My wife wanted to become pregnant

First, before the story: English is not my mother tongue. When working on this story there were occations when I could not find the exact words I was looking for - but I guess you'll get the general idea.

My wife Helen is a petite blonde beauty. We started dating when she was 16, ten years later, when this took place, she still acted like a teenager from time to time. Maybe because she still looked like being a teenager.
People who did not know us could assume we were closely related. We are both blonde and slim.
We married when she was 20 - I am one year older - and we both wanted to raise a f****y. No luck, no matter how we tried, she would not get pregnant.
After consulting a specialist we were told that the fault was mine. I had a poor sperm count. If I'd avoid ejaculating for at least a week, preferably longer, and my wife would have to calculate when she is most likely to get pregnant. Then we would stand a better chance.
This we did, we set a date for our 'pregnancy night' and I decided to avoid cumming for two full weeks before.
My God! That was an ordeal. Living together with this small, sexy wife of mine without making love was almost killing me.

When the day finally arrived I was was walking half-erect all day.
Coming home from work my wife met me at the door with a big kiss. She was really excited.
- I must tell you what happened today, she said.
We sat down by the kitchen table and she began to tell me.
- I phoned the deli and was just gonna stop by there, pick up the love food for tonight and be right out. Shouldn't take more than three minutes.
- Hmm, I agreed.
- But there was only room for one car outside as somebody just left. I managed to slip in just ahead of a big black guy in a huge van who'd obviously had been waiting there for his chance.
- That was not nice ...
- You should have seen the expression on his face. He was raving mad. I just waved to him and went inside to get the food and pay. When I came back the black guy was still sitting there in his van staring at me.
- You are crazy!
- No problem, when I left I gave him an opening, didn't I!?

Then we changed the subject, starting to talk about my problem with the sperm count and how everything hopefully would come out right after this night.
It was a warm summer's day and we had the kitchen window wide open while we were sitting there.
After the light love dinner we began to prepare for the big moment.
- Honey, I said. Don't expect too much tonight, I have not cum in two weeks and you know I think you are so sexy. I'm gonna cum so quick.
- It's ok as long as you make me pregnant. Afterwards you can rest just a little and then we can make love once more. I know you can do it, she encouraged me.
Both of us was really looking forward to this. We started kissing almost desperately as we made our way to the bedroom. The clothes disappeared as they weren't there.
Helen looked at my raging hard-on, touched it.
- Hey, I've never seen it as big and swollen as tonight. And rock hard!
My cock is just under average size, I think, but right there and then it looked much bigger than usual.
- It's because I am longing so much for to cum deep inside you and make you pregnant tonight.
Helen threw herself flat on he back on the bed. Spread her legs, I could see her hairless pussy was swollen and wet.
- Come now darling, I want you so bad, she whispered.
The door crashed open and in stepped a big black man pointing a gun straight at me.
- No, sonny, he said. You are not going anywhere.
- My God! Helen sighed. The man from outside the deli.
- Yes, the black man replied. Now you two just shut up and do as I tell or you are both dead. You hear!
Helen and I nodded in fear.

He took a quick look around, then told Helen to pull out the small armchair we had in the corner of the room and put it just at the foot of the bed, then told me to sit there.
He then produced a rope from one of his deep pockets, told Helen to tie my arms behind my back and then lie down on the bed with hands over her head.
The black man checked the knots, tied them real tight to the chair and did exactly the same with my feet.
There I was, tied to the chair with no possibility of moving. Right in front of my eyes lied my petite wife spread naked on the bed.
The black man turned to my wife.
- You thought you had lost me? Ha! I followed you from a distance. You did not notice. Nobody treats me like you did. I was gonna kill you. Then I heard through the kitchen window what you were planning for tonight.
A wide grin across his face as he continued:
- Yeah, the kitchen window, that's how I entered. You two were too busy with eachother, you wouldn't have noticed an elephant climbing through the window! So now, my little white bitch, I am gonna fuck you real good in front of your husband. How you gonna like that?
Helen's eyes grew wide with fear and she screamed "NOOOO!" So did I.
- I told you both to shut up. Just do as I tell you. Ok!
We nodded. We knew we were defeated. No way you can talk back to a big, strong man pointing a gun at you.

The black man undressed, doing so he revealed a huge erect cock.
- So honey, this is for you tonight. You like it?
Helen was looking at that big cock with fear in her eyes. I was the only man in her life up til then. She had never seen such a big cock before. Needless to say, nor had I.
- Answer me when I talk to you!
Helen shook her head slowly without taking he eyes off that big black meat which was pointing straight at her.
Then I realised another glimpse in her eyes, deep inside she was beginning to get interested. And I could do nothing about it. I was cursing myself. Furthermore, my cock was still rock hard, pointing right up as it wanted to reach the ceiling.

The back man climbed up into the bed, turning his back against me, he easily turned Helen almost 90 degrees. I could now see her body stretched out before my eyes as he spread her legs wide apart, pointing his huge black cock at Helen's pussy.
- Hey dude, he turned to me. You want me to fuck your wife real good now while you watch?
- Noooo, I replied with despair in my voice.
- That's nice, he said. That's the way I want it to be. I'll fuck her like she'd never been fuck before and you just have to shut up and watch me.
He directed his cock to Helen's pussy, I could see under Helen's lifted right thigh how he slowly penetrated my wife. She gave up a slow complaining sound as the hard black cock had difficulties opening a passage into her tight pussy.
- Nooo, please. I begged, to no avail.

He stopped when half the length of his cock had disappeared into Helen's stretched pussy. The black began fucking her slowly, in and out, in and out. Soon Helen joined in the rhythm and before long the big black cock was shoved entirely into her small pussy. Right to bottom by every thrust. And she met him with a lustful groan every time.
I sat there with my cock throbbing wildly while desperately watching my wife being fucked by the big nigger.
I heard the sound of her wetness as the nigger kept pumping and I saw the early signs, she was gonna cum. By God! She was gonna cum! So quick, so quick. She'd never cum so quick when I fuck her.
She threw her head from side to side, her pussy was clinging onto the black cock which now was all wet from Helen's juices.
Then I heard the sound from the bottom of her heart.
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, I'm cumming!
And she spasmed, throwing herself back and forth on the big black cock inside her pussy.
A few seconds later she fell back while the big nigger contiued to slowly fucking her. He was still not done. He grinned and turned to me.
- Dude, does she always cum like that? It felt great.

I could not find words to express what I wanted to say, I just looked at him, slowly shaking my head.
- Hey, but you like what you see, I can tell by the way your cock looks.
I looked down. I noticed how my cock was all wet from a steady flow of pre-cum.
- Traitor, I whisped to my rock hard cock.
- Honey, we're not finished yet, if that's what you think. The nigger adressed my wife as he withdrew his glistening cock from her pussy.
He simply tossed Helen around, told her to stand on all fours.
- I'll fuck you from behind now. Your pussy looks ready for it. You just look your husband right into his eyes now while I fuck you. You hear!
She nodded, raised her head and looked at me.
Her eyes were dim, I've never seen anything like it before. Almost as she was d**gged. Her mouth was half open and her blonde hair was a mess. Her face was sweaty and deep red.

- Now remember, the black man said. You love eachother, keep looking deep into eachother's eyes now.
Her eyes were glued to mine and I could not shy away.
She twitched as that big black cock entered her pussy from behind. He began fucking her slowly and I saw the change in the eyes and the expression on her face. She was somewhere else. Lust was riding her real good. She wanted that big black cock fucking her.

He was fucking her stronger and stronger and she was twitching and meeting every thrust while looking steadily into my eyes.
- Haaaah, the black man groaned. I have no problem with my sperm count. I am gonna cum deep inside you and make you pregnant!
I screamed " NO!"
Helen just shook her head slowly
- Oh yes, I am, the nigger replied. And you're gonna want it too. Bitch!
He slapped her on her ass.
- Say it!
- Say what? Helen asked.
- I want that big black cock to cum deep inside me and make me pregnant.
Helen didn't say a word.
- Say it, the nigger had a real sharp tone to his voice and he slapped her ass again. And again.
- I, I, I ... want that black ... cock ... to cum ... inside me .. me and ... make me pregnant.
Helen stuttered.
- Now say it as really mean it! Groaned the black man as he shove his cock all the way into Helen's pussy.
- I want that big black cock to cum deep inside me and make me pregnant.
- Again.
- I want that big black cock to cum deep inside me and make me pregnant.
- Again. Go on saying it and it will become true. Don't stop!
Helen kept mumbling the same phrase over and over again.
- I want that big black cock to cum deep inside me and make me pregnant. I want that big black cock ...

As the nigger started fucking her rougher, harder her voice became steadier, more certain.
She was looking at me telling me that she wanted that big black cock to cum deep inside of her, making her pregnant. Now I could tell she meant it. She wanted his big load to cool the fire which was burning inside.

I don't know what ... But it made me horny as hell, seeing the pleasure shining from her face as she was being fucked into oblivion, wanting a big black cock to fill her with cum while I was sitting helpless.
Then I felt it ...
My balls were gonna explode.
There it cums!
A huge spurt whizzing into thin air right in front of my face, and Helen's.
I could see amazemant in her eyes as my cock kept pumping, floods of sperm was shooting all over the place while I was sitting with my hands tied. All the sperm that should have made her a mother-to-be - and me a father.

The black man, with sweat all over his face and chest, grinned.
- See honey, I told you. Your husband likes this.
The last syllable turned into something like a groan as he dug his fingers into Helen's hips, throwing his cock into her pussy, shoving Helen back and forth on that strong black shaft which was ruining my wife's tight pussy.
But Helen did not seem to care. Quite the contrary. I could see the signs again, her head was tossing from side to side and her whole body started to shake and tremble. Her second orgasm rattled her entire organism and this time the nigger met her spasms with a loud groan followed by four or five of deep thrusts.
Helen screamed.
- Aaaaah yeeeees cum cum cum inside, make me pregnant!
And she collapsed face down on the bed with the big black man falling on top of her pumping his sperm into her ravaged pussy.

I watched in horror. To my amazement my cock was still standing hard and erect. No chance of pumping the last drops out of it with my hands tied and he wasn't finished yet. Surely the sex show in front of my eyes had some effect too.
Slowly the nigger released himself from my wife. The big black cock was now hanging limp - but still bigger than mine when fully erect. He slapped my wife on the ass again.
- Hey honey, you're not that bad. So I'm not gonna kill you.
He dressed quickly and left us as we were.

- Helen, I whispered. Please untie me.
She looked up from the foot end of the bed. The first thing she saw was my still erect cock. Then she looked me in the eyes. I could see the look of a woman possessed. It scared me. Then she said:
- But you are gonna make me pregnant tonight.
She stood up from the bed, Doing so drops of sperm fell to the floor between her legs. More drops of sperm fell on my thighs as Helen mounted me as I sat there.
She began riding me, slowly at first, soon wilder and wilder. She raised her eyes to the ceiling, started to whisper.
- Trevor, make me pregnant tonight. Trevor, make me pregnant tonight, Trevor ...
Her pussy was wide open and juices were flowing like the Niagara down the shaft of my cock. Helen's juices. the black man's sperm.

- Trevor, make me pregnant tonight. Trevor, make me pregnant tonight, Trevor ...
She looked me straight in the eyes and with a sharp voice she yelled at me:
- You hear! Make me pregnant NOOOW!
There were the signs again. Unbelievable, she was gonna cum again!
As her contractions squeezed my cock I felt my body replying to her pussy's demand. I shot my second load of the night where it was intended to be - deep in Helen's pussy.
- Thank you, my husband. Thank you!
Helen's words were a mere whisper as she was hanging down over my upper body, all her muscles seemed to be out of control, worn out.

Slowly she got off me, made her way into the kitchen, leaving behind her a trail of sperm drops falling from her pussy. She came back with a knife and cut me loose, then she fell into bed, not to wake up until morning.

Weeks later we got the good news. Helen was pregnant.
Nine months later I was a proud father to a beautiful daughter. Black curly hair and dark skin ... But she's mine nevertheless.
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AW that's so sweet..Invite him over again.
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This is a repost since xhamster somehow managed to label my first post 'Shemales'. Maybe it was mistake. When reposting I made 100% sure that I did not mark 'Shemale', I did mark 'Interracial' - but the shemale tag popped up again. I give up ...