A friendly Young Neighbour

So we have a plentiful supply of playmates for K she is a member of an internet dating service and when busy work and domestic schedule allows we surf looking for friends. As luck would have it a guy a couple of doors down sent K a message welcoming us to the street when we moved in two years ago. At the time we were never sure who it was, but recently it has become apparent. Now we often joke about leaving the windows on so he can see her naked, or inviting him down for a drink and see if K can seduce him. She has said several times she would love to fuck him given the opportunity.

Now if K says she wants to fuck a guy then she will, given half a chance, she is not shy and loves sex. I have seen her masturbate for guys, in real life and on webcam, and she loves to be watched and noticed while having sex with someone or not. She loves semen in her, on her and the more the merrier and she will only use a condom if the guy insists, and it has only happen once. She loves the power she can have over a guy, when she can make him come. So I had no doubt Adam was going to get laid eventually, if he was willing.

This year we decided to have a few neighbors around for a Christmas drink as we all get along when we meet, and we invited Adam our welcoming neighbor. Adam is in his late twenties, fit, stocky built guy, and a little over six feet tall, so perfect for K. We had the party at our place as it is well set up for socializing and the party was going very well, lots laughter, drinks, and generally having a good time. It was around 10:00 everyone was drinking so things we getting a little rowdy as well. While I was getting more ice from the freezer in our garage K came over and quietly told me the Adam had followed her outside and made advances to her. She said he gently pinned her against the wall, and while bringing his face close to hers whispered he wanted to fuck her, and ran his hand up the inside of the short summer dress, as they kissed passionately. I knew that would have excited her and the look on her face told me she wanted to fuck him. She asked if I would mind and I said it was a great idea and have fun.

The party was now slowing down, and people were making suggestions they would head home. When I looked around I realized K and Adam were missing and the thought she was have a quickie somewhere turn me on, a lot. Everyone started cleaning up and gathering their plates and drinks, when K came in from our bedroom area. She gave me a knowing smile, and I knew she had wet knickers from her juices and a load of semen. Adam appear from outside, having used the sliding door from our bedroom to the pool area. He looked very contented and proud of himself too, and I gave him a knowing look, wondering just how much he had enjoyed fucking K.

Everyone had left now the kitchen and entertaining area cleanup, with only Adam remaining. As the last person left and we closed the door we all had broken in to laughter. Holy cow K and Adam were game, and they told me they went into our ensuit and K bent of the vanity, dress pulled up, panties pulled to one side and Adam fucked her in front of the mirror, K said it was very hot. I knew she was ready for more so I suggested she undress, and we sat her on a bar stool. With Adam holding one leg and I held the other up an apart I slid my throbbing cock deep into her wet, puffy pussy. The aroma of semen and the fact she was so horny was beautiful. Adam now played with her breast bent over and kissed her as she came again on my hard cock. That was all I needed for me to pump a huge load inside of her.

K then lead us each by the hand to our bedroom where we took another two turns, taking turn is eating her now very wet and slippery lips. We masturbated her one fingering the other playing with her clit, until she came another 3 or 4 times. By 4:00 am we were all tired and we just fell asl**p, K between us. I woke up with K holding my hand, and as I opened my eyes I could now feel her little clasps of my hand. She was on her back, leaning back on her elbows watching Adam fuck her pussy, morning baby was all she said. She open her legs wide as she wanted him deep in her, every thrust now bring her closer to another orgasm. As they fucked I knelt up beside her, and played with her breast as I masturbated my now very hard cock against her nipple. As they came together, I lost control as well and came all over her breasts.

K just lay there say she could get used to have a couple of guys to fuck her every night and morning as she never gets used to having a different cock sliding in her and the differing techniques guys use when fucking her.

Adam suggested we may like to come is his place in two week as he is having the Christmas end of year party for his touch football team. K might have some real fun there. Let me know if you want to hear what happens.

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3 years ago
Hot story. Will be waiting to hear the next one. Thanks
3 years ago
Quivering in anticipation...
3 years ago
Thanks for the replies, next weekend is the party, so stay tuned. I am hard thinking about it.
3 years ago
What happened at the Touch Football Party???
3 years ago
Not to bad. Sounds like someone is a cum slut and I love cum sluts...