When i took my s****rs virgin best friend !!

when i went to visit my mums house at Leeds i found a photo of my s****r & her best friend at the time.. she was 16.. i was 19. I asked my s****r who her fit friend was in the photo.. she said 'its joanne.. can't you remember my best friend.. she used to have a crush on you'.. inside me i thought wow did she now.. but said nothing to my s****r.
I took notice of what my s****r was upto and when she said one day i'm going to the park with joanne.. i said.. 'i'm bored.. i'll come too'. Joanne arrived at my mums house and sat in the living room waiting for my s****r.. i sat next to her making her giggle and touching her suggestively now and again.. then off we went to the park.
At the park Joanne laid next to me, constantly taking notice of me.. one of the lads there said.. 'Joanne wants to fuck you'.. i just smiled, taking in what had just been said.
I said.. 'come on s*s.. bring your friend were off into town'.. i took them to a bar and got them a couple of drinks.. slightly d***k i talked to my s****rs best friend. After an hour or two i said 'lets get some drink and go back to mums'.. we did this and while plying Joanne with cider, i got her sat next to me with a blanket over us both, my s****r and mum was in the room.
I put my hand into her trousers and into her knickers.. she pushed into me.. she was wet straight away and never made a sound as i fingered her.. mum never suspected a thing.. eventually saying.. 'im off to bed everyone'.. leaving us alone.. i told my s****r to turn the light out and the tv off as i was tired.. she did this and layed on the floor next to me and her best friend on the settee.
i kissed her.. pulling her trousers and knickers down to her knees.. and finger fucked her and played with her clit.. unsure if i should carry on.. the temptation was to much and i went down on her.. licking her out while my s*s sl**ped next to us. My s****r got up.. said 'you pair of dirty fucks' and walked out of the room to her bedroom.. leaving me and joanne alone.
i stood her up.. ordered her to undress.. and then to come climb on my cock. She looked sexy as fuck.. i pulled her down onto my cock but i struggled to get it in.. i f***ed and penetrated her.. she moaned like fuck has i fucked myself deep into her.. holding her into me.. i put her on the floor on all fours and fucked her hard from behind.. pushing her across the floor.. i was worried someone would hear us.. the first strange noise and a put her down.. made her get dressed and pretend to be asl**p..
the next morning i got out of there as fast as i could.. when i got home my cock was covered in bl**d but i was ok.. i knew she was a virgin straight away, it was obvious. All got confirmed the following day because my s****r told my mum.. nothing got said.. it was put down to drink.. everybody was happy, including my s****rs friends parents.. but i know i fucked there daughter good that day.. i'm bad :p

70% (23/10)
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3 years ago
not to bad...
4 years ago
good one
4 years ago
haha what an asshole great story man love it