The nudist beach and what followed

My Asian ex-gf always enjoyed when I told her that other men got horny and hard when they see and think of her. That's why I made up sexy stories about that when we made love. This made her real horny, often reaching multiple orgasms.
Sometimes during the summer period we went to a non-textile beach nearby. Nice people to peek at!
Afterwards we usually have fantastic sex sessions. In particular, if I say a few choice words about how other men at the beach got erections when looking at her.
I did not know whether she would like to see my fantasy stories become a reality or not. I decided to test her.
Where we usually go we often see a guy, around 20 years of age, wandering quickly back and forth, fully clothed. The head is spinning like a propeller when he tries to check out the sunbathers. BTW, me and my ex is about twice as old as he his.
When I saw him I got my idea. He was about to pass quite close to us so I got up and intercepted him. He looked a bit confused and tried to change direction.
- Wait a minute, I told him.
He stopped with a worried look on his face.
- Do not worry, I reassured him. I'm just a regular guy who likes to sunbathe nude. You need not be afraid of me.
- Mhm ... Was all he said.
- Researching the chicks, just like most guys do?
- Mmmm ... yes, was the cautious response.
- Then you go home and jerk off, of course!
- Mmmm ...
- Have you ever fucked?
- Nooooo, he said with a low voice.
- Do you see the little Asian girl there? I asked, nodding towards my ex-gf who was sitting ten yards away.
- That's my girl, I continued. Think she is sexy?
- Mmmm ...
- Will you be thinking about her today when you jerk off next time?
- Yeah maybe, the answer came with an embarrassed smile.
- What do you say if you could come home with us when we leave in just a few minutes and you can jerk off while watching her in real life? How does that sound?
- Awesome!
- Go and wait by the large car park and we will be there in less than ten minutes. I'll check with her if she agrees to having company back home.
He walked away while I went to the blanket where my ex-gf was sitting. I explained what it was all about.
- You are crazy!
She sighed and shook his head. I looked at her and I could see she was interested. She took a long look at me.
- Maybe, she said teasingly, started dressing and we packed up to go home.
We walked towards the car park. There stood the young guy waiting. He hardly dared to look at us.
- Well, what about it, can he join us or not? I asked my ex-gf.
- Okay.
I saw the interest glowing out of their eyes.
During the short car trip we managed to introduce ourselves to each other. His name was John.
I told him that me and my girl like to fuck as soon as we get home from the nudist beach.
I parked outside our house and we hurried inside. Straight to the bedroom.
Me and my ex-gf quickly threw off our clothes and flung ourselves down on the bed while John was a definitely hesitant.
I kissed my girl's hard nipples. She was already very horny. I kissed her down the belly to the lovely little slot between her legs. She spread readily and the tip of my tongue quickly found her sensitive clit.
She groaned aloud with pleasure. I felt how wet she was already. She looked at John, who was still a bit taken aback at the foot of the bed.
- Come here so I get to know you, said my girl.
I saw in the corner of my eye how John took a couple steps along the bed's side and how my girl lifted one hand and caressed the bulge clearly visible on the front of his pants.
- Is he hard? I mumbled while treating her pussy with a flickering tongue.
- Mmmm ... rock hard, I think, said my girl with a groan.
I felt that she was heading for the afternoon's first orgasm. Feeling a strange man's hard cock through the fabric has always been something that made her extremely horny. Now she could experience this while her pussy got a sweet tongue treatment.
She squeezed his hard cock through the front of his pants, I sucked her clit between my lips and John stared fascinated at my ex-gf's sexy body. She squeezed harder and harder until she cried out as a violent orgasm shook her body.
After a few seconds she was breathing more normally again and I told her to release John's cock from it's prison.
- He is supposed to jerk off, I said. Suggested that she could jerk off for him.
She fumbled with the buttons and zipper. She succeeded in pulling down his trousers and pants - up jumped a hard cock of normal size, pointing a strongly upwards.
Now there were two rock-hard cocks in the bedroom.
I moved my way up, brought a pillow under the girl's butt and directed my cock to her dripping pussy.
My girl took a firm grip on John's hard cock. He winced and groaned slightly as she slowly began stroking his dick.
My girl was incredibly horny by now. I drove my cock slowly into her pussy, all the way to the root. Before I could start pulling it back again I felt her pussy shaking and squeezing me.
I began to fuck her slowly. All the way in and all the way out again. John could easily see how my cock worked its way in and out of the girl's soaked pussy. All the time my girl jerked his rock hard cock in front of my eyes.
- He's about to cum, you notice it? I asked.
- yeah, he gets harder and harder, moaned my girl.
- He will spray out over your boobs, your stomach and even down to your horny pussy, you know.
It was too much for John, he could not hold it any longer. First came a small drop, then followed a couple of giant sperm cascades that swept over the girl's chest, stomach, on to the sheets and one spurt even hit me!
The sight of John's huge cum shot was too much for my girl who once again reached a heavy climax. Her pussy squeezed my cock so hard that for a moment she locked me tight inside. It was an almost painful pleasure but I knew I had to last longer and strained myself from filling her pussy with my cum.
After a few minutes we cleaned up the mess John made. My girl told John to lie down and rest on the bed, next to her.
She turned her back to me but I was no to be denied. My cock was still hard and she had no second thoughts about letting me come to her again, from behind.
We fucked gently while she was telling John how sweet cock his cock was, that she wanted to have him hard again.
Then she started caressing John's cock gently, muttering encouraging words like "good boy" when it started growing. Soon John's cock stood hard and straight, pointing towards the ceiling.
My girl eased herself away from me, instead moved over to John, slowly lowering herself onto his erect tool.
John's eyes looked like popping out of his head while she did this. He obviously could not believe his luck this day!
My girl began riding John's cock slowly - I know she loves being on top! Before long she was moving quicker and giving harder trusts.
I knew my ex-gf was quick to reach climax and also produce multiples. This afternoon she was at her best!
I could tell she was soon reaching climax again, riding this young man's cock. And by the way John was acting I guessed he'd join her in a mutual climax.
I was correct. Before long I saw how my girl shivered and climaxed while John pushed his cock strongly up into her, groaning like mad.
They collapsed, panting heavily after their glorious finale.
But I was not done yet! My cock was rock hard, drooling pre-cum. It was the first time I have seen my ex-gf fucking another man and I loved it.
I gently pushed her away from John, his sperm running out of her pussy was an awesome sight.
I rolled her over on her back, spread her legs and shoved my throbbing dick into her sperm filled cunt.
- Now your man is fucking you and your cunt is full of another man's cum, I growled at her.
- Yes, yes, yes, fuck me darling, it feels so nice, she whispered.
My cock worked ragingly in and out of her soaking pussy. John's cum kept dripping and drooling out of the pussy as I worked away in a frenzy.
- Give it to me, she groaned.
I duly obliged. My God! My orgasm was possibly the strongest I have ever experienced. I felt it from head to toe, felt like I was emptying everything I had into her, spinal fluids and all. She felt me cumming and received my sperm with yet another orgasm, faint and weary but nevertheless an orgasm.
That's how our day at the non-textile beach ended. A truly great experience. Why don't you leave your swim suit at home next time you g for a swim!? Who knows what will happen.
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1 year ago
1 year ago
We'd all love to visit your beach ...
1 year ago
What a great story. Wished I was there!
2 years ago
superb story....
3 years ago
Great story. Guess it was John's lucky day, and yours too, and your GF's also. Hell, everyone got lucky;o) Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Excellent story!
3 years ago
very good