Business and Pleasure: Seduced CD Pt. 1

It was a late dinner with clients in Zurich and I had been traveling all nigh on the redeye. By the time we got to the after dinner drinks, my head was swimming and my Ferragamo tie was loose. It was that dizzy jetlag and booze high where everything feels right as long as it's moving along. My clients were all well-heeled bankers and I sat in the middle of a large banquette able to survey the whole room. At one point a very distinguished gentleman at a tale near us who was with his knockout wife looked up at me. I assumed he was mad at us for being loud, so I smiled, expecting him to get angry. Instead a completely charmed look came across his face. He came to our table and introduced himself as Klaus -- he had a perfect tan and chiseled features at about 40. He had a lovely weather to his face and a big frame -- a commanding presence. He immediately made friends at the table and scooted in to sit next to me. His wife had excused herself to the restroom. Amid introductions and a passing joke that had the table laughing I felt his strong hand press against my tummy through my shirt as he leaned close to my ear. The touch seemed normal, if a little intimate, but what he said immediately unleashed butterflies in my stomach and down through my toes: "You look delicious. Fuck this, meet me in the restroom in 5 minutes. If I have made a mistake, please, please forgive me. Take it as a complement." I immediately had a decision to make. Had I been flirting with him across the room? Had I asked for this?

I decided that I would go with it -- so far it was completely innocent. The immediate thickening of my cock told me I wanted to see where his flirting might go. It's as if he knew where I was most vulnerable, placing his hand on my belly, as if he knew how good his cologne smelled to me and that I would be tempted. He got up and then casually 5 minutes later I followed. As I stepped in the bathroom, he immediately kissed me, deeply, his boozy tongue roughly in my mouth. I had never been french kissed by a man before and I saw stars--everything seemed to be in another world due to the drinking and jetlag...I just wanted to be carried home in his arms and taken advantage of. He kissed passionately. My neck, my quivering lips, and I let out a small moan. I had no idea what was happening, but it felt so right. My hands explored his body, pushing and caressing his full figure -- his belly pushing out on his shirt, filling the space and his strong chest -- I could feel his nipples through his shirt, large, plump and erect. I wanted him to have me. His hands were soft and f***eful all at the same time all over my torso and stroking my hair. Just as I knew I would have to make love to this man, he pulled away and said in his German accent: "I will meet you at your hotel tomorrow evening. You will be dressed feminine. We will fuck and you will feel like a woman receiving my love." What? Seriously, I thought? But I need release NOW. I fluttered my eyes and said yes. I put my hotel and room number in his phone as he instructed. He pulled me close, slipping his strong finger against my plump asshole and pushing it inside of me dry, under my pants. He pulled it out and gave it a suck like a lollipop, then disappeared.

The next morning i woke up and realized I had to prepare. I called my office and told them I was sick -- food poisoning. Then I made a checklist. First, I went to the local d**g store and got some quality enema equipment -- figured I needed to be clean for him. Then I spent an hour meticulously shaving my cock, leaving a soft manicured patch just above my cock. Then I want to the nicest lingerie shop in Zurich near the main train station and picked out a gorgeous set of sky blue stay up stockings, yellow sheer panties and I bra to match -- simple and elegant. I also stopped to pick up a blouse with a slightly ruffled waist that literally sat snugly on my ass, exposing it. I went back to the hotel and got a massage and took a long sauna. I felt beautiful, but not usre if it was enough for him. An hour before he was to arrive I gave myself several lovely warm enemas using some essential oils I picked up in the spa -- cleaning myself for him thoroughly. After dressing and applying make-up I sat on the bed and watch porn.

He arrived on time, knocking on the door. I answered and immediately I could tell he was pleased. He pulled me in for a passionate kiss and my clit just sprang to attention. I had the deepest need to satisfy him, to feel him pushing inside me. I took off his gorgeous suit for him slowly unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his lips softly. I kissed his dark nipples, sucking them individually and kissed all the way down his tummy until I slid his pants down. His erection was fucking prodigious, it looked literally like a salami curving and straining against his tight underwear. A few soft grey pube peeked above his waistband and I could smell that cologne mixed with his man scent and I almost fainted with desire. I licked my lips. I was squatting and I could literally feel my asshole relax and open as I slid a finger under his waistband and pulled the underwear down while I instinctively wrapped my candied lips around his swollen mushroom head. I imagined how his wife must pleasure him, the power he has over me, how I want him to be pleasured. Locking eye contact I cupped his massive balls and took him deep in to my mouth until I hard swallowed and got his thick girth all the way back inside me. I was almost choking and he gently pushed my head to help me get the last inch in. I immediately felt a dollup of precum just push out of my penis at that moment...
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8 months ago
yes I agree, more please!
8 months ago
I nice start. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep having fun!
8 months ago
my panties tented
8 months ago
you have me so hard in my hose can't wait for more
8 months ago
wow so exciting you need to add the next chapter what else happened and how long did this go on