College masturbation roommate

This is a true story and occurred at Frostburg between roommates. Taboos are fading and masturbation is increasing. This presents difficulties that dorm residend assistants must deal with. Working our conflicts in masturbation among roommates is common now and necessary. If you want more details you can email me at
More happened but i did not want to get anyone in trouble.

In my freshman year, I was put into a freshman dorm like most freshmen, Annapolis Hall. I was put with a real tough jock I'll call Jon, who made it known he hated gays. I feared him since I was bi but had not told anyone there yet. I made it a point to bring over a girl after a party and have sex together so he would not suspect... and of course for the pleasure of it also.

I couldn't masturbate often like I was used and was getting erections a lot. I was too scared to masturbate regularly in bed - managed to do it quietly a few times each week for the month at great effort not to wake him. I was scared of getting an erection in the communal shower if other guys enter. It had happened before and I managed to maneuver to a toilet stall until they were gone.

Then, I woke up once and saw Jon masturbating across from me. The image was very clear because he had a flashlight on himself. I was so aroused my head was going to explode. After I was sure he was asl**p, I did it and made such a mess because I had no paper towels ready and had to be uncomfortable the whole night. I had to do something.

I talked with our RA who was an older graduate student, but cool and easy to talk to. He didn't have to be at the freshman dorm but he felt that it is where he was most needed, helping incoming freshmen. I confessed I was bi and about my fear. He gradually talked out of me details about Jon's and my masturbation. I could not believe I had said all that. He was not judgmental at all though and assured me masturbation was normal, natural, necessary and healthy. He told me some masturbation stories of other freshmen he and the other RAs had counseled and how they coped. I was not alone. He said the number of masturbation related issues has increase every year for the past decade. It used to never be raised to an RA whereas now it's common place for freshmen to talk about it with them and seek their counsel. Also, it used to be just a night thing where as now they hear of worries and conflicts at noon and all hours. Many students now are trying to accommodate not a once a day need but a two or three a day need among roommates. So night alone is not sufficient anymore.

He and his professor finished a study he told me about on this and and found that each new freshmen class reported masturbating more than the previous for each of the last 10 years. You can find this on NLM and other research libraries. Manyway, this is why there are more of these problems. Also, the taboo of masturbation is subsiding in most parts so incoming freshmen are willing to talk openly about it with the RAs. But they are also willing to work out arrangements with their rommates as well. All the RAs hear and deal with this issue on a regular basis now.

Nonetheless, he was very concerned for my safety. There were other rooms available but he wanted to move me into his own room which was still larger than the other dorm rooms. After I was moved in, he told me that the room was as much his as mine. He said I should masturbate openly as often as I needed, whenever I needed. I did not need to hide what I am and what we both know we both need to do. To prove to me it was ok with him, he gave me one of those masturbation sleeves as a gift. I remember him saying these exact words when he gave it to me, "To show that I'm sincere about this, that you're ok being who you are, and to help make up for lost time, please take this gift and enjoy." He felt strongly that bisexuals like myself should be treated no differently and with no less respect than a straight person and this was bis way of showing it. My lifestyle was no less beautiful and worthy.
It was such a weight lifted from me.

I got back to my comfortable 2 to 3 times a day. I would have dates over sometimes also. He was often out of the room but if I was ever masturbating and he was in the room, he liked to talk casually with me while I was doing it and make humor when I ejaculated by egging me or scoring me with olympic score cards he was straight yet he did this for me. He often got an erection around the same time and he would start masturbating along side me while we talked or shortly afterwards.

Although I was Bi, there was never any sex between us out of mutual respect. Whenever He or I had a girl date over, the other would leave like a gentleman. He had a steady girlfriend. But for my male dates, we didn't mind another male in the room and he didn't mind. He would often even hook me up. He respected my lifestyle and was always happy for me when I brought home date. He made me feel good about it instead of bad and having to hide it. He liked to watch us and compliment this or that act, this or that member. Even though he was straight, he would still eventually have to masturbate himself to get focused back on his studies and we liked that and teased him about it.
I have to admit that I masturbated a lot that year, more than I ever had before. I also dated a lot more than ever thanks to his support. But it was all good and it has stuck with me- after a year you adapt and adjust.

I caught up with him years at a alumni event and we talked about old times. I thanked him for his support and favor he did me. I was happy to learn he had helped a number of freshmen like myself in the same way before before and after me. All were bi like myself but he accepted and encouraged us rather than judge us.

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2 years ago
Thanks. A few misspellings. He got me masturbating a lot more than I was used to when I entered and left me looking for my next roommate in my sophmore year where we could be as open with each other. I left out after much pressure on my part, Jon relented and let me use my hands on him. I wanted to feel his cock and make him cum whenever he dropped his pants and started masturbated along side me. Even though he was straight, we began masturbating each other and we were both always suprised by how good it felt for him and how much he could cum from the hands of another guy. I feel like I helped him get past his own sexual constraints and learn to enjoy ejaculating at the hands of another guy.
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
This was more inspiring than arousing. lol. Still a good share. Thank you!
2 years ago
Frostburg State! Go Bobcats. Great story!
2 years ago
good post, there are some open minded and trusting people in this world...