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AGAIN, my apologies to former friends and acquaintances. After recovering from a two-month Kafkaesque nightmare that began with a "blitzkrieg" by a German neo-Nazi hacker in November, 2012, I was reconstructing my vandalized profile page (including my personal statement and blog), only to lose the ability to login in the middle of January, 2013. When that was once more restored, I discovered all my photos deleted and all my friends and their messages removed. At least my collection of both uploaded and favorited videos was undisturbed. I remain at a loss to explain any of this but hope you will once more be patient as I try to recover and regain as many of my former friendships as possible (and, especially, should I be victimized AGAIN)....
Okay, here begins the restoration of my original "About Me" statement....
Despite this sobering recent experience, I continue to especially enjoy Hamster for the seemingly unique spirit of community it fosters ("E pluribus unum..."), where those with a taste for the erotic can share the pornographic. Indeed, it is a veritable playground of the Id, the "Facebook of Porn". And I've really loved porn for a long time and masturbate to it prodigiously and unashamedly (why be coy about it--isn't that why were're ALL here?). I hope you do, too! For further explication of my masturbation practices, please see my blog post, "When Dee Delmar Taught Me To Masturbate".
I've been collecting porn in all its evolving formats for more than three decades. At my height, I subscribed to thirty men's magazines and twenty-nine amateur and commercial websites (ironic, since I now spend most of my time masturbating for free here). Hope that's not evidence of addiction but, as with eating potato chips, you just can't stop with one.... I have a presence, not only here, but also on Youtube where I am known--as I wish I were here, too--as "Hoosier". I also masturbate to and collect "booty dance"/"twerking" videos on my Youtube channel.
I apparently have a lifelong fetish for women's hair which I theorize was formed, like many such paraphilias, by an association between the fetishized object and a sense of pleasure that predates even the onset of puberty. I love the sight of women just grooming and playing with their hair and, if truth be told, I could watch and masturbate (and have, indeed done both) all day to nothing more than that (and girls' hair swings and bounces so delightfully when they're twerking and booty dancing, by the way!). I even subscribe to women's hair care magazines like "Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide", "Sophisticates Black Hair", "Hype Hair", etc., just to gratify this fetish. My all-time favorite Hamster video along that line--now buried inaccessibly in my mountain of favorites--is one whose very title speaks for itself: "Bukakke Salon".(Of course, I enjoy the spectacle of cum in female hair, as well.) I've found more men share than will admit to this predilection, for some reason. Those of us who do, though, find common cause at the "Long Hair Fetish Forum" (www.kinkyforums.com), where we trade pictures and videos and dream of the perfect "hair job".... I've also newly established a women's hair fetish group at "motherless.com" which, if you're not already acquainted with it, offers many other delights besides, without the censorship too often found here on Hamster
Another growing attraction for me (no doubt, partly from my exposure to them here) is shemales and ladyboys (or, as I've found they prefer to be called, "t-girls"). My favorites include the French Steffaniels (who has a profile page here), Sienna Grace (also here in profile), Delia Delion (whose curly hair I love, of course) and cute little Bailey Jay, whose site I also subscribe to. I don't believe this casts any aspersions upon my heterosexual orientation, however, because I'm only drawn to transsexuals who exhibit the most feminine characteristics (with long hair once again being a prime one) and don't engage in any behavior which would be clearly homosexual (though, of course, I'm no homophobe). And, for those who (as with hair fetishes) share THIS affinity but hesitate to admit to it, a prime Internet site to find even more than exists here, and organized with even more variety, is "ashemaletube" (AST) which, like Hamster, is free.
Other than that, my pornographic appetites encompass virtually every genre categorized on Hamster, with the exception of male homosexuality, bondage & discipline and other scenerios involving coercion, even if merely role-playing. Particular fantasies also include cuckolding (in which I would play the "bull" role), swinging and group sex.
I am also a proud feminist and lifelong member of the American "National Organization for Women" (N.O.W.). I acknowledge how some (or, perhaps, many...) might suggest a contradiction between that and my presence here on Hamster. I only hope the former doesn't represent some sort of compensation or "penance" for the latter. After all, it did precede it.... Nonetheless, I remain distressed by some of the patently offensive videos and, especially, vocabularly (eg., "bitch", "ho", etc.) seemingly routinely and gratuitously employed to depict and refer to women here and everywhere in porn. Nothing extinguishes my arousal faster than misogny. I only hope empathy, civility and respect can prevail in the future and such immaturity be transcended.... In all our conduct here, above all remember the admonition of the late Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: "Damn it, you've got to be kind!"
One of the things I most prize Hamster for is the way its members archive what the site calls "vintage" porn. Who're your favorite adult film stars? In keeping with my aforementioned fetish, my own mostly seem to sport long hair. They include Krista Lane, Britt Morgan, Careena Collins, Cassandra Leigh, Ryan Connor, Jill Kelly, Tabitha Stern, Vanessa Del Rio, Aja, Kassie Nova, Holly McCall, Rachel Ashley, Blondie Bee, Marilyn Chambers, Tiffany Clark, Rikki O'Neil, Kay Parker, Becky Savage, Christi Lake, Christy Canyon, P.J. Sparxxx, Bridget Monet, Marilyn Chambers, Nancy Suiter, Candida Royalle, Lysa Thatcher, Alexandra Silk, Loni Sanders, Barbara Dare, Elle Rio, Nicole (Noir) Black, Shanna McCullough, Selena Steele, Nici Stirling, Ona Zee, Cheyenne Silver, etc. Leslie Bovee was my first porno "crush" after I saw her in my first x-rated movie, 1977's "Sex World" (also featuring the debut of Kay Parker). Only wish Hamster would permit someone to upload it here and then leave it alone. Incidentally, if you want to investigate adult film trivia, few online sources beat "Wikiporno", which is just like it sounds--a combination of Wikipedia and the IMDB for porn performers.
I have a relatively large collection of both commercial and amateur porn on VHS tape and DVD and would love to upload as much as is possible here, but have so far suffered many frustrating technical complications with the process. If you'd like to know more about that and, especially, if you think you might be able to offer any help, pleaase consult my separate blog post on the subject.
Thanks to those who've taken the time to read all of my verbose prose and left their own responses, in turn, to my profile statement, uploaded videos and photos and blog posts. I value your efforts, whether laudatory or critical and will, as the saying goes, defend to the death your right to express your opinion. But, remember the Golden Rule and, if you cannot disagree without being disagreeable (ie., without employing deliberately hurtful language), you will find yourself henceforth blocked....
And finally, if you have made it this far, I can explain my avatar by citing my favorite movie of all time--Michael Wadleigh's 1970 cinema verite' documentary masterpiece, "Woodstock"-- which, to the extent any work of art may have the power to do so, may actually have saved my life....TO BE CONTINUED
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Thanks for your invite
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Love your collection of galleries and videos
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Thanks for the invite!
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Thanks for the invite
6 days ago
Yes, Woodstock... great old days
Nice vids
9 days ago
thanks for accept
great collection,keep uploading good stuff!
10 days ago
I also love the "classic porn" love Leslie Bovee (and all the others mentioned above)...Thanks for the posts they are awesome.
11 days ago
Is this logo Woodstock Festival of 1969 years...?
13 days ago
Thanks for accepting
14 days ago
You have the best page as could visit it everyday and never get bored with all of the hot videos and pictures.
14 days ago
Thanks for all the Leslie Bovee, she turns me on as much now as she did back in the day, your page ROCKS!
17 days ago
Hey Treaploc, how you coming with the Tracy Anne vids? Could you check your PM's?
18 days ago
Thank you for your comments. I love your content on here
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I just want to thank you because I am real porn
You can see in my videos for this life I was born
I just lust for your cock till my cunt's almost torn
Then I squirt like a gusher not to toot my own horn
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Thanks for visiting !
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I appreciate the invite. It's always nice to find another Lisa Sparxxx fan. Sorry to hear about all the trouble with your account though. That sucks.
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Thanks ! Been following for a while great profile
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Thanks for adding me ... great profile!!!
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Thanks again for all your great comments. Really appreciate you taking the time to tell me how much you like my galleries.
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Thanks for the add.
1 month ago
Let me know if you get the Samantha vidz available--I would buy copies :)
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nice ^^
1 month ago
fellow hoosier here... let me know what u think 9f my wife... aldo have pics of my sister up
1 month ago
Salut :)
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Thanks for the invite. I gladly accepted it, Nice content :)
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thaks for the add
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You're back ;)
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Treaploc, will you check your PM's please.
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Hi thank you for friendly invite dear.... kiss

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