Just Fucked s****r-in-Law

I just violated my s****r-in-law’s virginal pussy. My cock lay in her still convulsing inner walls. My cum slowly started to spill out from her. And our mouths were locked and tongues swirling in the heat of passion.

I wanted to stay in that moment longer. I gently rocked in and out of her for a couple more minutes. I was sweaty. She was flushed. It was a lovely sight to see her face in tingling pink hue and her bust and neck area prickly red from her first fucking.

“That was amazing!”

I grinned. “No, you were amazing!”

“I didn’t expect how full the feeling would be inside me.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

With that I fully slid my cock out of her and slowly lain beside her in bed. She reached over and took my cock in her hand. Slowly caressing it up and down the mast. Feeling her and my mixed cum on her fingers and playing with it like a k** and some sticky goo.

My hands made its way to her beautiful mounds as well. Her A-cup breasts were such a delight to cop a feel for. I was just playing with her still hard nipples, switching back and forth between her left and right breasts. I took one into my mouth and start suckling on it. Her eyes just closed and a small smile flashed at me.

Then my phone rang. It was my wife telling me that she’s running behind on the errands and would be 30 minutes late.

Kristie’s eye opened, a smile still on her face, hand still on my cock and she rose up the bed.

“We should get cleaned up here, don’t you think?”

With that she asked me where the bathroom is. Pointing to the hallway she stood up started walking and looked back at me halfway through.

“Want to help me get cleaned up?”

Who am I to argue right? So I rushed towards her, grabbed her at the waist, lifted her up and spun her around. She giggled. Asking me to put her down while still laughing.

The shower scene was just as lovely as me taking her virginity away. As the hot water started to flow she stood closer to the nozzle while I sat behind her. She handed me the loofah and asked to do her back.
I had my left hand on her shoulder doing a slight massage and keeping her stable on one hand while my right hand made it’s way through her back and up. Starting at her nape and ending on her bum her creamy smooth skin was a delight to feel on your hands.

A while of rubbing her back obviously made it’s way into my my cock. And it was raging hard again. I was gently kneading her tushy at that point and was toying with her bum crack which she found teasing so she reached back and tried to swat my hand but instead hit my cock rather hard.

She froze and turned around, shocked and surprised to see and realized what she hit. A sly smile came out from her.

“Boy! That thing is excited again?”

“Are you not? I mean, with a body like yours and your wiggling tushy just a foot away from it, it’s really feeling the heat.”

With still soapy hands she took my cock and started shafting it. I drew in closer and started to kiss her. Dropping the loofah on the floor I put one hand behind her, pulled her in closer and started to savor her lips, her neck and her shoulders. I kissed, licked, caressed her lovely frame as she playfully kneaded my cock and ball sac.

The bathroom was filled with steam but when I returned the crotch caressing favor back her pussy felt primed for another go at it. Her eyes were already closed when my fingers found her clit and love hole. I played with it a bit knowing full well how she was enjoying it immensely since her grips on my tool started to harden and deepen.

“We only have a couple more minutes left”

I whispered into her and then I flipped her around. She was surprised, maybe having not done something like this in a shower before.

“Oh” was all she could muster.

“I want to fuck you again!”

With that she turned her head over her shoulder, I met her mouth with mine, sucked her tongue while I angled my cock for entry.

I was amazingly natural how her tushy angled up and her hips widened to accomodate my cock. Rubbing my cock on her slit for some lubrication I eased into her pussy which took it’s first shower cock oh so gently.

Then I started to rock her back and forth. She took my one hand and placed it on her tit. I grabbed and kneaded those a-cups as my cock pulsed into and out of her pussy. She was loving it.

“Go faster!”

Who am I to argue? So I picked up the pace thinking I would have already been desesnsitized from our first go at it today.

“Fuck, that feels so good! Squeeze my tits harder.”

This really got me turned on. I thought that she is enjoying it immensely but this is beyond wha I hoped a virginal fuck would end up being.

With that I took the other free hand and plunged it into her clit and massaged it hard. It was a sight for porn and my cock and fantasy was living its dream. Virginal teenageer wet in the shower, taking it from the back from a mature and married in-law, with my right hand on her tits and my left hand flicking her clitoris.

Fuck! That sent me over the top!

I pounded her harder and hard and “Oh oh oh” was all that came out of her mouth.

“Oh fuuuccckkk!”

I shouted as I unleased wave upon wave of semen into her pussy once again. My hips and hers were rocking in unison. She backed into me hard, grinding her pussy as far as it would go and and she came. That pushed me and her onto the shower stall seat where I grabbed both her tits as I hugged her close and started to kiss her shoulders once again.

We sat there for a couple of minutes, cooling down, as she turned the water colder. When she stood up and unmounted our cum mix slowly dribbled through her legs. She opened her legs a bit to inspect it and then started to wash it away. My cock was satisfied as I stroked it while I watched her clean up then I knelt behind her tushy and gave her love crack a quick kiss.

“Did you ever worry about getting me pregnant and all?”


I told her I’d been snipped as her s****r and I didn’t want to have any more k**s.

She hugged me and we finally got cleaned up.
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wonderful story...all true ?
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