Mother in Law's Wish.

I have recently posted experienced enjoyed with my mother in law. Here is another......

We had been having sex, either with Sally, or without, more so without as she had little free time that coincided with ours. Joan had excelled as a pupil but one day she decided that she wanted to experiment a little more.
To my surprise she told me that she had read of a woman being "Spit Roasted" and that she wanted to try it. I explained the facts of what she was going to do and I could see that she was becoming aroused, she began to stroke my stiffening cock. I told her that she would have to choose a man with the attributes she wanted.
She gushed 'I want him to be tall, and strong with a long cock. Oh! and bisexual'
This really threw me. I had never had any homosexual tendencies although
I prided myself on an open mind on the subject. I did recall during puberty
having, like most men, a gay experience which as far as I could remember
was neither satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
As we had sex she explained what she wanted to happen. Her description left me feeling with nervous anticipation.
Later I purchased a book from our local Newsagents with local contacts
which I took to Joan's and we perused the adverts. She seemed taken by one guy who was much younger than both of us but boasted a 9" cock. I told her not to get too carried away as most men suffered the disability of being unable to to read a tape measure correctly and she would find that he was a lot smaller.
She had the perfect answer, so she thought.'It's simple,meet him, look at his cock, take a photo and send it to me. If he seems nice we meet up'
How do you ask a man you have never seen before to let me take a photo of
his stiff cock on your phone. Even if he did, where could we do it. I kept my reservations to myself as she arranged a meet.

The following week, with little time to spare, I called in the Black Bull, a nearby pub where Joan had arranged the meet.It was hard to miss Ian, he
was the only man alone in the bar. I walked across, bought a drink, introduced
myself and we sat down on a bench seat, out of earshot.

We got on like house on fire and we had many things in common. I told him about Joan and I, and what she wanted. I went on to explain that I was nervous about everything that was being proposed. He told me of his first gay experience and the way he described it I found not too scary. I knew Joan would like him so I gave him her address and a time and date. I suddenly remembered the photo she wanted and I nervously broached the subject
He agreed readily and suggested the gent's toilet. Fortunately the toilets were empty and I entered the cubicle first and sat down. Ian followed and closing the door, turned and began to take his cock out. I was very unsure
about this but the risk factor was stimulating. I got my phone out as he extracted his cock. He had'nt been lying, it was all he said it was. It was dangling in front of my face and he began stroking it. I had butterflies
in my stomach. He looked at me, smiled and said 'Here, feel it, it wont't bite'
Gingerly, I took it in my hand and slowly wanked it. It soon swelled
even bigger and I was fascinated by it as it stood erect in front of me. I saw that he had a foreskin and I pulled it back exposing his purple head and saw a drop of pre cum squeeze out of the end. Ian began to breathe heavily and suddenly pulled my head forward and f***ed his length into my mouth and began to fuck it. I was more aroused by this sensation than I could remember. He took
photo's of me sucking his cock and then pulled out and wanked himself furiously. I knew what was going to happen and wanted to pull away but instead
I had this urge to taste his cum. I opened my mouth in readiness as he pumped
all his seed into my mouth, over my chin and clothes.

Ian confirmed our date and left. I got in my car, my legs were shaking as I drove back to Joan's. I rang work claiming sickness but spent the day
screwing Joan on the experience. I recall her sucking Ian's dried juices from my shirt as sh masturbated to orgasm.

Three days later Ian arrived. I let him in, introduced him and we all sat down with a drink. The talk got round to what we did in the toilet. Joan sat between us and I took the initiative. I placed her left hand on Ian's crotch and the other on mine. She began to rub us and I began to feel het breasts, I encouraged Ian to do the same.We both began to kiss her and it was obvious
she was turned on. Not wanting her to cum too early Ian and I stood up, me behind him and I started to undress him, facing Joan. I undid his shirt and after removing it i began to play with his nipples.He was squirming as I undid his jeans and pulling them down exposing his member to Joan's view. She had her hand inside her pants as she watched me wank his cock. My own erection was
standing out and was nudging the crack of his bottom. At his urging we swapped position and he stripped as I had done him.We both stood there naked as we
mutually masturbated in front of Joan. She slipped to her knees and began to suck us alternately causing both of us to pull away fearing premature ejaculation. She suddenly pushed us to the floor and said
' I want to see you 69 each other'
We went down on each other as Joan stripped off. I sudenly felt Ian's fingers playing with my bottom so I reciprocated. The feeling was exquisite
and once again Joan intervened and had Ian sit on the sofa and me straddle him.
He played with my cock and in the lounge mirror I could see Joan sucking and wanking his stiffness furiously. After a short time I felt his enormous cock nudging at the entrance to my bottom. The initial contact felt so good and Joan suddenly took my shoulder and pulled me down impaling me on his erection. It hurt a little at first but It soo became comfortable. Joan knelt on the sofa masturbating Urging ' Go on fuck him, fill him up'
She was getting quite carried away when she pulled us apart and said
' It's my turn now, Spit roast me, fill my holes full of sperm'
With that I positioned my self in her mouth whilee Ian stuck his big dick deep inside her sopping pussy. She began to moan and pushed back and forth to get full penetration. We both began to cum at the same time. Joan puuled away and said 'Cumm all over me'
She slid to the floor with her head resing on th seat as we wanked all
over her face and chest. She was playing with herself as we rubbed sperm all over face and chest then making her clean us both up. She had loved every moment and it was'nt long before we gave her DP.
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what a hot lady
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you are sooooooooooooooooooo nasty thanks
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very nice !