Pool service masturbation

It was the summer before my senior year of high school. My parents had given me “the ultimatum”, either get a job or take a class but don’t just lay around and waste my summer. It turned out not to be so difficult since a neighbor guy down the road had parents that ran a pool cleaning service. He was off from college and was given the same ultimatum- he was expected to work over the summer in the f****y business. I did my sales pitch and promised to work hard and they took me on.
Joe, that’s the guys name, took me around to several expensive homes and showed me the ropes of pool cleaning and testing and such. At the end of the week, we reported to this mini mansion. Joe told me about this place in advance and said he always earned extra money there. They had a Grecian theme in a very private back yard, beautiful winding pool sweeping under a small bridge, wading area with columns and fountain gently sweeping into pearl blue water. Several nude statues, male and female that caught my eye. The statues seemed exceptionally well endowed, large breasts with protruding nipples, long penises, some in various states of erection. One made us laugh after we were asked to fix a water pump feeding it. Joe replaced a relay and reconnected a tube and turned on the water supply. Water started pulsing out of one of the statue’s tall erections as if it was ejaculating. I knew then that this was not your usual pool customer.
The lady who lived there finally came out and meet us. She was maybe 35 or a good looking 40 and Joe and I could see she was as well endowed as the statutes. She obviously had work done and loved showing it off, especially in the privacy of her own private paradise. She complimented our work an teased us a little that she could tell we could perform as good as that male statute with the right girl.
She caught me looking at her breasts and jokingly complimented my appreciation for fine art. I was embarrassed but she consoled me by saying she understood how hard it can be for a young healthy guy like me to control his eyes and sexual urge and I should be proud not ashamed of that. The conversation led into more talk about sex and such. She than laid to sunbathe as we got back to work. She soon took her top off, then bottom. It was her poll after all. As I moved near to her to scrub the side of the pool, she struck up a conversation with me. I got an erection I could not hide and she did not hesitate to point it out. She asked if Joe and I wanted to make extra money. The theme was Grecian and she had a fantasy of being served by naked servants like they did back in ancient Greece. We jumped at it. We signed a contract to visit and, “clean the pool”, twice a week and she would give us an additional $20 on the side for the two hours of work. As soon as I got home that first time, I masturbated and masturbated. I could not stop thinking about it.
We arrived the next time and she came out to nude sunbathe. She had us strip naked and I started cleaning. She then had Joe to stand by her and fan her like a servant while she watched me work on the pool. “That’s perfect” she said. Joe and I both got tall erections and she just went along like it was normal. She said it was a compliment to her seeing such erections serving her, that it made her feel good inside.
She called me over and asked us if I had ever touched another cock. I confessed that I had but only with a few guys. Talk meandered into the subject of mutual masturbation with other guys and I admitted I had done that pretty frequently but when I was younger, not lately. Joe said he loved mutual masturbation, which she had already known since she had him into it in past summers. She said how much it would mean to her to watch us masturbate each other as we worked. She liked to masturbate but just did not feel comfortable unless we masturbated also. She has a need masturbate herself to orgasm deeply and watching helps her so much. She offered us another $10 if we would oblige her fantasy. Among her other hobbies of shopping, dining, sunbathing, and exercising, she masturbated. She often had stressful days at home or our shopping and found that frequent masturbation was a healthy, effective outlet for her. Joe and I agreed and said we thought it was geed for her and we'd like to help her in any way we could.

She positioned us beside her and in front of a mirrored bay window. She had us position ourselves just so and stroke each other while she commanded us with instructions. She took out her vibrator and worked herself off while trying to keep up with instructions. I could not hold it any longer and ejaculated strong watching her while Joe was stroking me. She quickly ordered Joe to turn facing the mirror window and for him and I to place our hands on his cock and masturbate it together. His eyes rolled back, head flew back and he exploded for her.

She thanked us very much, complimented us and enjoyed her own orgasm. After we finished out cleaning, she paid us and we went on our way. It want like this twice a week for most the summer. It was my favorite job. It was so exciting I was masturbating constantly in between our visits just thinking about it. She would ask me about my masturbation and was always happy and excited to know I was enjoying it so much while thinking about her. Coming out of that summer, I had developed into a heavy, life long masturbator.

Near the end of the summer I wondered off inside the house to get a drink. I heard a noise down the hall and quietly peaked in. I saw this old man sitting in front of that bay window completely nude and stroking himself while he spoke orders through a small microphone to his wife just outside. “Have him turn more toward the window so I can see his cock better”. “Tell him to slow down a little and thrust his hips forward and backward while he pumps himself”. “Ask him if he loves to do this and if he would like to do it more often for you”. By his chair I could see he had a clear bowl where he had already cum yet he was continuing to stroke himself hard again for more. It was impressive for his age to see such a tall erection and so capable to cum that much.

I quietly retreated back to the pool. I was shocked but a little excited by being watched like that. She had me jerk him off in front of the window. She had him begin stroking my cock and asked me if I liked it. I made sure to face the window and even got closer. I said I loved it and wanted to get closer to the mirror so I could see myself masturbate and cum. She asked if I wanted to do this more often. I admitted that this experience has increased my urge to ejaculate and that I needed to so much now I was masturbating all the time. I said I loved masturbating for her and would stay here and masturbate all day long if I could. She offered and I accepted. I had made her and one old man very happy.

He he he ... All is true except that last part I added about masturbating there all day long. I did end up masturbating all day long though, just not there for them, just on my own.

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7 months ago
Thanks. Fond memories of these experiences keep me jerking off and cumming hard. I hope they benefit you too. After that summer, I was an avid masturbator for life.
8 months ago
awesome story. like the mirrored window, her naked, all of it
9 months ago
Thanks. I had many experiences masturbating with friends growing up and masturbating for others and so it cums across easily in my stories. Some stories I posted about this had to be removed cause I was under age at the time.
I'll try to post one of them again without giving away my age.
9 months ago
Hot story! I love mutual masturbation with an audience!
9 months ago
good story...interesting twist at the end