Wife working back

As I work away my wife and I have an open arrangement as she love to tease and have sex with random guys when she is in the mood. The other week when I was away I received a phone call from her car as she was driving home from work. It was later than usual but she has been known to work late at work. On this occasion she was very excited as she admitted she had been late, as she was fooling around, as she put it, with a guy at work who was visiting from interstate. She told me they were flirting all day, brushing against each other, touching. With her brushing her hand on his pants, and she allowed him to brush against her breasts several times, and she was getting very horny. When everyone left after work they were working back, and continuing to tease but the touch was more sexual with her fondling his cock. It didn’t take long and they started kissing, Karen leaned back against her desk, and she described their kissing hot, with lots of tongue. They undressed each other, with Karen sitting back on her desk with her skirt around her waist, and her wet knickers now pulled to one side. She got his cock out and they started fucking on the desk. She described his cock as she watched it move in and out wet with her juices. They decided this was too hard and the cleaners were due any moment so they decided to go back to our house. Karen driving her car, while her work mate drove his hire car back to our place.
This is when Karen called me telling me what happened at work, and telling me how horny she was and did I mind if she fucked this guy. I said of course I didn’t and to have fun. She played with herself as she drove home telling me about how wet she was. When she arrived home she said she would call and tell me all about it, regardless of what time it was.
That night I lay in bed imagining what fun she was having, on her back fucking this guy, and getting off several times. Exploring different positions, lying around between fucking session masturbating while he watched her wide open wet with his cum. Karen probably what fuck him on the shower as she loves it. I must have dosed off at sometime as I was woken by my phone ringing, it was Karen, time was 2:00am.
She sounded tired yet still horny, and excited. She told me she met him at the front door, and they started kissing straight away and she lead him into the main living area and they fucked on the lounge still in their work clothes, she came several times, and he shot a huge sticky load into her. Karen kept the undies until I got home so she could show me how messy she was. After they recovered they had a bite to eat, and then started playing again. This time they went to our spare room, where they fuck another two times, once with Karen on her back, legs wide open as he pump deep inside of her. The other with Karen on her hands and knees infront of a mirror, Karen having several orgasms both times. She told me it was hot as she knows I would love to have watched and taken turns with her, filling her up with more cum.
She explained how the blue sheet were messy and stained with his cum and her juices, and she really had a hot time, but needed to go to sl**p, and she was going to masturbate thinking about how hot her night had been.
When I arrived home the following night, she was very horny and she showed me a white crusty stain on her breasts and bar. Where did you get that I asked, and she had given her playmate a head job on the way to the airport, they stopped by the road and her shot his load down her top. When we arrived home she showed me the stained sheets, and I fucked her on her hand and knees beside the bed right over the semen stains from the night before as she told me how he had fucked her, it didn’t take long for both of us to get off.

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Good read.
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wow great story