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My job as a volunteer vistor

My first day at work as a volunteer visitor
Since getting word that I had been successful with my application and getting a start date all I could think about was my interview. This of course got me hard and set me off wanking.
I had a nice shower, dressed and set of for the Home. I was met in reception by Mary who took me to the Staff quarters, showed me around and gave me a locker. She then handed me a uniform. Well hardly a uniform but a pair of white jogging bottoms, a pale blue T shirt with the Homes badge and motto on the chest and asked what size trainers I took. She explained t... Continue»
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Application for volunteer visitor post

Application for a volunteer visitor to a retirement home
This is pure fantasy
I was watching porn on a favourite web site of mine when I spotted an advert for a volunteer visitor for an old people’s retirement Home. I thought this would be a nice community thing to do so I sent an email off. To my surprise I received an almost instant response. After a few emails confirming who I was I received in the post an invite to an interview.
On the morning of the interview I showered dressed sensibly and set off for my 11.00 am appointment. The Home was only about one hours drive from home so I... Continue»
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Small penis

I recommend, that anyone having a problem thinking they have a snall penis, read this article. Why-This-Mornings-penis-enlargement-feature-brought-tear-eyes-right-reasons.html
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summer madness

My very best school boy friend was a great guy who was up for anything in the wanking showing cock’s sphere. We used to play with each others cocks every opportunity we got. Very often we stayed over at each others house and as we had to share a bed we had lots of fun in bed together. It was not uncommon for either of us to wake the other up through the night by playing with the others’ cock. This was in spite of having wanked each other off before going to sl**p.
Well one day after we had been mooching about the local park and were lying down enjoying the summer sun. There was an... Continue»
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[Story] an evening at the cinema

Once when I was younger before I got married I was in the local cinema watching a film. This man came in and sat beside me. I thought nothing of it who would? After a little while I felt this hand on my thigh and moving gently up and down in a circular motion getting close to me cock each time. I gave a jump of surprise and moved his hand away. This seemed to do the trick and I settled down to watch the film. After a while I felt him getting up and moving out of the row.
Some time later I went to the toilet for a pee. Imagine my surprise when I saw who I thought was the man that had touched ... Continue»
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loosing my virginity

I was a young lad of s*******n when I had my very first sexual intercourse. I suppose this is pretty old by to day’s standards where twelve year olds are having babies. I was a young apprentice and there was a married woman at our works who used to tease me about sex. She had a young lad of seven and she asked if I would take him to the swimming baths and teach him to swim. Her Husband was away working for eighteen months on a contract. This was in the days when not everyone had television and my reward was to be allowed round to her house after swimming to watch television.
The woman ... Continue»
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A warm day in summer

The sun was out from early morning and really warm for the UK. It was just perfect for my favourite pastime nude sunbathing in the garden. I got the sun bed out and had the crossword to keep me company along with a nice glass of wine. After a little while I laid back and closed my eyes and let the warm sun soak into my body. I could feel my cock stirring with the warm rays of the sun and sighed with pleasure thinking what a wonderful life.
I was almost drifting off to sl**p when I heard the latch on the side gate click. Dam! I had forgotten to lock the gate before starting to sunbathe. I loo... Continue»
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[Story] early experience

I remember sl**ping with my older cousin when we used to go and stay for summer holidays. He had a bigger cock than me but I thought I would get bigger when I was older. The very first time we slept together I remember looking secretly at his cock and wondering what it would be like to touch him. I woke up through the night with a hard on and started to play with myself secretly so as not to wake him. As I was gently stroking myself he turned towards me and put his hand over mine and whispered “Let me do that”. I whispered a reply and put my hand away and turned to face him in the ... Continue»
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[Story] young adventure

In our town back when I was a young teenager there was a man who used to frequent the Gent’s toilets. Today he would probably be considered a paedophile or at least a gay sex maniac. The Gent’s toilet was a dark lit building with very small windows up near the roof standing on the corner of a side street which was a cul-de-sac. There were individual old fashioned porcelain toilet stalls. The place used to have a very strong urine smell no matter when you went in there.
The man used to be standing facing into one of the stalls in the corner. When my pal and I or anyone went in he ... Continue»
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[Story] A day in the park

One day when I was out walking on my lovely secluded parkland I decided to have a seat in the sun. As I sat on the park bench I could feel the sun warming my body. In particular I could feel the heat through my trousers and a nice warm feeling in my cock. I looked around and there was no one in sight.
I zipped down my trousers and started to fondle my cock which responded by getting harder. I kept pulling the foreskin gently back and watched as the penis head appeared and disappeared. I was soon very erect and I noticed precum beginning to dribble out of the cum hole. Settling back I gave a ... Continue»
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[Story] was it a dream

Years ago as a young apprentice I was coming home from night school on a mid winter night. I used to catch the last train at night which was never busy as it stopped at the end of the line for the night ready for the first morning train. As I stayed not far from the terminus station it was nice to relax knowing that I wouldn’t miss my stop. There was only two other passengers waiting on the platform. One was a middle aged man and the other was an elder lady of about sixty. The train slid into the station with a familiar his of steam which billowed out over the platform hiding every one b... Continue»
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