An athletic girl with tiny tits gave me a wonderfu

I have read about the old Polish capital, Crakow. It is supposed to be a beautiful city and I decided to take a short trip to visit the place. It turned out to be a more than beautiful experience. Luv to cum back to Cracow soon.
I arrived late in the evening and had to wait until next morning before walking through the old city in the bright sunshire. Truly nice. One beautiful sight after another. But better was to come when I sat down outside a local restaurant to have some lunch.
Sitting there, sipping my beer, while waiting for the food to arrive I noticed the place was getting crowded. Obviously a popular restaurant. The only free table was a small one next to me. Then two young women stopped by my table, looking for a place to sit. Closest to me stood a blonde young lady, I bet many would have cast more than one eye at her, but behind her was standing a real stunner. I almost dropped my jaw.
She must have been around 25 years of age but her body looked only half her age. She must have been just over five feet (153 cms) tall, had long, black hair and was wearing a tight short white dress. It looked like glued to her very fit body. For contrast she wore a black leather belt around her waist. She was not wearing a bra. Not that she needed it. I could see through the dress, her dark aerolas and tiny nipples poking out. A slight rounding gave a hint. This is where her tiny tits are located.
The only place for the girls to sit down was at the table next to me. My luck did not desert me. The dark haired beauty with her even sun tan sat down facing me. After finding her seat she looked up and smiled at me. I grinned back, feeling something awakening inside my boxers.
My food came. While eating slowly I took every opportunity to look up at this thrilling young woman. Most of time I found her looking at me with an indescribable expression on her face, in her eyes. I could not tell whether she was interested in me och just playing games with me. I had to find out before leaving. I tore a piece of paper from my free city map, wrote my mobile telephone number on it. When the girls had finished their meal – mine was finished long before! – I left my seat and went up to their table.
- Hello, let me introduce myself. I am Trevor, I said to the blonde girl sitting next to me.
I held out my hand for her to greet me. She looked surprised, took a gentle, quick grip on my hand before letting it go, mumbled a reply I really did not need to hear. I turned to the sexy dark haired beauty, reached out my hand which she held with a firm an gentle grip.
- Hi beautiful, I am Trevor!
- Natasha, she replied with a shy smile.
- I am just here on a short stay, do you live in Cracow?
- Yes, I do.
- I thank God I got the opportunity to see you and share a word with you. You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen and I only wish I could spend time with but I notice you have company already.
I moved closer to her as I spoke, moved our hands, still locked together, down and pressed the back of her hand against my crotch. There was no way she could miss feeling my rock hard cock pulsating inside. I stretched out my left arm and sneaked the paper with my telephone number into her left palm. She looked a bit bemused. I bent over and planted a gentle kiss on her cheek, whispering “call me as soon as possible … please…”
I let go and moved away. A couple of paces and I looked over my shoulder. I could see both girls were looking in my direction. To my excitement the dark head nodded and there was a smile on her face.
I continued walking the streets of this interesting city but could not really concentrate on what I was seeing. All my thoughts were on this Polish sweet I just found. Hours were passing and I was losing hope. She was obviously a jester and I was the fool.
The suddenly the phone rang in my pocket.
Quickly I got it up. An unknown number. Polish number.
- Yes, this is Robert!
- Hello, this is Natasha.
- Wonderful to hear your voice!
- Where are you?
- Wait, have to check … This street i Grodzka and the one crossing here is … Poselska.
- Good, I am very close. Could you stay there and I will be there in less than five minutes.
- Sure! Looking forward to seeing you again.
She made in in less than five minutes and I greeted her wih a big smile and open arms. She did not hesitate accepting the hug and greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. It was as far as she reached.
- What do you want know? She asked.
She really tested me there. All I wanted to do was to see her naked, kiss and caress her. Then fuck her well and truly. But I had to settle for a second alternative.
- I would not mind a cup of coffee.
- Then I know the prefect place for it, Natasha replied with a smile.
She took my hand and lead me through the streets of Cracow. While walking I found out a lot about her. She was 23 years old and she had been a top gymnast when she was younger, just below the best in Poland, but she always had problems with injuries. Finally she had to retire. That was only a couple years ago. She was used to training and wanted to keep fit. To achive this she still trained a lot, but less strenuous activities that did not hurt her. She obviously did a good job it, there wasn’t a fraction of extra fat on her body. This was clearly visible for all to see.
And she had always been attracted to older men.
- I have never received such wonderful compliments, hearing … feeling... I could not resist the chance to meet you.
As we turned a corner, she stopped and looked up into my eyes. Her eyes were like glittering lakes of green and dark blue.
- Here we are!
I looked around and could see no café, no restaurant. This was a residential area.
- What do you mean?
- This is where I live. I can make you a nice cup of coffee!
Her face was all smiles as she opened the front door and she led the way up the stairs. I got the most enjoyable view of her tiny ass in that mini dress as she paced those stairs.
Natasha’s apartment was on the second floor. We entered a small hallway with the sun shining through the open doors on the left. Natasha turned to me and said she’d make some coffee. She was so sexy and beautiful as she stood the in the light from the sun. I could not contain myself.
- Natasha! I want to see you naked!
She looked at me, a shy smile in the corners of her mouth and glitter in her eyes. She stood like that for little while as we both looked at eachother. Then she put her hands up behind her neck to open up the zip at her back.
She was flat like a board in her tight dress, now slighly pulled up by her movement, I could almost spot her panties. Or tangas? Most of all, I could see her dark aerolas through the fabric and her nipples pointing straight at me.
Natasha undid the zip and slowly stepped out of the dress. She had an even sun tan all over her body and her tits were tiny, almost invisible, but yet perfectly rounded. My cock was pulsating like mad inside my boxers. Natasha dropped the dress to the floor. She was wearing the tiniest type of white tangas. She looked me straight in the eyes as she put her thumbs inside on each side, held it for a few seconds before slowly pulling the tanga down, then stepping out of her high heeled sandals.
There she was, incredibly beautiful and naked for my eyes to feast on. Not a visible hair on her entire body. I could see her clean shaven pussy. It was slightly red and swollen … already. The inner lips was visible. They looked like longing for kisses. I stretched out one hand and touched one of her tiny tits. Moved my hand across her chest and felt her hard nipples against the palm of my hand.
My cock was trying to do a jail break inside my shorts. I decided to give it a helping hand. Quickly I removed my shorts and as I was about to pull down my boxers I saw Natasha’s eyes glued to my crotch. She licked her lips in anticipation. I pulled down the boxers and my cock jumped up like a piston gone berserk, pointing straight up at Natasha who could not hold back a small shout of joy. I quickly disposed of my shirt and the same moment it fell to the floor Natasha jumped up into my arms, her arms around my neck. She was light as a feather! As I put my hands around her tiny ass she quickly put one hand down, guiding my throbbing cock into her moist and tight pussy as she was clinging onto my chest.
Natasha started riding my cock, hanging from my neck. Then she proved all her skills as a top gymnast, clinging all over me, making me fuck in positions I never realised was possible. I did not keep count of all the times she changed position, nor how many times she reached climax, nor how many time I did cum that afternoon and night.
And she managed to get me the promised cup of coffee during a short break while regaining my strength.

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48 minutes ago
Very well written. I sure hope it really happened!
2 months ago
You write a romantic as well as an erotic story of a woman responding to a man's hot lusting interest in her. Then the sex action make me eager continue responding to mutual flirting and eager to see what a woman really wants from me.
5 months ago
6 months ago
Fucking riveting! I want to do that with Shawn Johnson.
7 months ago
If this was a true story, you are one lucky guy. Thanks for sharing!