A dream of mine.

This is a story and at the same time a dream of mine, that i would love if probably not enjoy quite much.

I have arranged a meeting with a single man, on a specific location, on which, i am to appear at a specific time.
Arriving at the place, a house wirh a garage suitable for two large cars, i enter the garage as told, and the door at the back of it.
The garage contains only one car, an expensive one for that matter, passing nervously, awaiting the meeting planned ahead.

It leads to stairs going Down into the basement, the staircase is mostly hidden in darkness, only af Little lightbulp sheds it's sparing light, i have to walk carefully and slowly Down, as to not fall.
My shoes, 4 inches, Black, with ankelstraps, klicking slightly on the concrete steps

At the bottom another door, solid looking Wood, usual Lock and an extra chain with padlock tha can be scured to the wall.
Looking at the solid door, the Lock, chain i feel both exited, turned on and frightened.

Entering the room, stil quite dark, walking slowly inside trying to see whats inside, i pass the door and strong hands, on both sides of me, take a firm iron hold on both my arms, pinning them behind my back.
Surprised, frightend i resist but to no avail, the only result being my captors taking a even firmer even painfull hold on my arms, making me wine and plee for release.

I'm being led, or more to the point, f***ed with no use of resisting it at all, to desk in the middle of the room.
The two strong men, both White, bend my over the desk, producing much rope.
Another two men appear, beginning to tie my hands behind my back with many a knot, while the initial to men, keep their painfull grip on me.

I beg Again to be let go, but get nothing more of my trouble, but mocking laughter and degrading remarks, and the occasional spitting.
My legs being spread wide, my short grey skirt, brand new of denim, cut from me by a Sharp knife, with the clear warning sneering in my left ear, to keep quiet, not to move, or some harm might come to me.
THAT quiets me Down, not that it removes my fear by a long shot, the only reason for me not trembling, are the knots of the rope keeping me.

A gag is violently shoved into my mouth and tied, its a big gag too, filling my mouth almost completely, very Little sound is descernible from me after that, the gag does not allow that.

Bend over the desk, legs spred wide open, feeling incredibly woundable, the first four men vanish up the stairs, closing and locking the dor with a slam, leaving me in complete darkness for i know not how long.

they return eventuelly, but more then at the start, 15 of them, of various build, age, shape colour, but all naked and some seemingly quite aroused by the look of their cocks - some of them look quite big.

Three videocameras are set up in various angles, all pointing at me at their center.
Staring the recording, the first man enters me from behind, violently, showing all his being inside me, 8 inches at once, making my body tense and me scream, if the gag did not prevent me doing so.

he fucks me, like no tomorrow existed, spitting on me while he does, calling me whore, fuckhole a.s.o.
He cums inside me within minutes, unable to hold himself back, pulling out, crying loud for the next guest.

The second guy is no less brutal to me, the surrounding men cheering him on and on, to do me harder and harder, effectively spurring him on.
I fight it at the beginning, trying beyond hope and possibliity to get free, but after the third man man entering my roughly i feel all hope slip away and begin to surrender to the cock filling my inside.

Whilst every minute of the torment of my body happens, the cameras preserve this for posterity.

The men enter me violently all of them, taking turns, while others take a break to refresh themselves and start all over, resulting in every man being able to **** me at least twice, it's difficult to say, immobillized as i am, and having surrendered at that time, completely to my fate as cockfodder, just crying many many tears, my body limp.
No screams leave my lips, the gag prevents that effectively, besides my mind has given up that point anyway.

Some hours must have passed, i cannot say, but 5-6 hours guessing, all 15 men having ****d me, at least 30 times having ben filled with their cum, their breaks enabling them to last more then once.

The guests leave the room, with one last spit on my abused body each of them, the last, the instigator of this doubtfull party, removing the cameras, letting me know, it will be an amusing movie to be distributed against payment.

He leaves me, still tied, with the lights out, in complete darkness, and with a buttplug inside my, to keep the cum inside, so as not to, as he says "spill the valuable loads".

He laughs at the thought it gives him.

Locking the door, i cannot help another fit of crying in the darkness, feeling the pain, the complete surrender and the feeling as if i have ben ripped open inside by the many cocks, not knowing what other plans there might be, or if i might be released.

To be continued??

I hope you enjoyed my Little dream which i would like to live out, really experience, if not exactly that way, but as close as humanly possible.

90% (9/1)
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7 months ago
wow, that's hot, I have been restrained and used and abused, but not to that extent, please post more
7 months ago
wow, I've been restrained and abused, but never to that extent, way hot, I hope you will write some more
11 months ago
I enjoy your dream! I hope it will be reality very soon!