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by teebone

The whole next day at work was a blur. I finished up some client work early, got in an extra hard workout, and headed home. We had dinner, not mentioning the tension in the room we both felt, cleaned up and showered. When I came into the living room after my shower, Hanna had set up candles and opened a bottle of wine. She was wearing a black see through chemise and had her legs curled under her on the couch. I thought how beautiful she was and I was about to make the decision to let another man fuck her.

"Well, you first." She insisted.

It was hard to concentrate on anything but her nipples staring me in the face, but I managed to start talking.

"I thing we should do it. It will be fun, and it will definitely spice up our sex life. I will not get jealous since we both know its only sex. The only problem I have is not being able to watch. That is sort of the point of doing this. I can handle everything else, and I tried to contact James, but he wouldn't answer me. I am also not sure how I feel about the possibility of him sharing you with out me there, but I doubt you would be down for a gang bang or anything. The month will be tough, but I bet I can convince you to fuck me a couple times."

She smiled and said, "I am glad you thought it over and I agree with everything you said. I explained to James that I was not going to do a gang bang or anything crazy. He told me you tried to contact him, but he said he prefers to talk to me since I am the final decision maker. I will work on you being there when and if we fuck. Keep in mind, I may meet this man and decide he is an asshole and leave. I do not want you to begrudge me for either out come. Understood?"

I nodded and leaned in to kiss her. She pushed me back and shook her head no. "I know where that leads. I have decided that you can pleasure me or your self, but no kissing or fucking. It sounds strange I know, but that is our agreement, and if you can't follow through on that, I don't think you can handle me fucking James."

"Come on, just one last time. Who will know."

"I will. Now if you want, you can lick my pussy, then you can jack off. That is it. Take it or leave it. This was your decision and if you are going to badger me for the next four weeks, we can call this off right now."

For some reason, her threat of not fucking another man convinced me to back off. She leaned over to me, kissed me on the neck and said, "Go get that big fucking black dildo and fuck me with it. I've seen his cock, and I better get ready."

The weeks leading up to the convention were murder. I convinced her to suck my dick one time, but otherwise I was held without sex. I used the black vibrator on her whenever I had the chance, but I never even got so much as a finger in her pussy. They had been exchanging texts quite a bit and talked on the phone a couple times. The Thursday before we left, a package arrived for Hanna. It was an assortment of outfits. I begged her to let me see them, but she went in the bedroom and locked the door. After about a thirty minutes, she came out talking on the phone.

"Yes, I loved them, but I don't know about wearing them in public. You can see my ass in all of them and one barely covers my nipples. I sent you some pictures to see it they are satisfactory." Then she laughed.

When she got off the phone, I was a little surly and she looked at me and said, "Look, this was your idea, and its too late to turn back now. Now that I am looking forward to it, your going to get mad?" Before I could answer, she left the room. And to be honest, I was starting to feel like the third wheel on a date. This was clearly James' strategy and he apparently had some experience at this type of thing.

On Friday, Hanna was off work and got our suitcases packed. She sent me a text telling me she was ready to go as soon as I got home. I left work at noon and we were on the road by one. The ride to the hotel was a very quiet, awkward one. All I could think was my wife might be fucking another man in a matter of hours. Not just any man, but an adult star, black, with a huge cock. And while this had been my fantasy, I felt like I had a rock in my stomach. We barely spoke the whole drive and when we did, it was random small talk, neither of us wanting to mention the elephant in the room.

We were staying at the same Hotel as James and there were flowers waiting in the room for Hanna. She sent him a text letting him know we had arrived and after a few minutes there was a knock at the door. When I answered I was shocked at how big James was in person. I am about six foot and he was about six inches taller. We did the obligatory hand shake and my wife shyly walked around the corner. He immediately pulled her close, kissed her full on the lips and gave her a hug. Even though she was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, he spun her around, letting out low whistle and admiring her like a side of beef.

"You like?" Hanna said, laughingly.

"Your wife is unbelievable. I cant wait to get to know her better." He said, staring me directly in the eyes.

"Likewise, now why don't you boys go down to the bar and get a drink. I'm going to get ready and I'll be down in a little while."

James hugged Hanna one last time and I heard her let out a little "Mmmmmm." When she pulled back and gave him a little kiss on the lips, they lingered longer than normal. He completely engulfed her when they hugged. Her 5'8" frame in his arms was unbelievable and his hands on her Jean covered ass added to the picture.

We left the room and headed to the elevator making small talk, asking about our drive and his flight. Once the elevator doors closed, he looked at me, actually the first time our eyes made contact and said, "Dude, you sure your cool with this. I have had many a husband freak the fuck out once everything gets going. Also, a lot of the women I fuck want it more than once. If she calls me in the future to meet, can you handle that. Because, make no mistake, I am going to fuck her. I can tell by the way she pressed up against me and how she looked at me. I may not be the only one who fucks her either. I've got a couple of my boys sharing my suite and at these porn conventions I usually supply them with some random porn whore. But as it looks, I will be bringing your wife back with me, and if they strike out, guess who is in line."

He turned back to look at the elevator doors and said,"If I was you, I would run back up to my room, and throw her and all my shit in my car and haul ass back home. Bitches are never the same after they get some new dick, especially a big black one, or three." and he laughed.

I was shocked at his candor, and I had some serious misgivings about the situation, but I wasn't sure I could stop it if I wanted to. So I said calmly,"No worries, I can handle it. It should be fun."

He held up his fist and we did a quick pound as the doors opened into the lobby. It was starting to get crowded and most of the people were there for the convention. James stopped to talk to several people. Three hot looking girls were all giggly as they gave him hugs and there were some creepy looking guys that seemed to not know him personally, but knew who he was.

The Maitr'd showed us to a booth in the VIP section. There were to other black guys waiting for us, each appeared to be the size of an NFL linebacker, and the table was full of bottles. They greeted each other and then James introduced me as Hanna's husband.

They all gave each other knowing smiles and one of them said,"Those pictures your wife sent were off the hook."

"Thanks." was all I could get out once I realized both these men had seen my wife naked.

Once the liquor flowed so did the conversation. He asked me how I felt about not getting to fuck my wife lately and when I didn't know what to say, the three black men all started laughing.

"Damn boy, your wife must really want that dick if she followed through with the no pussy rule." James said as he was nearly rolling over laughing.

One of his friends said, "I would never stand for that shit, fuck that."

I acted like I laughed it off, but I think they knew I was not happy about that part of the deal. We talked sports, some of the women from the convention stopped by our table and James introduced all of us. I was actually enjoying myself, getting to meet a couple scantily clad women I had seen in porn movies. After about an hour, we were all a little d***k, and Hanna showed up. I noticed James staring at something and when I turned my head, I nearly came in my pants. She looked to be about six foot tall due to the extremely high black lace up heels she was wearing, and it was amazing she was able to walk let alone move through the crowd gracefully. Her legs were covered by black stockings with a seam up the back that ended about an inch below her dress, showing off the garter belt she was wearing underneath. The dress had a ruffled skirt that barely covered her pussy and the bottom of her ass cheeks. The top was a shiny pink corset and it laced the whole way up the front, opening enough to show skin and the absence of a bra. It was squeezing her tits together so tight it looked like it was going to burst. In any other setting, she probably would have caused quite a stir, but since most of the other women were dressed at least as revealing, she only generated admiring glances. We all stood to greet her and she went directly to James. When she reached up to greet him with a hug and a kiss, her skirt slid up enough to show the bottom of her ass cheeks. James introduced her to the other men and each pulled her in for a hug. When she sat down between me and James, you could see up her skirt, past the tops of the stockings to her black thong covered pussy. She tried to pull the skirt down to cover the tops of her thighs, but it was a futile battle. I was relieved to see she had bothered to wear underwear, but then I remembered the whole situation and it didn't seem to matter as much. Before I could react, James had slid his arm around her, leaning her towards him, clearly marking his territory. He poured her some champagne and held up his glass in a toast, "To Hanna." And we all held up our glasses.

We all talked and laughed, especially Hanna and the three men. I was on the end of the couch and due to the volume of the music, it was hard to involve myself in the conversation. After a while, James and his friends stood up to talk to some people who stopped by the table. This was my first opportunity to talk alone with my wife.

She leaned over and said,"How are you doing." Rubbing my leg affectionately.

"Good, good. Its just a little strange watching you on a date with someone else."

"Yea, its weird for me too, but really hot. I cant believe I wore this dress out of the room, but luckily, I drank nearly a whole bottle of wine in the room."

"Well, you look amazing. It gave me an instant hard on."

We both laughed and it took the tension off.

"You aren't the only one. I felt James' dick about stab me in the stomach. I'm just glad he was not disappointed when he met me." She said whist fully.

"Well, if he isn't impressed, I will take you back to the room and fuck the hell out of you right now."

She smiled and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We made some small talk about the club and the other people until James came back. When he did, he took Hanna's hand and led her to the dance floor. The other two men were gone, so I turned around to see the floor. They were dancing close, even with the heels James towered over her. She had her hands on his shoulders and was looking up into his eyes. His hands had slid down to her ass and the longer they danced the harder he was pulling her towards him. A woman who James had introduced me to earlier sat down and we started making casual conversation, the whole time, I couldn't take my eyes off of the two of them dancing.

After being entranced by them, I turned my attention to the woman I was talking to and it dawned on me how sexy she was. Her name was Annie and soon we were laughing and leaning in closer to talk. I was constantly distracted by her cleavage and the sight of her pussy peeking out underneath a short skirt. When I glanced back to the dance floor to discover Hanna turned around grinding her ass into James, Annie finally commented on my wife.

"You know, James loves to do this to husbands."

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Rub it in their faces when he is going to fuck their wives." She said very matter of fact.

I was sort of surprised someone knew what was going on besides the people involved.

"He does this all the time. For some reason, you guys keep offering up your wives and he is charming as hell. I guess you get off on it." She laughed.

I didn't know what to say so I just changed the subject and we went back to more casual fare. After a some more dancing, quite a bit more liquor, and a couple hours, James announced we were moving the party back to his suite. He told Annie and his two friends to come along too. Hanna and James linked arms and walked out of the club followed by his two buddies and Annie linked her arm through mine and we followed. We were all pretty d***k and the elevator ride up was filled with d***ken laughing.

His suite was amazing. It had a living room with a couple of couches and chairs and a huge balcony over looking the city. The bedroom was separated by two french doors with a king size bed that looked about ten feet off the ground. He put a college football game on the huge flat panel TV and someone turned on some music. I sat down on one couch with one of James' friends and Annie sat between us. James sat in a wide chair and Hanna sat across his lap. The other friend made everyone drinks and we sat and talked. I was focused on James hand sliding up Hanna's thigh during the conversation. He was about two inches below her pussy and they started making out. She spun around so she was straddling him and they were kissing deeply. The rest of us were watching in silence when Annie put her hand on my leg. I glanced over at her and she just smiled back. When I looked back, James had taken my wife's tits over the top of her corset and was licking her nipples. She had her head leaned back and her eyes closed. After a few minutes, she was dry humping him and moaning loud enough that you could hear her over the music. I leaned over and started kissing Annie and she took my hand and slid it to her pussy. The other guy on the couch reached under her shirt and started rubbing her tits.

Hanna stood up, pulled her dress over her head, leaving her standing in underwear, garters, hose and heels. She got down on her knees and fished James' dick out of his pants. It was only half hard, but it already was the size of a beer can. My wife held it in her hand and stared at it, open eyed. James put his had on the back of her head, forcing her mouth down over the tip. Every time she slid it out of her mouth, she looked at it in amazement. Pretty soon it was hard and even Annie glanced over and said, "Holy shit." Annie had pulled out both me and the other guys dick out and was giving us hand jobs. We were all just watching Hanna blow James and I was fingering Annie.

Hanna stood up again, turned around to face us and started to sit back on the huge black cock she was sucking. When we made eye contact, the scene was absolutely surreal. Me fingering some stranger and her getting ready to try to work a giant dick in her pussy. Annie got on her knees and started sucking off the other guy on the couch, still giving me a hand job. Hanna grabbed James' dick and started rubbing it against her slit, and soon it was shiny from her juices. As the tip split her lips, she closed her eyes and let out a moan. At that point I grabbed Annie's head and put it over my dick, coming in her mouth. Since it had been a while for me, some ran out of the corners of her mouth which made me pretty proud since I had the smallest dick in the room.

She went back to work on the other guy and I returned my concentration to Hanna. She lowered herself down about two inches on what appeared to be a ten inch monster. Her pussy was stretched so tight, I feared it would tear. She pulled back off and went down farther. Each time she went down, she just sat there for a second, letting her pussy get accommodated to his girth. As she pulled off him, you could tell how far down she was by the juices left on his dick.

After about six inches, she announced loudly,"Holy fuck, I'm coming." Her come was running down his dick like milk and James took the opportunity to bury the last four inches of his cock by pulling her down by her hips Her eyes flew wide open and a loud scream escaped her lips. When we made eye contact again, the sight of my wife still in heels and stockings with her eye makeup a runny mess and a giant black cock buried in her pussy was amazing. He held her there for a couple seconds and when she had adjusted to his size, she started sliding up and down. Each time he withdrew, her pussy her pussy looked like it was turning inside out, gripping his dick. Eventually he was thrusting up at her, their bodies slapping together. When Hanna came, his dick popped out of her and she squirted, leaving a huge puddle on the chair and the tile floor. All three guys just erupted with, "Holy shit."

In no time at all, I was hard again and as Annie sucked the other guys dick on the couch, I got down behind her. She stopped me and told me to get a rubber out of her purse. When I went to get one, it dawned on me that Hanna was fucking James bare back. Even though she was on the pill, it was still uncharacteristic of my wife. I got down behind Annie doggy style while she had a dick in her mouth. I looked over and James had Hanna bent over the arm of the chair and the third man was standing in front of her with his dick in his hand. I shocked to see it was bigger than James'. She tried to get the head in her mouth. Her lips were stretched to their max and barely an inch was in. She was moaning from the stretching her pussy was getting and trying to fit another dick in her mouth. The guy she was blowing grabbed her head and started forcing his dick down her throat. When she started to gag, he would release pressure and her mouth would pop off, leaving her gasping for air and her eyes watering. This whole time, James was assaulting her pussy. His balls were slapping against her ass in the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed. He would pull his dick out except the tip and slide it back in so deep, I wondered where it was all going. After a while, he announced he was coming and turned Hanna around. He jammed his cock in her mouth so hard I thought she was going to smother. When he started shooting down her throat I was actually concerned for her safety. Come was running out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin onto her tits. I came for the second time when this scene unfolded. My partner turned Annie around so her head was on the cushion and her ass was in the air and the third guy put Hanna in the same position on the chair.

I took a seat on the couch to get a view of my wife trying to take possibly the biggest dick I had ever seen. She was still a little dazed after choking on the come so when he started pressing the head of his dick, which was the size of a tennis ball, against her pussy, she jerked away. She started to protest and James leaned down, started rubbing her back and whispering in her ear. The music was up, so I couldn't hear what he was saying, but she stopped protesting, only jerking when he would try to slide in further. The guy fucking Annie stopped to watch my wife take a cock the size of her arm. After about four inches, James leaned down and talked to her again and she reached back and started rubbing her clit. She came hard again, this time when he slid his dick out, it let out a gush of Hanna's come. This lubed her up and he took the opportunity to jam about half his dick in her sloppy hole. When he pulled out, it made a farting sound and when he went back in, her juices squeezed out and ran down the inside of her legs. He started plowing her rhythmically, each time stretching her lips out. She was now moaning so loud, anyone in the hotel had to be able to hear. She started coming in one long orgasm. Nearly flooding the floor and clearly ruining the cushion on the chair. After what seemed like forever, the man tensed up and said he was going to come.

"Don't come in me please." She managed to get out between moans. But he just held her close and I watched him pump her full of his come. When he pulled out his semi hard dick, a mixture of their come came flowing out, making the inside of her thighs even more gooey.

James looked at Annie, who was in the middle of getting her ass fucked and said simply, "Clean her up."

Hanna had collapsed on the chair, exhausted and Annie crawled between her legs. The man fucking her never broke stroke, following her on his knees. She spread my wife's legs and started gently tounging her clit. Hanna soon came back to life, grabbing Annie's head and pulling it in. She was moaning again and when Annie inserted a finger and hit her G spot, she squirted again. The man pulled out of Annie's ass with a pop and came on her back. When Annie collapsed on the floor, her face was covered in come and her hair was matted from sweat and Hanna squirting on her. They both looked amazing.

I realized my dick was hard again and when I asked Hanna to come over, James intervened, instead saying, "Party's over. Hanna, go use my shower and get in bed. Why don't you guys head back to your own rooms."

Like a robot, Hanna got up and headed through the French Doors. I sat still for a second and one of the guys said, "Annie, you can stay in my room."

I got up, put on my pants, grabbed my shoes. Annie headed out the door with one of the men, and James and the third guy just stood there looking at me. I didn't know what to do, so I just shuffled out the door and headed back to my room. I was in a daze. I could not believe what I had witnessed, it had transpired so fast. My wife had fucked two men, black men, with huge cocks and had her pussy eaten by another women. Since this was my fantasy, I should have been happy, but it felt like a long walk back to my room.

I took a shower, the whole scene of the night running through my head. I sent Hanna a text asking when she was coming back to the room, getting no response of course, turned on the TV and fell asl**p on the bed. I was jerked awake by my iPhone. I checked the clock and it was 4:15 a.m. It was a text from Hanna. I opened the message and it was a video. It was a dark screen at the beginning then James' face filled the screen. I could hear Hanna moaning in the background. All he said was, "Watch this mother fucker." When he panned down, Hanna was riding one of the other guys cocks. He gave a good shot of Hanna's ass as he came up behind her. My dick started to get hard again. The black cock had her pussy stretched to its limits again and when she was bouncing up and down on it. James took some lube and squirted it on my wife's asshole. He took a finger and rubbed it around and stuck it inside. She jerked a little bit, but she seemed pretty engrossed by the series of orgasms she was having. James was holding the iPhone in one hand and he started to guide the head of his dick up to her ass. She started saying no, but he didn't listen and he tried to f***e just the head in. The guy fucking her pussy wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down, giving James excellent access. Once the head went in, he sat there and he turned the camera around, showing Hanna wincing as he inched inside of her. When he returned the camera to her ass, he had put a couple more inches in and when he slid out, he squirted some more lube on his dick. The guy on the bottom resumed fucking her and she relaxed a little, but when James started fucking her ass, she tried to jerk away. If I had been in the room, I probably would have put an end to the anal, but unfortunately she was on her own and pinned down between the two men.

James was using short strokes and every time he pulled out a little, he pushed in further. He reached around to show Hanna's face. Her eye were squeezed shut and she was clenching her teeth. He turned the camera on himself and said, "D.P. baby!" and the other man repeated what he said They were laughing for a few minutes then they started grunting as James was nearly balls deep in her ass and her pussy was being fucked once again. James leaned back to give me a good shot of both dicks in my wife. I realized I was jacking off and I came on my stomach. After a few minutes, Hanna started moaning again. This only made James hammer her asshole harder. I was shocked at the pounding my wife was taking. After a few minutes of this, James announced he was coming, pulled out and shot a load on her back. The other guy must have finished too because the camera pulled back and showed two gaping holes, each dripping come. Hanna collapsed onto the bed and the camera went dark.

I couldn't get back to sl**p and at 5:00 A.M. Hanna knocked on the door. When I opened it, she gingerly walked in, gave me a kiss on the cheek and laid down on the bed. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes and finally she asked me to run her a bath.

Once she got in, she just said, "Holy Shit." and laughed.

"Whats so funny?"

"I can not believe how sore I am."

"Well, I can, you took two huge cocks multiple times."

She giggled and said, "Actually, it was three. The other guy came back when Annie wouldn't give him any action."

We sat in silence through the rest of her bath, she dried off and got into bed. I rolled against her and said, "Well, what do we do now?"

"I've got to get some sl**p, James wants me to meet him in the bar again tonight at 7:00."

"Again, I thought we could spend the evening together."

"Well, sweetie, he told me to let you know you are not invited tonight."

Before I could ask anything else, she was asl**p. All I could think was, "What the fuck did I get myself into."
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