Business and Pleasure: Seduced CD Pt. 2

I breathed in his musky scent while I squeezed and pulled his ample ass cheeks. I could smell that unique man scent coming from between his legs, sweat, moisture, precum, cologne all together. I tried not to gag as he continued to push his thick cock inside my mouth back and forth. At the same time I could feel my flower opening, as I squatted, knees out, my asshole seemed to open and I felt like i needed it filled like never before, the desire consuming me. My clitty was swollen with desire as I slid under his legs and spread his ass to begin eating out his warm fuckhole. He moaned as I stroked his cock and let me tongue explore him, rimming and pushing through his tightness. The taste was incredible and I licked and sucked like a ravenous a****l. His bubble butt was literally around my cheeks and all I could think of was how I wanted to please him and be his lover.

Finally I stood up on wobbly legs and he wrapped his strong arms around me and kissed me passionately, our bellies touching, our sweat mingling warm and wet. I could feel his thick 9 inch erection pushing against my panties and the groans he was making told me that he wanted to plant himself deep inside me. His finger slid under my panties and f***efully in to my asshole in one violent move and i have never felt so much painful pleasure in my life as his finger pushed right up against my prostate at the same time he was grabbing at my boobs through my bra. I simply let go at that moment and my cock squirt f***efully in my panties a little jet of precum. I literally grabbed his erect penis for support so I didn't fall over with pleasure. He picked me up with his finger still pushing in my ass and laid me on the bed. I noted briefly as I was landing on a lovely Four Seasons bed that the curtains in the room were open and somehow this made everything hotter -- getting fucked in front of someone, maybe an audience! I instinctively spread my legs and felt the weight of his large body pressing towards me. He actually locked eyes with me as he pulled my panties off and then stuck 2 fingers seductively in my mouth (I could smell my own delicious scent and the essential oils i had used with my enema on his finger) and then used my saliva to lube his cock. I licked my lips and said in a hoarse whisper, "fuck me..."

He plunged in to my hungry asshole and I took him to the hilt, feeling his thick head push up inside my bowels -- I was his -- not escaping this fact. There is nothing i have felt as deeply satisfying as that -- just taking his manhood deep inside and shivering with excitement as he began to thrust away. I could tell he was making love to me as he looked in my eyes and kissed me deeply. I can only imagine what my makeup looked like at that moment! I knew he needed to cum, to explode -- I could see it on his face and with the intention of every stroke, seeming to open me up even further while I was literally drooling precum all over my belly -- i had hit the anal orgasm stage about the second he entered me and it was just going and going and I could not stop it. His belly was pushing in to mine and we were just a sticky motion of lovemaking.

His thrusts picked up pace and I pulled his ass hard, pulling him in to me and finally he said, "I'm going to explode, take me in your beautiful mouth" I slid his warm, slick cock out of my butt and engulfed it in my lips. It was so warm and stretched, his head felt about two times larger than when I was sucking him off before! I squeezed hard and groaned loudly as a jet of warm, European paste shot in to my mouth. I could feel that cock pulse in my hand as his warmth filled me. i managed to swallow all of it (literally 6 gulps) and then just sucked on the tip while his head was back. Sweat was dripping from his body, his belly was shiny and wet. We curled up in the sheets and he held me as we kissed deeply and shared our sticky juices. He pulled me close and whispered in to my ear "I think I am falling for you, baby. There is more I have for you tonight, but let's order some champagne first"...
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