Wake up call

I had an amazing experience on a hot Saturday morning during summer. By then my girlfriend was on the pill which made things a little easier - for me :-)

We had been on a party Friday evening after a gruelling working week and we crashed into bed in the early hours. Too tired to stay awake for one second.

This part I have been told by my girlfriend:
After a few hours' sl**p she had to go to the toilet. I was fast asl**p and when she came back she snuggled up very close to me. We were both sl**ping in the nude. No reaction from me. She just placed her hand on my crotch and to her surprise my cock started growing under the gentle pressure from her hand. In the early morning light she could see my face. No reaction.
She started caressing my cock, slowly moving up and down and it was getting hard as a rock. Still no reaction from me.
Slowly she moved over, placed herself on top of me, guiding my cock into her hot pussy as she gently lowered herself down. All the way.
Then she began fucking me very, very gently. For how long, she did not know. At times I made small sounds and moved slightly. She paused momentarily. Then she continued.

Finally I just had to wake up. It was a strange awakening. But oh so wonderful!
It was like waking up in the middle of a really wet dream. You know, when you wake up and feel like you're gonna cum any second - if you just jerk your cock a couple of times. But this time was different. I felt my cock being treated in a most sensational way.
- I am being fucked!
The thought hit me like lightning.
I opened my eyes, saw my smiling girlfriend riding my cock. When she saw my eyes gazing at her, tantalizingly she lifted her arms above her head. Revealing her hairy armpits.
Immidiately I felt the cum exploding inside of me, forcing it's way viciously through my cock. The load felt so huge and hot I felt a sting of pain as the first spurt erupted from the top of my cock into my girlfriends hot and moist pussy. I kept cumming ... and cumming, flinging myself upwards, almost as if I wanted to shoot my entire body into her pussy. I kept cumming hard and viciously, almost thought I'd see my cum come dribbling out of her mouth from the inside.
Damn those sexy pits of hers!
I will never ever forget that Saturday morning ...

86% (11/2)
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1 year ago
Love it
1 year ago
What a way to wake up!
3 years ago
u had me until the hairy pits
4 years ago
or if its in her mouth
4 years ago
Great way to wake up!