by Isabelle Vagaba

The couple walks to the pool area with Isabelle giggling and greeting her office friends while Nate just smiles along, noticing the lewd stares of the guys at his sexy wife???s body. They leave the main hall and arrive at a large open area.

There are, in fact three different pools, a larger one that is full of people, swimming and playing around, a smaller one that is clearly meant for c***dren and is almost empty and a last pool, that is, in fact a hot tub. The tub is round and fits comfortably five people sitting around it. It is set high above the ground and people need a six step stair to get inside it.. Its walls are about five to five three tall, with a thin vapor floating over it. The hot tub looks inviting, yet it is empty now.

When they finally make it through the small crowd at the pool area entrance, Belle sees a small group of beautiful girls and elbows her hubby, getting his attention while he finishes his drink.

"Hey, there are my girlfriends!" She says waving to them. Isabelle???s barely contained tits wobble with it and suddenly all male eyes are on her chest. "Michelle, Bruna!"

"Belle!" They cheer back, obviously half d***k already. "So cool you came!"

Nate smiles, watching they approach. The girls are beautiful and dressed in bikinis as daring as his wife???s. His cock feels a little stiff against his jeans. Bruna is a cute long haired brunette with tits as big as Belle???s, blessed with a pleasantly plump fair skinned body. Michelle is also a brunette, but tanned, slim and athletic, with small tits but a perfect butt.

"Girls, this s my husband, Nate!" Isabelle introduces him to the hot girls.

He smiles at each, extending his hand to shake. His eyes gravitate towards Michelle. Before he realizes, Nate is staring inappropriately at the cute and gold skinned brunette. He feels ashamed of his own desires and looks back at his gorgeous wife, trying to hide his attraction to the girls nearby.

"Hi Nate." Michelle says. "Belle told us a lot about you!" She starts to laugh.

"Yes, she told us you are a LITTLE darling!" Bruna completes and they laugh.

Nate can't help but blush hearing it. He notices the double meaning in what they're saying. The skinny man wonders how much Isabelle must have said??? and, worst of all, that the girls must think he???s not big enough. But the three of them look so good he can hardly focus on the implications.

"I??? well..." Nate stammers, unsure of what to say. His eyes are soon roving over each of them again.

"Belle looks so HOT!" Bruna giggles in a tipsy way, cutting his speech. "You are lucky to have such a hot wife!"

"I know I am." Nate smiles.. "The luckiest man here!" He grins happily as he looks his wife in her little red bikini.

???You know, even in her work clothes we could see she was staked." Michelle adds. "But in this bikini... she looks just FUCK-A LI-TIOUS!"

The girls laugh at the joke while Nate smiles dumbly. Ogling Michelle???s perky breasts again. He is just unable to let himself realize what it means - if the girls could see how hot you are, how great those firm breasts are... then surely every man belle works with can too!

???You know Nate, all the guys in office are crazy to get into her panties??? but now they'll be climbing up the walls to do it!" Bruna elbows the wimpy husband. "You are so lucky to have this HOT, hot wife!"

"Good thing she's in love with me." Nate smiles unsure of his own words. Yet he enjoys the contact, feeling myself swell a little at it. A week and a half without sex, or even a tug, and he is pretty pent-up... even an innocent touch is enough to turn him on.

"Yes, or else she'd be fucking all those well hung hunks at the office!" Michelle agrees.

"With tits like hers every guy would die to cope a feel. Hell, they???d give an arm to fuck her!" Michelle continues. ???Hey Paul!" She calls a coworker who was walking by. "Come here and tell me, wouldn't you fuck Isabelle if you could?"

"Oh hell, yes!" Nate???s eyes widen as Paul steps closer grinning. The handsome man winks, staring at Isabelle, checking her out in her bikini as her husband blushes. Nate has one hand in his pocket and the other holds his drink, watching the scene stunned. He just can???t believe this is happening.

"No, you wouldn't!" Isabelle giggles looking very proud of his immediate answer. She presses her arms to the sides of her tits 'casually', making them grow to huge proportions.

"God! Look at those melons." Michelle says. "I wish I had tits that big." Paul glances at Michelle, he grins and nods, as if agreeing. Then he turns back to the busty blonde with a half-d***k smile on his face.

"Oh fuck yea, I'd slip my cock right between them... fuck her like that ???til...??? Paul suddenly stops and frowns. ???Hey, isn't she married?"

???Yes." Bruna laughs. "And this is Nate, her hubby!" The wimpy husband stares at Paul, red-faced, as he laughs.

"Sorry man.??? The smiling coworker says, not really looking like he regrets his words. ???You're lucky to have a wife that hot."

"That's what we were telling him!" Bruna agrees. "We were saying that all guys want to get into her panties... no offense Nate!"

"Yeah. Better hold onto her. Paul grins, winking at Belle who openly smiles back. "She's a wanted woman! With tits like that it is no surprise."

"Do you think her boobs are bigger than mine?" Bruna asks with jealousy on her voice.

The new man looks at the brunette???s boobs appraisingly. Then he turns to take a good look at Isabelle???s.. Nate???s eyes grow wide at the way Paul leers at his wife???s jugs, but doesn???t to spoil the moment and look jealous in Belle???s eyes, so he just shuts up and let the other man stare as much as he wants.

???I???m not sure?????? Paul finally says, in doubt.

???Look again!??? Bruna smiles and sticks out her tits. Paul???s eyes grow wide, as does Nate???s.

???Hey, you???re cheating!??? Isabelle laughs and does the same, presenting her ripe melons to her coworker, not shy about her husband???s presence.

???This is too hard to judge?????? He chuckles and reaches up to slip his fingers around Bruna's breasts. He squeezes them a little and finally says. "Yeah, Isabelle???s are bigger." He smiles, without touching the blonde.

Nate???s mind races. How could Paul know that Bell???s boobs would ???feel??? bigger? The wimpy husband realizes that maybe he's felt them before??? would Isabelle have done it? He is not sure, but he is too scared to annoy her or too cause a commotion to complain. Nate knows she is too hot a woman for a man like him, so he ends up swallowing his pride and fears.

"No way!" Bruna yells. ???You didn't touch hers!" She says enraged! "You can't tell me I'm smaller than Isabelle if you didn't touch hers!"

"Nate." Michelle asks sweetly. "Would you mind if Paul just, you know??? touched slightly on Belle's bobs, just for a second, to measure it?" She tries to make it sound unimportant. "It is no big deal, just a second!"

"Please!" Bruna begs turning to Nate, grabbing his hands and making him turn to face her. The husband???s eyes are now away from Belle as he looks at the beautiful busty brunette. "You can measure mine too.??? She grabs Nate???s hands and places them all of a sudden on her large udders. ???I need a second opinion, and you already know what Belle???s tits feel like."

Nate???s mouth drops in surprise. He feels breasts under his hands, his eyes go wide as he looks at Bruna. The pale brunette smiles to him, forcing the wimpy man to knead her large mounds. Her boobs are full and about the same size as his wife???s, but not as firm as Belle???s, maybe just a little larger.

With his side view Nate watches as Paul steps up confidently. His hands rising to slip around Isabelle???s firm full tits. He squeezes them, fondling the large hooters right in front of her hubby as if he wasn???t there. Michelle laughs as Nate touch Bruna's melons and Paul touches Belle???s.

???Darling!" Isabelle giggles. "I never knew you were so fun! You are measuring Bruna!" she looks at her husband with a sly smile. "Since you are kneading Bruna, there is no harm in Paul measuring me, right?"

"I... ah???" Nate gulps, his hands drop from Bruna???s firm tits as Paul squeezes Isabelle???s knockers.

"I know you???d agree!??? Michelle steps between man and wife, hugging the skinny man. Her body prevents Nate from seeing Isabelle and Paul. ???Nate, you are a darling!"

"I-I am?" He stammers, feeling in pleasure her lithe and slim body against his. He touches her slightly and feels her firm, toned, athletic body and looses all attention on his wife???s actions.

"Yes!" Michelle distracts Nate. The girls keep him stunned, lost in a daze of lust. ???I wish I had a boyfriend so cool about other guy touch my tits!??? She says with her sweet breath on his ear, making him shiver.

People start to stare at the little group of giggling girls and guys playing with their tits. Some of the women in the pool area give them an evil look, more because they are jealous of the attention they are getting than any from any moralistic notion. But others giggle playfully, usually the ones already d***k, considering the idea of starting a game like that themselves. On the other hand, all the guys are staring at Belle and Bruna wide eyed, obviously in lust.

Paul's hands drift down Isabelle???s body. Her coworker is grinning wickedly as one of his hands round to cup the blonde???s large firm ass and give it a squeeze as her friends stand close. Paul smiles, knowing that the poor husband has his vision blocked by the cute girls??? bodies. On his side of the action, Nate hopes that Michelle can't feel his erection as she hugs him.

Isabelle???s bikini top slips a little bit, baring her nipples. She mouths 'OOPS!', but doesn't tuck the large boobs back into cover. Paul leans in, kissing one nipple then the other. He pulls Isabelle up, close against him, before slipping a hand around her wrist and guiding the hot wife into the hot tub.

Nate doesn???t even see Paul???s hand on his wife???s butt as they climb in to slip under the water. The wimpy husband stands there in his jeans and shirt, unable to follow what happens to his woman as the girls talk excitedly around him. When he looks back Nate finally notices Belle is gone.

"Hey Nate, are you done feeling up Bruna's tits?" Isabelle asks in an angry voice from the tub. The hot tub is round, tiered and bubbly. The bubbles obscure everything below the surface.

"Honey! I... I wasn't! She made me, you saw it!" He answers blushing, obviously embarrassed.

"Oh yeah!" Belle says in anger. Her hand grabs Paul???s cock under the bubbling water. ???And I could see how hard you resisted!"

"Honey she grabbed my hands! Ah God, I'm soo sorry!" Nate wonders what to do.

He knows he'll have to buy her flowers and chocolates tomorrow. But he is scared of her reaction now, Belle has a fiery temperament. As if taking some revenge on her husband, the blonde wife takes her coworker???s hard dick out of the trucks, all hidden in the hit tub.

"Well... maybe I should forgive you.??? She surprises her hubby. ???You were just being playful, right Paul?" Isabelle asks as she starts to jerk him off under the water.

"Yea, of course... just being playful.??? Paul agrees closing his eyes as Isabelle???s expert hands work on his nine inches pole. ???It is not like your husband, groping other woman right in front of you is anything really wrong..." He grins with his hand under the water against Belle???s thigh, sliding towards her bikini bottoms, as his stiff dick swells in her hand.

Nate watches from the floor, his head slightly above the hot tub. The poor husband notices Isabelle???s arm begin to move. He can't help but blush as Michelle and Bruna hover close, whispering to each other.

"Ok..." Isabelle grins, not stopping the masturbation. "Now you know you have absolutely NO RIGHT to complain about anything I do today! You already had your share of 'mischievousness'... I can have mine now, right?"

"Wh... what do you mean, baby?" Nate asks blushing. He watches in disbelief as Belle???s shoulder move. Deep inside he knows what she???s doing. And knows he doesn???t have the guts to stop her. Worst than that, the wimpy man is somehow turned on by it. Even feeling as humiliated as he is, Nate???s cock is aching in his pants.

???Since you are allowed to touch and grope another girl, I can dance and have fun with other guys too...??? Isabelle says with an impish smile. ???No big deal, just dancing and games."

"I... I guess, okay. Sure.??? He nods meekly. ???Just dancing..."

"...And games!" Isabelle adds f***efully.

"Yeah. Sure baby, games." Nate trails off. He blushes red as the weird realization washes over him. He finally accepts the fact that he is seeing his wife is stroking another man's dick not six feet away from him.

"Tha's ok.??? She calms down, her arms slowing the pace of the wild masturbation. Paul actually moans, relieved. ???Now, can you fetch another drink? This time make it a tequila for us!"

"U-us?" Nate???s eyes grow wide. The poor man knows he'll obey and he also knows he'll pretend he can't tell Belle is stroking Paul???s fat cock under the water.

???You fool, us is you and me!" Isabelle giggles calming down her nervous hubby.

"Oh, of course. Sure baby.??? He smiles relieved.. ???I???ll be right back."

He leaves the hunky man with his wife as the girls laugh aloud. Nate knows they are laughing at him, but he doesn???t care, all he can think is of Bruna???s delightful tits and his wife having unlawful fun with her coworker just in front of him. ???How can this be so exciting?!??? he asks himself. He can???t understand why he is so horny with the thought of his beautiful wife giving a hand job to an arrogant stranger.

"Ok Paul, the bartenders are full of people to attend, we do have some time!" Isabelle giggles as they see the skinny husband walk away in a hurry.

"What a loser." Paul grins, kissing Isabelle???s lips. "Why'd you marry that guy?" His solid cock twitches in her grip.

"Well... he is nice and don't try to boss me around!" Isabelle shrugs. "I don't like to belong to one man. I like to have my fun with my lovers, so I need a hubby like Nate. We were made for each other!"

"Well??? if you like to have fun with your lovers you can count me in!??? Paul grabs one of her tits while the other hand rubs between her thighs insistently. ???Call me up next time he's outta town and I'll give you what you need."

???Why wait?" The horny blonde tucks her bikini bottom to the side and guides his cock to her pussy.

Paul grins surprised as she pushes him, so he is ends up sitting on the inside bench of the tub. She turns her back to him, showing her large heart shaped butt, and slips up onto his lap. The solid length starts rubbing against the entrance of her twat. Then he presses it to cunt, forcing up the large pole between her folds. Isabelle closes her eyes and opens her legs, letting the massive cockhead slide slowly into her married pussy. But, before the whole tip manages to fit into her small opening, she hears a voice.

???Don't start the fun without us!" Isabelle turns to see Michelle, Bruna, Lizzy and Carol climb into the tub, along four guys. Michelle is an athletic and tanned brunette with Middle Eastern features and a perfect butt, large and very muscular as well as great legs. Bruna is a pleasantly plump brunette, with a curvy body and cover girl face; her tits are very large and slightly sagging. Lizzy is tall and has a beautiful dark brown hair; she has classic features and a body to die for, with tits slightly bigger than Belle???s. Carol is tall and slim, with surprisingly large C cup boobs and a bubble shaped ass, her long straight hair goes down almost to her ass and her skin is pale and perfect.

All the men sit along the tube, using up all space. Since there is no place for them, the girls have to sit on their laps. The fun part is that all the men take their cocks out and the girls tuck their bikini bottoms to the side, just like Isabelle has done. Not surprisingly the girls sit on the guys??? cocks, pretending this is just a casual and innocent fun between coworkers.

Meanwhile, Nate struggles through the long line at the bar, unaware of the fact that his wife is getting filled with a nine inch dick among her friends. Worst than that. They are doing it right there, in front of the whole party. Thankfully, most of the people around are too d***k to care, if they ever notice it. All of the families have gone, now only singles are here, aside from me and Nate and Belle. And she is sure acting like a single.

???Well, I guess we can start the fun now.??? Paul jokes and thrusts into the hot blonde hard from below, enough to make her tits bounce out of the bubbling water for all to see.

"Welcome to the team!" Carol laughs and the girls cheer Isabelle.

"I never thought you'd be one of us Belle. "Lizzy giggles. "You looked so prim and proper at the office."

"And look at her now???" Grins Paul, thrusting again.

"A good thing she has those life savers." Michelle jokes pointing at Bell???s large udders. "Otherwise she'd drawn!"

"Oh God! Jay! You are so big!" Carol moans. "Michelle was telling me the truth!"

???Fuck!??? Isabelle moans. "He can't be bigger than Paul, this guy is huge!" Nine solid inches of prime man meat are deep in her quivering pussy. Isabelle is wet, and not just with bubbly water???

???Hey, what about if we changed partners... shift one person to the side?" Lizzy proposes laughing.

"I dunno about that." Says Jay. "Carol feels fucking good!???

"I'll be ???fucking good??? too!" Bruna purrs, eager to feel how big he is.

???I am sure you???ll be??? I remember how tight is your pussy Bruna.??? Jay smiles. ???But I'd get to try the new girl." He winks at Isabelle.

Isabelle is on Paul???s cock, riding the large pole in glee. To her right side is Lizzy in a stranger's cock, then Michelle on another guy that Isabelle never met. Bruna is sitting on the lap of a black man called Jack, to Michelle???s right and then Carol on Jay's pole, completing the circle as she fucks him at Isabelle???s left.

The group tries not to draw too much attention, the girls have to try to move and yet not show exactly what they are doing. Then a loud music starts to play. The DJ started the dance floor on the main room while the ten coworkers are in their circle fucking. They all laugh and the girls start to move faster, pretending to be dancing on the men???s laps. The water gets even more bubbly than expected, with all the girls bouncing.

From the bar, Nate tries to see what his wife is doing. He is finally almost up close enough to ask for the drinks when he turns his head to look back at the hot tub. He sees it crowded with men and women, each of the girls on a man's lap... ???dancing???. Hints of breasts above the water now and then draw his eyes. Then he sees Isabelle moving up and down on Paul. He can see the girls are moving to the music, but yet, it is so lewd! He can???t see them clearly, and someone blocks his vision from time to time, but Nate is sure his wife is performing a lap dance for the arrogant coworker.

"Fuck girls!" Carol moans, moving her body pretending she is dancing to the music on Jay???s lap. "This is soooo HOT!" His hands slip up round her chest, cupping her perky tits, squeezing them. His huge cock is wedged deep between her parted thighs, eagerly banging the tall pale brunette.

"I-I can barely take Jack???s dick!" Bruna closes her eyes in pleasure. Jack's body moving under her, filling her little pussy with stiff and thick inches. He moans as her ass bounces against his hips.

"I'm so full... I-I. Hey, what is your name?" Lizzy asks as she rides her man.

"Jim." He grunts, thrusting into the curvy brunette, loving the way she moves. Her huge tits slap the water in a lewd way. Jim happily fucks a girl he just met.

"Oh girls." Michelle purrs in pleasure. "This is john, from accounting!" She presses her body down on his dick, engulfing the erect pole again and again.

"God I wanna fill you up." Groans John, holding his stiffness deep inside her.

???Fuck, I???m filled up!??? Carol almost yells, the loud music keeps their conversation private from those outside the tub.

???I-I never been filled up by an eleven inch cock!??? Isabelle says amazed as she looks to Jay by her side.

"Dammit Jay... all the girls want you." Groans Paul as he thrusts. He slips his fingers between Belle???s legs, flicking his fingertips over her hot little slit, as his dick slides in and out.

"What can we do if he is a fat 11 incher?" Lizzy laughs and everyone laughs along. "But Ron here is not doing bad at all!??? She purrs.

Jay is eying Isabelle eagerly, hungrily. Everyone can see he just wants to stretch her out with his monstrous dick. Bruna turns to see not only him, but also the other men around stealing glances at Isabelle, the new girl in the group.

"It looks like all the guys want the new meat!" Bruna jokes.

"If I had tits like hers all of them would want me too!" Michelle laughs. All the girls are still moving in a way that looks like they are dancing to the hard techno music, but also bouncing up and down and back and forth, fucking their partners.

To Belle???s right is Lizzy with Jim. But the blonde???s eyes are to her left, where Jay is pounding Carol so hard she looks like fainting! All the while, as he fucks her roughly, his eyes are on Isabelle. Jay has a sly smile on his lips, letting the married woman know she???s next. Paul notices the exchange of looks and tries to thrust as fast as Jay. But he tires, slowing the pace to just hump Isabelle slowly, filling her as best he can. Yet he knows she'll be in love with Jay's huge cock as soon as she???s on it.

"Ok girls!" Bruna giggles. "All set? We???ll do it clockwise then, so Jay gets 'the new girl'. "

"Time to exchange partners!" Lizzy yells and the girls laugh. They hold their hands and stand up. They walk to their lefts, until Isabelle has Jay just behind her. The girls??? delightful asses are in level with the men???s faces, they have a perfect view of their butts, the thongs tucked to the sides. The walls of the tub barely hide the girls??? asses from people standing outside it. Carol and Lizzy, who are taller, are surely putting quite a show to the people looking at their direction, since their butts are above the walls of the tub.

Isabelle doesn???t even notice the terrified stare of her husband, who can partially see her body from the bar. He is relieved that at least belle still looks like she???s wearing her little bikini bottoms. But he can't tell that Jay's getting an eyeful of her pretty little pussy when Belle leans forward, but he knows he has a perfect view of his wife???s amazing butt. Nate swallows one large dose of the drink he just managed to get and tries to ask for another. He can???t help but think of his wife's hot, tight tunnel that he hasn't been in for weeks.

"Bend over girls!" Carol orders and they all bend over, sticking up their butts to the men???s faces as they pretend to dance, still holding hands like a bunch of schoolgirls.

Nate sees it too, as he turns with the drinks on his hands. He figures this must be the ???game??? Belle was talking about. He assumes it's some sort of lap dance tease.... not all out fucking in the hot tub. The a bunch of people gets behind him and he can???t see what is going on anymore.

Isabelle???s tits hang down, as do Bruna's and Lizzy's large hooters. Carol and Michelle have smaller and firmer tits that look perfectly perky, even in this position. The guys are looking at the girl in front of them, admiring each curvy, smooth ass, then glancing past to get an eyeful of the other girls' tits. Jack seems to be in love with Isabelle???s chest. His eyes hardly leaving Belle???s breasts as he stares open mouthed.

"Fuck, I can't stall anymore!" Lizzy moans and sits on Paul's dick. Michelle follows the lead and f***es her cunt to Jim's member. Bruna has no trouble getting John's cock into her cunt and Carol is now impaled by Jack's large black dick.

Only Isabelle remains to sit down and slide onto that eleven inch monster cock. She wants to feel it stretch her out like none other, but is actually afraid of the sheer size of the big thing. Scared with the size of Jay's monster, Isabelle moves her hips slowly and carefully, feeling his tip opening her labia. It is solid... fat. It is twice the width of her hubby???s average, boring little dick.

She presses down firmly as Jay grins, easing upwards into Belle???s hot slit, forcing it open. Belle feels her hot little rim gripping him. She closes her eyes and f***es herself down a little more, engulfing five inches of prime fat cock. Isabelle feels so full she can???t believe he???ll ever fit into her small pussy. It's thicker, harder than her hubby???s, and nearly as much as Nate???s dick is already inside her. And she hasn???t swallowed even half of his length.

"Hey girls, I think Belle will pass out!" Bruna mocks her friend.

"What's wrong Belle? Can't you handle it?" Carol jokes. Isabelle gives her an evil look and makes another effort. The short blonde wife lets out a 'UGHH!' and presses down again, to take nine inches. The largest member she ever had was this long, but not this thick. The huge head mash against her cervix, buried deep, as he holds the married woman on it. Jay keeps her from pulling up off that huge fat length. His hands are on Isabelle???s hips, pinning her and actually forcing her deeper.

"A little bigger than your husband?" Asks Jay, wedging in further. With a sudden thrust he jams it in even deeper, only an inch is outside her twat now.

"T-twice as biggg!??? Isabelle moans. The girls are performing their 'lap dance', but Belle just can't do it. She stands there, wide eyed, feeling a huge shaft inside her. Isabelle starts shaking! Jay rams suddenly, plowing it in. He breaks through to Isabelle???s womb, filling her more fully than ever before.

Belle stops breathing. He can???t believe she has that huge massive monster all inside her. But she finally feels her butt cheeks planted to his lap. He is all in! Jay let???s her move up a little bit, letting three inches out, then fuck up hard. His hands grab Isabelle???s hips to pin her down on it. Then he thrusts hard, fucking her tight, stretched pussy??? the tightest he's had all night. Isabelle???s cunt walls grab his member like a second skin. She would never believe something like that really existed outside porn flicks.

"OH GOD!" Isabelle yells. ???I???ve got eleven inches inside me???' She says amazed. Thankfully the loud music doesn't let people outside the little group hear it.

"Hey people, it looks like Isabelle has seen the light!" Bruna laughs. "Jay has shown her what a monster cock feels like."

???YEAH!??? Jay yells in pleasure and victory as Belle starts to ride his dick timidly at first."You'll be in my office working late every night this week won't you?" He grins, whispering in her ear. Jay reaches around to slip a finger against her folds. His dick is wedged fully, up to his balls in Belle???s gripping little tunnel.

???You bet I will!??? Isabelle yells in answer and the girls cheer the best they can, between their pleasure moans.

Jay thrusts upwards, eagerly, grinding his huge balls against Belle???s folds. His massive dick plunges deep inside the married woman. He just loves to see the face of pleasure in a girl when he fucks her. He loves to know she'll be back after work every day another taste of his huge member. Jay knows that every girl in the tub wishes she was in Belle???s place right now.

Isabelle, on the other hand, can???t even think. All she has in her mind is the feeling of pleasure, stars exploding in front of her eyes. She starts to move again, finally getting used to be so full. Nate has finally managed to get the two drinks and is returning to his beloved wife. Then he sees the scene and almost faints.

The poor husband can see Isabelle starting to bob on the stranger???s lap, from across the large room he sees her head showing above the dancing crowd from time to time. She has a look on her face he has never seen before. It clearly looks like humping from where Nate is watching. Straight, dirty sex in a hot tub. He just can???t believe how lewd this lap dance is.

Isabelle starts to move up and down faster, not really trying to emulate a dance anymore, she just can't! She is too lost in pleasure and lust to care about what people might see anymore. She doesn???t know her husband is staring wide eyed at her, but she???d NOT stop if she knew.

"Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Isabelle moans aloud. The music is at its peek, a loud bass beat that is sexy and savage.

Carol is already orgasming. Her eyes are closed as she still does the 'dance' routines. Bruna is now frantically 'lap dancing', her tits escape the bikini top and she just doesn't care, just keeps riding the cock as her jugs bounce in the nude. Michelle can't take it anymore, she changes position and straddles Jim, facing him and kissing her partner as she cums. Lizzy leans back and her head lays on Paul's shoulder as she f***es her body even harder against his, grabbing his hand to put them on her sizable tits, she yells her climax with no pretense of hiding it anymore.

Only then Nate realizes just what is going on. He stops, staring at the obscene scene red-faced, watching in disbelief. He sees the looks of ecstasy. He sees the women humping, thrusting, dancing??? all of them moaning with their mouths open, sexy lips parted. He blushes as he realizes his wife is completely full of another man's cock. Strangely, the sudden realization makes his face flush and his cock harden. He is excited by it!

He stops on his tracks. He just can???t walk towards the orgy anymore. Nate watches the sex party get wilder by the second. He knows he could never please a girl like that. The submissive poor husband watches in a shameful lust as Jay pounds his wife???s hot little tunnel roughly. The stranger is fucking Isabelle???s hot wet pussy with his hands on her hips to hold her. He is drilling her cunt with wild, a****l lust. His average sized dick is fully hard now and a few girls laugh as they pass him by pointing at the small tent on his trousers.

It wakes up from his daze and he walks slowly and unsteady to the hot tub. The girls start to shiver and tremble, Belle leans back like Lizzy and Nate is sure the stranger is playing with his wife???s tits now as she tenses up for the last moments of her climax. He takes his time before getting to the hot tub.. When he finally reaches the grinning group they are already spent and with that post orgasm after glow.

???Hi darling, here is your drink.??? He says meekly and everyone finally notices his presence. Michelle and Bruna laugh aloud. Lizzy smiles and winks to Michelle. The men smile and high five each other. ???W-what h-have?????? he starts top ask, afraid of the answer, but Isabelle cuts him, grabbing the glass.

???I told you I???d be having fun with dancing and games?????? She sips the drink. ???So don???t try to complain now.???

???Ok, sorry!??? He says taken aback.

???I???m finished here.??? Belle says tugging her bikini bottom back in place and standing up. ???I think we should go for a walk, see who else is around.??? She leaves the hot tub as her coworkers start to make out and cuddle.
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