The 19 year old college girl i fucked !!

About 3 months ago.. i'd been laid off from work..i was fucking furious.. the first day off i thought fuck it and went on a chat site called flirtomatic.. 7 o clock in the morning and did a search on local girls from Doncaster.. i text 10 girls asking for a fuck.. not expecting any replys back.. at 11 o clock i checked my mail.. a girl called Lauren, 19 years old, replied saying.. im at Doncaster college at the moment.. sure i'll fuck you.. pick me up at my mums house at 2 o clock.. she sent me a postcode for my satnav.
At 2 o clock i parked on the street and waited in my van.. i saw a young girl walking up the street.. a little body to die for.. i pulled up beside her and she got in.. i went straight back to my house.. making small talk while perving on her whilst driving.
When back at mine i took her into my front room and stood her in the middle.. i put 1 hand on her ass and the other 1 on her pussy and held her then pulled her by the hair.. she was shocked by the suddeness of my approach.. she thought wow. i pushed her to her knees, pulled my cock out and f***e fed her little mouth, she struggled taking it but i grabbed her hair and pulled her head down on to me.
i commanded.. 'stand up.. take off your clothes',, she did this and then sat back on the settee.. i leaned forward and shoved to fingers deep into her.. i pulled her head back with her hair and spit in her mouth and then on her face.. i let go of her hair and slapped her face hard and put my fingers in her mouth.. still deep in her pussy with my other hand.. she started to bleed a little.
i sat next to her i said..'fuck me on top face away from me'.. she stood over me faced away.. i grabbed her hair, my other hand on her hip with her hand on my cock.. i pulled her onto me and fucked her from behind, pulling her so her back nearly broke.. lifting her up then pounding back into her..
i stood up, not taking my cock out of hair.. we both stood with my cock in her pussy.. i grabbed her head.. slapping her, making her look at me as i called her a fucking slut, i squeezed my hand round her throat, she was turned on to fuck..
i walked her across the room, not letting my cock out of her while pulling her head back with her hair.. she was so much smaller than me. she got on all fours in a chair.. i pushed her face into the pillow and fucked her hard, starting to smack her ass really hard.. making her cry. i held my cock inside her and pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and worked them round.. stretching her.. i took them out and fucked her head with about 20 thrusts.. i stopped.. and put the 2 fingers inside her ass and stretched her and fucked her.. she moaned like fuck.. face in pillow.. i fucked her pussy with my cock, her ass with my fingers,, while spanking her red.. grabbing her throat now and again.

i sat down and fucked her with her on top again but with my cock buried in her ass.. hair in 1 hand, i smacked her ass over and over again.. making bl**d come to the surface..her ass was turning blue.. i rammed my cock up her deep, her bucking on my cock.. i laid her on the corner of the settee and grabbed her throat.. fucking her up the ass with 2 fingers in her pussy.. she said 'treat me rough'.. so i pulled my hand back, chocked her and hit her across the face has hard as i could and thrust deep into her fast and hard.. she came straight away.. i pulled out of her and put her on her knees.. i again struggled to f***e my cock in her mouth.. i said..'take my load in your mouth, dribble it back out for me'.. she swallowed it straight away, no dribbling from the bitch.. we sat for a while but she talked shit and did my head in so i fucked her again.. to stop her talking.. i then drove her home to mum and dad.. i fucked her the following day as well but then she text me saying she was in love.. i lost contact with her.. a good fuck though.. :p
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1 year ago
lucky guy, sub teens are the best!
4 years ago
your rough on the girls nice story
4 years ago
True story actually.. she asked me to treat her like that??
4 years ago
your a sick puppy, good job this is all in your head as in reality you are a pathetic wimp who has no idea how to deal with women
4 years ago
haha get what u need and broom her fast lol