder than I had ever experienced before. Suddenly I got the funny feeling but still no cum. I asked him about that and he smiled saying not to worry it would happen some day soon. He asked me to put a wet finger up his bum while still wanking him. I did this and he started to moan and his cock got even bigger. He whispered to put two fingers up which I did. Moaning some more he asked me to go faster with the wanking and pushing my fingers in and out of his bum. He was pushing my head down near his cock and his body was starting to writhe about. My head was almost at his cock when he erupted with a huge ejaculation which went all over my face and in my hair. That was one of the most exciting times of my life. It was a wonderful holiday and we did it a few more times before I went home and back to school and I started to have my first ejaculations.
Does this story mean that I have a tendency to be gay.
Answers welcomed from males and females
76% (20/6)
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1 year ago
Wonderful story. I do not believe it means your are gay. Just young boys exploring their sexuality. Normal for that age.
2 years ago
Nice tale and certainly not meaning your gay, just broad minded and at the time learning what pleases a man/boy.
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
Nice. No it dosent not mean ur gay.
4 years ago
great story! got my cock hard as a rock!
4 years ago