Masturbation friendly workplace

It's a new generation and it's no longer taboo. I enjoyed it regularly along with a friend at my first job- night shift with some long dry hours to burn.
True story.

I was 17 then so the urge was overwhelming and often and we had to do something.
I had taken the job printing, sealing and cutting plastic cards and badges. The guy I started working with was older, 22, but very cool and we quickly became friends.

It had only been about a week for me when discovered the boss's porn collection- almost like he meant for us to discover it. We dared each other to this or that and it progressed. I watched him stand up, unzip and gently start pulling out a tall still erection. I remember he struggled to pull it out because it extended well above his zipper and it hurt when the zipper rubbed it. He both said it was too tall and he should unbutton his pants. He did and then pulled his pants and underware down to his knees. It was now my turn. I pulled mine out of my zipper, not as tall but dripping.

I kept browsing through a magazine for us and talking while I watched him slowly stroking himself. He completely removed his pants and underware, stood with his legs wide and grabbed on. It struck how comfortable he was doing this in front of me. In talking I learned the term "masturbation buddy" and that he had many when he was my age. Everyone has them he said. important if you ever want to grow and train your cock and do sex well. He asked me and I lied and said I had a couple.

I'm not even gay but the whole situation made my erection grow harder than ever and I had stroke it just to keep control.

He was at the point where he couldn't stop pumping but asked for some tissues fast. I picked some from the corner of the office and layered them in my hand and held them under the head of his cock about where I usually catch my cum. His eyes turned back and he let out a moan as the first pulse of ejaculation seamed to pour into the tissues in my hand. But then the next pulse lifted his stream of cum and then it shot well beyond the tissues onto the magazine and the next. I managed to catch the rest of his heavy ejaculation but the damage was done. We both tried wiping up his cum off the pages but it soaked through to others and left wrinkles in the form of two long lines with a fat end on each where the cum pooled. We did our best.

He watched me finish jerking off but was not nearly the spectacle.

We had been enjoying a masturbation break every shift for 2 weeks before the boss realized we were in his porn collection. We both confessed. He said he knew we were masturbating during work because he found obvious stains in one of his magazines many napkins we had ejaculated into in the trashcan. There were a lot. We confessed were ashamed and sorry.

But rather than being mad at us, he said he understood how strong the urge is at our age and that it was healthy. He was sorry we had to find the porn but that he had a medical condition that requires he ejaculate more often than he would prefer and the porn helps him keep it up. He admitted doing it a lot himself growing up and said that it was common for boys our age to masturbate each other too.

Our boss encouraged us after that, providing magazines and lotion as long as we got the job done. He told us that as long as we got our work done and kept masturbating he wouldn't tell on us. He didn't want this embarrassment to dampen a healthy activity. My friend made sure of that because he did not want to get told on and needed the job. I soon warmed up to touching and stroking him off and then we began masturbating even more. He made sure to leave the trash for the boss to empty so he could see for himself our appreciation.

I worked there for a full year and then on and off when I returned from college. By then my friend had a replacement masturbation buddy to work and they both produced a lot for their boss. I have enjoyed mutual masturbation with friends ever since.

I've read articles and surveys indicating that workplace masturbation is not uncommon. We are most sexually ready and able in the middle of the day which is one reason that drives cheating so it is no leap to discover it drives self satisfaction also. With such tight schedules and with life revolving so much around work now, it is no wonder. Now with work-from-home, you can bet on it ;o) Betty Dodson has done some study in to this and found because there is a greater acceptance of masturbation as natural, healthy and save, many are enjoying it more often, even at work. Like the cigarette breaks of the past, masturbation breaks are becoming the norm... but without the health risks.

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1 year ago
Thanks. I've since met up with him. I was traveling and was in the area. It's about 11 years since it happened and he has since married. He doesn't do that kind of thing now and hasn't for since getting married 7 years ago. He was embarrassed and a bit worried I would be angry about it. Turns out he was about 25 at the time, not 22.

We talked and I put his mind at ease when I thanked him for the experience- for his encouragement and instruction. I eventually admitted to him that I sometimes fantasize about it when I masturbate. He seemed so relieved and started talking a lot more then.

He talked about the deal his boss made with us- that as long as we kept masturbating in his office or he would not tell. He had a lot on him, some pics and semen stained napkins. What started out as a gesture of encouragement permission slowly turned into duress after I left.
Once the guy who replaced me left, the old man had to fill in and help him out. He started having him work naked and masturbate more and more for him sometimes 5 times in his 6 hr shift. The old man would give him Viagra and always had his hands his cock, stroking it to stay hard during his entire shift. The old man would masturbate and cum maybe once or twice during the shift but he had to keep it up. He would call for him to come over at night sometimes, on his own time, just to masturbate for him. The old man started demanding to be sucked off and so it started getting gross for him. He liked ejaculating and needed it but it became real work to keep up that much and he started feeling like a "sex slave" he said.

He managed to recruit to teens in his place, which made the boss happy, then left for another job. He guesses those two teens were occupying the boss’s attention soon after and so he lost contact with the old man. He changed his number to be sure. It all left him with a frequent, strong urge to ejaculate though, which he still wrestles with today. Like the old man must have passed on his condition or something.

By now, both us had worked our cocks out and were stroked them. It was so natural, we hadn’t even noticed. Our cocks were both erect and precum was profusely running down his shaft. He had gained some length and girth since I saw him last and I complimented him. All that hard work he did must have paid off for him. He was very apologetic and asked if I wouldn't mind if we jerked each other off. I said it was the least I could do for all the worry and pain he had gone through. When he came it was like a firehose. He thrust what must have been a half cup of semen all the way up onto my shoulder and face then onto the arm of the sofa he was leaning on as I directed his cock away from me. We both scrambled to clean the stain from the arm of the couch. I ejaculated then very hard as well and thanked him.
He said he really needed that and we wend tour separate ways. After our meeting, he decided he needed to accept himself and his needs. He later emailed me that he went on-line and found several masturbation buddies nearby so he was able to enjoying if pretty often. I’m glad I could help him out.

1 year ago
Honest story...I liked it!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice Story...... More?