The New Years Fuckin Eve

by teebone

This year, for New Years Eve, I planned a surprise for my wife that neither of us will forget.

My name is Kyle. I met my wife Ellen about a year after we graduated college. I am a CPA and she is a Paralegal for the same company. I was in our company cafeteria when she walked in. She is about 5'8" with long brunette hair. She probably weighed about 130 pounds and was wearing tight black dress pants and a white button down shirt. She knew some of the guys I was sitting with and came over and said "Hi." When I was introduced, I was taken in by her beautiful blue eyes and when I stood to shake her hand, I noticed her shirt was unbuttoned enough to show a little cleavage. I was immediately drawn to her, but some of my friends told me she was engaged. As time went by, we became friends, talking daily at work, and going out after work in groups. Our flirting escalated and one night, after quite a bit to drink, we ended up making out in her car. The next day at work, she took me aside and told me she had broken up with her fiance and about a year later we were married.

Ellen had always been quite reserved during work, but during sex, I was blown away. She was insatiable, she gave great blow jobs, hand jobs in public under tables, let me fuck her in the ass in a bar bathroom, among other things. And when we would go out, she dressed as sexy as you could get away with and not be arrested. Nearly anything you could ask for, she was into. While we were dating, my wife told me she had been with a couple of black guys in college. I had never cared about her previous sex partners before, but when she told me this, I immediately got a hard on and needed to know details. When pressed about it, she would brush me off, just telling me it was no big deal, just normal sex. Periodically, I would ask her about it and every time she gave me the corporate answer, "Nothing special." After she mentioned it, I started watching interracial porn on the Internet and became fascinated by the size of black men and the contrast of them fucking white women. I would make casual comments and jokes about my wife and black guys, but I had given up asking for details until a weekend after we had been married about 5 years.

We had a son after 3 years of marriage and on our anniversary, we left him with his Grandparents and went away for July 4th weekend. It was our first time away from him and we enjoyed our day, working out and shopping at a outdoor mall and that night, we got dressed up and went to dinner. Ellen had bought a special black dress for the occasion. It was shiny like leather, but it was made of Lycra. It ended just below her ass and she had on knee high black boots. The top was bunched up between her tits and her shoulders were covered with lace. The back was also lace and went down to just above her ass. She walked over to where I was sitting on the bed and took my hand and put it under her skirt, revealing a bare pussy. I tried to pull her down onto me and cancel dinner, but she pulled away and said, "It will be worth the wait."

We had been drinking in the room before dinner and the wine was flowing freely as we ate. After dinner we went to the Club in the motel and we were both pretty d***k. We ended up next to an interracial couple on the dance floor during a slow song. I saw them first and mentioned it to my wife. She looked over and the guy was dancing behind the girl, grinding his dick into her ass. She had her eyes shut and he was rubbing up and down her body. I was turned away, but Ellen was fixated on them. I watched her face flush as she stared at the couple nearly fucking on the dance floor.

"See something you like?" I asked, expecting her to give me a playful slap like usual. But she had a distant look in her eye and I looked back and the black man and my wife were staring at each other. He smiled, winked and Ellen grabbed my hand and led me quickly back to our booth.

We had a booth in a dark corner of the club. Ellen slid close to me, and put her hand in my lap.

"What got into you? Did staring at that guy get you hot?" I asked playfully.

"Would it make you mad if it did?" She asked, all of a sudden very serious.

"Absolutely not, why do you think I tease you about it all the time?"

She looked at me surprised and said, "I thought it was because you were jealous."

I looked at her shocked and said, "Hell no, I think you are hot as hell and the fact that you were a little wild back in the day only makes it better."

She smiled coyly and said, "What if I was more than just a little bit wild? Would that turn you off?"

Since her hand was on my lap, she felt my dick spring to attention. She pulled back and gave me a big grin and feigned surprise.

I smiled widely at her and asked, "Well, how wild were you?"

"Are you sure you can handle it? Because if I tell you, I don't want you to be mad at me."

The whole time she was talking, she was rubbing my hard dick through my pants. This is what had been fueling my curiosity since we were dating. I didn't come right out and tell her how I had thought about it a lot, but I reassured her that it was in the past and nothing could make me love her less.

She finished her glass of wine, poured herself another out of the Carafe, took a deep breath and started.

"It started in college. I had a serious boyfriend for about a year and on Spring Break I got d***k and cheated on him with a black guy I met at a club. I had been with maybe five guys up till this point, but because I didn't know what I was doing or they didn't, I had never had an orgasm. This black guy had a huge dick, or at least the biggest I had seen up till that point. He fucked me all week and I loved it. When I got home, I let my boyfriend fuck me one time and I got nothing out of it."

She paused, took a drink of her wine and asked, "Are you still O.K?" I just nodded quietly.

"Well, after that, I started cheating on him with black guys every chance I got. I kept my white boyfriend to maintain appearances but eventually he found out and we broke up and I just fucked random guys, trying to relive that guy from spring break. During my senior year, I started talking to a football player in class. He was like a black Greek God and I was shocked when he asked me out."

I interrupted and said, "Why would you be shocked, you are a beautiful woman?"

She gave me a nice smile and said, "You are probably a little biased."

"Well, we never really dated, just fucked. He basically used me as a Booty Call, but I didn't mind because the sex was amazing. I would drop whatever I was doing to go to his Frat House and fuck him. I was literally addicted to his cock."

She paused again, took another drink and once again checked to make sure I was alright.

"Well, after a couple months he started to get a little crazier with his requests. At first, it was just anal and maybe fooling around in front of other guys. Eventually, he started to suggest threesomes and loaning me out to his friends. At first I refused, but one night at a party, I caught him fooling around with another girl in his room. I was so pissed that I started making out with one of his good looking teammates in a bedroom. I was pretty d***k and the next thing I know, I am riding this guys cock and when I open my eyes, there stands the guy I had been fucking. Instead of being mad, he just smiled at me, pulled out his dick and I instinctively started sucking it."

At this point, she was in a sort of trance, just rolling with the story. She had a far off look on her face and I was afraid I was going to come in my pants.

"That night, I was out of my mind. I lost track of how many guys I fucked, but I loved it. I loved the attention, I loved the huge cocks, it was just amazing. I could barely walk the next day, and a lot of people on campus looked at me like a whore, but I didn't care. The rest of the year I went on a rampage, fucking nearly every black athlete on campus. Looking back now, it was crazy, but at the time I was just having fun."

I was now in shock. She snapped out back to reality and sort of looked at me with a concerned look.

I started laughing and said, "Holy shit Ellen, that is the best story I have ever heard. My beautiful corporate wife used to be a bit of a whore."

She realized I was fine after the story and just grinned and said, "I'd say more than a bit of a whore."

I grabbed her hand and headed for our room. We had sex nearly all night and before we went to sl**p, she asked one more time if I was still O.K. with her past. I reassured her I was good with it and encouraged her to give up more details in the future.

After hearing Ellen's stories, I started wondering if she missed those experiences. When we got home, our sex life was better than ever. I ordered a huge black vibrator off of the Internet. One Saturday night, after a couple drinks, I took it out of my dresser and showed her.

She gasped and said, "Holy shit Kyle, where did you get that?"

"I ordered it, I just wondered if you missed those big cocks you talked about."

She got a concerned look on her face and said, "No baby, that was a while ago, and there is more to fucking than just the size of a mans dick."

"Whoa, I didn't mean that. I just wondered if you ever missed it."

She took it in her hand and looked at it, "It looks so real. It's so heavy." She was becoming mesmerized by it and then she realized the way she was looking at the fake cock and snapped out of her trance. "That thing is so big, I don't know if I could take it."

"Well baby, it will be fun trying."

She grinned and smacked me playfully on the arm, "We'll see."

Later that night, we were in bed and I had her really wet. I was licking her pussy and every time she got ready to come, I would stop and not let her. I had her so close she was going crazy when she lifted my face out of her pussy and said through clenched teeth, "Get that fucking toy out." I grabbed the vibrator out of my drawer and turned it on. She was laying on her back and I rubbed the head up and down her wet lips. My hands were shaking and the sight of that black cock against the pink lips of her pussy was amazing. I teased her with the head for a few minutes, using her juices to get it lubed up. Finally, after all the teasing, she grabbed the shaft of the dick and guided it into her. She worked only the head in and that was enough to make her come for the first time. Once she had the head in, I took control and started moving it in and out. Each time in, I slid it a little farther until I felt resistance. She seemed to be coming every time it slid inside her and her pussy started to slosh when it slid out. I was moving it slowly inside when she flipped over and stuck her ass up doggy style.

I was going slowly in and out when she said, "Fuck me hard with that black cock." I slid around for her to suck my dick and I started sliding the vibrator in and out harder and faster. I was pumping her with it, eventually slamming it all the way in on each stroke. She was still coming when all of a sudden the toy popped out of her hole and she squirted all over the sheet, dresser and I think some may have gotten on a mirror. She reached back to guide it back in and she came again instantly. I'm not sure how many orgasms she had before she collapsed into a heap on the bed.

"Holy shit that was good baby. Holy fuck." Was all she could say. She laid there for a minute gathering herself, flipped over on her back and said, "I need you to fuck me."

I slid my dick into her sopping wet pussy and even though it was just the one time with the vibrator, I could tell she was a little stretched out. We fucked a couple more times and she fell asl**p simply saying, "Wow."

We used the vibrator a couple times a week during sex and eventually, she started talking really dirty when we used it, begging to be fucked by the "Black Cock" and how good it felt. I also started joining some Interracial Sex Forums.

We had used the vibrator so much, that eventually it quit working. When I told her it wouldn't work anymore, she said, "Well, we better get a new one." Then she said with a strange laugh, "Or you could get me the real thing."

"What was that?" I asked curiously.

"Oh Kyle, I was just joking around."

"No, were you serious? Would you like to have a real one?"

She walked over to me, hugged me and said playfully, "No silly, you and the toy are plenty."

I looked into her face and said, "What if I was fine with it, what if I thought it would be sexy?"

"We're married, I would never cheat on you."

"If I Okay-ed it would it still be cheating."

There was a pause then she punched me on the arm playfully and said, "Stop teasing."

I don't know if she thought about it anymore after that, but I replayed the tone of her "real thing" comment over and over in my head. One night, during sex, she asked me if I had got another toy like the old one. When I told her no, she said, "Well, get on it. That thing was fun."

It was soon the beginning of November, and I had been obsessing with getting my wife to fuck a black man since our weekend away. I would mention it periodically, but she never seemed to take it seriously. She would jokingly tell me to set it up, but then when pressed about it she would just tell me how crazy I was. But, most importantly, she never said she wouldn't consider it.

I finally made up my mind that I was going to make it happen. I wasn't sure how, but I had been doing research on Dark Cavern Forums and other sites like it. Originally, I considered making it seem like a coincidence and have her meet up with someone. Then I started looking at some swinging websites. There were quite a few single black men. I decided I was going to go for it on New Years Eve. I thought if we went out of town, she would be the most receptive since she could be anonymous.

I spent a couple of weeks trolling forums and swinger websites profiles. After looking at several profiles, I had narrowed it down to 3. I sent emails first, with a faceless picture of Ellen and let them know my intentions. All three replied, but one of the men, David, told me he had been with several wives and the husbands had set them up. He told me he was a professional in a different town than his profile and he chose to not meet close to home. He sent a couple of pictures of himself. He was built like a brick shit house. Thankfully he sent no cock pictures, but he assured me she would not be disappointed. We exchanged emails, then texts. After about two weeks, we spoke on the phone and set up a meeting the first week of December about half way between our houses.

I was leery of meeting David alone, so when I got to the restaurant, I parked in the back and waited for him to get there. He pulled up in a newer Mercedes Sedan and watched him walk in. I met him at a table in the bar and as I approached the table, he stood up and extended his hand.

"Your real." He said with a laugh. "I've had quite a few people flake on me."

He was taller than I imagined. I am 6'1" and he was at least four inches taller than me. His hand engulfed mine and his grip was firm. His pictures were accurate. Small talk came easy, we had a couple beers and soon we were both comfortable. After talking about everything but why we were there, he finally asked, "O.K. So you want me to fuck your wife?"

I laughed nervously, but he just looked at me with a smile.

I told him my plan was to take her away for the New Years. I would reserve two rooms. One for Ellen and me, and a spare room for him to stay in. He was a little skeptical, wondering what would happen if she balked at the situation. I assured him that, worst case scenario, he got a free room in a nice hotel on New Years Eve and could do as he pleased, and I could possibly be divorced.

I told him when we were on the road to the hotel, I would tell her the whole set up. Once the initial shock was over, I would tell her it was her choice whether to follow through. She didn't even have to meet him, and even if she did, she could call it off at any time. David was still concerned about ambushing her, but I described some of our conversations leading up to me making this decision and it seemed to reassure him. We had an hour long brainstorming session. I was initially going to have him come to the room to meet her, but he was concerned about her feeling intimidated. His experience told him it was best for them to meet in the hotel bar. It was public and she could call it off easily. David and Ellen would have drinks, get to know each other, and if all went well, they could continue on the date. When we were done planning, it all seemed pretty easy. That is except for the part about me telling my beautiful wife that I set her up on a date. And with a black man nonetheless. David was confident that if she agreed to meet him, the rest would go as planned. I told him if I had any misgivings or second thoughts, I would notify him and we would cancel it early enough for him to make alternative plans.

"Well Kyle, the ball is in your court." He said enthusiastically as we parted company.

As I rehashed the plan on the drive home, I began to have doubts. I nearly called David and called the whole thing off. I managed to stave off that urge and and over the next month and a half, I had plenty of doubts. I continued down the same path with Ellen, using the new black vibrator. I even had worked in some interracial porn. One night, after a couple drinks, I nearly confessed the plan. I had brought up her wild college days and mentioned how horny it made me thinking about her fucking black guys. She once again played it off, but then challenged me and asked, "What would you do if you walked in here some day after work and I was getting screwed by some big black guy?"

"I imagine I would just sit back and enjoy the show, then wait for my turn."

She looked at me, trying to get a read on my face and finally she burst into laughter and said, "Kyle, you are so full of shit, you could not handle me fucking someone else."

I immediately said, with no doubt in my voice, "I absolutely could, I know you love me, and it would turn me on to no end."

She laughed, pulled me close, kissed me and just said, "You are so silly."

We made it through the holidays and I had booked adjoining rooms at a nice hotel that offered a complete package for New Years Eve. It included dinner, dancing and a midnight toast. I sent her out to get a sexy dress and maybe some lingerie. When she asked how sexy, I told her it was New Years so everyone would be dressed sexy and I wanted it to be nearly unwearable in public. She assured me I would be happy with her choices.

Finally, it was the December 31st. I had spoke to David on numerous occasions, and all was going as planned. One night during an on line conversation, he said I should abstain from sex for a couple weeks before. She would be more receptive and it would heighten the experience. I was reluctant at first, and it was tough, but with f****y commitments during the Holidays, it turned out to be pretty easy but quite nerve wracking. I was not sure how the night would play out and I didn't want to miss anything so after some research, I went on EBay and bought a couple hidden cameras I could link directly to my Ipad.

I had seen Ellen's outfit laid out on the bed and I was quite impressed. She had picked a black lace Corset with a shiny gold underlay and a velvet mini skirt. I had teased her about the height of the gold high heals she had bought, feigning concern for her safety.

We had a two hour drive and she dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a tight sweater that showed her tits. I had brought her a bottle of wine to drink since I was driving. I figured an open container citation was the least of my worries for the evening and a drink might help open her up to my plan. After two glasses, she started getting a little flirty on the drive and her hand was on my leg.

"Kyle, if I was a paranoid woman, I would say you've been avoiding having sex with me."

I laughed and said, "Your crazy, we've just been busy."

"Well, my pussy is nearly aching for some action so you better come through this weekend."

I laughed and reassured her she would be more than pleased.

"Did you remember to pack the toy?" She asked playfully.

"Don't worry Ellen, you will be very pleased." I reassured her.

We stopped to get gas and while I was pumping, David sent me a text asking if I had gotten to the Hotel. When I got back in the car, Ellen casually asked, "Who is David?"

My initial reaction was shock, but then I thought, "Fuck it" and said simply, "That's your date for tonight."

She laughed and said, "Sure, right. No, really who is it?"

I just kept looking at her and repeated the same thing, "It's your date for tonight."

"Kyle, Date? What the fuck are you talking about?" She was starting to get irritated and I was getting nervous. Actually not nervous but terrified.

I pulled out onto the road and I laid things out for her.

"Well, remember when you told me about the black guys back in college?"

"Yes." She said slowly.

"Remember how turned on I was?"

"Oh shit Kyle, what did you do?"

"Well, I set you up on a date."

She was looking at me, mouth agape. I pulled off the side of the road, turned to her and said, "Listen, I love you very much. If you don't want to go through with this, just tell me, but I thought it would be exciting for both of us to have a little adventure. It's a one time thing and you can pull the plug anytime you want. Even now, you can say no and we can just forget it." I told her about David and the whole set up, speaking quickly, not giving her any time to stop me.

"Kyle, you realize you set your wife up on a date? With a black guy no less? Are you crazy?"

"Well, you never said no when I offered the real thing instead of the vibrator."

I started to say something else, but she just said, "Just drive. I have to digest this." And looked straight ahead. I pulled out in traffic and headed towards our hotel.

After what seemed like forever she finally asked, "Where did you meet this, 'David'?"

"On the Internet."

She laughed sarcastically and sat in silence.

I expected her to tell me to turn around, but after a few minutes she laughed and said, "I cant believe I am even considering this, but if I agree to go along with this date, are you going to lose your mind and get jealous?"

"No baby," I reassured her, "I think it will be sexy as hell, you being out on a date."

"And what if I meet him and decide I don't want to go through with it? Are you going to be mad about that? Or is he?"

"No, what ever you decide, we are both good with it. If you want to call it off now, I'll do that."

She rode in silence a few more minutes, finished another drink of wine and then finally said, "Okay, I will meet him for a drink, that is all. I hope he doesn't expect more than that."

"No, I told him that was all I could do and whatever happens after is up to you two. We have two hotel rooms and you decide who stays where."

She took another drink of her wine, shook her head and said, "Damn Kyle, you are crazy."

There were some awkward silences the rest of the ride to the hotel. In between, she would ask me some general questions about David.

When we arrived at the hotel, I checked in and the Concierge handed me two keys to both rooms. I left one of the keys at the desk for David. I went out, got Ellen and our bags and we headed up to our room. It was early, about five o'clock, and my phone rang. It was David. I told him we had arrived and he said he was about twenty minutes away. I told him his room number and then Ellen walked out of the bathroom, asked who I was talking to, and I sheepishly told her it was David. She held her hand out, asking for the phone.

"Hello David, what did you and my husband dream up." She asked, sarcastically but cheerfully.

I could only hear her side of the conversation, but after a few minutes she was laughing in between her questions. She had asked him a few things about himself, and answered a few questions with yes and no answers when finally she said teasingly, "Okay I will meet you in ten minutes for a drink, that is all I am promising."

She sat down on the bed, handed me the phone and said, "I am going to go to the bar and see how it goes."

She patted the bed next to her and I sat down.

In a serious tone, she told me, "Listen, I love you, and I am giving this a chance for you. This is your fantasy, so if you want to put a stop to it, now is the time. If anything happens, you have to promise not to get angry or hold it against me. This is a one time shot, and once it is over, either way, it is our secret. I just don't ever want anyone to find out or you to hold it against me."

I just nodded my head in agreement, she gave me a kiss on the forehead, stood up and said, "Speak now or forever hold your peace."

I stood up, gave her a kiss and said, "Go, have fun. Let me know how it goes."

She turned, left the room and my head started spinning. I was so excited, but also, wondering what the hell I had just done. Eventually, I tried to relax by watching a bowl game. Suddenly, a picture came to my phone from Ellen's. It was a close up of her and David, their faces pressed together. The text with it asked, "Do we make a cute couple. On my way up to get ready for dinner." And that was all. My dick sprang to life with the image of my wife together with David. It was all I could do not to pull it out and start beating off.

Five minutes later she came back to the room and I asked her, "So, how did it go?"

"Well, you have excellent taste in black men."

That broke the tension and we both burst into laughter. She was carrying a dress bag and a medium sized box.

"What is that?" I asked, pointing at the packages

"David was kind enough to bring me a new outfit."

"Can I see it?"

"No, I haven't even seen it and I want it to be a surprise. It was so weird, a strange man, all the people looking at us. I felt like they could tell what was going on. I have to admit, it was all pretty hot."

She was stripping down to get in the shower as she talked.

"What did you guys talk about?"

"Nothing, just normal stuff, but we both knew what the Elephant in the Room was."

She was undressed except for underwear and she peeled them down her legs, leaned over the bed, balled her panties up into my hand, gave me a kiss and said, "This should tell you how it went."

"I have to get ready, I have a date.",she giggled and headed off to the bathroom.

Hearing that made me almost explode and then I realized that she had given me her underwear because they were drenched.

While she was in the shower, I heard activity in the room next to ours. The walls were pretty thin because I could hear the TV and David opening and closing doors.

Ellen called me into the bathroom while she was showering and said, "I need some privacy to get ready, why don't you go down and get a drink in the bar. I will call you before I leave to meet him."

I poured her another glass of wine, left it on the counter and went downstairs.

It was only about 7:15 and the bar was pretty much empty. Once I had my beer, the bar tender and I made some small talk. I asked him what time things got going and he told me about ten.

"But, you just missed some action." He said, while he was drying some glasses.

I perked up and asked, "Really, what?"

He looked around to make sure no one was watching, leaned in and said, "There was this hot chick in here, and she was meeting a big black guy. She was a real piece of ass."

I acted stunned and said, "No way, I guess I was late to the party."

"Yea, I would love a shot at that, but I am pretty sure that guy is gonna tear it up, at least that is what he said when she walked away."

We both started laughing and I said, "Lucky guy. What did he say?"

"He said she was some married chick and he was meeting her here to fuck her, and get this, her husband set up the whole thing. It actually happens quite a bit believe it or not."

I thought about coming clean just to surprise him, but all I said was an excited,"No Shit?"

"Yea, but if that was my girl, I wouldn't let some black guy split her in half. How do you live up to that after?"

I just nodded, but it did give me a moment of clarity.

We watched a college football game on the TV for and eventually my phone vibrated. "Come on up and say good bye." was the text message.

I rushed to up to the room. When I opened the door I nearly passed out. There stood Ellen, my beautiful wife, in a black dress that barely covered her pussy. She had on garters holding up black opaque stockings. You could see about 2 inches of the garters between the skirt and the stockings. The top plunged down to her belly button, exposing the inner half of her tits, barely concealing the nipples and making it impossible to wear a bra. Upon closer examinations, the dress was so sheer, you could make out the outline of her nipples. She was clearly proud of how she looked because her nipples were nearly poking through. When she did a turn, I saw the seam down the back of her legs and the extremely high heels with a strap around her ankle. The back of the dress was completely see through, hugging her ass tightly and showing the freckles on her shoulders. She turned around and started walking my way and I could clearly see the outline of her underwear. She had curled her hair and piled it up on her head, giving it a classy look.

She walked up to me, gave me a kiss on the lips and said simply, "You like?"

I pulled her close, and slid my hand under her skirt, running my finger across her clit. "Oh yea, I like, but I don't know if I can let you go out dressed like that."

As I kissed her, I felt her pussy was already wet, and her lips were already swollen. We kissed deeply for a few minutes and suddenly she pulled away, steadying herself on the edge of the bed.

"Oh my God, I nearly came. It's been so long since I've been fucked."

"My dress is fine Kyle, especially on New Years Eve, the restaurant is dark, and if we go to a club after, it will be too. I wouldn't go out at home in this, but here, who will see?"

She picked up her phone, started sending a text and taking a drink of her wine. She looked sexier than I've ever seen her. I walked over to her, pulled her close and asked, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Yes, I am not sure where it will lead, but there is no harm in dinner."

I started to suggest she hurry back to the room and I tried to sneak my hand back under her skirt, but there was a knock at the door and she pulled away and said, "My date's here. Could you answer the door honey?"

I turned around and answered it. I greeted David with a hand shake and when he looked past me, he whistled and said, "Oh my god." He walked right up to Ellen, gave her a hug, pulled back and she stood on her tip toes to kiss him square on the lips. She did a little spin and he just let out a soft whistle.

"Shall we go?" Ellen asked.

"Yes we should. We have a nine o'clock reservation downstairs." David replied.

My wife gave me a kiss on the cheek on her way past and said, "Don't wait up." They both shared a laugh on the way out of the door.

David guided her to the door with an arm around her waist. I decided right there that I was going to have to jack off before I even thought of following them. When the light above the hotel door hit her dress, it was completely see through, showing off a thong and the rest of the garters.

Once they were out the door, I used the extra key to go in David's room. I found places for the cameras and unlocked his side of the adjoining door. When I got back over to our room, I checked my Ipad, and there was David's room. I went back over and adjusted the angles and I now had a perfect view.

I showered, changed into a suit and headed down to the restaurant. I took a seat at the bar and tried to casually survey the room. At first I was worried that I couldn't see them, but with a creative seat choice combined with a mirror on the wall, I had a pretty good view of the two of them. There sat Ellen looking as beautiful as I have ever seen her. She was smiling and laughing with David. The sight of her on a date with a black man was shocking at first, especially in public. Since she had told me about her interracial past, I had looked at mixed couples with fascination, but now it was my wife. I laughed to myself that I should have whacked off before dinner. I ordered dinner to eat at the bar and decided to stay here for as much of the date as I could see.

As dinner went along, the drinks were flowing pretty good at their table. As she got d***ker, they sat closer and closer. Leaning in to talk and eventually, sneaking kisses. Eventually, they headed out of the restaurant to what I assumed was the ballroom in the hotel. I paid my bill and left to follow them. It was dark in the party room, people were dancing and drinking. There were ice sculptures and balloons hanging over the dance floor. Once again I took a seat at the bar, but due to the darkness, I couldn't see them. I waited for my eyes to adjust and decided to take my drink and explore the room.

I had just about abandoned the search when I spotted them in a booth on the other side of the dance floor. They were cuddled up in a corner kissing deeply. Her hands were on his face, and his were under the table. I walked past the table and they didn't even notice me. I leaned against a wall where I could barely make out what was happening. The got up and moved to the dance floor. After a couple fast songs, a slow song came on and they locked in a deep embrace, her looking up at him, staring into his eyes. Their bodies were pressed together and in the dark I could see his hand on her ass. She turned around and he had his arms around her, kissing her neck while she pressed her ass into his crotch. Eventually the song stopped and they retreated to the booth. I had moved to different spots during the night while they danced and sat a couple more times. Since it was getting late and it was nearly all couples, I decided to head back to the room and wait for them.

It was about 11:30 when I got back to the room. I watched the Times Square coverage and the ball drop. Every time I heard the elevator ding, I jumped up and ran to the peephole, hoping to catch a glimpse of my wife and David heading down the hall. I was nearly beside myself with anticipation, having suffered through about five false alarms, when I finally saw a fish eye view of Ellen coming down the hall with David's arm wrapped around her waist. They were laughing and talking animatedly. They went into his room and I immediately grabbed my Ipad and tuned in.

Ellen was talking a little loud, probably due to the alcohol. She gave David a deep kiss as he closed the door and her pushed her back against the wall. As they were kissing, her arms were around his neck and he was running his hands up and down her hips. He moved down to her neck and slipped a hand inside her dress. She had her eyes closed and her head was thrown back against the wall. He moved his hand down to her ass and lifted her skirt up, showing her bare ass. The contrast of his bare hand on her pale skin was breathtaking. He peeled the top of her dress back and exposed her full tits. They had only been covered by about an inch of material to start with, so it was pretty easy access. He moved his mouth from her neck down to her nipples. His hand had slid around the front of her skirt and she parted her legs, allowing him full access to her pussy. Her mouth opened a little when he touched her pussy the first time and between the his mouth and his hand, she started to moan loud enough to be heard through the adjoining room door. I saw her legs start to get wobbly after a few minutes of him playing with her pussy, and she suddenly pried herself away from him. I couldn't hear what she said, but they kissed and she went into the bathroom and David walked over into the room and poured a couple of glasses of Champagne.

My phone vibrated and it was a text from Ellen. "I am going to go through with it. I hope you'r still okay with that. He said he told you not to fuck me until he had a chance. Silly boy, now I'm so horny I can't turn him down."

I sat looking at my phone, but before I could reply, I saw her walk out of the bathroom on the webcam. She had put herself back together, covering her tits back up. David was sitting at a small table by the window and Ellen took a seat next to him. I switched to the second cam to get a better look at them. It was placed with a perfect view and I was glad I had splurged for the extra one. They looked like any other normal couple having a casual drink, less the fact that even though Ellen had her legs crossed, the dress had ridden up giving David had a clear view up her skirt. I moved close to the door to try listening in, but all I could hear were mumbles and then laughter.

As they were sitting there, David put his hand casually on Ellen's thigh, right in between the bottom of the dress and above the stockings. He leaned in and started kissing her, sliding his hand close to her pussy. She stood up and dropped her dress off her shoulders. She was standing in nothing but garter, stockings, and underwear. Her tits were right at eye level and he took one nipple in his mouth while he played with the other. He moved from side to side, not ignoring either one and Ellen had her hands on the back of his head. David stood up and took off his shirt, revealing a chiseled, muscular chest and Abs. They embraced and were locked in a deep kiss. Her bare tits were pressed against his chest. I immediately had my dick out, stroking it slowly. She pulled away, and playfully gave him a shove down into the chair. She went to her knees and he unbuckled his belt and pants. She fished inside his pants for a minute and finally pulled out an absolutely huge cock. I couldn't hear her gasp, but I saw the look of utter disbelief on her face. Her hand barely wrapped around the shaft and it had to be as long as her forearm.

After staring at his cock in her hand, she took the tip of it in her mouth. I came on my hand at the sight of her lips stretching to suck the head. She was staring up into his eyes and he was guiding her head with his hands. I started to be able to hear her moan through the door. Every so often, he would try to f***e her head down further than she was ready for and I could hear her gag through the door. Once David's dick was fully hard, it had to be nine inches long and the size of a beer can around. Ellen was struggling to get it down her throat, but having seen her work, I knew it was a matter of time. Eventually, she was about six inches down and David started fucking her face rapidly. He would let her up for air, but she hungrily went back after it. After not much time, I saw him tense up and hold her head down. He was pumping come down my wife's throat. At first I thought she was choking, but she was going crazy trying to swallow every drop. When he released her head she was gasping for air as she pulled off. There was come running down her chin onto her tits. He must have came a gallon because it looked like her efforts to swallow had been futile.

They were laughing as she stood up and went for some tissues to wipe off. Before she got to the night stand, he grabbed her and playfully f***ed her down on to the bed. He knelt between her legs and started licking her pussy. I had to switch cameras to get a better look. Ellen was biting her bottom lip and David was flicking his tongue on her clit. As soon as he hit her clit, she grabbed his head and started coming. I could hear her yelling at David to lick her pussy.

He made her come several times then he stood up next to the bed. He grabbed her legs and slid her to the edge, lining her wet pussy up with his dick. He was hard again and he moved between her legs. I think his cock was even bigger now if that is possible. Ellen was saying something I couldn't hear and smiling at him. When the head of his cock started to penetrate my wife, she winced, but she did nothing to pull away. She was staring down at her pussy the whole time, watching first the head, then about two inches of the shaft go in. She had a serious look on her face like she does when she balances her checkbook as she was studying his black cock in her white pussy. He started feeding a little bit in each time he withdrew. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips and started to moan loud enough to be heard through the adjoining door. David was very patient with her, he would ask her a question, and I would see her nod. Pretty soon, she yelled out she was coming. He froze and let her buck against his huge dick. As she came down from her orgasm, he withdrew, leaving just the head in. Her juices made his dick wet like oil on a dipstick. Then slammed his dick all the way in. She just moaned at the top of her lungs, enough to make me afraid of security showing up at their door. He froze there, letting her adjust for a second. He slid her further up on the bed, and took up a push up position over top of her, never taking his dick out. When he withdrew his dick this time, I had a perfect view of it trying to turn her inside out. Her pussy was stretched tight around his cock. He slid back inside of her and she started coming. He started to piston in and out fast, slamming down on her every stroke. She had lost complete control, just moaning and twisting her head side to side. She took her hands and grabbed his ass, pulling him deep inside her as she had another orgasm. Every time he pulled out, her come just ran down her ass crack onto the sheet.

After she had come a couple times, David grabbed her and flipped her over like a rag doll. He mounted her doggy style and from my view I could watch his cock slide in and out of my wife's pussy. At this point there was no resistance and he could drive his dick home on every stroke. Then he pulled a maneuver I had never seen. He stood up, straddling her with his cock still inside her. It must have been the perfect angle because after he plowed into her a couple times, his dick popped out from the f***e of her coming. She started squirting all over his thighs and stomach. After she would come, he would pop his dick back in her, pump a couple times, and almost on cue, she would spray her juices on him. After a few minutes of this, she collapsed onto the bed, her whole body quivering. He buried his cock in her one last time and I saw him tense up. He was filling my wife's pussy up with come. When he pulled his dick out, Ellen a trail of semen and her juices flowed out. It looked like a quart ran down her thighs onto the sheet.

He laid down next to her and she got up and headed to the bathroom. She was trying to hold her thighs together to keep their come from running down her legs but half way across the room she just stopped, leaned against a dresser and started laughing. She grabbed a tissue and I saw her wiping from her knees up. There was juice all the way down her legs. Once she had it contained, she went ahead into the bathroom.

After she was in the restroom for a few minutes, she came back out and picked up her phone. After a second, a text came through to my phone saying, "Thank you for tonight, I think I will stay with David. See you in the morning."

After I read my text, I looked back at the screen and she had gotten back in the bed and started blowing him. By this time, the battery in one of the cameras had gone dead, so I switched to the other one. Once his dick was hard again, she stood over him, rubbed her pussy for a second then lowered herself down onto his hard cock. She was bending at the knees, staying on her feet and I came again when the head of his huge dick penetrated her lips. Ellen eased down onto him completely and once she had become accustomed to his size, she started moving her ass up and down. Slowly at first, but then she started speeding up. Her pussy was stretched so tight around his shaft that it looked like it could tear. She started having and orgasm and he pulled her down onto him. When she slid up on his shaft, it was soaking wet with her come. He grabbed her hips and started pumping her up and down on his dick. I heard him moan through the door and suddenly the camera went dark. I tried switching to the other one to no avail. I could hear him coming through the door and soon enough, she joined in, announcing to the hotel that she was coming. It was quiet for a few minutes when I heard the bed start moving again.

I had gotten into bed, spent from beating my dick and frustrated that I could no longer see what was happening next door. I just laid down and listened to the sound of my wife fucking a black guy next door. The reality of it all was starting to sink in. This had been my fantasy, and it had turned me on to no end, but what would the effect of her fucking David be? Did I awaken something in her she had been missing? Through the night, I would wake up to the sound of my wife screaming in ecstasy, and every time, my dick would spring to life. I woke up in the morning early, there was no sound next door, so I went to the Gym in the hotel, had breakfast. When I came back upstairs, it was about ten o'clock. I was starting to get anxious so I knocked on David's door and announced it was me. After a minute, the door opened a crack and he said, "Come on in."

As I went in, I saw the trail of clothes from the night before and I noticed the room reeked of sex. Ellen was laying in the bed and propped herself up against the head board. David was in a robe making some coffee.

"Did you guys have a good time?" I asked cheerfully.

Ellen purred and said, "Mmmmmmm, yes we did."

This caused David to laugh and agree.

"Well, check out is in an hour so we should probably get going." I said.

My wife feigned disappointment and said, "Ahhhh, please, just a few more minutes."

At that, she kicked the covers off, slid over to the edge of the bed where David was standing, and slid her hand up under his robe.

"Please, just one more time." She asked me in a baby voice.

I just stood there mesmerized by the sight of my wife rubbing a mans cock right in front of me. She spread his robe and pulled out his hardening dick, and started sucking on it. After he was fully erect, she signaled me over and started rubbing my already hard cock through my shorts.

"Looks like you like what you see." she said teasingly.

I just grinned and nodded.

She turned around so her ass was pointing at David and she was facing me. David wasted no time in cramming his hard cock into her pussy. She moaned around my dick as he hit bottom. He started pumping away while she sucked my dick. She took my dick out of her mouth and announced she was coming. When her orgasm subsided, she went back to work on me. I was trying to hold out, but I started coming down her throat pretty quickly. I moved away and leaned on the dresser as David pounded away at her pussy.

She was staring me directly in the eyes and started talking dirty to me, "Oh my god baby, this feels so good. His cock is so deep in my pussy. It is so big. Do you like watching him fuck me?"

This effected David too, because he turned her face around and she started sucking his cock. He pulled out and came all over her face. Even after fucking Ellen all night, it was a pretty good load. He milked every last drop onto her chin and she took her finger and scooped it into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, that's so good." She cooed.

She laid on the bed and we stood there and laughed and made easy small talk in spite of the awkwardness of the situation. David said he was going to take a shower, and Ellen agreed. I went next door and opened the adjoining door so she could go to our room.

"Kyle honey, could you pick up my clothes and put them in a laundry bag?"

I gathered up her clothes and took the opportunity to retrieve my dead cameras.

The bed in their room was an mess. The sheet had dried come all over it. I went back into our room and went into the bathroom to talk to Ellen while she showered.

"So, tell me everything." I asked eagerly.

She laughed and said, "Well, didn't you see it with those cameras you hid?"

I didn't answer and she said, "David found them last night. He said he wants a copy for himself but I told him I was going to make you destroy it so it doesn't end up on the internet."

We both laughed and I assured her I would destroy it.

I walked back out into our room and in a few minutes David came over.

"Hey Kyle, thanks for last night. I heard Ellen tell you I saw the cameras. You didn't hide them too well."

I laughed and said, "Sorry about that, I thought I had gotten away with it."

"Well no problem, just email me a copy and we will call it even."

I gave him a wink because I knew Ellen was listening and I said, "Well, my wife made me destroy the video so we are out of luck."

He nodded knowingly and said, "Well, stay in touch. Maybe we can get together again."

Out of the bathroom I heard Ellen yell, "You bet your ass we're going to get together again. Sooner rather than later."

She walked out naked with her hair in a towel and went to David and kissed him deeply, rubbing his dick through his pants. He smiled when she stepped away and we shook hands and he left with his bag over his shoulder.
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5 months ago
Very erotic.
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
Great way to start the New Year but if you wanted to watch why did they use the other room?
1 year ago
very well written
1 year ago
I gotta get me a NYE experience like that!!
1 year ago
man thats one hot way to bring in the new year!!