Karen's Anniversary Surprise

Chapter One
Dennis poured Karen another Mimosa; champagne and orange juice, her favorite drink. He joined her on the patio and set it down next to her lounger. “Here you go gorgeous!”
Karen was having a great weekend. Dennis had surprised her and rented a cottage in Pine Point Beach to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She couldn’t believe it, here she was sitting around a pool at a private cottage located steps to the ocean in one of the most exclusive spots in Maine. She sighed, “I’m having so much fun Dennis! Thank you!” She took a sip of her drink, it was her fourth, she giggled; her legs felt funny, she knew she was getting tipsy but she didn’t care, she was on vacation!
Dennis smiled, noting her slightly slurred speech and thought, I’d say she ready for her surprise. “Good! I’m glad!” He reached down into the bag by his chair and pulled out his trusty Canon SLR. “Let me get some photos of you sexy lady!”
Karen giggled; she still felt sexy in her modest one-piece bathing suit. Dennis moved around taking pictures while she posed. Dennis had been privately photographing Karen since the early days back when they were just dating. He said something naughty about her boobs and she blushed and covered her mouth as the camera clicked away. She felt so sexy when he treated her like this.
“Hello?” Karen turned at the sound of the voice. It sounded like it came from out front; somebody was here! Dennis told her to wait here and then went around to the front of the cottage. Karen wondered who it could be as she took another sip of her drink.
Dennis was giddy with excitement. He smiled and greeted Jerome and Tyrel. He looked at his watch, “Two o’clock, right on the nose!” Jerome and Tyrell worked with Brian at Saints Structural Steel in New York. Brian and Dennis were old friends and Dennis had confided his life-long wish of hooking Karen up with a couple big black men. Brian had made it happen and here were two of the biggest black guys Dennis had ever seen. They had to be 6’4 and closing in on 300 lbs…each! It was obvious they worked steel every day! After some quick instructions, he led them around the side of the house.
Karen heard Dennis coming back and turned to see him leading two big black guys over towards the patio. They were big men; both dressed in jeans and tight white t-shirts. Karen giggled d***kenly; they looked like book-ends. Then she realized she was laid out on the lounger in her bathing suit. Her husband was the only man that had ever seen her dressed like this, she was just too shy and self-conscious to not have a big t-shirt on over her suit when she was in public; it was too late now though, she tried to remain calm.
Chapter Two
Dennis introduced the guys to Karen. He loved the surprised look on her face as she shook each of their hands. He noticed that her little hand almost disappeared in their massive mitts. The guys sat down as Dennis explained what was going on, “You know how we have our photo-shoots.” Karen blushed at the mention of the shoots, stealing glances at Jerome and Tyrel. “Well, we’ve always joked about having a couple male models join in so, I’ve hired Jerome and Tyrel. They’re male models who have agreed to this special anniversary shoot.”
Dennis could see the wheels turning; she was trying to process this new development. They had joked about it, but it had always been just a joke. He had to reassure her, “Don’t worry, they’re professionals. And they charge by the hour!” She giggled at this. “So what do you say; a quick shoot with my sexy wife?” That did it, she smiled and nodded bashfully.
They got started, the guys moving in to squat down next to Karen on each side of the lounger. Dennis watched Karen tense up as the guys got close and fired off a couple pictures. The guys, following instructions, kept moving, not letting Karen get too worked up in any one position. They moved around her, getting her to sit up and then look to each side, moving through different poses. Jerome was the first to lay his hand on her shoulder. She had visibly shrunk from the touch, but before she could react, Dennis had gotten a shot and then the hand was gone.
He continued shooting while the guys continued the quick touches until Karen was used to it and had actually put her arms around their necks and they had picked her up for one pose while she laughed and giggled. Dennis noticed her drink was gone again, the telltale glaze in her eyes, time for Phase 2. He poured her another drink and set it on the low table, “Why don’t you put a different outfit on Karen?” She looked at him, her brow furrowed. “Sure, you know, like at home when you change outfits. Check the red bag in the closet in our room.” He waited, would she go? She hesitated just a second and then was up and making her way inside through the patio doors into the bedroom.
“Dennis, this is the best. Damn, your wife is hot. I gotta see those titties.” Tyrels voice was low and precise, like ancient gravel on stone. Jerome was nodding, his hungry eyes looking back to the patio door.
“Dennis. Can you c-come here.” Dennis got up quickly and went to the patio door where Karen was peering out from around the wall. Dennis noticed the red bag on the floor and found Karen standing off to the side adjusting the tiny bikini she was wearing. “I think this is April’s suit.” April was our daughter in law and she and Karen had purchased the same bikinis on a dare from April. “This one doesn’t quite, f-fit right.” Karen was fumbling at the top, trying to tuck more of her big boobs into the bikini top, but it wasn’t working.
Dennis took her by the arm and led her out back onto the patio, explaining that it was okay. A credit to Karen, she seemed a little nervous, but followed him out. The guy’s eyes were wide as they watched Karen walk over. She had on a tiny neon green bikini that was obviously too small for her, which gave the guys more reason to smile. Her big tits were hanging out each side, the thin material making a small triangular cover for her nipples. Their eyes wandered down, spying the barest hint of her pussy hair peeking over the top of the small patch of cloth covering her snatch.
Dennis could see the bulges in their jeans as he led Karen over. This was working out perfect he thought. He handed Karen her drink and then picked up his camera again. The guys moved in quickly, Jerome’s heavy arm going around
Karen’s shoulders and hanging down, his fingers barely hovering over her breast, a big smile on Karen’s face; Dennis started taking pictures.
The guys were more physical now, moving Karen through different poses. She was laughing now, but occasionally, she would give out a startled “OH!” as one of their arms casually dragging across her tits. Dennis could see her nipples sticking out now but were covered by Tyrel’s huge arm as he hugged her from behind, his arm squishing her tits, forcing them out the top. He must have known what he had done, because as he pulled his arms away from around her, he slowly raised her arms up. Dennis’s mouth opened in shock and he quickly recovered, his camera clicking away.
As Tyrel had pulled his arms out of the hug, he had dragged his arm across her tits and pulled one of the tiny triangles to the side. Her nipple was exposed in all its glory. “Good job Karen. You’re a natural.” Dennis took some quick photos as Jerome looked on hungrily. They had moved through a few more poses before Karen noticed her boob sticking out.
“OH! Oh my!” She moved quickly to cover her boob back up. Somehow it had popped out! The guys hadn’t seemed to notice though. She was blushing now, she had better keep an eye on that she thought to herself. She was still arranging the little bikini triangle when Jerome pulled her into a hug, pulling her arms up high and wrapping them around his neck.
“Movie poses; like you’re a movie star Karen!” He was leaning over and had pulled her in until her breasts were mashed against his massive chest, his face pressed against hers facing the camera. Tryel had called out, oh a lovers shot! “Yes, right Tryel, a Lovers shot like in the movies.” And with that Jerome picked her up easily, still holding her against his chest. Tyrel had moved right in behind her, pressing in close against her back.
Dennis watched as the guys manipulated Karen, moving her through different poses. He was astonished, now they had her sandwiched between them and Karen without a care in the world, grinning through it all. He wondered if it was time. Tyrell had her in his arms now, holding her like a c***d, her ass hanging down and her arms around his neck. He watched Jerome grab her by the ass with both hands and boost her up higher and she just giggled. He nodded to himself: it was show-time.
Chapter Three
Dennis put his camera down and walked over to Karen. “Why don’t you get changed into a different outfit now honey?” She smiled through the champagne and was easily led back into the bedroom to change.
Back in the room, Karen hugged him, telling him how much fun she was having and that the guys seemed really nice. Dennis just smiled and found another bag he had tucked away in the back of the closet. “Here you go honey, put this on and come on out.” He kissed her and set the bag on the bed and went back outside.
“Damn son, I don’t know how much longer I can last.” Jerome was smiling a hungry grin, “Sliding all over me with those big titties and her cute little ass.”
Tryel was nodding in agreement as he pulled his shirt off; he was even bigger than Dennis thought. “Yes Sir, I’m going to need some of that right soon.”
“Um..D-Dennis, can you come‘ere.” Karen was calling from the bedroom again. He went to her quickly to find her standing in the middle of the room still in her green bikini but she had on a translucent, black negligee. It had a scoop neck and thin shoulder straps and came down in a flare-out until it just barely covered her butt cheeks. “I can’t wear this out there Dennis.”
“Why not honey? You look great!” He held her arms up and twirled her around. “You look really sexy!”
“But, but it’s see through. The guys will see my…you know.”
Dennis smiled; she actually had more clothes on now because she still had the bikini on. “Honey, it’s not that see-through. Here…” he reached inside the top and un-tying the bikini top, pulled it out and off. Her nipples were slightly visible through the material. “See honey, isn’t that better? Nothing to see.”
Karen looked down, she didn’t know about this. Dennis was right, the bright green bikini had been very visible through the thin material, but with it off, it wasn’t so bad. “I guess…whoa!” Dennis had reached up underneath and pulled down the bikini bottoms! “Dennis! They’ll see my coochie!” She covered herself as if they could see through the walls.
“Not at all Dear! You worry too much! Come on, the guys are waiting sexy lady!” She giggled and holding Dennis’s hand allowed him to lead her back out onto the patio.
Jerome and Tyrel couldn’t help but stare as they came back outside. “Karen, you look really good.”
She looked at Tyrel, clearly astonished, “Really? You think so? You’re not just saying that?”
But it was Jerome that jumped up and pulled her in for a big hug, his hand low on her back just above her ass, “We really think so! Get that camera rolling Dennis.”
Dennis was already on it, he lined up the first for the first photo. Jerome had his arm around Karen’s shoulders and pulled her in close, causing her arms to squish her breasts together and open up the top of her negligee. Jerome wasn’t missing the opportunity; he was staring straight down into her deep cleavage enjoying the view.
Then it was Dennis’ turn to be surprised. When he and Karen had been inside under less lighting, the room had been darker and the negligee seemed more opaque so that Karen’s nipples were just dark areas. Now that they were outside with the bright sun shining down her dark negligee was almost transparent. You could easily make out the shape of her nipples, half-erect pushing at the material. Even her pussy was more defined; she wasn’t shaved, but she had little hair, which, now that they were outside, was quite obvious. Dennis couldn’t be happier as he clicked away.
Karen was having fun, but she had to be careful. This thing she was wearing wasn’t very long and she didn’t have any panties on!
Jerome stepped right up and pulled her into a buddy hug, his big arm around her shoulders pulling her in tight causing her arms to squish her boobs together forming some deep cleavage which he was staring into with a hungry smile. Dennis laughed as he took his pictures; Karen was oblivious to the Jerome’s searching eyes. Tyrel was standing behind her and to the left, his eyes eating up the image of Karen from behind.
He stepped forward and called out, “Movie Scene!” and pulled her by the wrist out of Jerome’s embrace spinning her into his chest. He pulled her arms up around his neck and stared into her eyes. “Pretend you’re a movie star Karen!” It was obvious from Karen’s big grin that she didn’t realize that Tyrel’s arm across her back had pulled the back of the negligee up revealing her round ass. Jerome had enough, he stripped off his t-shirt and jeans right down to his tight designer briefs. Tyrel laughed when he saw Jerome and spun Karen over into his arm. Jerome caught her and lifted her up, cradling her in his massive, steel-workers arms.
Karen was getting a bit spinny! She had just been spun out of Tyrel’s hug into Jerome’s arms. She gasped, “Jerome, where’s your shirt?” He didn’t have his shirt on! She did like it though! He had a big chest and big arms! He was cradling her behind her back and under her legs and it was like no weight at all to…OH NO! She just realized, her bum was probably sticking out! She tried to reach it quickly, “My..um..my bum! Dennis they can see it!”
Tyrel stepped forward quickly and reassured her, “Don’t worry Karen, I got it.” Karen felt his hand grab the bottom of her top and pull it down and then his big hand on her ass holding it in place. Karen didn’t move. His hand was on her ass. She had a black man’s hand on her ass and if felt like his fingers were brushing her bum crack. Then Jerome was putting her down and she felt Tyrel’s hand move around, her cheek getting mashed sideways as he left his hand tight to her ass as she was set on her feet. She was just about to say something when he let go.
She looked at Dennis; did he notice where Tyrel’s hand had been? She didn’t have time to think about it, because Jerome, who she noticed was stripped down to his underwear!, laid her down onto the lounger and was leaning over her, telling her to pretend she was a movie star. He had his arms around her leaning over like he would kiss her, but stopped, his face inches from hers. Meanwhile, Tyrel was kneeling down at the end of the lounger. He had picked up her foot and was massaging it. OHHHH! It felt so good!
Dennis could not believe what he was seeing. She was being manipulated and maneuvered between these guys like she was rubber. A couple times, her nipples had peeked out of the scoop neck of her top. When Jerome had picked her up and her ass had been hanging down, he got some great shots of her exposed pussy. And THEN when Tyrel had grabbed her ass, he had quit breathing, waiting for Karen’s reaction, but there was nothing; she didn’t say a word. And now, now Jerome had her lying down on the lounger and was bent over her pretending they were movie stars. It looked like he
was close enough to kiss her. Then Dennis noticed that Jerome had his hand high on Karen’s stomach, almost to her boobs! What was Tyrel doing?! He was kneeling at the end and had her foot in his hand, massaging it. My God, he had a clear view up her leg and under her top. Moving around so he was behind Tyrel, he could see Karen’s glistening pussy clear as day. He got busy with the camera as he realized what he has seen; glistening?
Oh God, Karen was having the time of her life! This movie star role-playing was actually fun! She giggled; she couldn’t wait to tell Dennis, she was actually starting to get a little hot. Here she was with two hot men, fawning over her for a photo shoot. Mighty Jerome bent over her, his big hand excitingly close to her boobies. And Tyrel, massaging her feet and now her calf! God that felt good, her whole body was relaxing as his strong hands massaged her calf and now her knee…GASP! She realized he was holding her leg up and could probably see her cootchie! Her free hand tried darting down, but got caught on Jerome’s big arm. “Um…Dennis, Dennis, my cootchie…they can see my cootchie!” She tried wiggling her leg free from Tyrel, but there was no way; this boy wrangled steel girders all day. He smiled as she wiggled; she was actually giving him a better view.
Karen froze, Jerome had slid his arm back as she was distracted and cupped his hand over her cootchie. His deep voice cut through to her soul, “All covered Karen. Is this better?” Tyrel was still massaging her leg, causing her cootchie to move against Jerome’s hand; she was torn! It felt so good, but was so wrong!
Then his hand was gone and he had stood up. “Different Pose!” What did they want her to do now?
Chapter Four
Dennis was amazed! Jerome had reached right back and grabbed her pussy and she had just froze; he had seen the shock on her face. It was perfect!
Dennis watched, wondering what they were doing now. Jerome had Karen kneel on the lounger and then he had kneeled on the ground at the end. Tyrel was standing behind her, straddling the lounger and massaging her shoulders. Jerome told her it was movie-star time again and reached out with his great arms and holding her wrists pulled her forward until her hands were on the end of the lounger. Karen never took her eyes off Jerome, listening to his low, soothing voice. My God, thought Dennis, she’s totally under his spell. It didn’t even occur to her that in this position her top had ridden up and her ass was wide open for all to see. It was his turn to freeze as he watched Tyrel pull off his tight briefs, his long, thick cock hanging free. Camera! thought Dennis! Get the pictures!
This was one of the most sensual photo shoots she had ever done. She didn’t even care anymore if the guys could see her privates, they were professionals after all. Kiss shot, called out Jerome. She giggled, puckered up, pretending to be kissing her on-screen lover. She watched Jerome move in and SMACK, he kissed her! Karen’s mouth dropped open in shock and Jerome moved in again, his dark tongue slipping into her mouth, his hand at the back of her head as he kissed her deeply. She didn’t care anymore, her eyes half-closed and she started kissing him back. This was heaven!
Dennis was almost giddy with delight! This was going better than he had planned! Jerome was kissing Karen and Tyrel had been stroking his cock over top of Karen’s back and now he was backing up. Oh no! How would Karen react? Would she lose it? Dennis knew what was coming.
He watched as Tyrel placed his hand on her lower back and then slides his hips forward, his big cock in his hand. He ran the head of his cock up and down her crack, dragging it along her pussy and she fumbled a bit. Dennis could see her trying to turn her head, but Jerome had a firm grip on the back of her head and kept kissing her long and deep. Dennis could see the frantic in her eyes, but she was powerless to stop it.
Karen was starting to panic; Tyrel was rubbing something against her cootchie and she had a pretty good idea what it was! Why wasn’t Dennis…OHHHHH! She arched her back as Tyrel pushed his long cock deep into her pussy. GOD, her pussy was being stretched! Dennis was big, but this was ridiculous! Jerome finally let her go and she let out a long moan, her head and shoulders coming down onto the lounger, her ass pointing straight up, allowing Tyrel to push in deeper. He had a good grip on her hips now and started to pump his hips back and forth. Pulling his huge cock back until it was almost out and then pushing it all the way back in again until his balls banged against her clit.
“Uh..uh..it’s too big..uh..no, take it..uh..uh..uh!” She was grunting each time he rammed forward. Dennis had switched to video; he didn’t want to miss anything! He got in close, recording Tyrel’s cock sliding in and out of her juicy pussy; her little, light brown button anus squeezing tight each time he pushed forward. Out of the corner of his eye, Dennis saw Jerome had stood up and had just removed his briefs. He looked at Dennis and winked, his voice low, “My turn.”
His camera caught it all as he watched Jerome squat down and lay his cock over Karen’s head. With her eyes closed, her body rocking to Tyrel’s fucking, she had no idea. Jerome was all thumbs up for the camera and then he got down to business. He tapped Karen on the cheek with the head of his cock a few times and her eyes opened wondering what was going on. Dennis caught the surprised look on her face on camera. He wondered if she would actually let Jerome put that in her mouth. She had sucked on him a few times, but nothing worth remembering.
Karen had opened her eyes and saw nothing but dark brown penis. “Dennis! Uh..uh..uh! Do you see this?!” What was Jerome doing? Oh no! She felt his hand on the back of her head! He wasn’t going to…he didn’t think?! “Dennis?!”
Dennis heard her but smiled and kept the camera rolling, “You’re doing great Honey!” He watched Jerome with his hand on the back of her head, his other hand under her shoulder lifting her up. She looked over at him with a panicked look on her face but he just gave her the thumbs up. He smiled as he watched her body shake with Tyrel’s pumping from behind. Tyrel reached forward and cupped one of Karen’s tits in his hand and his fingers working the nipple. Karen’s eyes closed as he pulled and twisted.
Oh God, not my nipples, not my nipples! Her nipples were super-sensitive and were always the tipping point when Dennis and she made love. She could feel the sensations from the tip of her nipples right down to her cootchie. Oh my God it felt good! Oh! She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, Dennis should be…oh! She let out a low moan as Tryel had pushed way up inside and leaning forward, had both hands forward playing with both her nipples.
Dennis watched Tyrel fuck his wife and chuckled as Jerome was trying without success to get his cock into Karen’s mouth. Karen had her eyes closed and her mouth sealed shut while her body shook as Tyrel had taken a good grip on her hips and was pounding in and out faster now.
“Damn girl, let me in!” Karen shook her head again, no way, she thought. It was hard to concentrate though. Tyrel’s penis felt so good! She had never- ULP! What was he doing?! Jerome still had his hand covering the back of her head and now he had pinched her nose shut with the other hand. She had to open her mouth; she had to breathe but he was mashing her face against his cock. She opened the corner of her mouth to steal a quick breath and she could feel him jolt forward, the shaft of his cock rubbing against her teeth. No way! She realized now that Dennis had obviously set this up, but she wasn’t doing that!
Dennis chuckled as he heard the exasperation in Jerome’s voice as he asked Tyrel, “Help a b*****r out?”
Tyrel laughed, “Sure thing. Ready?” Jerome grinned widely and positioning Karen’s head straight forward, he used his hips to place the end of his cock as her lips. Tyrel had slowed a bit and still holding her hip with one hand, he stuck the index finger of his free hand in his mouth, covering it in saliva. Then lowering his hand and nodding at Jerome, he quickly pushed his finger up Karen’s ass as he started to pound her juicy pussy again.
“OOH!” It was involuntary! Dennis watched as Karen jumped in surprise, her eyes popping open and her mouth opening as she yelped in surprise. Jerome didn’t miss the opportunity; he pulled her head towards himself as he pushed his hips forward, the head of his cock slipping between her lips. She was shaking her head, trying to break free, but Jerome chuckled as he kept a grip on the back of her head, his fingers still pinching her nose shut. Dennis watched as she had clamped down on Jerome’s cock, trying to stop him from pushing in more, but he knew, she was going to need to breathe; Jerome knew it too, he wasn’t moving, just waiting.
Karen was panicking, Tyrel still had his finger in her bum and she had Jerome’s penis in her mouth. Tyrel’s penis felt good, but she was trying to wiggle her bum to get his finger out, but he wasn’t taking it out and she had gripped down on Jerome, but now she couldn’t breathe; she had to breathe! It was all too much! She had to, she had to…
Jerome knew it was coming; she had to breathe. “Come on Karen, you know it will be good. You haven’t sucked a cock, until you’ve sucked a black cock.” Tyrel laughed, he had a steady rhythm going, his long cock easily sliding in and out of Karen’s juicy pussy. Jerome smiled as he watched Tyrel start sliding his finger in and out of her tight ass. He felt Karen’s head shake faster and he looked down, it was close. Then it happened: her jaw dropped, her mouth opened wide as she drew in a great breath around the head of his cock and he quickly pushed his hips forward. He felt the end of his cock hit the back of her throat and he let go of her nose, shifting so that he was now holding her head between his huge hands.
My God! Dennis moved in close with his camera. He could hear Karen taking in great gasps through her nose as Jerome began to move. He pulled his great cock out a bit and then pushed it back in until Karen made a small choking sound. He backed up to get a full view of Tyrel pounding her from behind and Jerome fucking her face.
“How’s that Karen? You like that” Jerome was really liking this. Each time he pushed forward he tried to push a little farther into her throat. There had only been one woman ever that had been able to take him all in, balls deep. He hoped Karen was number two. He held her head tight as he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. Fuck this felt good! He was timing his pumping with Tyrel, each time he pushed his cock into her pussy, Jerome pushed his cock deep into her mouth, pushing against the tightness of her throat. MMMhmmHmm! Tyrel was fucking her ass with two fingers now and he had sped up!
Jerome figured Tyrel must be getting close. He looked down at Karen’s cheeks all stretched around the shaft of his cock. He knew Karen would be getting a bellyful of his special sauce pretty soon too. It was time to get serious about getting his balls against her chin. He pushed his hips forward until he could feel the head of his cock against the back of her throat. He held it there, not moving, enjoying the feeling of her head bumping forward each time Tyrel banged into her ass. He could see her look up at him, wondering what he was doing, her nostrils flaring with each deep breath. He smiled as he shifted his hands and gently pinched her nose shut. Her eyes went wide as he could feel her throat begin to convulse around the head of his cock; she needed air. Then, timing it with the rhythm of Tyrel’s fucking, he pushed his hips forward quickly and with the help of her convulsing throat muscles, he felt the pop! as the head of his cock pushed into her throat.
Karen was a mix of emotion, she was actually enjoying this and then Jerome had pushed his cock in farther! She could feel her neck swell a bit; it was in her throat. It was all too much! Her whole body was shaking now with Tyrel’s urgent screwing and Jerome was pushing his penis in further!
“Oh Karen, good job!” Fuck this felt too good; he could feel her throat constricting his cock! He knew he was getting close! MMMMMM! He held it back as with one final push, he shoved his cock deep into her throat, her nose mashed into his belly as his cock exploded. His balls sucked up into his body as his cock began to pump his white gold deep in her throat. “Swallow it Karen! Swallow it all!” She didn’t have a choice, the white goo was leaking out the sides of her mouth now as his orgasm seemed to go on and on.
Karen couldn’t believe it! She could feel his penis pulsing, his hot load running down her throat and squeezing out to run down her chin. Finally, he slid his long cock out of her throat and mouth and fell back. She swallowed the hot load in her mouth and then took in a great breath just as Tyrell started to groan. He had her hips with both hands now and was fucking her hard, her entire body shaking. The idea of being taken by these two black men had her excited and without warning, her own orgasm started, her body trembling with ecstasy.
Dennis couldn’t believe what he was seeing! With cum dripping out of her mouth, Karen had her back arched, her ass sticking straight up as Tyrel fucked her furiously. She was having an orgasm! Suddenly Tyrel fell back, his long limp cock dripping as he sat down heavily into a deck chair. Dennis moved in close with the camera and caught a shot of Karen’s slightly stretched ass and her red abused pussy leaking white gold, just before she collapsed onto the lounger, her breathing heavy.
Chapter Five
Karen had slept most of the day away and had eaten a small supper and then went off to bed. She hadn’t said much but Dennis didn’t think that she was mad. The next morning on the drive home, she reached over and held his hand.
“Um, can I ask you a question honey?” She looked…sheepish?
He smiled wide and answered, “Of course honey, anything.”
She looked away and started to speak, “Yesterday. It is okay if I liked yesterday?” She still wasn’t looking at him, waiting for his response.
Relief washed over Dennis. After a deep breath he said, “Of course honey. I mean, I planned it special, just for you. Happy Anniversary my beautiful, sexy wife!”
Karen turned quickly to look at him, a huge smile on her face. “Really? Oh, thank you so much!” She couldn’t stop smiling as she gave him a sly look, “So, do you think Jerome and Tyrel would come over again sometime soon?”
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