my first time with a milf (job training) true stor

it all begin when i graduate from high school,i was at home bored and had nothing to do,so i decide to go look for a job.when i got the job the next week i started training for the job, 23 of us started on the job...this was my first job and i was nervous so i wen and took a seat and and i saw this beautiful woman next to me sh look a little older about mid 30's i think 32 years old. we started talking and for that one month of training we became i remember it clearly it was the last day of training and thats where everything changed,she came to work feeling down and the a/c was turned up high in the building so i saw tat she was cold so i took my jacket off and i gave it to her,then she told me about her 4 k**s,husband and how he treated her, she told me about the bad thing he told her,she also told me that he has to make up his mind before he had sex with her,sometimes when he gets home he dont speak to her he just go straight in his on our way to lunch she gave me back my jacket and tells me thanks and kiss me on the cheeks and we started walking to the cafeteria and talked and i told her she deserve better and i told her how i feel about her, she was a little shocked and said she had a thing for me, we went back to the training room and no one was there and we started kissing after that day we started to text and many long hours on the phone,she also hid from her husband to talk to me,and also had to clear her message every time we text...after the conversation Chang from kissing and hugging to sex, we talked about sex every time we text and day she ask me if she could come at my house but i told her that my mom is at home 24/7 (mom)she would not leave.. so we planned to go to a hotel on our day off.the day we met at the hotel and i saw her she was wearing a tank top and a long tights showing out all her curves,this was the first time i ever saw her body out of working cloths,she look so good that we went at the desk to pay for a room and we went to the bar and got a drink,she ask me if i wanted anything to drink, i said no..i was not thinking about eating or drinking all i wanted was her,so we went to the room and she sat and drank her drink,it was like she took forever..finally she was finish we started kissing and she got up from the bed and took her clothes off, i looked at her body he tits was dropped and sagging her belly was a little wrinkle maybe because of the 4 k**s she had her pussy was average size and it had a little hair on it,her pussy was kinda dark,it was the darkest thing on her body .so she lay on the bed and i got off the bed and took my cloths off and reach in my pocket for a condom and i put it on, so i went on the bed(well i n my country we dont believe in oral sex people that does that are stigmatize)so i went on the bed and i inserted one finger her pussy was so wet,her pussy was dark but pink inside then i slide me dick in her she started to breath hard she was a little tight than i expected, i thought wit all those k**s i would have drown in there.when i stared fucking her hard she put her hand on my tummy to decrease my speed so i fucked her slowly,she got up and sat on m dick and went up and down slowly for about 5 min then we switch to the doggy style and i slid my cock in her she gave a loud moan that was the only time i heard her make any sound during sex,we switch to the missionary position after a few more stab in he meat i came,then i pulled out and lay beside her for about 5 min and got up and washed my self off and we left the hotel...i cant wait to fuck this milf again.........thanks for reading stay tune for more
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2 years ago
Awesome story!
2 years ago
nice story man
2 years ago
good try needs spaceing
2 years ago
its my firs time writing stories :)