My Sex Fantasy

My sex fantasy the one that if i lived it i could die happy would have to be me in a room just an average sitting or bedroom nothing weird about it no leather on scary creepy stuff just me in a normal room with about 10 or 12 guys or trannies but the majority of the time it is with guys and there is a reason for that because i prefer trannies to guys and in this fantasy i do not enjoy myself but that wud be impossible if i was in a room full of trannys you get it i know confusing but it will all make sense if you just shut up and listen ok so.

I am in a room with 12 guys all with massive cocks between 9 and 10 inches except for one that is 13 inches and its being f***ed up my tight tight very very tight little white ass by the big body builder that is literally ****ING my infront of the 11 other guys who are watching and wanking and laughing at me.

So there i am on the floor screaming the house down while being abused like a sex toy for the enjoyment of a bunch of sadistic straight men who just like the power they feel from f***ed sex not the sexual want of another guy getting my ass ripped right open while all the filthy bastards shout things about how small my cock is and f***e me to smile for pictures with there cocks either in or around my mouth and face.

Then i feel the cock going balls deep in me and i beg them to please stop and the just laugh and tell me to call them all masters or i get a spanking which i get then anyway from two of the guys (as if my arse wasnt red raw enough) then they tell me to smile and take it like a good bitch and say i like it which i refuse to do but as soon as i say no one of the biggest grabs my balls and squeezes and tells me to say it like a good bitch or i get that again but again i refuse and he squeezes harder the pain in my balls and my ass is too much so i shout "please masters ill be a good bitch for you all just please show mercy to your faithful ass whore" as soon as i finish the sentence a riot of laughter erupts and cat calls of "pretty little whore, slut, bitch and cum toilet"
one of them comes right up to me so as his cock is in my face then he say "lets test your faithfulness fuck toy your going to open up an swallow whatever i put in your mouth ... or else" and i get anothe slap on the arse and a few woots are called out of the crowd then everything goes a bit quiet and i grudgingly open my mouth and close my eyes and something hits the back of my throat with more f***e then i ecpected it wasnt wat i expected at all it hit the inside of my mouth and flowed down my throat filling up my mouth and overflowing out and spilling onto the floor i knew what it was it was warm and very liquidy he was pissing in my mouth and i couldnt hold anymore in my mout and he could see that so he starts to spray all over my face and hair finally the stream ends and i am left drenched in his stinking urine but its not over yet i look up at him with wide pleading eyes hoping that he will take pity and it will end but he just stares at me waiting the i accept it and swallow my pride along with a huge mouthful of warm yellow disgusting smelling piss to another chanting of bitch whore, fuck toy, sex object, cum toilet and dont deny it you love it just admit it you filthy little twink!

After hours and hours of full on **** v******e abuse and degrading humiliation the bull that has been slapping his balls against me all night shouts "its cumming oh oh here it come the bitch is gonna get it alright" and immedaitly everyone surrounds me and starts jacking off with a few filming it on their phones so as to relive me humiliation again and again whenever they want then i get a very f***eful slap in the face with a rock hard cock and told "Squeal like a pig little piggy come on squeal like a pig" then comes some more laughter and everyone joins in smacking me in the face with long hard dicks and calling me a fuck pig but what other choice do i have so i do as im told and squeal to appease the slave drivers then without anymore notice i feel a ton of pressure inside my asshole the r****t must not have had a rubber on hot mushy sticky liquid oozing around up there and the bull starts shouting YES YES YES! AHHHH YES... FUCK!... AH YES YES AHHHH AH.. FUCK FUCK FUCK YES! WOW and they all chear and congradulate him on a job well done like a celebration afer a good football match but this time getting the ball in the goal is a little dif then one of them asks how tight i was and he says with a smile "well hes alot less tight now hahaha" meanwhile i can fell the cum oozing out of my ass down my cheeks onto my balls and dripping off on to the floor while i struggle to get my breathe back.

When i do i try to get back to my feet but im pushed back down again and surrounded by the same 11 hard cocks that beat me senseless a few minutes ago and i was order to make the process (if you know what i mean) go faster by licking everyones balls while they jacked off in my face i had to swallow every load between sobs and whines both from the excruciating pain in my behind and the complete misery i have been put through for the past 8 hours one after the other the spunked their disgusting salty cream in my mouth (if i was lucky) because if they missed and got my hair or face or on the floor i had to get down on all fours and lap it up off the ground when the last one was shot down my gullet the guy says "drink up girl you know you like it and stop sobbing bitch" you have to look pretty for the camera and i was f***ed to pose with a smile on my face on my knees surrounded by the 12 naked massively endowed men who sexually assaulted me non stop for a third of a day as soon as the flash when of on the timed camera i break down in tears to some more disgusted looks shouts and taunts i get kicked and spit on as the start to collect their clothes and leave separately as the last man starts to close the door behind him the bull leaves a final parting remark.

73% (4/2)
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3 years ago
WOW! I do have to say that's one disturbing fantasy. :O
3 years ago
mm hot story !!! ur a real sum slut
3 years ago
3 years ago
tnx if u like any of my stories plz leave a comment tnx
3 years ago
good story hope you write more.