Bar trap

Bar trap
By slut michelle

Steven was a dead-normal guy. At the age of 28, he felt very happy.
Everything had developed in the last few years like he always wanted it
to be. His job in a big insurance company was secure with an outlook of
a promotion in the next year. His partner, Nancy, was a very ambitious
lawyer. That meant some days with long working hours for her. But as
Steven was quite proud of her, being so successful in her job, and
because they still had enough time for each other left, he didn't
complain. Steven met Nancy shortly after both of them had left Uni. It
wasn't love at first sight, but it turned out pretty quick that they
both were made for each other. In the last year though their sex life
had somewhat ebbed away. They both still loved and were attracted by
each other, but it came less and less to the actual act of sexual

They got into the bar. It was smaller than Michelle had thought. There
were about six tables in the room. The walls were decorated in a
slightly old-fashioned style with pictures, mostly black and white, of
celebrities and famous Hollywood movies scenes. Lights were dimmed, but
it didn't look at all like Michelle expected it, a place where trans-
people meet and that is very well known for this fact also by tranny
admirers according to the numerous reports on many internet userboards.
It was kind of cosy and Michelle lost a great deal of her nervousness,
just standing in the entrance and taking in the comforting atmosphere.
Only one table was occupied. The three middle-aged men turned out to be
English, most likely on a business trip and out for a bit of tranny-

Michelle and Susan decided to take seats on a table in the corner from
where they could nicely overlook the room. "So, do you like it here? I
thought it would be just the right place for us tonight. Especially for
you, for your first time out on the streets with a s****r!" Susan

Michelle looked shyly around and smiled back at her friend. This wasn't
as hard as she had feared. "Yes, it was a good decision to come here.
It's not at all like I imagined..." Michelle said, looking Susan
directly in the eyes, "...not full of men longing for a sexy TV." she
added, in a low voice.

A man around 50 appeared behind the bar and, after a short look around,
approached their table. "Good evening, ladies. I hope you like my
little place. It's good to see new faces, at least one..." he grinned
at Michelle and then at Susan, "...not meaning to offend you. You both
look stunning if this comment is allowed." He beamed even more, but in
a friendly retentive way.

"Ohhh, you are such a charmer! Thank you!" Susan answered for both of

"Just a minute, ladies, I will be right back with a surprise you
hopefully will like!"

He turned and left again behind the bar. Michelle noticed his stout
figure. He wore suite pants and an elegant shirt. From his left hand
ankle dangled a heavy golden chain.

"Hmmm... I wonder what this surprise will be!" Michelle turned back to

"Yes, he left us curious, didn't he. You know him?"

"Just from seeing him the few times I came here. I think he is the
owner. He must be interested in transvestites and transsexuals, but I
never saw him come really close to one of the girls. Perhaps he's too
professional for that kind of stuff. At least he seems always very
friendly, in a natural way. Perhaps interested, but very decent!"

At this moment he appeared again with two big exotic looking cocktails
in his hands.

"Here we are! As you are the first ladies tonight and it doesn't look
like many more are to come, I thought, we should just celebrate this
fact! Two sweet "Birds of Paradise" for you, a creation of my own."

He placed the cocktails on the table in front of Michelle and Susan.

"These are on me! If you got any other wishes... I am around!"

He left both Michelle and Susan with an astonished, but pleased look on
their faces.

"Well, that's surely not the treatment you get on every visit here!"
Susan grinned at Michelle, took the glass and raised it "Sante!"

Both drank.

"Mhhh...that's delicious! Very alcoholic, but sweet and delicious! I
don't complain at all about that special treatment!"

Michelle sat back, taking a few more sips. Her nervousness seemed to
have vanished totally by now. The next hour they spent talking about
their personal backgrounds of feeling the need to slip into the other
sex from time to time. Susan, being around 20 years older than
Michelle, had lots of experience and lived most times "dressed up",
even if very retreated from the public. Her work as a writer mostly for
online-journals left her quite independent. She had no permanent
partner and somehow given up to find one. Michelle on the other hand
was more the type that thought herself 'lured' into wearing hot, mostly
slutty outfit by her sexual desires. She didn't want to be a woman all
the time, but she couldn't shut it down completely. After having that
tried for three or four times in the past 10 years or so, which
included throwing away her clothes and deleting any hint of Michelle,
she had resigned herself to changing sometimes from Steven into her hot
and seducing alter ego, Michelle.

They had ordered one more of those cocktails, each, so that after an
hour, they felt both a bit tipsy but very loosened. Michelle had given
up to pull up her very short skirt that rode up every few minutes to
reveal her suspenders. Nobody seemed to care... and least Michelle.
Suddenly, Marc came over to their table again.

"Madame, it would be a pleasure to show you another surprise... it's
something I just received and I think you might be interested!"

With that, he again managed to break in on both of them, especially of
course on Michelle this time. But, in contrast to the first time, she
thought she knew it would be something similar, something along the
line of giving them a free drink. And she was definitely in the mood of
being cheered up even more. She felt happy, free, sexy and a bit
adventurous in the new situation, out in the public, as Michelle.
Everything went so easy, ahh, she enjoyed herself.

"Of course, I can't miss another surprise, especially when I think of
the first one you presented us before." she said and smiled back at

Susan on the other hand looked a bit tired, but smiled at Michelle,
"Sure... go on, but don't take too long, these drinks made me really
sl**py... I don't want to stay too long any more... and I think you
prefer to go back together, out on the streets... for your second

"No worries, I'll be back in a minute! At least if the surprise is not
a free trip to Rio that has to be taken immediately!" She winked
femininely at Susan, nodded at Marc and followed him behind the bar.

"Jesus, I feel so natural. Let's see what he got for me!" Michelle

She was led through a long narrow hallway. At the end, Marc stopped and
turned. "Sooo... it's really amazing. As I saw you walking through the
door, I immediately knew that you would love a new piece of art I got
last week. It's in this room. Now, I think I would love to see the
delighted look on your face. And to make it even more exciting for you,
you could feel it first for 10 seconds or so, to try and figure out
what it could be. Well, it's kind of a sculpture! Okay, ready? I'll
take your handbag for a moment so that your hands are free. All right,
close your eyes, I'll lead you a few steps forward."

She gave him the handbag and closed her eyes, thrilled and still
feeling the alcohol in her body, with the eyes shut even more. After
she heard that the door had been opened, she felt Marc's hands taking
hers gently and leading her forward. She tripped a bit insecurely a few

Then Marc said, "Okay, just stay here a second, don't open your eyes
yet, Sweetie!"

She heard his steps diverging from her and there was the sound of
shutting a door. Before she could ask why he would shut the door, he
came up with the explanation.

"No worries, it's just that the effect of your surprise will be better
when you can see it in a proper dimmed light. You can start now, it's
directly in front of you."

Well, so it's an illuminated sculpture, perhaps of a woman that looks
like me, Michelle said to herself. She stretched out her arms until her
hands reached an object with an edge at about hip-height. The surface
felt like plastic, soft plastic, patent leather maybe, with padding
underneath. She stepped a bit forward, sliding her hands further along
the surface, wondering what this thing could be.

"Yes, warm, very warm, a bit further and you'll feel the special part
that will tell you what it is."

Being curious, Michelle bent over at her waist and searched for
something to get between her fingers.

But there wasn't much more time for wondering! Suddenly, something
metallic snapped around her outstretched wrists. Michelle opened her
eyes immediately, taken totally by surprise by the new situation she
found herself in: her wrists were encased by two metal cuffs, connected
with a chain. Marc was standing in front of her, at the end of the
"surprise" object that seemed to be sort of a cube with some poles
attached to it. But Michelle didn't think much about the object she was
bending over, she saw the cuffs and the evil grin on Marc's face and
tried automatically to pull away, to get back to the door. But she
could only retract her hands a short distance - the cuffs were attached
to a chain that hold her back. In the 2 seconds this took, Marc had
moved quickly to her side, took hold of her head with one hand, pressed
it tight to his chest, and tried to press something into her mouth.

As Michelle was about to scream and had brought out something like a
"Hey, wha..." it was easy for him to put the red ball between her lips
and gag her like that - only muffled sounds of her protest could escape
now and were only heard by the man who just ambushed her. Michelle was
furious and frightened, she just tried to get away, out of her
vulnerable position. But after Marc secured the gag with some straps,
probably Velcro, behind her head, he grabbed her legs and tried to hold
them still. Michelle struggled against his grip, kicked her legs and
screamed in her gag. But as Marc stood between her legs and she lay
stretched out with her belly on this thing that looked a bit like a
vaulting horse, she was stuck on it and couldn't get out of her
position. Despite her resistance she couldn't help but feel her right
leg suddenly being strapped on the object's leg. The left one followed.
She knew she was completely at his mercy now!

His hands were moving up her nylon clad legs, stroking them slowly. Her
skirt was pushed above her waist and his hands were on her bare
buttocks. Nooo... this couldn't be happening to her, that's not what
she wanted, it was more like in a bad dream. Pleeease, let him
disappear - I won't dress up any more, never!!

Too late, she was in the game now and the hands that had caressed her
buttocks slid in her asscrack now, pushing the G-string to the side and
exploring the surroundings of her asshole, stroking over it again and
again. Suddenly she felt something wet on her ass. He licked her
cheeks, then moved along her crack until he came to her tight hole. His
tongue circled it, Michelle thought he would try to penetrate her with
his tongue, but then he stopped.

"Mmmhhh, what a nice little piece of ass you are, Michelle. You'll fit
perfectly into the position I have in mind for you! You don't
understand what I mean and what this is all about? I apologize for
that, it will become clearer in a moment. Let's just see now what we
have here in that handbag of yours."

Michelle tried to look at him, turning her head as far as the bonds
allowed it. But apparently he was straight behind her, out of her
sight. That caused another fit of struggle against her bonds, screaming
like wild into her gag. But not for long. It wasn't going to help her
and she just lay still, panting, breathing quickly to get the needed
air in through her nose.

"Ssshhhh, slut!! Be still! I won't harm you. That would be stupid as
you are my asset now, and this is your valuation session. I'm quite
happy with what I see so far and we'll see how much I will invest in
you, to shape you, to make you a proper cockwhore that will perform and
look like I want it. Soo, I see that you are 28, Steven, not very young
any more but just young enough for my needs."

When Michelle heard her real male name and her age, she realized that
he had her wallet and was going through it. Fuck, everything was in
there - identity card, driver's licence, business cards, FUCK! It was
getting worse and worse!!

"Ohh, and that must be your wife then, Nancy! Nice, though a bit
conservative for my taste, but well, I guess as a lawyer you kind of
have to look like that, right, Michelle? I said, RIGHT, slut?"

He slapped her hard on her bare ass making the startled Michelle to nod

"Very good, very good! I guess Nancy doesn't know about your tranny
adventures and that it wouldn't be helpful and in your interest if she
would find out about it, hmm?!?"

Michelle shook her head immediately. Noo, that would be the worst thing
that could happen: his wife would go crazy and probably leave him! He
had brought up the topic of crossdressing a few times in her early
relationship, when they experimented a bit and tried out to find their
sexual limits in a way. His wife was tolerant against crossdressers or
transsexuals, but she said she couldn't find the thought of a male that
looked like a woman sexy. She even thought that women in heterosexual
relationships with crossdressers would always have to fear that their
men are gay deep down, leaving them later on to live with other men.
That was when Michelle stopped to talk about it again and decided never
to bring it up another time, because to be with Nancy was the most
important thing for him.

"Now, slut, you can guess now where this is heading! You can call it
blackmail or whatever, I would just say it's convincing you to work for
me from now on. If you haven't noticed yet: there's a video camera in
the left corner in front of you that is taping everything that happens
to you in this room. I bet your wife and also your and your wife's co-
workers and employers would have fun watching the tape, seeing you, the
T-girl slut Michelle, being abused by her master, gagged, her full
round bare ass in the air, ready to be taken!"

Oh my god, what a nightmare. It can't be true, it just can't, Michelle
thought in shear horror. It's like in one of those stories on the net,
but there's almost always one step, one part that is implausible, where
the captive or blackmailed character should be able to escape the whole
situation without any harm, but where was it here and now, for her?

"The rules: when you speak to me or to anybody while you're my
cockslut, Michelle, you will speak in a high pitched girly voice. You
will refer to yourself as Michelle, that means you will say 'Michelle'
instead of 'I' or 'me'! Further, you'll not use complicated sentences
or foreign words - you are a cheap cockwhore, a dumb blonde bimbo with
a round ass and fat lips that have to be wrapped around a big cock. You
are not here for thinking or for using your small brain, just for
satisfying men, turning them on, making them want to use and fuck you,
for sucking their cocks, making them hard so that they can be put up
all the way your asspussy - as often and as hard as they want to. Is
that clear?"

Michelle was paralysed; she couldn't believe what she just heard.


The hand came down on her left ass cheek.

Smack! Again!

"Did you understand the rules, slut?"

She couldn't react, she just lay there.

"Well then, okay. If you want to do it that way, I don't mind! I am
going to fuck you up your pussyass then, that's for sure! What I
haven't decided yet is whether I should use a condom or impregnate you
with my seed. If you asked me nicely I would use a condom! But only if
you think of the rules I just told you. So what will it be? Shall I
remove your ball gag so that you can ask me to fuck you?"

Michelle's head was spinning - she had no choice. Not unprotected sex!
She had to give in!

"Good girl, good choice! But remember - when you start screaming after
the gag is gone, it will be unprotected sex and some other punishment.
Just think of the possibilities, the video, your wallet, physical
punishment - I wouldn't risk it if I were you, slut!"

Having said this, he came close and removed the ball gag. Michelle was
relieved for a moment to be able to take a deep breath through her
mouth again. She had to do as he told her.

"Please Mister, can you fuck me in my ass?" she whispered.

"What, I can't hear you, slut!"


"What do you ask me to do exactly? Speak up, slut! And don't use 'I',
call yourself Michelle, whore, or slut! Now!"


Michelle spoke louder this time, and in a stupidly high pitched voice:
"Please, Mister, can you put your cock in Michelle's asspussy and fuck
her, please?!"

During the last part of the sentence, Michelle couldn't help but start
to cry. It was so awful! But Marc, satisfied with her begging, didn't
waste any time. He stepped behind her and rubbed his crotch against her
ass. Michelle felt his cock under the trouser, a hard cock that was
getting ready to be fucked into her tight bumhole. Sometimes, she
played with his wife's dildo, but she always had to be careful and
patient before she could insert it into her ass because it was so tight
and not very well trained. Michelle sobbed away while Marc had
meanwhile lowered his pants and freed his cock. He rubbed it into her
asscrack, after he had put some lubricant between her asscheeks and on
her puckerhole.

"Please, you said you would fuck Michelle with a condom... please!"

"It's okay, slut, don't worry! But I'm glad that you apparently can't
wait to get fucked and be made my cockslut!"

While saying this, he withdrew his cock and got a condom out of his
pant's pocket. He put it on, spread her asscheeks apart with both hands
and set the tip of his stiff cock at her back entrance.

"Now you'll get what you're good for, the only thing you deserve!"

With a steady, very slow movement, he pressed his cock into her.

"Take it all, whore!"

His cock tore her to shreds!

"Pleeease, hurts! Pleease...not so fast!!"

But he didn't care, didn't' even mind her whimpering and pleading.
After he had his cock up to the hilt in Michelle's ass, he paused for a
few seconds to admire the look of this hot ass gripping his cock
tightly. Then he started fucking in and out slowly, fucking her faster
and faster until about after 10 minutes when he pounded her hard. He
didn't intend to have fun with her for a very long time today, so he
let himself come quickly with a last big hard thrust in her ass.

"Ahhhh, that was good! What a good fuck you are, Michelle!"

Michelle lay there, exhausted from all the assfucking she just had to
endure, just glad that he had stopped fucking her.

"I got you a little present. It suits a whore like you are one now and
I'm sure you'll appreciate it!"

He showed her the black butt-plug in his hands, before forcing it in
her asspussy until her ass muscle gripped tight around the narrower
part of the plug, locking it into her.

"Oh, lovely, slut! You in fact look so hot that I have to take some
additional pictures of you!"

He walked over to a chest of drawers, opened the upper drawer and got
out a digital camera. Michelle could tell from the flashes that he took
about 20 pictures. Getting in front of her, he told her to smile, look
like in pain, look seductive, open her mouth wide with her tongue
stretched out.

"Wonderful, that should do, slut! Nice naughty photos on top of the
video and your identity card. Yes, it means that I will keep the
identity card, at least until next week, just to make sure you are
getting the situation your are in from now on and how serious I am! I'm
not sure what it will be next week, you'll see! Just come here on the
same day, the same time as you did today. To make it easier for you,
the backdoor will be open that leads directly into this corridor. In
the room next to this one on the left, you will be able to prepare
yourself, get dressed, put on make-up, get dolled up. You'll have 45
minutes for that, then I'll get you. You see, slut, I already have some
plans in mind for you, apart from performing regularly as a whore, of
course. Perhaps I will get you pierced or tattooed, it all depends
partly on how you behave and cooperate. Ah yes, I saw that not all
parts of your body are shaved properly. I don't want to see any body
hair below your eyebrows from next week onwards. You have to stay
smooth like that all the time. My customers are used to high

Well, that was the birth of the cockwhore Michelle who would work a
couple of years for her pimp, Marc, getting better and better over
time, fucked hundreds of times by hundreds of different men.

Bad luck?

Hope you liked it. Let me know what you think:
88% (19/3)
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2 years ago
Hot story, love this idea! Thanks!
2 years ago
Wonderful story
2 years ago
i like it.
but with my luck i'd wake up in a dirty
alley with dried cum all over my tits. ;)
2 years ago
Wonderfull story!!!!
2 years ago
Sometimes i wish that i could becum a cock whore