Twitter Follower 1

by teebone

Being a big sports fan, I joined Twitter about a year and a half ago. It was amazing to be able to interact with people that were formerly unavailable to the common person. After the sports Icons, I started following some celebrities and news organizations. Then I noticed some porn stars were signed on, so I started following them as well. Since I am also a fan of Interracial movies, I follow several women that specialize in that genre. After observing the Tweets of the starlets, I started following the men doing the fucking. I had never actually interacted with anyone, just peeked in once in a while to satisfy my curiosity and check out any pictures the porn stars had posted.

One day, I saw a picture one of the IR stars had posted, his name was James. I had to do a double take, because the woman looked exactly like my wife. It was a blond with shoulder length straight hair, blue eyes and pretty good size tits sitting on his hard cock. She was just a little thick like my wife, Hanna, but not fat. She was about half way down onto what appeared to be about a twelve inch dick and she was looking over her shoulder at the camera. Once I enlarged the pic, it was clearly not her, but my cock had gotten hard just imagining it. Innocently, I sent a reply to the picture, expressing how much she looked like my wife, and let him know I was a fan. I felt really creepy after I pushed send, I am sure a lot of maniacs bother him, but I figured it is anonymous so who cares. And besides, he probably has someone editing the account.

I didn't think much of the reply I sent, but sometimes while I was fucking Hanna, I would imagine her riding that thick cock. The fact that she was an accountant, yet loved to fuck was always a huge turn on for me. I had never really thought about her fucking other men, but after that picture, it was on my mind quite a bit. We had talked about her and other men before, and I found out she had been with about 15 other guys by the time we married at age 28. Two of the men had been black, but until that picture, I hadn't really given it that much thought.

A couple days later, I received a reply from the James, thanking me for being a fan and jokingly asking if I had any pictures of my wife. I put one on Twit pic, a pretty tame one, just her in a nice top and skirt at a wedding that you could not see her face. He re tweeted it, which took me by surprise, but he only had a couple thousand followers, and most were people in the business. Over the next few days, we exchanged tweets and a couple of PMs. He asked for some riskier pictures, but I declined. After a while, he must have lost interest and we quit communicating. The thought of Hanna impaled on his huge cock was still haunting my thoughts though.

My wife and I occasionally watch porn together, so I downloaded one of his movies for us to watch. It started out fairly tame, but the second scene took my breath away. It was the girl from the picture he had posted on Twitter. As my wife and I laid in bed watching, I casually asked if she thought she looked like the woman on the screen.

"No, that woman is much hotter than me."

I protested then I breached a subject we hadn't discussed before. As the woman mounted the stars huge cock, I said, "Were any of the guys you were with that big?"

"Oh god no," she said, "one was pretty long, just not as thick."

My cock immediately sprang to life. All I could picture was my wife in the movie. We started fooling around and I went down on her. When I looked up, Hanna's eyes were transfixed on the screen as the woman slowly inched down the huge cock. She was biting her bottom lip as the woman's pussy was stretched, and when the woman hit bottom, my wife let out a little moan. When she started sliding up and down my wife pulled my face into her pussy and came all over me. That night, we had some of the hottest sex ever and the whole time she never took her eyes off the television.

When we were finished fucking, I asked what she thought of the movie.

"It was so hot, but I cant imagine ever taking a dick that big in my little pussy."

"Would you ever like to try?" I asked her innocently.

"Well, I can't imagine when I will ever have the chance, since were married and I don't think your dick is gonna expand any time soon." and we both laughed.

I let the conversation die and the next day I went on the Internet and bought a huge black vibrator with a suction cup on the bottom and a small remote control. I also sent a little more risque photo to James. He replied pretty quickly and asked if we were interested in swinging. I told him it was a fantasy of mine, but I doubted if I could convince Hanna.

A couple days later I got another reply from James. He said if I was serious about him fucking my wife, he was sure that we could set it up. Saying I was skeptical would be an understatement, but I was willing to listen. Over the next few days we exchanged quite a few emails. When I told him I had already bought a black vibrator, which turned out to be a huge black vibrator, but more on that later, and we had watched some interracial porn, he replied with a simple, "Your half way home my man."

The vibrator arrived on a Thursday and when I got home, Hanna told me there was a package from Adam and Eve. She looked at me with a sly grin because we had ordered some toys before. After the k**s went to bed, my wife opened up the package. When she caught sight of the vibrator, she let out a gasp.

"Holy shit, where the hell is that going to fit?"

I looked at it and was surprised by the size also. It looked real, was curved to hit her G spot and was about the size of Hanna's wrist.

"I don't know, but it will be fun trying." I told her with a laugh.

Later that night in bed, I put on another of James' movies. This time, while we were making out, I started asking a couple of questions, just trying to get a feel of how she felt about him. She commented that he was very good looking, she loved his abs and also his shaved head. I got out the vibrator and started working it around her pussy while she laid on her back, I touched the tip on her clit and she came pretty hard, the whole time watching the movie. I started working the head in and every time it hit a certain point, she would jerk in pain. I could make her come by rubbing the head on her c, but the head would not fit in. After a few minutes of trying, she took it out of my hands and started working it in her pussy. She was moaning with frustration, and eventually the head found its way in.

"Oh god, its so thick. Its right against my G spot."

She let it sit there for a few seconds and told me to turn up the power. When I put the remote on full, she started coming and forcing the fake black cock inside of her. She had about half the eight inch length in and as she slid it back out, the power of an orgasm caused the head to pop out. When it did, she screamed and a flood of her juices followed it out. She was so wet that the head went right back in and she started bucking up and down, the tip was angled perfectly to rub her g spot and she seemed to be on a continuous orgasm. After she had all she could take, she popped it out and ordered me to fuck her. When I slid my dick in, I had never felt her so wet. Every time I went all the way in, water sloshed out of her pussy and she was having a series of orgasms that just causes her pussy to get sloppier. I came the first time pretty quick and she rolled me over and immediately started sucking my cock to get it hard again. She set the vibrator on the bed and mounted it. It went right in this time and she rode it like a bucking bronco. When she bottomed out on the fake balls, I blew my second load down her throat and she came so hard she nearly collapsed.

Hanna and I just laid there for quite a while, the movie still on the screen.

She finally broke the silence with a simple, "Wow, I loved it." and we both laughed.

We used the vibrator during sex a couple times over the next few weeks and we had been watching interracial porn almost exclusively. Every so often I would touch base with the Porn Star and nearly every time he would ask for more explicit pictures of Hanna. She had always been reluctant to let me take any nude pictures of her, but I finally convinced her. But only with the promise of money for a new sexy outfit, dinner out, and I would erase the photos immediately. I eagerly agreed to everything, handing her my credit card and making a reservation at our favorite restaurant.

I decided to tell Hanna about my contact with the James at dinner on Friday. I was not sure how she would react, but so far she had been enjoying the videos and the toy and I was going to leave out the fact that I planned on sending him the pictures we were taking that night.

The only clue I had about what outfit Hanna had bought was a $300 charge on my credit card to Fredrick's of Hollywood. I thought they only sold lingerie, but when she came down stairs to go to dinner, I figured they also sold the sexiest dress I had ever seen. It was tight fitting black mini dress that was nearly see through save for some thick, sequined bands around it. It hung over one shoulder and the top half of her tit nearly popped out of the shoulder less side. Her legs were dark with nylons and the heels she was wearing made her look about six feet tall. I gave a whistle and she spun around showing me the seams on the back of her legs and how tight the dress stretched across her ass. She hiked the dress up, showing me a Garter Belt and a thong.

She walked up to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked simply, "Ready to go?"

Once we got to the restaurant and all the men had watched her walk to a quiet booth in the back corner, I had a couple of Martinis for courage, made some small talk, then I told her.

"Hanna, you know that star in the movies we've been watching?"

"Yes?" She said slowly.

"Well, I have exchanged a couple direct messages on Twitter with him."

"Why would you do that?" She asked nervously.

I don't know if it was the drinks or just the way she was smiling while I was talking, but I came clean on the whole situation. I told her I had been fantasizing about her fucking a guy with a big black cock. I even told her I was exchanging emails with James and that I had sent him two photos and planned on sending the ones I took tonight.

When I was finished talking, Hanna was looking at me with a surprised look on her face. She sat there staring at me for a few seconds before she spoke.

"Honey, is this fantasy of yours something you really want to go through with, or just that, a fantasy?"

I was shocked by her reaction and told her I didn't know for sure and then we both shared a half of a grin.

Just then, the waiter showed up at the table and it was a welcome break in the conversation.

As we ate, we had some casual conversation, then Hanna started discussing my fantasy.

"You wouldn't be jealous? Or mad? I just cant imagine you standing by, letting another man have sex with me." She said quietly.

"Honestly Hanna, I'm not sure how I would react. I know I'm turned on by the thought, I know you love me and I love you. But I hope I could just consider it sex and that's all."

She lowered her voice, and all of a sudden her foot was in my lap under the booth.

"It wouldn't bother you if his cock was so much bigger than yours?" She whispered.

I stammered out a weak "No, I don't think so."

She sensed my excitement and went further, the whole time rubbing my now hard dick with her stocking foot.

"What if he made me cum more than you and fucked me longer than you can? I hear black guys can go all night."

She now had an evil grin on her face and I was about ready to come in my pants. I was completely thrown by her talk and I could barely answer.

I squeaked out a simple, "I think I could handle that."

She pulled her foot back quickly and asked for my iPhone. I handed it to her and she got up to go to the restroom. A few minutes later she came back.

"Do you have that guy, what was his name? James? In here your email contacts?"

"Yes." I answered, still having trouble speaking.

She got in my email, started typing for few seconds then handed me the phone.

"Open up your sent mail." She said, matter of fact.

When I opened up the message, the text said,"Dear James, this is Hanna. I may be interested in meeting you. Here is a sample of the pictures that my husband would like to take later. I have included my Email address so you can contact me directly to see if we have any chemistry." I paged down and there was a picture of her in the the Bathroom Mirror, lifting up her skirt, showing off her shaved pussy. My chest felt tight and my mouth went dry. All of a sudden I had lost my appetite. I gulped down the rest of my Martini and asked, "You ready to get out of here?"

She flashed a giant smile and said, "Hell yes."

I hailed the waiter and asked for the check. He asked if something was wrong and I assured him all was well, we just had to get someplace. Once we got to the car, we were all over each other. After a few minutes of heavy petting she pulled back and said, "Slow down cowboy. I'm not sure you can handle all of these developments. I've got an idea. It's only eleven o'clock, lets go to a club."

"Alright, but I sure would like to get you home."

She leaned over, grabbed my dick and said,"Let's go to the club. Let's separate when we get there. I just want to see if you can handle other men even talking to me, let alone me fucking another man. We will only stay for a little while, and I will give you a signal when I am ready to leave. This is a test, just so you know. After this, we'll decided if we go any further with this crazy idea of yours."

It was about a 20 minute drive to the club my wife suggested. On the drive she continued asking about me being able to handle her fucking some one else. She turned in her seat to face me, pulled up her skirt and started rubbing her pussy while she talked. She took my phone and started taking pictures of her wet pussy. When we finally got to the club, she emailed James the latest pictures.

I let Hanna go in to the club first. I checked my Email while I waited and James had replied to the pictures.

"Holy shit babe, I can't wait to get inside that pussy. More pics PLEASE!!"

I was glad he was interested in her, but I knew he would be once he saw some real pictures. When I got into the club, I couldn't spot my wife so I headed to the bar. I ordered a drink and when I looked across the club, I saw her sitting on a stool, a man standing next to her, leaning in to talk. I walked around the side where they were to get a good look at the guy. He was probably in his early thirties, very clean cut and dressed nicely. Hanna was laughing at him and every so often she would put her hand on his arm. After a few minutes of talking, she stood up and he led her to the dance floor. I'm not much of a dancer, but my wife loves it and is a very good at it. The music was fast at first and they kept their distance, but soon enough, some slow R&B came on. He pulled her close and put his hands around her waist, resting them right above her ass. She put her hands on his shoulders and rested her head on his chest. Seeing Hanna with another man, although shocking, was a real turn on. After the song, Hanna excused herself from her dance partner and headed towards the rest room. On her way, she made eye contact with me and motioned me to follow. We headed down a short hallway and when I turned a corner, Hanna was waiting for me.

She pulled me against her and whispered in my ear, "Take me home and fuck me right now."

I just nodded and she pulled me out the door by my hand. When we got to the car, she reached across and put her hand on my groin. When she felt my hard cock all she gave me a simple, "You pass the test." We both laughed, headed home.

When we got home, I was ready for action, but she slowed me down, reminding me we had some pictures to take. She grabbed our digital camera and handed it to me and started posing. After a few clothed shots, she started peeling off her dress leaving nothing but a bra, panties and stockings. She sat down on the couch and started rubbing her pussy through her under wear, eventually pulling them to the side and playing with her clit. She crawled over to me and unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard cock and started sucking it, the whole time looking up a the camera. I finished the photo taking and dove in.

The next morning I woke up and walked down stairs. Hanna was already up and on the computer. I asked what she was doing. She held up the camera and smiled.

"I bet James will like these pictures, they are nasty as hell." She said with a laugh.

"So, your interested in meeting James I guess?"

"Maybe, I still would like to talk to him before I decide."

"I bet when he see those shots of you, he will be contacting you."

We both did a nervous look and went to have breakfast.

While we were at breakfast, Hanna got an email on her phone from James, giving her his cell number and asking if she would call him right away. As soon as we finished eating and got in the car, Hanna called James on my phone. I could only hear one side of the conversation, but when Hanna started giggling and telling James what she was wearing I knew where we were headed. After talking for a few minutes, she handed me back my phone and grabbed my cock through my shorts.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Just talking to him made me hot as hell."

She fished my dick out of my pants and started blowing me. She had her hands down the front of her yoga pants rubbing her pussy. By the time I came down her throat, she had rubbed her pussy to about three orgasms.

When we got home, she said James told her how excited he was to meet her and how good she looked. I asked if she wanted to meet him, but she said it was too early to tell. He was going to send her his schedule and see if there was any town convenient for both of us. "If I decide to do it" she finished up the conversation emphatically.

We got busy with work the next week and there was talk of James until after work on Thursday. Hanna had been exchanging texts with him and found out he was going to be at a convention about four hours from our home town. When we sat down at the table, Hanna started off with a very serious line of questioning.

"I am going to ask you a few questions and I want you to take each one very seriously. When we are done talking, I want you to sl**p on it and let me know your decision after work tomorrow."

She just sat and stared at me blank faced until I nodded.

"If we go to meet James, I need you to decide if you can handle me fucking another man. I am afraid you will get jealous or hold a grudge against me after wards." I started to interrupt and she held up a hand to stop me. "He has a few stipulations for the weekend. Too many times the husband has flaked or gotten crazy once it is the moment of truth. First, he wants me to go to the convention as his date. You can attend, but not with me. He may have me stay in his room the whole weekend and once I leave the your hotel, my cell phone will be turned off. You are not to contact me during the two days. You will have his cell number and if you have any concerns you can contact him. If you are going to be allowed to participate, we will let you know when and where. The convention is in a month and we are not allowed to fuck during that time. I know he wouldn't find out, but if we're going to do this, I'm going to be all in. Now, the next part, I am not sure even I will be agree to, but he insisted I let you know about the possibility. He will have friends with him, and he may ask me to perform in front of or with them. He didn't know how many or what I would be asked to do. From the sounds of it, I will be his whore for the weekend. I am not even convinced I can do this, but I want us both to think long and hard about the proposition before we agree. Once it is over, remember, you are the one who asked for this originally and I would never agree to it if I think it will have an adverse effect on our marriage."

We sat there in silence for a few seconds and I started to tell her, "Hell yea" but she stopped me short and stood up.

"Tomorrow, wine and decision time. It could be our last night together for a little while."
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