was it a dream

Years ago as a young apprentice I was coming home from night school on a mid winter night. I used to catch the last train at night which was never busy as it stopped at the end of the line for the night ready for the first morning train. As I stayed not far from the terminus station it was nice to relax knowing that I wouldn’t miss my stop. There was only two other passengers waiting on the platform. One was a middle aged man and the other was an elder lady of about sixty. The train slid into the station with a familiar his of steam which billowed out over the platform hiding every one behind the cloud. As was the custom in those days we all sat a good way apart in the carriage respecting the others privacy. Settling down I started to read one of my text books which was an assignment for next night school class.
The sound of the clackety clack of the train wheels along with the rocking motion of the train so late at night made it difficult to concentrate and stay awake. I felt a gentle nudge as someone sat down beside me and moved more into my seat to allow them to sit down. A slight thought fleeted through my mind why sit here when the train was almost empty. As I was reading and trying to stay awake I soon forgot about my fellow passengers.
It felt warm and relaxing on a very cold night and I closed my eyes to give them a rest from reading. There was movement as my neighbouring passenger settled down. I felt a gentle pressure against my thigh. I was sure it felt like a hand but could not be certain. There was more gentle pressure as I felt a gentle soothing circular motion. It was rather pleasant and I relaxed even more. The fingers moved up my thigh and I felt them trying to explore the zip in my trousers. Sliding down a bit in the seat to allow easier access I felt my zip being slowly pulled down. Turning slightly in my seat I could smell what was either a nice strong after shave or it may have been a subtle perfume. I could hear myself as if in the distance give a little moan of pleasure as I felt my penis being taken in this hand. My foreskin was gently pulled back to allow my penis head to emerge from its cosy nestling place beneath. I could feel precum beginning to form as the gentle stroking of my shaft began. Softly the hand moved under my penis and cupped my balls giving them a gentle squeeze. I felt as if my penis would burst as I got the biggest erection I had ever had. Moving again I could feel my precum being spread all down the shaft as the slow stroking continued. The cum was rising inside me as the stroking begun to get faster and more intense making me even harder. With a gasp and a moan I could feel that pleasant painful sensation throbbing up my penis as I started to cum. There was a small blob of cum to start then a mighty spurt followed by more spurts. I had never cum so much.
There was a sudden jerk and a clatter as the train came to a halt against the buffers at the terminus. I was suddenly wide awake. The book I had been reading was on the carriage floor. As I leaned down to pick it up I felt all wet and sticky in my pants. Feeling my trousers I found the zip to be down and I was covered in wet creamy cum. The carriage was empty and a cold wind was blowing in from the open door. Gathering my stuff together I pulled my trouser zip up and headed for the station rest room. As I hurried along the platform I noticed the elderly lady and the middle aged gentleman going out the station gate. The train Driver shouted goodnight with a strange grin on his face as I hurried into the rest room and the safety of the toilets. How embarrassing I felt ………….
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3 years ago
Was it you or the driver who drove you over the edge so to speak?
3 years ago
Totally in love with this story! Talk about my fantasy! x
4 years ago
Nice story and leaving it open to question. Fascinating!
4 years ago
nice & interesting